it's obviously gotten too far for her

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Lol, thanks for that addendum to your last ask. I'm fairly tired of the fandom assuming that Stana is intentionally excluded from everything she doesn't do, rather than assuming that it might be the way she wants it. (See also: less screentime/days of work, less interviews, less promo materials.)

Me too, Anon. Here’s the thing about Stana; she’s the female lead on a television show. There isn’t much, if anything, that Nathan might get that she isn’t also offered. It’s certainly in both of their contracts that they are expected to promote the show and put their faces out there, but most of the time media outlets aren’t going to get very picky about which of them they get. So long as they’ve gotten some quotes from a lead, they’re usually going to be happy. 

The other side of the promotion angle is that, like it or not, Nathan Fillion is the more recognizable of the two of them. He’s also a great interview, and has fostered a reputation for being so. It’s not a surprise that he’s the one usually on the late night talk show circuit while Stana seems to primarily give print interviews. 

And I’ll be honest, I think Stana does better in print. She’s very well spoken, and extremely intelligent, but she also tends to be easily flustered in tv interviews. That’s not a bad thing, it gives a certainly approachability and cuteness factor to this very glamorous picture that she presents, but spending half the interview laughing isn’t exactly promoting the show. 

Likewise, its pretty obvious that she’s a introvert who works in a public profession. She’s never looked comfortable when a ton of attention is fostered upon her, though she manages to handle it with grace and a certain amount of poise. She’s said time and time again that she’s not in the business to make herself super famous, but that she’s there to tell stories. It’s almost as if promotion is something that she does because she’s required versus Nathan who seems to enjoy the opportunity to go out, meet new people and essentially charm the entire room. 

And, yes, its not only plausible, but probable that in her contract negotiations she asked for a little bit less to do. She’s made it clear that she’s itching to explore some other opportunities, she’s just gotten married, and I don’t blame her for maybe asking that she gets a day off. Nathan’s been beating that drum for years, and it appears he finally got his wish, so it baffles me as to how its nothing for him to be off work here and there, but that Stana would never ask such a thing and is obviously being shafted or taken advantage of. 

I know that she loves her job, but so do I. Sometimes I wish I could take a day off, too. And my work is far less demanding and usually doesn’t take me 14 hours before I can go home.

The bottom line is that studios want to make the actors happy. Obviously that’s within a certain set of parameters that differ per show and per network, but by and large they want the actors satisfied because, if they’re happy, they are far more likely to work longer and, therefore, make the network more money. Stana isn’t stupid, she spends her time how she wants to spend it, whether that be promotion, extra features, filming time and the like. If she were going to feel slighted or shoved aside, she wouldn’t have come back to the show. Remember her statement about her return? She specifically said that she was excited about the plan for Kate Beckett after talking to Hawley and Winter. You don’t have to look very far to catch the subtext of that statement, which was that she knew Beckett was taking a job change and that the role/screen time would shift. She didn’t walk into this blind, she walked into it willingly.