it's nothing new but there's more to come when i get to it

i feel like theres a lot of misconceptions when it comes to how people see/think polyamory is so like. here’s a small reminder for people who may or may not be polyamorous that:

  • a polyamorous relationship isn’t restricted to just a 3 person relationship
  • just because person A may be romantically involved with person B and C does not mean that person B and C must also be romantically involved
  • polyamory isn’t an exclusive right for someone to go get 3 new partners while being involved with one. all parties must consent and give a clear okay that the relationship is good to go. if one or more of your partners doesn’t feel comfortable with another partner being introduced to the relationship then that must be respected 
  • there’s nothing wrong with acting differently with each partner! openly expressing affection to one partner but being more casual and friendly with another doesn’t mean you like the other any less
  • this one is obvious but communication!!!!! its super important!!!!!! communicate any problems, any doubts, any concerns!!!!!! don’t bottle it up just because you’re afraid of upsetting your other partners because your feelings matter too. everyone should be happy in/with the relationship and you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness just to please your other partner
  • and most importantly, being in a poly relationship doesn't make you “selfish” or “greedy” or whatever else and it is not cheating. poly relationships are valid.