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FredxHermione "I wonder... maybe a buzzcut won't be too terrible" (unsolicited prompt, i know. but it's my birthday so I thought I'd try my luck :D

“Oh come on, Georgie! It doesn’t look that bad,” Fred attempted to comfort his brother, but as much as he might try there was no stopping the chuckles bubbling from within. His twin looked hilarious.

“Never. Again.” George tugged at his eyebrows, feeling the length of them run all the way down to his shoulders. “Bloody growth serum.”

“At least we know it works now,” said Lee. “People will be clamoring to regrow their hair easily and without the hassle of applying the usual potions. It even smells better, for starters!”

“You do it next time then, if you love it so much,” said George. “I’m going to cut it off. All of it.” He slammed the door to the bathroom behind him, leaving Fred and Lee alone to grin at his behaviour on their beds.

“All right, might as well have some fun with this batch before George decides to toss it all down the drain,” said Fred. He gestured to Lee. “Help me get it on.”

Down in the common room, the rest of the Gryffindors gasped and laughed at the sight of Lee and Fred coming down the stairs, twirling around and making their long hair flow from side to side.

“Angelina, how do you feel having me rock these locks better than you?”

The Gryffindor Chaser looked him up and down, her nose scrunching up as he proceeded to dance around her, throwing his locks in her face at every opportunity. “I will hex you ‘till there’s no tomorrow, Jordan.”

While people laughed at that sight, Fred had found his sister sitting on the sofa by the fire. “How do you feel, Gin? Knowing that I’m now the fairer one?”

“Go away,” grunted Ginny, pushing him to the opposite direction. He laughed and let himself be pushed.

“Hello, Granger,” he grinned.

Hermione, who’d until now had buried her nose deeper than usual in her book, sighed at being unable to escape notice. She let the book fall to her lap and faced Fred sitting next to her.

“Hi,” she said.

“Well?” Fred continued. “How do you feel being in the presence of this? Jealous?”

Hermione didn’t answer at first, busy rolling her eyes and displaying her obvious annoyance at his antics. But after a few seconds she looked and her expression shifted. Her lips thinned the tiniest amount and a frown grew in place.

“Yes,” she said. Before Fred had any chance to respond, she rose and escaped through the door leading to the girls’ dormitory.

“Well done, Fred,” said Ginny. “Hermione gets comments on her hair almost daily. Maybe think before you speak next time.” She left him alone, following her friend to no doubt tell her how stupid he was.

And he was.

“Can’t believe George is missing this,” said Lee, seating himself next to Fred. “What’s up with you?”  

Fred pouted. “I wonder … maybe a buzz cut won’t be too terrible …”

“Are you mad?! This is the best thing to happen since—“

“Well, maybe people should be happy with the way they look already. Don’t they know that . . .doesn’t she …”

As Fred struggled for words, Lee took out his wand. “All right, let’s do this. I can’t take you being pitiful mess. Off it goes!”

Suddenly pulled back to the present, Fred inched away from his friend, holding his hands up, “Wait, no—Lee, mate, I’ll just do it myself! It’s fine!”

“Bollocks to that, it’ll be quick!”

“No, please! Remember what happened last time!”

“Madam Pomfrey regrew that piece of skin for me, it wasn’t a big deal—now, sit still!”

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Its my birthday today (same as Jimin) and I share the aspects Mars trine Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto with him natally, and I have to say what you wrote was bang on. There's this insatiable hunger for success and we can work ourselves until we can barely function anymore. Its a placement that kind of feels like a blessing although it can be draining if that makes sense? Mars/Pluto really makes the native feel like they have the force of an army of men inside them. Thank you- i love your work.

oh happy late birthday anon!! 🎉💕 thank you for providing more insight! most mars aspects are already quite dynamic, and Saturn/Pluto’s influence intensify them even further

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[ ˌdɛsɪˈdɪərɪəm ]
noun; a powerful desire or yearning.

Prompt: “Babe, i’m never gonna finish this work if you keep doing that” + “Leave the heels on, baby. Just the heels though.” Inspired look: here
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smut
Count: 2.865 words (I’m not even sorry anymore lol)

AN: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET SWEET SWEET LADY ♥ This is all I can give for a birthday gift so I hope you’ll like it. I love you ♥

The sun peeks behind half-closed curtains; the tangerine light painting confused pictures on the white walls and beige carpet at your feet that keep you entertained for a bunch of minutes whilst the otherwise empty living room warms up under its gaze.
The daylight reaches the room in this accustomed fashion every day as the clock strikes five pm - which usually marks the end of your work shift - and it is now a sign for your body to relax and for your mind to clear of all stressful thoughts.
This day wouldn’t be any exception if it weren’t Sunday - a day usually spent chilling on the couch, watching stupid shows or an interesting movie or even reading or, if the weather allows, outside, exploring the city. Truthfully speaking, that is what Sunday looks like in the common imaginary and you don’t strand too far away from the norm as you couldn’t even be bothered to get out of your cute pajamas.
Your eyes lazily wander around the room and fix on the closed mahogany door as a pout immediately finds its way on your features.

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“Mum, dad, thank you.”

Remember when they didn’t allow her to be a singer? Remember when they said they’re gonna give her one last chance, and if she still failed the audition, they’re not letting her go on anymore auditions? Now here they are, her parents, in her mv, watching their daughter grow as a singer. Thank you Yong parents for giving Yongsun one more chance. Thank you RBW for accepting her in. Thank you Yongsun for persevering on☀️️



The whole house smelled like pancakes and a mix of all different things. You opened your eyes and let the sunshine warm your face. You lived alone and when that realization hit you, you jolted upright in the bed. For a moment you were sure a burglar was roaming around your house but then you realized how stupid that thought was. Why would a burglar make breakfast in your kitchen? 

“John…?” You ask in surprise, looking at the man with his back turned to you who was leaning over your stove. 

He gives you a quick look over his shoulder before turning around to show you one of his rare, dazzling smiles that always managed to make your heart jump in your chest. 

“Good morning, doll." 

"I thought you were working on a case. Did something happen?”

Grabbing your hand, he pulls you against his chest so you can rest your head against him. His arms move around your waits to hug you tight.

 "You didn’t think I’d forget your birthday, did you?“ 

"You hate birthdays.” You say smiling against his chest, lost in your memories.

You had once tried to throw a surprise party for him and while he smiled through it the whole time, you could clearly see he rather be anywhere else. Never again. Since then you hadn’t bothered anymore. There were plenty of holidays you absolutely hated, so you understood his dislike for birthdays. 

“Oh I do, but I know you love them.”

sunny skies all round.

a birthday gift for my girl @terironi Ronnie I know you’re probably asleep (and its technically not your birthday anymore) but here’s my little gift to you, happy birthday! I hope it was amazing!!<3


birthday cake shot

based on @beggingforfics antics and because it’s harry’s brithday. so why not write about someone else’s birthday on his birthday? does that make sense…probably not, but we’re going to do it anyway. also a very happiest of birthday’s to the main squeeze himself Harry Styles, I tweeted you, but will you see it? No, probably not even a little bit. Am I bitter? No. I’ve never been tweeted by you boys, so I’m used to the disappointment. But I love you anyway my now 23 year old frog son, you’re beautiful on the inside and out and you’ll never see this message so it’s irrelevant but hey. I’m gonna do it anyway. 

Rhea met him on her birthday, when she was trying to justify her friend’s not answering their phones and why she was sitting on a raggedy old bar stool by herself, and drinking by herself with a stupid god damn sash on her front and a fucking tiara on her head. Both items were given to her by the same person who said they would meet for drinks that night. 

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Might as well put my sistely weirdness experience too. Me and my sister act a lot like sans and papyrus actually, her b3ing sans because of her also having a gross love for puns XDD other than that we also call each other weird names as friendly insults like scrungus, bech, and fukku. The weirdest thing we DO is whenever a good song suddenly plays we stop what we're doing and dance weirdly while looking at each other dead in the eyes. We laugh at each other afterwards. XDD it's her birthday too!

That’s actually adorable, you guys have so many crazy stories about your siblings, it’s insane!

I’m sorry i’m writting back so late, but late Happy Birthday to your sister! I hope you guys had fun!


*** Another semi-smut for my lovies ❤️***

“Chucky! Another one!” You giggled as you leaned against Jax’s side, his arm wrapped around your shoulders. Opie laughed along with you but shook his head. “Don’t you think she’s had enough?” “Of course not! If you can remember your 21st birthday then it wasn’t good enough. Another round Chuck.” You nodded at your brother and pressed your tiny finger against Opie’s lips. “Shhhhhhh.” You pulled back and grabbed the shot glass from Chucky’s hand, throwing it back. You barely even felt the burn anymore but you kept taking every drink that came your way.

Jax pressed a sloppy kiss to your cheek and you scrunched up your face, wiping it off. “Ew…” “Oh hush. That’s what brothers are for. Happy birthday.” He kissed your cheek again and walked away to go to the couch, a couple girls on the pole grabbing his attention. You turned to Opie as he stood up from the stool. “I think I’m gonna head home. Donna didn’t really want me out past midnight and its already 1:38.” You pouted and held onto his tall frame. “But Opie it’s my birthday.” “I know sweetheart but I’ve been here all day. I’ll see you tomorrow, take you out for ice cream but I gotta go ok?” You continued pouting but released him.

“Alright. You promise?" Ope smiled and held out his pinky. Smiling back, you locked yours with his and stepped aside as he walked away and out of the clubhouse. Looking around, you realized that you were sitting at the bar by yourself. The party was in full swing with music, booze and smoke flowing but you weren’t really sure where you belonged now that everyone else had gone off to do their own thing and felt a little sad.

 "Chuck, can I have another?” “Uh, I don’t think you should?” He said it more as a question and his raised shoulders told you he was afraid of your reaction but you insisted. He gave in under your stare and you downed the shot before trying to get down from your stool but stumbling a bit. Tig was coming in from outside and saw you, rushing over and placing his hands on your hips to steady you.

“You alright there babydoll?” His words were slightly slurred but not nearly as much as yours were. You giggled then hiccupped. “Yeah I’m good.” You didn’t know if it was the alcohol or not but you slowly began to enjoy the feeling of his hands on your hips. So much so that when he pulled away, you whined and grabbed his hands, placing them back on your body. “Keep your hands there for a little while longer. Please.” “You like when I touch you?” “Yeah, Tiggy.” You bit your lip as the alcohol coursing through your veins made his touch that much more electrifying.

You looked up at him after a minute and saw the hunger in his eyes. “Ya know,” you ran a black painted fingernail down the opening of his shirt, over the hairs on his chest. “Today is my birthday, and you didn’t get me a present.” “I told you, it’s being shipped. It’ll be here in a couple days.” “Yeah but my birthday is today, not in a couple days. I think I deserve to at least get something today, don’t you?” You looked up at him through long lashes and saw him nod.


You were laying on your back in Tig’s bed, his kisses being left all over your naked body. He was always so brute and aggressive, it was weird to see how gentle he was being with you. You’d overheard some Croweaters from time to time talking about how rough he was but he wasn’t being rough at all. He was taking his time, almost as if truly apologizing for the late arrival of your real present.

You turned your head to the side, a contented sigh escaping your lips as you felt his stubble scraping against the tops of your thighs, him continuing to kiss down your tummy. You wove your fingers through his wild hair and gasped, pulling it a little when you felt his teeth graze your hip. “You like that?” You mumbled a yes and felt him do it again, his teeth sinking in a bit this time. He sat up and looked to you. “Roll over.” You smiled and rolled onto your tummy, feeling his hands begin to massage your shoulders while his lips planted kisses on the back of your neck.

“How do you want it?” You opened your eyes which had slipped closed as he kissed up and down your back. “Just like this. Gentle. Slow.” “What ever my birthday girl wants, she gets.” You smiled and let your eyes close again, your head resting on your arms. Tig continued to kiss along your spine and shoulder blades for a moment more before pulling back and using his knees to spread your legs more. “You sure about this baby?” You nodded and looked back at him but he shook his head. “I need to know you’re ok with this, use your words.” “I want it Alex.”

Tig could swear he felt his heart beat a little harder hearing you use his first name. He kissed the back of your neck one more time before kneeling behind you, lining himself up. “Happy birthday, babygirl.”


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Happy 38th Birthday, Ramin Karimloo! // September 19, 1978

@morganedwards80: @raminkarimloo I was just wondering. My friend and I are having a debate. How do you pronounce your last name?

@raminkarimloo: @morganedwards80 Karimloo


Imagine three of your favorite characters from the world of sports anime having the same birthday? Now, open your eyes. SURPRISE! It’s not an imagination anymore. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to these three ikemens! It’s a triple celebration!

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It's Matt's birthday. I feel like I need Mattex fluff for the occasion. *looks at you*

Better late than never, yeah? Belated Happy Birthday, Matt! :)

“You know- It’s okay. Not going to be your Doctor anymore, anyways - what’s one day in 365, yeah? It’s a long commute for a day anyways. Especially for a fling. Give my love to poppet, yeah?”


The small laugh he lets out is strained even to his own ears. “I’ll see you later. I-uh- I’ll call you later. Take care, Kingston. Love you.”

He doesn’t wait for her response, disconnecting the call even before she has a chance to notice the little addition at the end. For some reason, it seemed important that he said it, and yet, some thing he didn’t want her to know. No. Not yet.

Not too long ago, they had been working together. He was her Doctor, flirting with her through the day, hearing her laughter fill the silences, counting the crinkles around her eyes as she did so, her hands swatting his away with an affectionate ‘idiot’. The strange babushka dolls she had thought would look great in his office, still adorn his desk. Wistfully tracing a finger along the glass frame of a picture of them, he shakes his head. It was long ago. Nothing more than a brief fling between two friends. And costars remaining friends after- well, after, was only a myth.

And it was fine. 32. He’s getting older. Should have had more sense than that. She is busy, and her daughter is definitely more important than him being childish. Even when the said daughter is away for a week with her father. Fine, really.

He shakes his head, switching off his phone- no point in having such thoughts on his birthday, or any other day. It’s not as if others wouldn’t be there to celebrate with him. They won’t be her, but then no one can be Alex but Alex herself for him. He’ll just have to learn.

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Happy 26th Birthday to Kim Sunggyu ♥



It’s the birthday of our beloved leader of VIXX! The most precious aNgel in this universe. He holds so many responsiblities yet his smile radiates brighter than the sun itself. Stay healthy and have a blast on your birthday Hakyeon!