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ice tea – lemonade

blame @ohm-is-too-pure for this one

( based on this )

”Hey Ohm,” Ryan blinked. That was new, Luke mentioning him in a video outside of youtube. Ryan watched as the lens got blinded by the light of the airport before coming back into focus. ”I just landed, and it’s not ice tea,”

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The creators of Dear Evan Hansen, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, sing “Waving Through a Window”

I'm not dead yet
  • Crazy to think I was 14/15 when I made this blog and now I'm nearly 19. Time flys. Python is still very much the centre of my life though, in fact pretty soon I should be auditioning for a part in an amateur production of Spamalot

A fanart of Yan-chan from Yandere Simulator! I’ve been following its developments, but haven’t played it myself yet–I’ve only watched YouTubers play it (mostly Jay from the Kubz Scouts, though!) I’m waiting for its final build, which is going to be a long time, but I’m going to buy it! ><

Well, this is the second thing I’ve made that I actually liked. Only got the chance to buy a drawing tablet this April, so I’m still trying to improve! I rarely have the time though, because school is taking most of my time! Hope school takes it easier on me.