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god these are all literally a year old by this point but this is from a super old tellius rolling girl pv i wanted to make from the old meme. my old laptop died and took all of my files with it though so i ended up dropping the project entirely :p

i still have these gifs and i’ve never really show them off though so!! here

We’ve been here before

In recent days bloggers have been discussing what gall it takes for the Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) to respond to its antisemitism by dichotomizing, claiming to hold the moral high ground with people of color while looking down on its enemies who are allegedly white and who are allegedly Zionists. We have been infuriated while learning that CDMC cried, “White tears!” after kicking a Jewish woman of color from the 2017 Chicago Dyke March and did so again after Gretchen Rachel Hammond, a Jewish trans woman of color, was harassed and robbed of her job for giving a truthful account of what happened at the March. I was thinking about what I could contribute to this conversation when I realized I had already said pretty much all I need to say about this matter in a zine I first published in the fall of 2015 (about a year and a half before the March).

A little background: For anyone who does not know, I was a core member of CDMC in 2009. This is a recollection of one of my experiences as a core member:

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Reminder that:

 - The film “Sucker Punch” had a sex scene between a male and female where the female character was in control of her own sexuality.

- The MPAA would only allow it after it was edited to look like the girl wasn’t into it and the guy was taking advantage of her.

- Note that if the sex scene had been kept as originally planned and filmed, then the film would have been given an “R” rating - but with the guy taking advantage it was a PG-13.

- The director didn’t want to send that message so he just cut it completely.

If that doesn’t say something about the media and women/female sexuality then I don’t know what will.

The actress who played said female character, Emily Browning, stated:

I had a very tame and mild love scene with Jon Hamm. It was like heavy breathing and making out. It was hardly a sex scene… I think that it’s great for this young girl to actually take control of her own sexuality. Well, the MPAA doesn’t like that. They don’t think a girl should ever be in control of her own sexuality because they’re from the Stone Age.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on and I will openly criticize it, happily. So essentially, they got Zack to edit the scene and make it look less like she’s into it. And Zack said he edited it down to the point where it looked like he was taking advantage of her. That’s the only way he could get a PG-13 (rating) and he said, ‘I don’t want to send that message.’ So they cut the scene!

I’m torn. I want an ‘R’ (rating) because we can get a lot of cool scenes into it, but then I like the idea of younger girls being able to see it.”

I passed by YG Shop and this was shining before my eyes so I decided to buy one again. I hate Jiyong 😒

Doctor Styles

Part 2

A/N: I really want to thank @whoopsharrystyles for helping me start this new fic idea of mine and being my first beta ever and give me some great pointers and tips. I def would not be writing this without her. I really do appreciate it so much sis love you loads. xoxo S. Also everyone should def read his blurbs/fics/ they are flipping amazing and if you haven’t you are missing out. 

“Oh and three don’t fuck up”

You wake up to the sound of your beeping alarm on the nightstand table; you peek your eyes open and read that its 5:30 am.  A groan escapes your lips as you think about leaving the warmth of your bed. You scramble to find your phone and hit snooze, tossing it to the other side of you. But as on cue, you hear pattering of footsteps on your wooden floors, your bed dipping, and you being greeted with a generous amount of kisses on your cheek and nose by Eric. There goes your extra 5 minutes of sleep, but this is the price you pay when you work in the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a doctor, always dreamed of becoming one. Although the wake up times can be agonizing. After of few more sloppy kisses you’ve had enough.

“Okay okay I love you too, come on let’s gets some breakfast.”

You slide your robe on as the two of you hurry down the stairs and pour food into two bowls. Once you’re done eating, you run up the stairs and run a shower for yourself. You take your time to rinse your body with the warm water and soap and decide to wash your hair tonight, not wanting to go through the hassle of blow drying your hair right now. You step out of the shower and wrap a towel around your body and wipe down your foggy mirror. You take your time as you go into your closet and pick out your pink scrubs since its Friday.  At the hospital you work at, doctors all allowed to wear any color scrub they desire on Fridays. Pink scrubs are also yours and the kid’s favorite pair you own. You throw on your scrubs and white coat and tie your hair into a ponytail. You did not wear makeup to the hospital since it wasn’t needed; you weren’t a doctor to impress people with your beauty.You’re there to help patients in need. Looking over at the clock you notice it is already 6:40 and that you have about 20 minutes to get to work, you run out the door, not forgetting to grab your stethoscope before dashing down the stairs, in which you find Eric lying down on the couch. You slip your shoes on, and you give him a quick hug and kiss goodbye and tell him you’ll see him tonight.

The drive to the hospital was typical, not that much traffic since you live only ten minutes away. You casually walk into the hospital and greet the young lady at the front desk with a simple smile and a nod, while noticing families sitting eagerly waiting to hear results of their fellow loved ones, in the waiting area. You make your way through the long corridors, to be greeted with a only few nods in acknowledgement. You sigh to yourself, but keep your head held high. But your attention strays to a whistle behind you, and you already know who it is. You roll your eyes as you turn around.

“You know Maya, you look fantastic in your pink scrubs, but you know what else they would look good on?” He takes a step closer to you as you back up against a wall. “My floor.” He whispers and winks so the other doctors and nurses couldn’t hear the dirty comment.

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The Silent One - Part Twenty Five

You can find my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: Negan gives you a little chat about loss.

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1261
Warnings: Curses, depressed behaviour
Category: Angst/ with a sprinkling of fluff

Negan’s POV

You had been in the shower for almost forty minutes and in that time Negan had been pacing the room while listening, hard, to the water running and making sure that you weren’t doing anything that you may regret.

Negan was still taken aback from earlier in the day when you had both laid in bed. He remembered how the sunlight cascaded down your features which were softened by the oblivion of sleep; he could hardly imagine anything more beautiful. He had wanted that moment too last forever, for you both to just lay there in the bliss of nothingness. But of course, that couldn’t last. At some point, you would both have to immerge from the small paradise you had crafted yourselves to face the harsh reality of surviving.

When you had awakened Negan had suggested for you to go take a shower, too wash away the dried blood that still stained your palms. You had nodded silently and walked into the bathroom without a word. You had not immerged since and Negan could feel anxiety creeping up his spine as he paced back and forth in a repetitive loop.

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Serene Serein

Also on AO3.
This is a direct sequel to A Match Made in the Arcade (day 11), but it can be read on its own.  It is also the @miraculousfluffmonth  Aug 15 prompt, sunshower. 

“Thanks for coming all the way over here,” Adrien said, as he joined Marinette on the cafe’s sunny patio.  "I know it wasn’t what we originally had planned, and it’s way out of the way for you.“  He looked nervous, like he expected her to get angry with him, and she didn’t like that.

"Things come up.  I get that.”  She patted the opposite side of the tiny table.  "Now sit down and relax.  I ordered you a chai.“

He blinked a couple times, staring at her.  "But I asked you out.  I’m supposed to treat you.”  He pouted a little.

She giggled.  "Well I was hungry, and couldn’t wait for your long drawn out shoot to end, so I ordered something.“  She pushed her plate toward him.  "Here.  Have some torte.”

He looked around, making sure no one was watching him, before sampling her treat.  "Oooh,“ he mumbled.  "That is good.”

“So how did the shoot go?  Should I take the fact that it ran over by nearly two hours as some sort of ominous warning sign?”

“It was about as awful as it could be,” he said, shrugging.  "Fortunately none of it can be pinned on me, so while I’m sure my father’s going to be impressively pissed, I shouldn’t be on the receiving end.“

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I’m writing a KK fic! It’s been in me for a long time, and, well, I’m tired of waiting!I have a set couple in mind, but I want to know what you think! After all, I am writing this for everyone to enjoy! Comment below and reblog with your vote so everyone can see it! Also, again, if you’d like to be tagged, just use the tag #addsav and I’ll get you down!

Here are the possible couples:

- Willa and Philby
- Charlene and Maybeck

Don’t worry! The other keepers will be making some side character appearances, so if your vote doesn’t win, that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the novella! (And I’ve got something special planned later for Finn and Amanda, so don’t fret, darlings).

Don’t forget: reblog with your couple choice, and use the tag #addsav if you want to be tagged in it!

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how about something like in third person so like the gang reflecting on malec and how happy they make each other when they see them be all in love at the insitute

Okay so this went in a very different direction than I had originally planned and I realized halfway through writing that they were supposed to be at the Institute, but I was in too deep by then. I hope you like it anyway! (read on ao3)

send me malec prompts and i’ll write them asap! (sorry if it takes a while)

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But I bet you if they only knew pt. 2

Harry Styles - 1543 words (Requested by anon)
This is part 2 of ‘But I bet you if they only knew’, part 1 can be found here!

“It’s awfully quiet. Where is everybody?” I question as I step onto the porch, towel drying my wet hair as I simple stare at Harry lounging around in one of the scattered lounge chairs. That man is too gorgeous for words. His chest slowly raises and falls as he enjoyed the warm breeze flowing over his damp skin, his hand raising to lift his sunglasses off of his nose. 

“Liam and Lou are on a couples surfing date with the girls, Niall is out exploring. Told them you wanted some quiet time.” Harry smiles and drops his sunglasses back on their original place, his hand resuming its position behind his head. “So no plans?” I ask again, verifying what I had been secretly hoping for. A nod from Harry is enough to make the grin on my face even wider as I drop the towel to the ground. 

“Fuck yes.” I breathe out as I tug my shirt off of my body, leaving me in my bikini as I walk towards Harry’s resting frame. If the rest of the lads were gone for the remainder of the day, I could go for a nice, relaxing swim without getting drowned by Niall or Liam this time and maybe afterwards enjoy some real alone time with Harry. 

I let my fingers trail over Harry’s toned chest as he bites his bottom lip, his tongue darting out to wet his red, kissable lips. “Come ‘ere.” Harry pulls my arm and I fall on top of him, giggling as we almost tumble out of the lounge chair. 

“Why hello.” Harry greets me and I smile exaggeratedly, teeth on full show before pressing my lips to his. My teeth graze over his bottom lip before I lightly pull it, feeling Harry’s hands roam over my back. His large palms find their way towards my bum and gives both cheeks a rough squeeze, a moan drawn from my mouth but caught by his lips on mine.

“Maybe we should go for round two.” Harry mumbles as my lips make their way to his jaw, teeth nibbling and lips kissing along the way. 
“You are a horny little shit, you.” I groan against his hot flesh, immediately silenced as he squeezes my bum once again, another moan leaving my lips. 
“Oh and you aren’t huh?” Harry smirks as I use him as leverage to hold me up, rolling my eyes before pushing my hips into his pelvis. 

“I can’t help myself, you’re naked half the time..” Harry laughs loudly as the words leave my lips like a whine. “Come on y/n, live a little.” Harry tries to persuade me, his fingers already fumbling with the strap of my top. 
“We’re in plain sight H., not here.” I gasp as I push my core against his growing bulge, Harry squeezing my hips at the contact. 

He starts guiding my hips so our clothed centers brush against each other, small pants already leaving my lips. 
“We’ve rented this cabin because it was so secluded. No one can hear you scream out my name for miles, sadly.” My eyes fly open at his statement and he chuckles amusingly, licking his lips in hunger. 

“Cheeky bastard.” I mutter before letting our upper bodies come into contact again, my lips passionately meeting his as my fingers make their way into his brown messy locks to pull and grab something to hold onto. In no time, my top is discarded somewhere on the wooden floor, Harry’s hand kneading my breast as his other pushes my core closer to his throbbing cock. 

“I can’t get enough of you.” Harry states as he pulls away from the kiss to roughly bite my neck before licking the sore spot swiftly to ease the pain. I moan out incoherently, fingertips digging into his shoulder blades as I keep my eyes squeezed shut. 

“Thank god, 'cause I can’t either.” I mumble out which draws a chuckle from Harry’s lips again, my hands roaming from his hair over his chest, nails digging slightly into the soft flesh before stopping near his white swimming trunks.
The little bow he’d made swiftly becoming undone by my fingers as I already tug the trunks down as far as I can manage in this position. 

“Eager, are we?” Harry smirks and if I had more self-control I would just get up and leave him here to deal with his own mess, but at this moment I think I want and need this even more than he does. “Oh shut up.” I groan as I push my hand in his face, leaning on one knee for a moment to chug them down towards his ankles, leaving him bare in front of me. 

Harry’s fingers trail over the skin near my hips, fingers hooking into the waistband of my bikini bottom as he gently tugs them down until he’s met with my knees and I assist him the rest of the way. Just the skin on skin contact of our centers makes me want to moan out but I refrain myself and rock back and forth one time, seeing Harry’s reaction to be one of bliss. 

“Stop teasing and get to work.” Harry groans as he lifts his lips and positions himself under me, a chuckle leaving my lips at his impatience right now. I’m glad everything feels so easy withy Harry, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this. 
I gasp and throw my head back as I feel him enter me for the second time today, a strangled moan leaving my lips as I dig my nails into Harry’s abs. I don’t waste any time as I start to rock my hips back and forth, bouncing myself on Harry’s body as he discards his sunglasses so we could maintain some eye contact. 

“This view I love the most.” Harry breathes out as he pinches my hips before starting to guide my body into a faster, smoother pace, his hips coming up to meet mine. Within a few minutes of his relentless pace I am a moaning mess, my hands switching from clawing at his abs to digging them into his thighs as he pushes me back a bit to penetrate me ever deeper. 

“Harry I- oh yes.” I groan and fall forward, my sweat covered upper body sticking to his as his arms envelope around me and he remains the speed, adding a rough thrust between the smooth fast ones, spiraling me towards my orgasm. My lips kiss, my teeth graze and my tongue laps over the skin on his neck, jaw and near his ear as I hear him grunt and groan just a little bit louder every time, sending me even further into bliss. 

I doesn’t take long for me to come undone, sighing and whimpering into Harry’s ear as he relentlessly keeps up his rigid speed towards his own orgasm. I kiss below his jaw which I know sends goosebumps over his skin, gently tugging on his earlobe before he grunts one final time and stills as well. “Well fuck.” Harry breathily chuckles out and I lift my body, already regained a bit of my strength back to send him a questioning look. 

“The things you do to me woman.” He pulls me down again for a small kiss but I push myself upright again, his member slowly sliding out as I feel his warmth between my legs. 
“Where are you going?” Harry grasps my wrist as I stand to my feet and bend down to retrieve my bikini bottom, stopping mid bend to turn towards him. “What does it look like? Getting dressed H.”

“Come lay down for a second, we have all the time in the world.” He pulls my wrist and I almost fall on top of him, just in time catching my fall with my hands on either side of his waist, dangling above his heaving frame. “I can’t be naked in the open, I still don’t know how you can and how paparazzi still haven’t photographed that dick of yours.” I grin as Harry laughs heartily, pushing my hip swiftly so I fall down next to him with my leg and arm laying over him. 

“I am one very lucky man, ’s all. And here, if it bothers you that much.” Harry grabs the towel I had dropped previously, draping it over my side so my bum and my breasts were semi covered. 
“You are very, very lucky Styles, and you should know it. Are we going for a swim later?” Harry nods his head and turns, giving me his million dollar smile before pressing his lips to mine rather harshly, his smile evident in the kiss. 

I let my hand rest on his jaw as I kiss him back with equal force, repositioning my body so I’m laying half on top of him as I let my tongue swipe over his bottom lip to deepen the kiss. 

“The fuck is goin’ on 'ere?” A very familiar Irish voice cuts through the sound of our labored breathing from before and I shoot upright to cover my breasts as Harry lifts himself to cover me. The word leaves both Harry’s as my lips at the same time: “Shit.”.


I hope you enjoyed, please let me know!
Lots of love,
L. xox

When I found out that 6x20 was going to be the musical/wedding episode, I decided to re-watch 1x20, since there have been a lot of elements of season 1 in this current season.

What I have noticed from it was that there are indeed a few elements that have already been paralleled in the show so far; and others that could be very telling of what might happen in the remaining episodes.

The elements already being paralleled:

First of all, the episode is titled “The Stranger”, and it tells us the story of Pinocchio; which has been brought back this season already.

Most precisely it shows us how Marco built the wardrobe, and how August got to our world. We have already seen this paralleled in Season 6, with wish realm August building the wardrobe to allow Emma and Regina to go back to Storybrooke.

What I found interesting is how the Blue Fairy kept saying that its magic was only powerful enough to transport 2 people, but then she wanted Snow (carrying Emma) and Charming to go through it. Does that mean that when Emma and Regina went through it this Season and brought back Robin was kind of the same thing it would’ve happened if the original plans had gone through? Is Robin “part of” either Regina or Emma, and that means only 2 people actually went through it? Or is it because Robin, as everyone else keeps reminding Regina, is not real?

Another thing was August telling Emma about where he was when she decided to stay in Storybrooke, and he does it in these terms:

August: You ever been to Phuket? It’s beautiful. Amazing Island. Full of pleasures. The perfect place to lose oneself. That’s where I was when you decided to stay in Storybrooke.

Amazing island. Full of pleasure = Pleasure Island? Which has been brought back up again in 6x12. And 6x11, if you take a look at what August is writing with his typewriter.

In both episodes (6x12 and 1x20) the pages August has added are mentioned. In 1x20 Henry notices that Pinocchio’s story isn’t completed, and then later on August tells Emma he was telling her how the story ended. But then in 6x12, he tells Charming that he was ashamed of that part of his story, that’s why he hasn’t included it in the book.

This has been told already, but I really think August represents Regina somehow.

In the episode of Season 1, they both tell the story of how they respectively found Emma and Charming. It’s interesting how August tells Emma he is going to tell her his story (the story of how he was the boy who found her in the newspaper) and the next scene we see Regina and David, and she tells him the story of how she found him.

August: “We’re going on a trip, Emma.” who has been going on road trips with Emma so far?

I also noticed another two parallels between the two (Regina and August)

When we see August and Emma at the forest home, we see August being yelled at by an adult for touching the toolbox. That immediately reminded me how in 5x19 Cora tells Regina not to touch the box containing the wand.

Both stories end with the redhead (August/Zelena) leaving Emma/Regina. Zelena, we know was Regina’s half sister, and in the foster home Emma might have as well been considered August’s “sister”.

Then at the beginning of the episode, Mary Margaret tells Regina this: “Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness.”

And at the end, August tells Marco this: “I just feel like fixing things.”

Which at first could be seen as a contrast, but if you see August/Regina as the same person, it looks more like a reaction.

As for what I think could happen in the next episodes:

Snowing vs the Evil Queen

Snow will come back from the curse the Evil Queen has put her and Charming under, just as in 1x20 Mary Margaret has just come back from jail. We even have this conversation between MM and Regina:

Regina: Ms. Blanchard. I see you’re back.

MM: Isn’t it wonderful? Everything worked out.

Which I would see as how Regina would react when the curse finally gets lifted.

I also see how the Evil Queen might react to it. This is another part of their conversation:

Regina: Are you insinuating something?

MM: Yes, I am. But I forgive you. Even if you can’t admit what you did, I forgive you anyway. Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness. It’s so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won’t make you happy. It’s only going to leave a giant hole in your heart.

Which is exactly what the Evil Queen has stated already, about wanting them to feel what she has felt: loneliness. And what Regina has told the Evil Queen: “You still have a hole in your heart, just like I did when I first came here.”

Maybe the Evil Queen will try, just as she did in 1x20 by trying to seduce David, to keep Snow and Charming apart; but ultimately she will have to realize what Henry tells her in “The Stranger” is true:

Henry: Go ahead and try. It won’t work. No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together. The curse will end. Good will win.

And maybe the Evil Queen just needs her family’s “forgiveness”, to know that she is accepted as a whole, and not for just the “good parts”.

Emma and August:

At first August, as he is trying to convince Emma to go on a trip with him, he tells her this:

August: You need to look at the big picture. That’s the only way you’re gonna understand what you’re up against. That’s the only way you’ll know how to beat Regina.

We know that Emma now isn’t trying to beat Regina, but she is still not looking at the big picture. I kind of believe that August will have a part in Emma seeing all the lies H00k has told her so far. August might know some things that have happened that are missing from the book, just as he was about to tell her the rest of his story. He might know what really happened with Ariel for example.

In Season 1 August was supposed to make Emma believe she was the Savior, and needed to bring back everyone’s happy ending. This time, I think he will have to remind her that it is not her job to give H00k is own happy ending.

August: Your denial is more powerful than I thought. It’s preventing you from seeing the truth.

The denial can be both about her feelings for Regina, and her relationship with H00k. And the truth she is not seeing now is the fact that her relationship is built on a bunch of lies.

She literally can not see what’s in front of her.

Emma + Henry and Regina

At the beginning of the episode, we see Emma trying to build a case against Regina to get custody of Henry. And at the end, we see her trying to bring Henry out of town, stating they have to leave Storybrooke.

We know from what Regina tells Emma in the wish realm, that they kind of share custody of Henry now. Maybe they are working on the legal aspects of it?

I also think Emma didn’t leave Storybrooke in Season 1 because, just as in Season 3, there was a “piece” missing in their family: Regina.

Bonus, because I don’t know where to fit these:

1) Regina and David have this conversation just as they are about to enter her house:

Regina: Thank you for being my knight in shining armor.

David: Well, it’s more like flannel, but you’re welcome.

We perfectly know by now who has been Regina’s “knight in flannel armor”, if you need a reminder, here she is:

2) Mary Margaret at the beginning, when August installs a new lock on their door, says:

“As long as it keeps Regina and her skeleton keys out.”

But from Shady’s post here, we can see the key that opened MM’s door wasn’t a skeleton one.

3) Marco, as he wakes up on the shore after having being through a storm with Pinocchio: “Pinocchio? You saved me.”

Which as been said a lot between people who I think share TL - Snow/Charming - Emma/Henry - Emma/Regina. So, that made me think… maybe the TLK effect when getting out of the tree for both August and Emma only happened because the people who put them there (Marco and Charming) did it out of True Love? They were giving them their best chance, as the show likes to tell us.

So, the True Love colors showed as Emma got into the wardrobe and Regina getting out of the tree, are separated, but for now, because they haven’t been “united” yet? Both Emma and Regina are still in denial, and don’t realize the other feels the same.

4) After Pinocchio has turned into a real boy, the first scene we see of him and Marco at the workshop, shows us Jiminy Cricket (the conscience) being trapped into the clock. Which reminded me of how Gideon, of all things, broke the tower clock from the inside out. Is that a way to bring Emma back to her conscious? 

To the anon who sent me this pic, the translation of this interview snip (from the director Kunihiko Yuyama - this is from Animedia, I suppose?):

*I’m really sleepy so sorry about the sloppy English, but I think it’s clear enough to get the point of what was written there, ok? OTL

- Why did the script end up being about the encounter of Ash and Pikachu?

Since “Sun&Moon” [anime] is now being broadcasted on TV, we had plans of making the “Sun&Moon” movie and also discussing about the inclusion of a 20th anniversary all-star [cast] gathering idea.

However, each movie production has its own different style, I felt there was something slightly wrong about that draft then returned to the starting point, reflecting on what “Pokemon” is all about.

So, it is the encounter between Ash and Pikachu that it is the origin of “Pokemon”. Due to the fact that 20 years have passed and some people don’t know this beginning, we changed the plan to “let’s draw one more time the encounter of Ash and Pikachu, from the start”.

- The scenes when Ash is puzzled about handling Pikachu were freshly projected [on the big screen].

As long as it is the anime series, Ash will inevitably become the hero; therefore for this movie, I wanted him back as a typical 10-year-old boy that becomes frustrated and carelessly say abusive stuff when losing a battle. This movie portrays a weaker Ash but, on the other hand, also show lengths that exceed the line that Satoshi and Pikachu could not cross until now. I would like the viewers to pay attention to this.





anonymous asked:

The stuff with Finn and force sensitivity is ugly. I appreciate you trying to put a positive spin on it but it's difficult to see this as anything beside othering Finn and antiblackness.

Lucasfilm honestly just doesn’t seem to get what a Big Deal Finn is. Like, if they had cast a white guy as originally planned and pulled a bait-and-switch that would be a fun twist. But when you cast a black guy and put a lightsaber in his hands you’re setting up certain expectations for people who don’t get to see themselves as the big damn heroes very often, and so to be all “LOL GOTCHA” is just…ignorant at best, mean-spirited at worst.

I STILL REFUSE TO GIVE UP HOPE but I’m way less confident than before and I don’t blame anyone for being disheartened.

I tend to dislike the whole “the theoi are always benevolent” thing the community does nowadays because I think it denies the gods much of their actual depth and power.

Especially in my experience the gods do actually punish bad behavior. Its just that bad behavior is usually very specific. For instance I owed Hermes a sacrifice for quite a while and on a long trip I had like, multiple things go wrong: I left a laptop bag with all my chargers back at home, my boyfriend left some of the stuff that I’d put out for him to grab, and on our way their a part of the car literally fell of into the highway.

After I made it up to him (by pouring out a whole bottle of what I’d originally planned) then the trip went much smoother (at least in the physical realm).

I do tend to think the gods are nicer now than they once were (for various reasons; they don’t want to drive us away and because the average modern Hellenic polytheist is more devout than the average Ancient Greek pagan), but they are not omnibenevolent, nor do they provide things simply for belief; they require offerings in exchange for their favor/blessing/not-anger.



Ok, I just had a thought. I feel like not only is skam season 4 reflecting season 1 and 3 but that it also reflects season 2.

To me, it’s reflecting season 2 because we had Sana hiding her secret love for Yousef like Noora was hiding her relationship with William. And much more obviously, Yousef leaving for Turkey parallels William saying he was leaving for London and not coming back.

And we know the other season parallels. Season 1-Sana hide her secret of being behind the saranors account, which was kind of her shame like Eva’s shame of hooking with Chris and helping Jonas cheat on Ingrid, also paralleling Sana owning up to her mistake and making amends like Eva did and healing from it. Season 3-Sana looking up Yousef online like Isak, her deep meaningful talks with Yousef, and cute moments with Yousef like the basketball playing scene in episode 4 which reflects Isak looking up Even online, the hotel scene when Even and Isak were talking and many more, and the kissing in the pool scene respectively.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, that season 4 is kind of a homage to previous seasons while still being original on its own. It’s interweaving all of the past, major characters and their relationships for a final send-off and Julie is a genius and such a sweetheart for doing this. I’m going to be so sad when it’s over, only 2 weeks left (especially when I thought there would be 2 more seasons after cos I thought it would follow them throughout all of high school).

Also, another theory I had is that, I think Julie was planning already to end the series with season 4 back early on in season 3. I’ll elaborate. We all know season 3 sent the series to worldwide recognition. And, we also know that Julie is highly protective of her cast, they’re so young and I think she realized early on with the worldwide success that her cast was going to be talked to much more and have greater chances of being harassed or talked to at inappropriate times and places, which did happen along with the invasiveness of the school. So, the clue, for me, was that she added in Noora at the end of episode 3 (is that the neon color pre-party? I think it is, I forgot). There really was no reason for Noora to be in season 3 but I think she added her in to set up for next season to smoothly bring back William (and Christoffer indirectly for Eva). And her making Sana an important character for Isak helped to smoothly make her the next main (probably her plan all along anyway I think, but still) but also connect the girl squad and the boy said together, our 99 group, so she can give a proper send-off.

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Do you think Collin might not put Rey with Kylo because he will be worried about backlash from the ant* side saying it's abusive and sexist since he knows be has to watch himself now? Ugh, it really sucks that this guy has to be picked. I want strong Rey and for her to have different types of meaningful relationships. I enjoy romance and love seeing women pave their own story. Feel like I'll be singing "we could have had it aaaall" come episode IX -_-

I don’t think Reylo would be axed (if it were the original plan) because of all this. I think what they’d do in response to all of this controversy is just ensure it is handled with immense tact and feels right for the characters. Colin has tweeted about taking lessons from Wonder Woman, and since that film had a central romance with serious ups and downs he could certainly take pointers from it when executing the love story in his own film. I also think there will be lots of creative input from others to ensure the story developments feel earned and naturalistic. But we’ll have to see. The probability of Reylo in IX largely depends on the handling of said dynamic in The Last Jedi.

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So I was discussing this with a friend of mine a bit ago, and I wanted your opinion; do you think Clone Wars needs a final TV season for its conclusion? Or do you think movie (live action or otherwise) adaptations of the Ahsoka novel/Dark Disciple/etc. would suffice?

Any acknowledgement to The Clone Wars series and what they had originally planned would be a victory in itself, to be honest. At the very least, I would hope they would finish production work for The Bad Batch arc and the Utapau arc since it is the animation they have left to do. 

Overall, if they were to take their ideas past ideation and into production, that would be a great achievement for them. Even if it is in the form of comics, novels or a movie.

Admittedly, I would be sad if it were just one movie though, there are a lot of events that they would have to pass over and characters we wouldn’t get to really see again if they chose just one arc.

So, ideally, we would appreciate them being able to finish the series as they originally intended.


i just wanted to post and express my gratitude for every single one of my followers, my beautiful mutuals and all those who especially follow my story. i started off as a lookbook simblr {formely jvesimmer ew lol what name was that i swear} and now thanks to you all and those amazing storytellers, those creative souls, i transitioned and branched out to become one myself and i honest to goodness enjoy it so much more. i am not the greatest writer, but i always had a passion for it. for creativity, for not necessarily poetry, but poetic writing– writing thats beautiful, gut-wrenching, raw and like, human. you know? that is my forefront to the story i am writing. i hope i am achieving this, even in the slightest maybe, to you guys.

so i just want to say a billion majillion thank yous to those who’ve taken the tiniest interest to my story. its been so fun and i just finished writing a lengthy draft of what i have planned next. {yes you have caught me, i never had the beginning middle or end of my story ever thoroughly planned out haha, i just go by it through bits and pieces really!! but i am glad to see consistency} nevertheless i am excited for it!!!!!!

anyways, a side note: i originally made all my characters age 25-27… but after re-thinking a couple plots n scenarios i decided to change their age to 2 years younger lmao so Luna is 24 and so on. it’ll make more sense in the future and i never understood why i even made them that quite old-ish in the first place bahaha so theres that.

OK enough of my blabbering. i love you all wholeheartedly 😭💖

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I'm a western fan but to me the 2CT is always been canon since forever thanks to every hint expect the linguistic ones... every other hint was clear enough and made sense ^^ Ofc when I read your posts about the linguistic issues I was like "well, there's really no way of denying this theory anymore". People still try to deny it after the latest spoilers so I think linguistic problems or not people just want to deny things they don't like lol

Mmmm yes, the linguistic issues probably aren’t the *only* reason why so many people in the Western fandom dislike this theory^^;

Through my 3 years of experience in the Western fandom, I got the impression that Western people have a general liking for psychological explanations, maybe?? (。´・ω・)??? I’ve seen a lot of people coming up with DID, split personality, personality disorder, PTSD theories to explain the 2CT hints and a lot of people seem to support and prefer them over there being two physical twins, so maybe that’s part of the reason for the unpopularity of 2CT in the Western fandom compared to its general popularity in the Japanese fandom. But idk, it’s just *my* impression!

That said, personally, I never really understood the argument how Ciel having a twin brother would ruin his character and the whole story (especially when that is what the author had planned since the very beginning), but we all have different ways of thinking and tastes, so I guess it’s totally normal and understandable that some people just don’t like this theory^^;


aroturier said: Maybe it’s because Japan hasn’t had to suffer so many lousy TV twin shows. Our TV has been gaga over it since the first split screen “The (original) Parent Trap and “Patty Duke Show"s from the late 50’s early 60’s.

Mmm, maybe! Actually I don’t recall that many mangas/tv shows/movies/books with secret twin plot twists, the only one that came to my mind right now is ‘Tsubasa Chronicle’.