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Okay okay okay so ive been following this au forever and im not one for alternative univeres but 👏oh👏my👏acutal👏god👏 its the sweetest purest thing and i love it i was just wondering what you hcs are and like i cannot write to save my life i suck at grammar and plot and character development but im very inspired by this so i dont care if its a train wreck ima write a fic with this wonderful au and scream the entire time

OH BOY!!! 

Well, I’m not gonna post all my headcanons; I would like to leave the AU up to your and others’ interpretation! 

I have my own ideas about how events will go, but that’ll have to wait for later fic installments, my friend 😗

Here are some of my major headcanons for the Wedding Planner & Florist AU!

Divided into Yuuri’s side and Victor’s side for sake of organization!


  • Yuuri and Phichit share an apartment in downtown Manhattan, three stops on the subway away from the stop the flower shop is on, so he could walk if he wanted to, but he usually takes the subway for the sake of extra sleep.

  • The Katsukis own the building their shop is in, so they have the large basement, the main store floor, a storage space on the first floor, and the rooftop for their business! The floors in between are mostly their own living space, which is inhabited by Mari, Toshiya, and Hiroko!

  • Yuuri doesn’t know flower meanings at all, except that roses sell really well during the Valentines’ season and that tulips sell well at Easter! 

  • Yuuri and Phichit were roommates where he went to school in Detroit, and since Yuuri’s family is in New York and Phichit got a job there, they decided to shack up together. They have considered getting a poodle, but the landlord doesn’t allow dogs.


  • Victor owns Weddings by V, a wedding planning company he started with the backing and support of Yakov and Nikola P. (Yurio’s Grandpa.) 

  • Victor and Chris worked together for some time, but Victor left his previous job (also in bridal planning) to start up his business and Chris left some time after that to pursue restaurant management.

  • Mila, Georgi, and occasionally Yuri work with Victor, and they have a variety of affiliates they work with for their weddings. 

  • Yuuri is Victor’s first “crush” in five years, since the previous guy turned out to be a massive asshole to his friends. He’s made peace with that, though!

Victor and Yuuri are also their canon ages here (27 and 23, respectively!)

Hope this provides more insight!

Dragon Prompts

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:Hey, so about that prompt you did a while back about the dragon who has disguised themselves as a human, could we get some prompts on their best friend realizing this? (Through them shifting to protect them or out of anger or whatevs) and maybe some on a rival dragon nearby that has issues with territory?

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:Can I pleasee have a dialogue between a human dragon lady and the only other person that knows shes a dragon (also female) whatever the human (who happens to be a spymaster) .

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:Got any dragon prompts for your #1 fan? <3

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:I adore this blog! Do you have anymore dragon related prompts?

1) “You’re a…dragon.”
“An actual motherfucking dragon.”
“I could ride you into battle.”
“I’m an actual motherfucking dragon, not a pony. I should burn you to a crisp for even suggesting that!” 

2) “I need you to look over these finances.”
The dragon gave the human a baleful look. 
“Oh, come on. You’re the best person with numbers and accounts that I know. And I need to figure out what’s going on with the cash flow, something’s missing and I can’t figure out what.” 
“You know I don’t do well looking at other people’s wealth.” 

3) They stared up the dragon. The cavernous, sharp-toothed, dragon that rose around them. Backed away very slowly and wondered if, like with a bear, playing dead already might just be the best bet. The dragon shifted its tail to block their escape, coiling it neatly around the human. 
The human squeezed their eyes shut and braced themselves for death.
Hot breath gusted against their face. 
“Yes,” the dragon said. “I think you’ll do nicely as my champion.” 
Considering they’d been about to beg ‘please don’t eat me’, champion seemed a long shot. It was about that moment when they fainted.

4) “Don’t be scared of me.”
“You’re a dragon.” It came out as a squeak.
“I don’t eat humans, they’re far too lacking in nutritional value.”
“Well, nice to know it’s my lack of nutritional value and not our friendship keeping me alive.”
My best grinned - all toothy, nothing like the carefully closed lipped smiles of before. 

5) “I thought you said you’d never let me fly on your back,” the human said. Their voice was a little slurred from blood loss.
“We will never speak about it again.” 


Please, Oikawa-san, take me away. I don’t care where, as long as it’s far away from here.

This is from the very beginning of the amazing road trip au created by the wonderful @mooksmookin!! (do ask them about it, it’s really great!!) I have a small comic for this that I’m working on, but since it will probably take a while, I’m just going to post these two pics.

Magic Mishap

Loki and I sat there practicing the random spells the book pages would land on. Loki would speak little while doing spells, which is something I found odd as he normally was very chatty towards me.My eyes land on a certain spell.

“Chibi spell?” I said out loud with clear confusion laced in my voice.

“Oh, yes that spell is odd, its best you leave it and try a different one.” Loki inquired. 

“Really? Well, if you say so, Loki.” As I was about to turn the page I got a very devious, wonderful idea. Why not try this spell out….on Loki.

I started summoning and whispering the short words of the spell to myself. Finally, the ball of purple magic in my hand is completed.I point my hand at him and release the spell.

He turned his head quickly only to see the ball being flung at him. The spell began to take effect on him as he found himself being incredibly small and somewhat chubby.

Loki spoke in a high-pitched, adorable voice “What did you do to me?! Did you-….” He became silent once he saw himself in the shine of his now very large mirror.

“You…You…” He said in disbelief. “Me what?” I replied in a snarky tone whilst picking up his small frame with two fingers.

“How could you! I am the Prince of Asgard! I demand you to reverse this spell this instant! That is an order from your prince!” He squealed out, flailing his arms in anger.

“Sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t do that, Says here it lasts for 2 hours.”

“Two hours?! No, you have to do something, I can’t look like this  for that long!’

“Hey relax, I’ll take care of you while this lasts. Besides, it’s not like you have anything better to do.” I pulled out a small piece of chocolate from my pocket and pushed it towards him. He gladly accepted the sweet and chewed it up rapidly.

I used my index finger to gently pat his head, aside from his small protests he finally gave into being touched.

After the few hours passed, he gradually became his normal size and weight once more.

“Great! You’re back.” I smiled. “You’re terrible, you know that?” He pouted out.

“Oh hush you loved that extra attention, I bet you probably crave it now.”  I tease at him.

A small blush comes upon his porcelain face. “Aww! I knew it! C’mon scoot closer to me you dork”  


april 1, 2017 - allegro

my first original post! pale green sheet music is pretty cool, i guess? you don’t come across that very often. here is one of the pieces that i played the piano accompaniment for one of my violin teacher’s younger students at our recital today. i also performed two solo violin pieces, and i’m glad that everything went fairly well!

currently listening to: “ultralife” - oh wonder

Novaturient: Part Three (Bucky Barnes)

Authors Note: I am so sorry that this is so so so late. I apologize greatly. I’m gonna begin brainstorming and writing for Part Four, but I really want to have 100 notes before I post it. Also send me in ideas and suggestion. As for people with requests, I will get to them asap but it might not be tonight. 

 Warnings: swearing, violence, terribly written fight scenes, sexual tension, implied smut 

 Word Count: 1833

Originally posted by hothothotgg

 You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. It was literally consuming you. You kept your eyes on Steve, who was explaining to everyone what exactly they were doing. 

 Steve glanced between you and Bucky,“You need to train with your partners and since Buck and (Y/N) aren’t very familiar with each other, they should be the first to train together. You guys have two hours tops before Nat and I take over, okay?" 

 Oh lovely, alone time. Something you and Bucky haven’t had since last week when you got drunk. Since the almost kiss. 

 Bucky cleared his throat,"Earth to (Y/N).” He complained,“C'mon, we need to get done." 

 "Got somewhere to be, Barnes?” You asked, a little smile in your face as you got into your fighting stance with your fists in front of you. 

Bucky rolled his eyes,“Why do you care? You turning into my stalker now?" 

 "No.” You answered, throwing a punch to to his gut which he easily blocked. He returned the motion with his own, trying to trip you but you easily predicted his move and jumped over his foot. You then landed a roundhouse kick to his chest, making him stumble backwards. Bucky lunged at you, blocking another hit before flipping you over and landing you on the mat.

 You quickly jumped up and shield yourself by manipulating what Bucky could see. Ah, sensory manipulation really was the best. 

 "What the hell?“ He said in confusion before you knocked him to his feet and uncloaked yourself. 

 "You see, I got this amazing thing where I can make myself where no one can sense me.” You said,“Can’t see, touch, smell, and all that when it comes to me. It comes in handy when dealing with cocky super soldiers." 

"I can’t believe this is our assignment.” Bucky huffed as he stood in front of the full body mirror and tied his tie before buttoning his blazer.“Are you ready yet? You’re taking forever." 

 You rolled your eyes before you unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out in the beautiful long dress that you had been provided. It fit your bust perfectly and hugged your waist. 

 "I’m ready, now calm your tits." 

 Bucky scrunched up his nose, sighing at her."God, I’m still not used to women saying things like that.”

 "Probably not used to them having rights either.“ You said under your breath, and Bucky’s head snapped towards you. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?” He asked in offense.“I may be from the 40s, (Y/N). But believe me, back then I was all for women having rights. I was a little old fashion but I wasn’t that old fashion." 

 "Yeah, okay.” You chuckled, glancing over at him,“What are our covers for this, by the way?" 

 Bucky shrugged, grabbing the file from the table and scanning through it."It’s says to infiltrate the formal, get Morozov…” He trailed off,“Our covers are James and (Y/N) Moreno." 

 You raised an eyebrow,"Brother and sister?” You asked hopefully. 

Bucky shook his head slowly,“No, um, husband and wife. Apparently we’ve been married since graduation from high school. Says to act like a married couple, touching and what not.” He informed you with a tone of distaste.

 "Oh great. This is just amazing.“ You sarcastically replied,"And here I thought I might get laid tonight." 

 "Seriously?” He ridiculed,“We’re on a mission." 

"It’s a joke, Bucky. Chill.” You replied. Let’s just go, okay? We got a job to do.“ 

 Bucky rolled his eyes,"You should learn to be more serious, (Y/N). Your mouth is gonna get you in trouble one day." 

 "With who?” You mocked,“You?" 

 You watched as Bucky mumbled something under his breath, something you could barely hear except for the word punish. If you were being completely honest, it sent shivers down your back to think of what he might have said. 

Focus, (Y/N). You reminded yourself, He might be your soulmate, but he doesn’t know that. Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by his..everything.

You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt an arm wrap around your waist,"We’re about to go in.” Bucky quickly explained, trying not to look all awkward. He cleared his throat,“Keep your ear piece in and on. Don’t think I won’t leave you if there is trouble and I can’t contact you." 

 You frowned,"Ass.” You mumbled as you walked into the huge, extravagant ballroom of the hotel.“Um, wow. Okay, I have never felt so out of place." 

 Bucky nudged you,"Don’t say things like that. You’re gonna blow our cover, idiot." 

 You just rolled your eyes before glancing around the room till you spotted the target. The host of the Gala’s husband. To the public, he was a generous businessman whose wife threw huge Galas for a charity they created to help children in need. However, according to Shield intelligence, Viktor Morozov was one of Hydra former agents and was currently running illegal weapon and information trade from the remains of Hydra. 

This charity of his was a big show to cover up what was really happening. "There he is.” You observed, discreetly pointing to the man in the classic tux with slicked back black hair and a little bit of stubble growing on his chin. 

You quickly got your phone out,“What the hell are you doing?” Bucky questioned, in which you just held up a finger as you clicked away dexterously. After a few moment of Bucky seething beside you, you slide the phone back into your purse.“Follow my lead." 

 "What are you doing? Tell me, what was all that?” He questioned you all the way until you approached the Morozovs. 

 "Дарья!“ You squealed,"How good it is to see you.” Darya Morozov looked at you curiously. You quickly elaborated,“We took the same class in secondary school, I was the girl in the back that everyone hated because of my father’s mass amounts of money." 

 Darya probably didn’t remember any of her schooling classmates, but as soon as you mentioned money, you were in. "Oh yes,.." 

 ”(Y/N),“You told her,"And this is my husband James.” You introduced him with a loving glance before looking at Viktor,“And this must be the famous Виктор." 

 Darya smiled politely, shaking Bucky’s hand before she nodded,"Yes, yes. This is my husband. He’s very busy, so he can’t really talk at the moment." 

 "Oh, well, I won’t take too much time.” You assured them,“I just wanted to tell you, Виктор. The art you picked out for the Gala is gorgeous. Tell me, is this art from France or did you make it yourself?” You asked. It seemed like a ridiculous question, and Bucky looked at you in bewilderment, wondering why the hell you thought this guy could have made all this art. 

 Viktor grinned as you uttered the code words,“Oh no, its transported from all over. It’s rare to meet another lover of the art. Would you like to see the art that didn’t make in the Gala?" 

 "Yes.” You replied, and just like you’re being led off by Viktor and followed by two men who you have already observed to have two guns each. 

 Once you traveled up the elevator, you leaned in to Bucky,“Get your gun ready.” You muttered very quietly. 

 Bucky nodded, starting to catch on to what was going on as you were welcomed into the top floor and into the penthouse. As soon as the door closed, you went to roam around the room.

“Виктор, this place is beautiful…If I was you, I’d take a moment to really breath it in.” You threaten as his back turn to you. You pulled your gun from your thigh holster and click the safety off.“Cause the only view you’ll be getting from now on is a prison cell.”

 Viktor turned around, his lips in a tight line as he looked at you.“Fucking hell, can no one do their fucking job to keep you people out.” He snarled as both the body guards had their guns pointed at you. 

 That’s when Bucky stepped in, placing two guns to back of their heads.“I would put the guns down if I were you." 

 For a moment, you thought maybe this was gonna be easy, but you thought too soon as one of the men turned around to disarm Bucky. 

Suddenly, the entire room had turned to chaos as you fought the three men. You dodged all of Viktor’s punches, until he threw a brutal hit that knocked you off your feet. You didn’t dare stay on the ground, flipping up on to your feet before kicking your leg up to hit one of the guards directly in the jaw and a crack echoed the room. 

One down. 

Two to go. 

 Bucky launched the second guard into the wall, and the man fell limp on the ground. Both of you now zeroed in on Viktor, who went to reach for the gun nearby. You reacted quickly, focusing on him until you finally mustered up enough energy to manipulate his eyesight.

 "What..” He breathed out,“I can’t see…What’s happening?” You could help it, but suddenly you were controlling all his senses. His ears were overwhelmed with a piercing noise and pain rippled through his body. He quickly went down, falling completely silent since you worked quickly to avoided attention. 

 "Is he?“ 



 "He’s passed out. He’ll wake in 48 hours.” You murmured,“Its a sensory overload. I just put him into a brief coma.” You explained as you handcuffed both the guards and emptied their pockets to make sure they couldn’t contact anyone.“Let’s go.” You locked the room before you left it, making sure no one else could get in. 

 As you approached your shared room, Bucky finally broke the silence.“I underestimated you." 

 You glanced up at him,"Oh yeah?” You smirked. 

 "Don’t get cocky.“ He replied,"But you’re kinda badass, (Y/N)." 

 "Why thank you.”

 "And, you look beautiful, doll.“ He added teasingly. 

 You turned to him as a flush creeped up on your cheeks. You were shocked at this comment,"And here I thought you hated me." 

 "Oh, I do, doll.” He whispered, taking a step closer.“Doesn’t mean in blind, though. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t admire.” His arms slipped around your waist.“Especially when someone so beautifully annoying is still my ‘wife’ for the night.”

 You looked up at Bucky with a mischievous smile,“Oh really?” You whispered as you slipped the hotel key into the door. 

 "The mission’s over. You said you wanted to get laid. Might as well, right?“ He teased. You walked backwards into the hotel room, pulling Bucky in by his tie with the door closing behind him immediately.

"Might as well.”

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Sleep Song – Part 1

Based on these two imagines from imaginexhobbit. 

Characters: Thorin, Reader
Location: Erebor, post-BOTFA
Warnings: Insomnia, awkwardness, sexual tension, cursing
Word Count: 3835

WHAT HAVE I DONE. Okay. So. This is yet another one that’s been hiding away but I came back to it because of my rampant insomnia. Yay!

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Suitors & Princess MC React To: Fidget Spinners (feat. GIFs)

Ya know, these fun new spinning toys/pieces of senseless garbage:

Originally posted by thenerdyautistic

There are two VERY polarizing opinions about this device (As I mentioned before: fun toy or piece of garbage), so you decide which end of the spectrum you’re on. xD


Sid: *Has seen people use it, but hasn’t really taken the time/interest to actually find out what it does.* Is this like a fancy bottle-opener?

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

Alyn: *Thinks it has the potential to be dangerous.* Maybe it’s some kind of a weapon..?

Originally posted by heavymetalstims

Albert: *Researched everything and anything about fidget spinners.* It’s apparently a device used to relieve stress. I wonder if it actually does…

Originally posted by dankestmemestealer

Giles: *Isn’t really into the whole fidget spinner thing.* I wonder if Michelangelo would like this. *Gives fidget spinner to Michelangelo.* Well that’s one way to keep him occupied.

Originally posted by ameliastardust

Robert: *Attempts to use it as a paint brush holder. Ends up painting various designs on multiple fidget spinners.* I guess it is kind of useful, in its own way…

Originally posted by giphygiff

Rayvis: Oh, I am very aware of what those things are. *Walks away at the very sight of fidget spinners.*

Originally posted by secondstartotherightxo

Byron: *Takes him a while to figure out how to use the spinners, but once he does, he often plays with them absentmindedly.* Oh, so that’s why they’re so appealing. They’re actually kind of entertaining.

Originally posted by meltymermaiid

Leo: *Plays with a fidget spinner during work.* At least it’s more entertaining than my meetings.

Originally posted by npr

Nico: *Immediately figures out how to use the fidget spinner. Can now do “tricks” with the toys.* Hey, they’re actually kind of fun!

Originally posted by orellbrunner

Louis: *Backs away from the spinners.* Oh no, do NOT let those things near me: I’ve seen what they can do to people with long hair.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Princess MC: *Attempts to use a fidget spinner. Immediately gets it caught in her hair.* WHY ME?!?!

Originally posted by gameraboy

BONUS - Louis: *Carefully helps the Princess untangle her hair from the fidget spinner.* I WARNED YOU ALL: KEEP THAT DEVICE AWAY FROM YOUR HAIR.

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Thank you so much, out of all the videos and posts I read this is the only one that helped my skin! I still get achne etc bc I don't sleep well but my skins better! I only Have 1 cleanser, mosturiser, face scrub, would it help if I had different 1s?

omg this makes me so relieved i’m glad the routine is actually working for you too!!!!!

i think it doesn’t really depend on how many you own but more of if they’re working well with your skin type? when i was having acne, using foam cleansers and cleansers that were too strong only aggravated them, and ones that were too gentle didn’t manage to get rid of the excess oil and my skin only got more clogged.

there’s also the factor that your skin could get too used to the one cleanser that you’ve been using and the effect is lost, so i tend to change what i use twice a year after doing research on google on what type of cleanser (gel/foam/oil/etc) is best for my skin type and going through trial and error.

personally, moisturisers aren’t as complicated because as long as they feed your skin well and you don’t wake up with irritated/dry skin, it’s pretty much done its job!

oh and a tiny tip!!!! if you’re going thru period of angry/itchy skin, wrap an ice cube in a towel and massage it onto your face before you sleep!! worked wonders for me :’)

I realised part way through that flood of posts that I was not, actually, putting those in a queue as I intended, and that they were all coming out at once. I APOLOGISE FOR THAT. I apologise to your dashboard directly. Send me straight to dashboard prison. 

I had been intending to do a liveblog today as well but I’m just so tired that I might skip tonight and make up for it by doing twice as much Tsubasa next time. I am looking very closely at this coming Friday. It seems promising so far. 

Precise time TBC but until then I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

“If a paper plane can whisk my dreams away from here
where I could wake up and find myself in a foreign land
to start a new life as a stranger at all
Oh how wonderful that would be.”

Ray - Detention 返校

Still waiting for more Let’s Play from Manly.
We discussed about some theories yesterday and I was surprised when my friend pointed out many interesting things about the game regarding ghosts’ lore & hidden symbols.
Detention is a very well-crafted game in my opinion so far.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Akagami no Shirayukihime is?

The characters and relationships are just absolutely wonderful. I say this as someone who has gone through a shitty relationship before, but is now happily engaged. Sometimes I feel like we grow up with false pretenses on how a relationship should be (whether it be relationships with friends, family, or lovers), but AnS illustrates the qualities of good, healthy relationships exceptionally well. I could go on for hours, but I’ll just highlight a few things.

WARNING: Possible spoilers for those who haven’t read the manga.

Zen x Shirayuki: There are many pairings that I love across multiple series, but Zenyuki is my definite OTP. Their love and relationship is beautiful. Zen respects Shirayuki and encourages her to do what she wants, to reach further, to become better, even it means she has to be away from him to do so and accomplish her dream. Shirayuki understands Zen and his position as the second prince. She knows she could have a way easier time dating and loving someone else, but she loves him for everything he is. Every struggle she undergoes is worth it if it means she can stand next to him in the future. And they communicate. Communication is key in a relationship and avoids unnecessary problems. When they can’t talk to one another, they have their trust in one another to keep from jumping to conclusions. Zen openly admits he gets jealous, but he never questions her loyalty. Similarly, when Zen had his date with Kiki, Shirayuki didn’t dissolve into a jealous, frenzied mess, knowing that Zen will come talk to her about it later. Their relationship is so well-rounded, and they’re still growing as individuals and as a couple. This is the kind of fairy tale we should’ve grown up with as kids.

Zen [x Shirayuki] x Obi: I love, love, love that Akizuki-sensei had that scene on the boat between Zen and Obi. It just spoke volumes about their character and love for Shirayuki. In any other series, a huge battle could’ve ensued, but it didn’t. Zen knows Obi loves Shirayuki, but he has enough trust in their loyalty to him for nothing scandalous to occur between them. That, and (as my fiance pointed out) he knows that there is no one who can protect Shirayuki better than someone who loves her just as much as he does. Because Obi loves her, he will do everything he can to keep her safe and happy (her happiness is very important). And Obi, wonderful Obi, loves his mistress and master dearly. Zen gave him a place to call home and a permanent job. Zen also allows him to follow Shirayuki, well aware that with her is where he wants to be, even though Zen wishes he could be the one to protect her personally. But Obi cares for them (whether it’s platonic or romantic) so much that he wishes for their happiness together, even if that means he doesn’t get the girl. That’s love. Not some selfish, jealous rage that obliterates everything in its path. Oh, and neither ever treat Shirayuki like she’s an object. They don’t talk about her as if she’s some prize to won, and they respect her space. At any point in time, she can send Obi away. They never force their presence on her.

Zen x Izana: THIS SIBLING RELATIONSHIP - I ADORE IT. Zen idolizes his older brother, even though Izana tends to give him a hard time about things (especially Shirayuki at the beginning), but he knows Izana is just looking out for him. But Izana doesn’t think he’s better than Zen; he knows Zen has traits, good traits, that he doesn’t have but is just as beneficial to have as a prince. They compliment one another. Izana tests Zen and pushes him to be a better person so that he can be a better prince for his country. Zen, who loves to explore, exemplifies the point-of-view of his people. They have a fantastic (and cute) dynamic.

I’m just brushing the tip of the iceberg. All the characters of AnS are lovable and their interactions with one another are just as iconic. I probably first read this series over a year ago and just recently reread it to catch up (I didn’t even know they made it into an anime until two weeks ago), but I could re-read/watch the series again and again. The lessons they teach in this series - it’s gold. I would recommend everyone who hasn’t to watch/read this series.


Is this Obi-Wan’s [the Jedi Order’s?] version of the birds-and-the-bees talk?

‘You see, Anakin, when two people love each other very, very much, you repress your feelings and extricate yourself from the situation as soon as possible. What you’re experiencing is natural, but incredibly wrong.’


‘… well, I’m glad we had this talk.’

10 Things I Hate About You (Part Four) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

hello again, my beautiful dearies! sorry for the long wait but I had the worst writers block for this chapter! luckily I powered through it! quick note I just wanted to thank the lovely @herboloqy and the always brilliant @radvinesandheadbands for their unconditional help! :D you guys are the best! alright so here we go, without further ado, I give you… chapter 4! :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

“Morning sunshine” James said sitting down next to her sister and grabbing her piece of toast.

“Hey!” (Y/N) complained hitting his hand as Remus took the seat in front of her and Peter sat next to him.

“Prongs, stop stealing your sister’s food” Remus scowled him.

“Yes, you stupid head” (Y/N) complained as she stole James’ toast now.

“Hey! Moony!” James said looking at his friend and pointing at his sister.

“I am not your father!” Remus said annoyed as he read the Daily Prophet.

“He sure acts like him” James muttered.

“Just give him your glasses and he’s just like dad” (Y/N) muttered back to him.

“I can hear you!” Remus said angrily as Peter tried not to laugh.

“So um- where’s… Sirius?” (Y/N) asked not wanting to seem interested. Thankfully the boys were too hungry to notice.

“He’s still sleeping” James said rolling his eyes.

“He was out last night all night” Peter informed her.

“Really?” she asked pretending to be confused.

Sirius had kept his promise and helped (Y/N) with Astronomy. The two of them had sneaked to the Astronomy Tower almost every night. It started out with study purposes but lately the two of them just seemed to like being there in each other’s company. Of course, nobody knew of this.

“Yeah. Probably with some girl” Peter said brushing it off and making (Y/N) blush a little. Hopefully, nobody noticed it. But somebody did.

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"Enchanted" (2007) Sentence Starters
  • "I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss."
  • "He knows the song too?"
  • "I've never heard this song before!"
  • "What the hell is it?"
  • "Thank you, mirror!"
  • "It's like you escaped from a Hallmark card or something."
  • "Is that a bad thing."
  • "Thank you for taking care of my bride, peasants."
  • "Why are you staring at me?"
  • "Over my dead body!"
  • "How do I look?"
  • "You look...beautiful."
  • "You know you will live happily ever after."
  • "How does she/he know you love her/him?"
  • "Would you like me to call someone for you?"
  • "I don't think they'd hear you from here."
  • "You feel you'd die without me here."
  • "Is that the only word you know? 'No?'"
  • "Sometimes you make me so...angry!"
  • "I guess that makes you the damsel in distress, huh handsome/beautiful?"
  • "This is a very nice place."
  • "This is a date!"
  • "I've never been shopping with my mother."
  • "Is this what it's like?"
  • "What, so you can have some grown-up girl bonding time?"
  • "Oh, the shower! The shower is wonderful."
  • "Think-ing?"
  • "Well, welcome to ____."
  • "What sort of horrible place is this?"
  • "You have got to be kidding me."
  • "Strange words."
  • "Forget about happily ever after, it doesn't exist."
  • "You can't just give people money."
  • "____ is my very best friend."
  • "What made you wake up?"
  • "People don't usually bring their children on dates."
  • "Some girl is crying like we're on Oprah."
  • "And you haven't proposed?"
  • "No wonder he/she is angry."
  • "Are you crazy?"

anonymous asked:

hi!! so i just read never ever have i ever and!!!!! i love?!??? and then i accidentally clicked your about instead of the tumblr link and more incoherent !!!!!! sounds, because a) it's also very well written and you sound wonderful and i already admire the heck out of u (which is probably a little weird considering i've read a single fic and you bio but alas) b) i'm also nonbinary arom and bi and it is!! so nice! to see that.. anywho sorry i was just really excited about all that;;

Oh goodness, thank you so much! I’m very happy you enjoyed it. :D

And aro/bi enbies HOLLA. I wish there was more arofic and transfic on ao3, but there are some excellent ones available!

Shameless plug, but I have an aromantic Will fic, too–The Sun’s Light Failed.

Happy reading, citizen! (And thank you again!) <3

anonymous asked:

your aunt looks like wonder woman? can we see a pic :O?

uuuhhh sure why not? i mean its not a stunning similarity or anything i think its mostly just bc i know my aunt and she is very wonder woman-ish in personality but anyway, here:

on the left is my aunt diane and on the right is gal gadot who plays wonder woman/diana. now that i see them side by side they’re pretty different oh well guess it was just me fyughsdufhbd

"Little Shop of Horrors" sentence starters
  • "Feed me."
  • "What a creepy thing to be happening."
  • "Why this whole thing strikes me as funny, I don't know..."
  • "There must be someone you can 86, real quiet-like."
  • "Here I come for you!"
  • "Don't tell me - you got a little tied up."
  • "I need blood, and s/he's got more than enough."
  • "[Name] is not a healthy girl/boy."
  • "If I can move and talk, who's to say I can't do anything I want?"
  • "I am flyin' now!"
  • "I think I need a root canal."
  • "Bear in mind, I'm not immortal!"
  • "It really is a rotten way to go!"
  • "What we have here is an ethical dilemma..."
  • "No thief would look in there, right?"
  • "The mask - it's stuck. I can't get it off!"
  • "It wouldn't be terrible at all. It would be a miracle."
  • "[Name], I don't think you understand..."
  • "I'll make it worth your while."
  • "If we fight it, we've still got a chance."
  • "Jesus Christ, I could asphyxiate in here."
  • "The guy sure looks like plant food to me."
  • "All I ever wanted was you and a sweet little house."
  • "Am I dreaming this?"
  • "[Name], that's thousands of dollars! Where is it?"
  • "It's the one gift I can give you."
  • "In a way, we'll always be together."
  • "Something is very wrong here."
  • "Can you hold, please?"
  • "Christ, what a frickin' scatterbrain!"
  • "Depression's just status quo."
  • "Relax. It'll be easier that way."
  • "I keep asking God what I'm for, and he tells me, 'Gee, I'm not sure.'"
  • "Just go with it, doll!"
  • "Well, get your ass in here!"
  • "I chopped him up, but I didn't kill him!"
  • "It's your professionalism I respect."
  • "Oh, [name], you're the most wonderful person that ever lived."
  • "No shit, Sherlock!"
  • "I couldn't sleep."
  • "I liked you from the day I came to work here."
  • "All my life I've always been poor."
  • "[Name], sweetheart, what's been going on?"
  • "You're a monster - and so am I!"
  • "You mean you'd still like me, even if I wasn't famous?"
  • "What'd I ever do to you?"
  • "I need some water in the worst way."
  • "It's an antique. They don't make 'em like this anymore."
  • "You kids should be in school!"
  • "How do you intend to better yourself?"
  • "She deserves a prince, not a sadistic creep like him!"
  • "Daddy left early. Mama was poor."
  • "I'm feeling strangely happy now..."
  • "I tried to be on time, but..."
  • "[Name]'s first radio broadcast!"
  • "Are you dumb? Or hard of hearing?"
  • "It's what you did to her."
  • "I've done terrible things, [name], but not to you. Never to you."
  • "Come with me to the police and tell them that."
  • "You remember that total eclipse of the sun a week ago?"
  • "Get a move on, you little slut!"
  • "I don't like that guy, [name]."
  • "With the right advertising, this thing could be bigger than hula-hoops."
  • "It talks."
  • "Believe it, baby!"
  • "I'd meet a man and follow him blindly."
  • "You should hear the way he talks to [name]!"
  • "Don't die, [name]. I need you. Please, please, don't die..."
  • "I don't know. I have so many strong reservations me..."
  • "You love her madly, don't you, schmuck?"
  • "You watch your language!"
  • "What the hell's that? A gun?"
  • "Look out!"
  • "It's true. I did it."
  • "Lots of folks deserve to die!"
  • "That's disgusting."
  • "What am I supposed to do? Kill people?"
  • "I'll take it straight."
  • "Do we have a deal?"
  • "That's not a very nice thing to say!"
  • "Don't feed the plants."


Jean Grey x Reader

A/N: I listened to Lauren Aquilina’s cover of Sex by the 1975 and it broke my heart and I avoided about a million other things to write this but oh well, I’m in the weirdest mood right now and this worked for me so w/e also I love Jean Grey with all my heart and soul @madithewriter pls suffer with me

You’re both more than a little tipsy the first time Jean kisses you, but that doesn’t make it any less electric. Her lips are soft and sweet and unfamiliar on yours and it feels like something in you is igniting as her hand rests lightly against your neck, and maybe it’s mostly the vodka, but her closeness is dizzying and nothing else in the world matters to you right now. All you can do is softly cradle her face in your hands and kiss her back, and you know you shouldn’t; she has a boyfriend, she’s your best friend, you shouldn’t. But you are. She’s holding you and you’re kissing her and oh god do you want her.

You don’t talk about it the next morning.

The second time she kisses you, it’s late on a Tuesday night and you’re supposed to be studying for a history exam but she abruptly stands up from your desk chair and grabs the notes from your hands, dropping them carelessly beside the bed and deliberately crawling up beside you where you’re sprawled across the covers, her hand sliding up your shoulder and tugging you up by the back of your neck. She kisses you and everything else falls away as her mouth moves insistently against yours, her long red hair hanging down around you and as you tentatively reach for the buttons of her shirt, you’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anything more beautiful than her small, inviting smile and wide eyes as she tugs gently at the hem of your skirt, as if asking permission.

You wake up the next morning and the bed beside you is still warm, but she’s on her feet, pulling her shirt over her head, her books already in a tidy pile on the corner of your desk. She leans down and kisses you quickly before grabbing her things and leaving your room and you both pretend nothing happened.

When you see her with Scott later you have to look away, throat inexplicably tight.  

You kiss her the next time it happens. She’s lying back on her bed and she’s tired and angry over something she won’t tell you about, so instead of trying to talk to her, you tentatively lean over and brush your lips cautiously against hers. She reaches up to hook an arm around your neck, hauling your body down against hers as she kisses you back, hard and demanding, and all you’re aware of is the way she feels under you as you wedge one of your knees between hers. Your hands are a little shaky as you gently pull her shirt off, but hers are steady and nimble as she tugs yours up over your head and undoes the clasp of your bra before sliding a hand up the slope of your back to the nape of your neck and tugging your lips back down to hers. Her body is warm and pliant beneath yours and somewhere in the back of your mind you know this is wrong. She isn’t yours, no matter how much you try and pretend she is, and doing this isn’t going to make Scott disappear. But you’re selfish, and if this is the only way you get to be with her then you’ll take what you can get, so you push the insidious voice of reason away and you try to focus only on the soft sighs she’s emitting as she writhes beneath you.

You try to leave later that night, but she sleepily wraps herself around you and so you lie awake listening to her slow, even breathing and trying not to think about how head over heels you are for her and how badly this is going to end for you.

You have lunch with her and Scott the next day, and pretend not to care that she’s wearing your shirt while she kisses him.

After a while, you stop trying to pretend that you don’t go to each other for sex. You stop pretending to yourself that you don’t use it just for the temporary closeness it gives you and you stop pretending to yourself that you don’t know that what the two of you are doing is wrong. It’s not fair to Scott, but you’ve never claimed to be a good person and you’ve never had any self-control when it comes to Jean, and if the whole arrangement weren’t so fucked up, you might almost call it love. You watch her grab her shirt from off your floor and pull it over her head, leaning down to press a kiss to your collarbone before leaving, and when you’re alone you wonder if you’re ever going to be able to find a way out of this at all, let alone one that doesn’t leave you in pieces.

This isn’t love. She has a boyfriend. This isn’t love.  

You know you’ll keep sleeping with her anyway.