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Example of the clash between people’s external reads on Tony vs. The Truth.

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*zoom* I'm a white mom of 2 from Chicago and a diehard Richonne shipper. My love for Richonne (and OK, Andy and his profane lips) led me to Tumblr. But this fandom has become more than just Richonne for me: my feed is now full of the incomparable political commentary, music, art, writings and other media produced by magnificent black women (and men). Just sorry it took Richonne to get me here. Luv ya, lady! #notjustaboutthewhitedick #andIactuallypreferblack #canIsaythatonhere? *zoomout*

Same, to be honest. Not the white mom from Chicago part, obviously, but I came here for Richonne, and stayed for everything else. Being in this fandom has expanded my tastes, my consciousness, my friendships. And obviously my love for white dick. 😬 So it’s dope that Richonne could get us all here. I love you back, babe! 😘

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nicknames: chikis (lmao because i’m short) and Rai

gender: female

star sign: leo

height: 1.55cm?? not sure, because i was 1.54cm before lol, so I don’t really remember

time right now: its 10:58 PM, p.s: i love nights

last thing i googled: “how do i tell someone they’re pretty without it sounding weird” lmao, that’s for the blogs i follow who have posted selfies, y’all so pretty, i am shook

favourite bands: well…i’d take a long time but, nct, exo, bts, got7, seventeen, monsta x, ikon, astro, b.a.p, red velvet, clc, shinee, gfriend, aoa, black pink, cosmic girls, EXID, vixx, ladies code, etc..

favourite solo artists: dean, kris wu, luhan, IU, crush, heize, ailee, lee hi, etc..

song stuck in my head: frustrated by r.lum.r, listen to it, its very good!!

last movie i watched: train to busan, i almost cried what the hell

last tv show i watched: la poderosa mujer, Do bong soon aka powerful woman do bong soon

when did you create your blog: i think in 2013? 2014? not sure

what stuff do you post: lmao, anything really, even though i don’t i’ll post personal things but i dunno (this is kind of my main blog so…but i’m planning doing one for the stuff i have drawn) 

when did your blog reach its peak: i have an idea of what that is…but i don’t don’t think it has since i’m very irrelevant or boring??, but whatever i’m happy that way lol

do you have other blogs: not at the time, but as i mentioned, i’m planning on making another one for my art

do you get asks regularly: no

why did you choose your url: well, since that’s kinda my sign for drawings?? but mostly because i love the word spooky lmao

following: i am currently following 455 blogs lol

posts: i have no clue

hogwarts house: i wouldn’t know, someone try and tell me what house i would be in please

pokemon team: i’m sorry, i have no clue

favourite colors: black, white, orange

average hours of sleep: 4-7 hours in weekdays, and 5-9 hours on weekends yikes

lucky numbers: 7, 11

favourite characters: yikes, i have too many, but i really like hinata from haikyuu my precious sunshine

what are you wearing right now: t-shirt and basketball shorts

how many blankets do you sleep with: 2 but they’re a bit thin 

dream job: i’m still a bit undecided so, i don’t really know

dream trip: oh man, i would like to travel to Japan, Finland, Thailand, New Zealand, i mean there’s more places but these are like, just super nice and cool!!

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Also please forgive me if i have any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language

daiya no how to carry (or not carry) your partner.

If someone knows where the source to this is:

honestly serena @witchprincess has such good aesthetic throughout her posts and a perfect theme to match. i could scroll - add to my blog and queue - for ages and not lose any of the interest that keeps me on her blog. i luv her but we both need to get better at textin each other.


It’s always been true.

STAN: Okay, first of all, Kenny got me this shirt.
STAN: I had no choice in picking it out, but I wear it anyway.
KYLE: And technically, alcohol is a solution, dude.
KYLE: Regular ethanol alcohol is not, it’s just a pure substance.
KYLE: But hard spirits like whiskey and gin are chemically regarded as solutions.

STAN: Right.
STAN: And if you’re trying to tell me it’s not a solution, like, not a problem solution, well.
STAN: It is one.
STAN: It’s just not a very good one. In fact, it’s kinda shitty.
KYLE: Exactly.
STAN: That, and I think it’s sort of ironic.
STAN: Good to laugh at yourself sometimes, y'know?


Star Trek Advent Calendar, Day 20 - Funniest moment

This Entire Episode.

runner-up: the Doctor’s “Ode to Tuvok” in “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy”.