it's not transparent

Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design  

anonymous asked:

So when I finally think Cheriam is coming to an end, "Liam" begins to follow Cheryl's fans on Twitter. What a fuck??!!!!

So yeah, @Liam followed some Cheryl stans and blocked some Liam stans. That sounds like pretty standard 1D bearding practice. 

We’ve got at least a good bit of time here before this Cherliam goat rodeo ends. One of the only good things about this hellscape is that its been really transparent in how the narrative is meant to move, so right now we’re in the “Liam Continues to International Purseholder while waiting for the birth” phase.  This is going to get a lot more fucky before it gets better. 

In other news, Liam’s making the Bluth Model Home into the ultimate man cave with a underground Batman pool and snooker table ahead of allegedly having a baby is kind of my favorite thing?