it's not tinhatting if it's true

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So I love j2 but here's my only doubt about their relationship. If they truly were trying to hide something between them wouldn't they go to more efforts to do so? I mean if it's true they're practically broadcasting it to everyone and I just can't get over that as the biggest reason it's not.

Hello, dear anon!

You’re asking a legitimate question that I’ve often pondered myself. What if it’s all fanservice and they’re genuinely happy in their marriages? Obviously that’s not what I think is going on, but I feel that it’s healthy to re-assess one’s views every now and again. Scepticism is key.

Here’s the thing - most of us tinhats believe they’ve been together from the start. Not necessarily seriously at first, but they certainly seem to have grown into quite the married couple we see today.

In the early years, they didn’t seem to hide it very well. They both had women by their side to keep up the facade, but the work was rather sloppy. Several people had their doubts from the start (have you seen A Day in the Life..?) and there were already some rumours about Jensen’s sexuality from before Supernatural (Austin Peck).

I trust you have read Speak the Truth by now? Something changed in 2008-2009. It seems as though things got a little too open for the liking of some people (anybody’s guess - mngmt, tptb, family, themselves?) as Sandra and Jared “broke up” and Jensen moved in with Jared. And oh, that ever-changing story of how that came to be…

Anyway, the solution seemed to be to up the bearding a notch. I’m not going to recount their entire story as its known to us, of course, but they got married and eventually kids came into the picture. I would call that a great deal of effort.

To me, it seems as though Jared’s breakdown in 2015 was the starting point for their glass closet phase that we’re witnessing now. I’m guessing they decided that no game is worth risking their mental healths over and that some of the barricades should be taken down. They had already reinforced their images as heterosexual men enough, as we can very well see today.

One has to keep in mind that if these men have truly been smitten with each other from the start, it’s a very difficult thing to hide. They know each other like they know their own backpockets. They have a certain flow together, certain mannerisms that have been cemented over the decade+ they’ve sticked with one another.

Granted, they are actors, but there’s no script to conventions and some of the interviews. You never quite know what to expect in those situations. You’d have to be a stone-cold conman never to slip up, especially if you’ve already established that you’re gonna go light on the bearding. A wife mention or seven at every convention and a picture every now and then should keep the image up.

Well, those are just some of the thoughts I’ve had on the subject. Forgive my lengthy response - I always feel like I have so much to say to fencesitters in particular. I hope it makes some sense!

Have a glorious week, dear anon, and stay sceptical!

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once you step back from the larry stuff you can actually start to see how messed up and embarrassing everything is. Trust me, i used to make fun of people who did that, there were some major larries who stepped away last year and I told myself I would never be like that. But here I am now and it's true. once you really remove yourself from the tinhatting and everything else, and then you look back in, it's so ridiculous and weird.

I completely agree! I came into this fandom as a Larrie. I only followed Larries and it wasn’t until yachtgate that I realize something was very wrong. I pulled back, followed an assortment of different blogs with different opinions. It gave me such perspective. It was at that time that I realized I never saw Louis or Harry as individuals and I felt very guilty. I honestly believe Larries feel they are “supporting” them and they don’t see the damage that they’re doing. 🌷


~notice how in troye’s morning snapchat he’s wearing a black undershirt but in the afternoon he’s wearing a white undershirt and then connor’s snapchat from the same day shows him wearing a black undershirt in the afternoon so im tinhatting a shirt switch bc troye was concerned about wearing the same outfit twice~

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convince me

this /may/ be long but its kind why i ship cockles 

OKay so first thing if the ring misha was wearing was the one that jensen gave him then you can actually not interpret it for anything that isn’t cockles. 

Speaking of the rings they have matching rings and wear them in public kinda a lot
they also had matching bracelets for a while and that rhino is cute omg,

and the bracelets aren’t /exactly/ matching but jensens has this charm on his and the counterpart for it is an angel like hellooo

I think it might’ve been a con in france, someone asked misha if he had kissed jensen and he didn’t deny it he just shook his head and stuff, this video kinda shows it

they fake kissed each other like that was hotdamn

have u seen that blooper where jensen is miming giving misha a blowjob? HAVE YOU?

the butt slapping

they’ve said ily to one another

apparently jensen saw misha naked and you can never trust what misha says but if its true

when misha was faking an orgasm jensen looked superr uncomfortable and was moving like he was tryna hide a boner or something

jensen calls misha by the nickname ‘mish’

just look at this freaking picture

jensen is so checking out mishas ass


mishas tweets about jensen srsly

this gif is like exactly what those two lions do in the lion king and ITS CUTE OKAY

he went outta his way to touch jense and its cute also

Okay yeah half of it /might/ be tinhatting but if you put it all together

NONE OF THE PICTURES OR GIFS ARE MINE OKAY and this is only a mini bit of their cocklesing like srsly