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I humbly submit my request to be accused of being a magical creature. I trust your judgment.

Hmmm. Why are you here, dear one?

You have been so adamant that the locals are wrong about you- that you are not magical, just ordinary! That has not kept individuals, and even entire societies from condemning you, Bat, but you have to this point been insistent that you are merely misunderstood. 

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(Look at this face! What ill could you do?)

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You are but a simple, very small mammal possessed of the power of aerial locomotion. Harmless as a flying mouse! You’re punished for this gift- and for your preference for the dark- by eerie tales that have you shape-shifting into a blood-sucker who slowly drains the life out of mortals, turning them immortal at a terrible cost. (At least according to the admittedly biased “living.”)

There are three species of your kind that lap that red liquor- although without magical outcomes- but you are one of 1,300 that do not! Your love is sweet nectar. So flower! Much delicious!

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Or it was.

There have been… incidents. Farmers have been complaining of weakened and wasting livestock, puncture wounds at their neck. You yourself had an injury to your scruff many moons ago that you can’t explain. But you feel okay. You don’t look sick? You feel okay?

There have been rumors of a large, looming, shrouded creature, spotted in these fields and at bedsides at night.

That isn’t you! Of course it isn’t! It couldn’t be! You are so small! So friendly! So charming, but in a genuine way- not in a way that takes what isn’t freely given! 

And there have been nights you’ve awoken, with no memory of the night before. Washed  an unfamiliar crusted, brown substance on your face- not recognizable, but there are all sorts of unexpected pollutants these days. 

I think you know why you’re here, dear one. I think you’re looking for an answer from me that you already know in your heart. 

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Someone in the notes of the last Leyendecker post I reblogged mentioned having difficulty telling his work and Rockwell’s apart, and I know from experience that many people get them confused, which is somewhat astonishing as, to my eyes, their styles are very distinct. Leyendecker was Rockwell’s idol and mentor, but they were very different people and were interested in portraying different aspects of humanity, even when the basic subject matter was the same.

Surface-level, here are some differences:

  • Leyendecker smoothed out faults and imperfections (in the young. he stylized them in the old); Rockwell exaggerated them to mild or moderate caricature
  • Leyendecker approached his paintings as sculpture- even the merest clothing folds are carved out of the paint; Rockwell approached his paintings as drawings- the underlying contour always shines through.
  • Leyendecker used broad hatching brushstrokes and areas of smooth shine; Rockwell used more naturalistic texture and lighting
  • Leyendecker created idolized, larger-than-life figures that feel Hellenistic in their perfection; Rockwell created intimate scenes populated by figures that feel familiar in their specificity
  • Leyendecker’s best and most comfortable work was as a fashion/lifestyle illustrator; Rockwell’s best and most comfortable work was as an editorial/humor illustrator 
  • Leyendecker created beautiful still lives with his figures; Rockwell told compelling stories
  • Leyendecker often created erotic tension in his paintings; Rockwell almost never did.

See below: Two paintings of soldiers with women, but in Rockwell’s there is a clear punchline, and while the poses are contrived for the sake of composition, they’re not self-conscious. The women are pretty- as demanded by the central joke- but not truly sexualized anywhere but in the mind of the young soldier who is being overloaded with cake and attention. 

Contrast Leyendecker’s soldiers with a young nurse. Everyone in this image is posing attractively- no one has their mouth full or ears sticking out. Each crease and fold is sharp and sculptural, and the light picks out their best features- in particular the shoulders and posterior of the soldier facing away from the viewer. There is neither joke nor story, merely a group of beautiful young people, portrayed with deft brushwork and graceful lines. (and check out that hatching! That’s indicator #1 that you’ve got a Leyendecker image)

Leyendecker was very comfortable with “hot young things wearing clothes”, and did them very VERY well, but his facility with idealization came at the cost of personalization, which was fine for fashion illustration, but shows in his domestic scenes: 

Beautiful, but… cold. (Also, that hand on the left- who holds a baby with their hand like that??? Good lord, J.C.) Compare a Rockwell illustration (for a baby food brand, I believe) of a mother and baby: this is clearly a real and individual young mother and baby, interacting exactly how parents and babies really interact.

Even when they did basically the same content, and putting aside posing or composition or anything other than objective visual analysis, it’s still obvious who is who:

  • Red: NR’s smoother rendering vs JCL’s super cool hatching
  • Green: NR’s naturalistic cloth folds vs JCL’s sculptural stylization
  • Blue: NR’s natural lighting vs JCL’s world where everything is shiny

Now go forth, confident in the knowledge that you’ll never confuse a Rockwell or a Leyendecker ever again, and can refute any claim that their styles are ‘virtually identical’. 

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the new snapchat update lets any of your snapchat friends see where you are on a map!!! apart from being really creepy,, this is unsafe especially if you don’t want people you’re snapchat friends with knowing where you are down to the EXACT location (ppl dealing w/ abusive ex’s, sex workers, etc)

I can see myself in my kitchen and my friend at work on the map its v accurate make sure you set your status to ghost mode


From this reddit thread

“So my friend was dog sitting. I’ve dog sat before and its typical to send videos to the family while they’re on vacation.

After she sent the video she gets this response.“Very nice. But who is in the house with you?”

My friend said, “no one why”

Owner texts back, “get the dogs. If you cant its fine. Get out of the house and call the cops. There’s someone in the house.”

The cops came and checked the house. No unlocked doors or windows. No one in the house. My friend took the dogs to her house untill the family gets back.“


our tiny smol has arrived at the jungle 😣💓💓💓