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c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.

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hey just curious, what do you mean by a bisexual haircut?? :0

it’s a trope in tv and real life to get a bob sort of haircut when a (normally female) character is bi or presumed to be in a relationship with a girl! 

some examples:

also in the bi community when you have a haircut/ get a haircut like this you call it the “bi haircut” i have a ton of friends who came out as bi/pan who had/have this haircut. it’s basically just a funny coincidence that turned into a trope! 

Can ya’ll maybe not sexualize the stranger things kids in fics??????


pissed off


T’Challa honestly deserves all the notes in this world

and yet mediocre shit with bucky gets notes. i’m so done. i’m done. i’m writing way more t’challa now and that’s that. and by mediocre shit i mean stuff i pulled out of my ass within five minutes with the name ‘bucky’ plastered on it and it getting 800 notes. 

meanwhile i pour my heart and soul into a T’Challa fic and it can’t even reach 500 goddamn notes.

i hate everything. 

Okay, I know that CS is always stronger in dealing with situations together. However, both Emma and Killian are, as individuals, very self-reliant, so it’s not a surprise at all that when it gets tough they both retreat back into their secure bubbles of safety after living in them for 30+ or 300+ years, respectively. They’re still in the early stage where they have to realize that they’re not alone anymore and can talk to each other about these things.

honestly having a career separate from the arts while still being able to produce self organized creative work is the most freeing thing ever like i literally dont care who i antagonize i literally dont give a fuck and dont even have to think about giving a fuck and im so grateful for this i know not everyone can afford this so im always in awe of people who never compromise their ideals in that dirty world

To everyone that inboxed “when will the next part of ________ be updated?”

Idk fam, whenever I get a break from the hectic mess that is my life. I work 3 days a week and go to school the other 3 days and the one day I don’t do anything, I need to do school work. I hope you can all understand that I’m not a professional writer and I’m not getting paid to write. I write in my free time and right now I have none. I do enjoy writing for you all and I will continue to write, but please be patient.


i was tagged by @chimchimshi for the selfie tag c: thank yoou

i’ve been addicted to the snow app lately so i wanted to post gifs with the cute filters they have ;-; so much better than snapchat

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