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Some reminders about Dr. King before tomorrow:

  • US government agencies were implicated in the wrongful death lawsuit in a civil trial in 1999 that his family fought for years and which was then buried by the justice department.
  • He spoke out against police brutality, capitalism, and war.
  • He believed that white moderates were and are the greatest threat to civil rights, moreso than any hate group.
  • He was arrested over 10 times.
  • He was considered a dangerous radical by the majority of white Americans. 
  • He refused to condemn rioters, because “a riot is the language of the unheard.”
  • Any white person who voted for Trump who tries to use MLK or his words as a rhtetorical tactic to justify their bigotry and complain about people protesting can personally come to my apartment in the next 24 hours for an ass-kicking.
I’ll Keep You Safe // A Stiles Stilinski AU

Collab with @sarcasticallystilinski

Prompt: What if you had a countdown on your arm telling you exactly who you’re going to lose next?

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Oral (Male on Female), Virginity Loss, Skinny Dipping, Swearing, and So much fucking angst. Make sure you have tissues ready. 

Word Count: 12,271 

Song: I’ll Keep You Safe by Sleeping At Last

A/N: This is without a doubt one of the best fics Hayley and I have ever written. Not just as a collab, but amongst our own works as well. We are both so fucking in love with this story and I hope you guys love it as much as we do. Words cannot explain how amazing and beautiful this fic is to me.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys reading bubbly love stories with happy endings than I must advice you now that this story is not one of those. Because I am about to tell you the story of two lovers so addicted to each other and so connected to the other that they cheated death itself — only to be struck by another wave of agonizing tragedy instead.

Y/N Y/L/N and Stiles Stilinski were the two greatest lovers time and the universe have ever witnessed… and that drove them insane. Jealousy taking over both of their features, the universe did everything it could to separate the two until finally time found a vicious way to win. How could they have known a force so much stronger and so much darker than the incredible love they shared had begun to take over?

It didn’t matter how hard they tried to fight back nor how much they begged time for mercy, their destinies were already paved. All they could do was accept its path and believe in the quote life had beautifully taught them:

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

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some highlights from Murder on the Rockport Limited from a first-time TAZ listener
  • the leech battle in the swamp, like all the battles, is set up pretty much exactly like a pokemon battle
  • angus macdonald is the smallest sweetest boy in the whole world and I won’t forgive griffin if he ruins it somehow
  • sweet ango is way too trusting of these shady grown idiots talking to him
  • these grubby idiots can’t keep up a grift for longer than 6 seconds
  • travis has magnus be so incredibly mean and rude to angus for no fucking reason
  • jenkins the shitty wizard train butler is the funniest npc so far and its bc griffin made him a disaster of a person
  • angus: "i’m the world’s greatest detective!“ magnus: "i roll my eyes” angus: “okay, well i was good enough to see through your horseshit”
  • i just don’t understand why the hell rockport would hire an UNSUPERVISED CHILD to investigate a serial killer
  • sweet ango eliminated the grubby grifters as possible serial killer suspects based on the fact that they’re just too damn stupid and incompetent
  • grififn opened a money zone break by apologizing for killing Fan Favorite Shitty Train Butler Jenkins
  • the mcelboys took a quick break from the action to give clint shit for being old and making old references
  • magnus tried to steal jess the beheader’s soul-bond axe from her, like it’s not her goddamn property
  • griffin in the money zone break: “god i hope yall like murder mysteries” like uh yeah griff, we’re good, we all promise
  • jess the beheader: “do you guys like gambling?“ "uh, yes?” “lets take bets on how far I can throw each of you” Instant Favorite Jess the Beheader
  • sweet ango asked the grubby grifters NOT to kill the culprit and its like aw shit kid better lower your expectations of these idiots
  • magnus: "hold on, lemme think" sweet angus: “well, i kinda already got everybody horny for the solution"
  • griffin straight up deus-ex-machina prevents magnus from contacting killian to help clean up their goddamn mess
  • justin: “we gotta get character voices-” [travis attempts a Magnus Voice] “-that don’t sound like death and sadness….mixed into a pudding”
  • travis: “I just gotta grab onto the last train car. but that would take an immense dexterity roll" griffin: “yeah. and if you fail….I’ll kill you”
  • jenkins the shitty train butler wizard was clearly the most fun npc since magic brian the german idiot
  • griffin: “no, go ahead and toss this incredibly valuable item into your fucking jansport”
  • the grubby grifters acquired a second relic and i really gotta question the competency of the other employees of the bureau of balance, if these morons are the most successful at this goddamn world saving mission
  • this umbrella is showing sentience and it fucking ate shitty jenkin’s magic wand and while I have an idea of why, it still seems pretty goddamn suspicious
  • i really thought griffin was gonna fuck around with sweet ango’s life, but no. it turned out to be fucking justin robbing this poor innocent child of his grandpa’s silverware
  • “can we disconnect the train from this locomotive?” “yeah, we can do that, but the train is still gonna hit neverwinter!“ "have you met us? that’s some other dnd campaign’s problem”
  • griffy made a goddamn genius level murder mystery with a classic plot twist and memorable characters and a unique murder weapon on par with some agatha christie shit and I’m so proud of him and this arc was so fun to listen to
  • cheesecake is love, cheesecake is life
  • remember that selca of a giggly daehyun climbing on the back of a wet and naked jongup. Never let this die this is so important
  • Walking Sunshine™
  • oversized sweaters enthusiast
  • feeds his stans so damn well
  • hits high notes as you breathe
  • he even adds some in their songs when they sing live
  • tries to expose Jongup 25/8
  • everyone’s lockscreen let’s be honest
  • worships Bang leader
  • did I mention his lips?
  • has too much love for babyz
  • that “he’s not my bias but why do I love him so much?” kind of person
  • abusively white washed
  • should have an official protection squad
  • no matter how many neighbors/pets/brothers/sisters you have, I swear to God you have never experienced noise to its greatest extent until you know Jung Daehyun
  • like really
  • in a vlive, there are 95 chances out of 100 that the one screaming offscreen is Daehyun


WONDER WOMAN WAS SO GOOD. SO GOOD. (a lil cliche at the end, admittedly, but SO. GOOD.) ok lemme just

  • The little things. In the flashback to Ares corrupting man or whatever, it wasn’t just men fighting, it was also women. 
  • when diana landed at the very end and her thighs jiggled like a real fucking person i damn near started crying im. wow
  • THERE WERE SO MANY DIVERSE WOMEN ON THEMISCRYA! All sizes, colors, builds, it was so nice so so so nice
  • those entire scenes when steve gets out of the bath and also on the boat
    • uh side note “she came to the conclusion that men were necessary for procreation, but not for pleasure”
    • “I’m a bit…above average”
  • “where i come from, we call that slavery” “i like her” in short etta candy is?? a blessing?? i wish she could have had a bigger role than just pointing a sword at that one guy trailing them. obviously that was incredible but i wanted etta fucking up some shit
  • that plot twist with ares was pretty good, although i was half laughing bc the actor who played him was remus lupin and why would the god of war be a skinny white dude with a curly mustache i just. i cant
  • this may seem like a really small deal for anyone else but in the train scene when they’re at the station and other scenes as well there were Indian soldiers and a lot of people forget thousands of Indians were drafted and forced to fight as they were under british imperial rule at the time and you know what? when you’re so overlooked all of the fucking time? Even saying two or three faces in the crowd is fucking amazing? Because someone remembered  you existed?
  • out of that team of 5 2 were POC and hey. its not perfect but. its definitely. good™
  • Chief was portrayed so well?? no Native American stereotypes that I could catch (then again, I’m not familiar with any and wasn’t actively looking out for them, please correct me if I’m wrong) but he actually USED his knowledge and culture?? so good??? Also at least one sentence about how white men ruined Native Americans to a horrific extent. I would’ve preferred a conversation, but def better than nothing
  • I love how they addressed the “how come she speaks english”, because it wasn’t just some offhand “I speak thousands of languages, no biggie”, but it was pretty damn vital to the plot
  • It got really in touch with humanity as a whole and I fucking loved it. I think it’s also hella fitting for the current political climate - the whole “yes, they’re the bad guys, but it’s also partially my fault” - I can’t really phrase it, it was just - nice.
  • Honestly? I REALLY liked how they used WWI instead of II. WWII is a little overdone in the superhero genre, and WWI was the biggest war the world had ever faced. It was the Great War up until the 1940s. It was an enormous humanitarian crisis (not that WWII wasn’t ofc) but its really not talked about in the movies. I think this is really the first time the world as a whole saw such international, dangerous war, and it was perfect for the reasoning and the timeline. if it had been WWII, the world would already be war-weary. This way, it’s fresh for man AND Diana.
  • thank GOODNESS dc has upped their game and didn’t make the part where she was in no-man’s zone the climax and just drag it on from there (because that’s what they did with suicide squad and it was absolutely terrible). They actually had a mini climax then a rest and a buildup before the biG climax which made my plot chart loving heart happy. 
  • steve is a pure man who tried his best not to objectify diana and told off others who did as well and its not like diana was taking aNY of that shit and the ways he complemented her weren’t creepy or gross they were nice and genuine
  • if i recall correctly, charlie really didn’t show off his sharpshooting skills that much. he had problems. he wasn’t the greatest at what he did. But then diana was like “then who would sing for us?” and i just. even if ur not great at something. even if youre plagued by nightmares and ghosts and haunting wars. you’re still wanted. you’re still valued. sorry it was SO nice
  • “A BABY!!”
  • wonder woman saved both all of dc and my soul for superhero movies

thy-name-is-kat  asked:

Hello there friend, question here. Do you use any specific brush to blend on Clip Studio? I know you use only 2 brushes, but I was wondering what you do to make your shading so smooth ( I cry because it's too perfect ) ??

thank you! I’m sad because i tried screen recording myself coloring a drawing of mine for about 10 minutes (three times!) but my laptop cant handle it and the recording app would crash :(

so now i have to explain in screenshots which isn’t the greatest,s orry about this, this will be shown in a bad way because I don’t really know how to explain without a video.

I actually use the airbrush tool a lot for that smooth effect, but the oil paint flat brush is the best for blending. How I use the airbrush tool is I select a part of the base color I want shaded, and using the airbrush tool I draw gently over the selected part like shown below:

How I color is I fully color the person in base colors, and then I decide on a color for shading. To blend, you paint the two colors next to each other or over each other and using either color, paint one gentle stroke over the other shade and color pick the result of that (and repeat until smooth blend!). 

Use saturated colors for details (and within shadows, typically a lighter but brighter color than shadows).

anonymous asked:

Houses as Percy Jackson cabins?


Ares - do we need an explanation? 


Apollo - Cabin of HEALING, and doing the right thing


Athena - Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure, plus all the campers are INTO a thing


Hermes - Cabin of tricksters who do what they gotta

Of note, I picked one cabin to represent each house and tried to pick a cabin we see actual representation of. This does not necessarily reflect on the godly parent, but rather on the overall feel of the cabin and its members.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)


i tried to draw as close to original manga style as possible (not that my hands allowed me to),and/but i really liked it! i think i burnt holes in its pages while looking

so it’s whether the greatest mistake was made or a good lesson learned

p.s. shadows and all that kind of stuff is just nooooope i’m not there yet.

Things tfc characters have said as B99 Quotes
  • Wymack: "Drinks are on me. There's a two drink maximum per person. It is non-transferable. Your guests will pay their own tabs. Valet parking is not included. Tomorrow's briefing will be fifteen minutes earlier than usual."
  • Abby: "Oh, guys, please, please calm down. I hate it when you argue. It reminds of when my dad used to fight with my best friend, my mom."
  • Dan: "I am terrible with kids. I haven't listened to rap music in three years. I don't know the lingo. You have to do this."
  • Matt: "I got aroused last night watching a nature documentary on bees. I was fine until they went inside the hive."
  • Seth: "You guys have been down here for two hours. What, did you have sex forty times?"
  • Neil: "There's only one option for me: Burn my face off with acid and disappear forever."
  • Andrew: "Click. I just captured the exact moment you realized you had failed. I guess we all got something out of this."
  • Aaron: "You think you can just bully people, but you can't. It's not okay. I'm the bully around here. Ask anyone."
  • Katelyn: "Baby, I've got some bad news. Someone painted a giant penis on our minivan. No, you can not have an SUV now. Those things roll, baby, they roll!"
  • Nicky: "We don't need guns. I have a lighter, okay, we get some hairspray, make some flame throwers. Let's fry these bitches."
  • Kevin: "(At cinema to see Moneyball) The statistical analysis. (Sobs) It's so beautiful."
  • Allison: "Turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength. Like Paris Hilton rehearsed her sex tape."
  • Renee: "What if we wrap his motorcycle in plastic wrap and melt it with a hair dryer? Little trick I learned in gift basket making class."
  • Jeremy: "No, I was out getting him some healing broth. I was torn between chicken or beef, but then it hit me, goat"
  • Riko: "I'm sorry. I tried to be myself and they hated it."
  • Jean: "I was so scared, you guys. A psychic told me I was going to die alone in a pit, and I kept telling myself, "This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit." "
  • Lola: "Hello, friends. Who here would like to see a presentation of crime statistics as a function of demographics and time? Who wants to see a picture of a dead body?"

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Vee trying to be "big" and get his own juice for himself, but when he climbs up on to the counter he accidentally drops and shatters the cup, knowimg its Logans favorite mug he quickly climbs down and tries to hide the shattered remains to avoid getting yelled at but he accidentally cuts his hand in the progress, and because hes four he thinks hes dying since its bleeding pretty good (but its not stitches bad just a little concerning)

Title: Big Boy

Warnings: blood mention

Word Count: 1,599 

A/N: First, this is a combination of this prompt and another about Virgil watching Disney movies and not having his excitement held back. Second, I really hope this is okay. I’m sorry if it’s not my greatest work. I honestly have no idea but school always takes a lot out of me so I hope this isn’t bad. 

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@attackedastoria:  for the character+colors, bodhi in 12? 💜

Already got a request with palette 12 so i tried to make this different from that one by making it more cartoon-y (?? idk how to explain but not realistic lmao) which i think its fair to say that i am not the greatest at but !!!! i tried and therefore no one is allowed to criticize me thats just the rules (also no picture can be bad w bodhi in it i love that guy)


Okay so if you haven’t heard Episode 109 (A Story About Huntokar) please skip this post or don’t be mad at all the spoilers I’m about to discuss. Because OMG I need to talk about how amazing this episode was, both from a literary point of view and just because it literally explains Nightvale. 

So here is a list of just…. EVERYTHING (or nearly everything) that I thought was amazing about this episode. 

1. Nightvale is broken, and Huntokar is the reason why

It’s no secret that Huntokar has already been established as a God like figure in WtN. The little civilization under lane 5 of the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex was known to worship a God named Huntokar. In episode  107 (A Missing Sky) the people mention that Huntokar took away their sky. This originally made me wonder if a giant human named Huntokar had simply been the construction worker and designer that had built the Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex around their city. But no. Huntokar is literally the God of Nightvale. She IS responsible for what happened to them, to all of the Nightvales. 

“You’ve already been destroyed… you just don’t know it yet” (109). She is not exaggerating or being dramatic with this statement. Huntokar isn’t saying this to mean “you’re dead and you just don’t know it yet,” though that is certainly the implication since their fate seems sealed. No. What she is truly saying is that they are SHATTERED. They are already destroyed because they are shattered, their reality broken. And they don’t know it because they have been living in this fractured reality for so long, and because they are in denial about it. Huntokar states, “For a while I believed we could go on like this. We only put our heads down and insisted on living without looking at or considered the world around us we could just keep moving. And the main thing was to… keep moving. Denial was key. As long as we denied then nothing was wrong” (109). 

“Nightvale was not a place with any distinction to anyone in the world, except for me” (109). NIGHTVALE WAS NORMAL! It was a normal town; it had no distinction from anywhere else in the world before Huntokar shattered it. This was mind blowing to me. I had always thought of this town as “cursed” and that they were simply used to these abnormal things. But that is not the case. They have simply adapted to a shattered reality, using denial and God knows what other coping methods. “Now in this destroyed world I am forgotten. Still, they have bloodstones and still they worship but… never does anyone ask ‘What is being worshipped in those circles?’” (109). They forget things, they are in denial about things. They don’t question, because questioning might literally ruin them. 

If you need further proof that the people of Nightvale simply adapted to their shattered reality, look at Carlos. Carlos came from a normal reality to Nightvale In the beginning of the show he is weirded out by things that are normal to the others, such as the clocks. “… that clocks in Nightvale are not real. I have not found a single real clock. I have dissembled several watches and clocks this week and all of them are hollow inside” (16). He freaks out a little about this, as well as other things. But as the show progresses he somehow becomes OKAY with these things and also seems to perceive them as normal. But back to the main point. 

Everything weird that has ever happened in Nightvale is Huntokar’s fault. The time traveler from the future (in episode 18), Desert Bluffs, the dragons, Earl Harlin not remembering having a son, and literally EVERYTHING ELSE. But I’ll go more into that later.

“And it was, I suppose, in the moment that I first felt love for my creation that the fuse for the unraveling of all things was lit. Although it would not happen for many centuries, with the very inception of my greatest satisfaction and happiness, this tragedy became inevitable” (109). Again, she is not being dramatic. If she hadn’t felt love for Nightvale she would have had no desire to save it, and therefore wouldn’t have accidentally shattered its reality. 

“What happened next was a horrible cracking noise, a noise like I had never heard before, like NO ONE had ever heard before because this particular thing had never been broken. Not in the history of all possible histories. When I tried to lift Nightvale out of the world it belonged in, I shattered reality. And I didn’t shatter reality just in my Nightvale but in all Nightvales. All Nightvales that were, or could be, every possible Nightvale in every possible universe broke simultaneously and fell into each other” (109). Fuck me. This just… This just got me. I can practically see the way she tried to pluck Nightvale up out of reality, like trying to pick up one piece of glass from the middle of a mirror, and the domino effect it created. The shattering, the cracking, of every other reality and the way they collapsed on one another for support. Like a house falling down and barely managing to still stand. 

“There was a Nightvale is which there was no Huntokar… and this town should have been safe from me… but then all of the other Nightvales fell into it. And it too was destroyed by my action” (109).

“And in my moment of foolish hope… In my belief that I could save anything… I reached out my clumsy hand… and destroyed them all” (109). 

2. Nightvale was going to end, and may very well be about to end again

“I looked up into the sky as the people around me wept and said goodbye to each other. And I saw something else… A planet of awesome size lit by no sun, an invisible titan all thick black forests and jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans. It hung so close that it filled the entire sky” (109). The dark planet has been well established as a sign of impending death, such as in episode 45 (A Story About Them). Therefore death was coming to Nightvale. If Huntokar had not done what she did they would be dead. 

“But… my efforts end here. The world is finally falling apart piece by piece and… I stand by. All the powers of my thousands of years and… I can only watch it fall” (109). Huntokar has stopped trying and now she sees the planet (the sign of death) once again. This could spell the end of Nightvale, all Nightvales.

“Even as I speak I look up into the sky and see that dark planet of awesome size perched in its sunless void. An invisible titan, all thick black forests and jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans. It’s so close now. I can see it just above me. Maybe even if I tried very hard I could touch it” (109).

3. The Gods aren’t all powerful, and they don’t have to be nice

“I’ve spent every moment since my mistake trying to put back together what I took apart but… It is beyond me” (109). Even as a self-proclaimed God Huntokar is NOT all powerful. None of the “Gods” are. 

“Each of us in those early days chose our domains …. We could each of us do whatever we wanted in the places that we chose” (109). This is genius because it implies that once a God chose a domain that limited its ability. The God was more powerful in its chosen domain than elsewhere. Of course some of these domains are rather abstract, such as the distant Prince, but it still shows that the Gods aren’t all powerful and that they have territories. This also explains why Huntokar was able to shatter the reality of Nightvale. Nightvale was her domain, making it somewhat possible for her to mess with it whereas she might not have been able to do that in say New York. 

“The Glow Cloud remembers me but can do no more than flash welcoming colors to say hello. I have no human mind it can control so there is no way for us to speak” (109). They are so limited they can’t even properly communicate! 

“The woman from Italy became fascinated at the pain that could be inflicted on these creatures. The distant Prince began to shape some of them into wounded servants driven wild by what he had done to them. The Glow Cloud controlled the minds of any that got too close. And I… I thought I was the exception. I thought that I would nurture them rather than rule them. I was, of all of us, the only good one” (109). This is fascinating from a philosophical point of view. It begs the question, what if God(s) exist that are cruel? People naturally want to assume that a powerful, infinite being would want to love and protect us. It asks the question, what if that isn’t the case?

4. Examples of Nightvales shattered realities overlapping

“Some versions of the town fell completely into other versions, becoming folded int their reality in unexpected combinations. Others merely opened borders with my original Nightvale, doorways through which travel was possible.. but not advisable” (109). Episode 105 (What Happened at the Smithwick House),  Episode 99 (Michigan), Episode 107 (The Missing Sky) and Episode 108 (Cal) are just some examples of the realities overlapping of having borders. The blood space war could very well possibly be the result of another reality. 

“There is a Cecil who would not listen. There is a Cecil who listened, but could not comprehend. There is a Cecil who did his upmost but who failed. There is a Cecil who was gone long before I came” (109). While this seems like an obvious point to make, seeing as how anyone who has listened to the other episodes knows well enough by now there are multiple Cecils. There is the young Cecil, who interns at the radio station. There is the Cecil in the tiny civilization under lane 5. There are many Cecils. And yet this is brilliant because it also suggests something else. 

It suggests that Kevin is another version of Cecil. Yes, he has a different name. But they made it clear there were strong parallels between the characters. They look the same for crying out loud. Rather than Desert Bluffs being a “sister city” Desert Bluffs IS a version of Nightvale. Most likely is was a version that was taken over by the “Smiling God” and being of the shattering has overlapped with our Nightvales reality. 

5. Other stuff/ Philosophical points

“They faced across the water, squabbling over misunderstood ideas and announcing in louder and louder voices that they were prepared to end their species history over a point of pride. Some of the Gods encouraged it, enjoying chaos and fear as entertainment” (109). I just liked everything about this. I think it speaks deeply to our current world state. “The power of a fearful thought” (109).

“The important thing wasn’t a life worth living. The important thing was just a life that continued” (109). Again, I think this speaks to our culture. People are so accustomed to surviving that we ignore things like mental illness (depression, etc.). We, as a culture, don’t value making life worth living. You could argue we have lots of entertainment, in fact the American culture revolves around entertainment, but entertainment is not the same as joy nor does it guarantee a happy life or a life worth living, a life of fulfillment. But we push that aside, and do jobs we don’t like to earn money so that we can buy things and watch things and act happy.

“Nightvale is shattered, but for now is still here. Time is startlingly persistent in that way. Even badly wounded it moves” (109).

“They see glowing arrows in the sky, dotted lines and circles and they think nothing of them! Air traffic… space debris… weird birds… They do not, can not, will not read the messages from their God” (109). This is fascinating for several reasons. First of all, Steve Carlsburg can in fact see and read these messages but still does not understand where they are coming from. Additionally, I found this point to be amazing because it poses the idea that we as human beings might not be seeing something right in front of us. This has been pointed out a few times, such as in the movie Sausage Party, it makes us wonder if there is another reality right in front of our faces that we cannot see. Perhaps we have even chosen to ignore it. Goodness knows if anyone claimed to see something different from the rest of society they would be considered crazy, such as Steve Carlsburg would be if he brought it up. 

“This story may do you no good. But a story is never for the listener. It is always for the one who tells” (109). 

Happy Birthday!! (Saeyoung and Saeran)

I had originally written a long, elaborate story for the Choi’s birthday expect my computer crashed last night and I lost almost all of my files, including that story ;-; So instead, have this quickly written small story about my favorite twins that I wrote during my work break! I’m still going to post a headcanon later, I just really wanted to write something up for these two precious boy’s birthday since it’s still June eleventh where I live! Anyways, I still hope that you enjoy!! ^^

Sleep. That’s all Saeran ever wanted, well sleep and ice cream 

But just as Saeran was falling into a deep sleepy dream, the sound of an idiot yelling woke him up 

“Saeran! Wake up wake up wake up!” Saeyoung yelled as he bursts through Saeran’s bedroom door. Saeran just grumbled, pulling his fluffy comforter over his head. But his twin wasn’t letting him sleep in, not today. 

“Come on Saeran, you gotta get up! It’s the most important day in the world! Pleaseee? Do it for me?” Saeyoung said as he poked Saeran’s head through the blanket. Saeran let out a muffled ‘No’ so Saeyoung sighed, grinning deviously as he told his brother “Okay then I guess I’ll have to eat all of these homemade pancakes all by myself." 

Saeran slowly removed the comforter from his head just so his eyes were peaking out. He saw Saeyoung retreating to the kitchen as Saeyoung’s lips quirked up into a smile as he said over his shoulder "With chocolate chips!" 

Against his better judgement, Saeran got out of bed and after freshening up in the bathroom, joined his brother in the kitchen. Saeyoung was happily humming away as he flipped another batch of chocolate chip pancakes onto a plate then taking his own plate, sat down next to Saeran. 

As Saeyoung shoveled bite after bite of the sweet breakfast into his mouth, he excitedly asked Saeran "What do you want to do today my favorite bro?” Saeran just rolled his eyes as he took a bite of the warm pancake, shocked that his brother cooked something this tasty. 

“Why does it matter what we do today? Plus, why did you go to all of the trouble of making us pancakes? You’re acting stranger then usual today and that’s saying something.” Saeran speculated as his twin gave him a sincerely confused look. 

“Y-You really don’t know what today is Saeran?” Saeyoung asked as he set down his cutlery, looking his brother straight in the eyes. Saeran saw that his brother’s usual bright honey eyes were a dull shade of yellow, making him concerned. “No. What’s going on today?” Saeran mumbled as he looked away from Saeyoung’s sad eyes. 

“It’s our birthday today silly Saeran! How could you forget?” Saeyoung giggled nervously as Saeran remembered that it was in fact June eleventh. But Saeran sighed and kept his eyes to the floor as he quietly said to his brother “I guess I did forget. I never celebrated our birthday whenever you left and especially when I was in Mint Eye, I was never allowed to. Plus it would cloud all of my memories of our shabby 'parties’ we had when we still lived with mom. So yeah, I did forget…" 

"Saeran…” Saeyoung lightly said as he stood up from his chair and gently wrapped his arms around his younger brother. Saeran felt tears well up in his eyes but he quickly pushed them away, softly hugging his brother back. Saeyoung let go and gave him a warm smile saying “I’ll be right back!” Then zooming off to his room. 

Saeyoung came back into the kitchen with a neatly wrapped gift and handed it to his twin cheerfully saying “Happy birthday Saeran! I got you a little something for being the best little bro in the entire world!” Saeran carefully unwrapped the gift until he could completely see what his brother got him. 

Saeran held up a blanket with a design that resembled the galaxy on it. Saeyoung smiled and told him “I know how much you like laying down in the grass and watching the sky and stars so I figured that laying on a blanket would be more comfy and since you get cold a lot, you can wrap yourself in it! Plus, it shows you that my love for you is as big as the galaxy! Oh and there’s one more thing for you bro!" 

Saeyoung hastily handed Saeran a smaller gift and Saeran couldn’t stop the two tears from flowing down his cheeks. It was a photo of Saeyoung and himself from Saeran’s first RFA party, Saeyoung with a huge, goofy grin on his face while Saeran had the tiniest hint of a smile. Saeran quickly wiped his tears away and gave Saeyoung a genuine smile saying "Thank you idio- Saeyoung. This is the best birthday ever.” Hugging the photo to his chest Saeran suddenly remembered something and headed to his room. 

He came back with a shopping bag, shoving it in Saeyoung’s direction sheepishly saying “Here. I knew that our birthday was coming up but since I didn’t know when, I bought this for you so… Happy birthday Saeyoung.” His brother eagerly took the item out of the bag, his eyes widening in glee as he held up a brand new hoodie. 

The next thing he knows, Saeran is tackled with a hug by Saeyoung who rubbed his cheek affectionately against his brother’s. “This is absolutely the greatest birthday gift in the entire world! I love it so much, and I love you too little bro! Thank you so much Saeran!” Saeyoung exclaims as he giddily tries on his new hoodie. “Just start washing the one you always wear okay? That hoodie is disgusting.” Saeran stated to his overly happy brother. Seeing Saeyoung this happy truly made Saeran’s heart fill with its own joy as he finally gave his brother a sincere smile. 

Saeyoung and Saeran spent the rest of their birthday having a small party with the rest of the RFA members, who made a large cake and sang to them much to Saeran’s surprise. The night ended with Saeyoung and Saeran lying in their yard staring at the sky with Saeyoung in his new hoodie and Saeran wrapped in his new blanket.

“You know Saeran, this really has been the greatest birthday, mostly because I got to spend the day with you. So happy birthday, I really am happy that you’re back Saeran.” Saeyoung said softly as his gaze stayed on the stars. Saeran looked at the twinkling sky as well, no longer feeling any anxiety or fears, just acceptance and love from Saeyoung and RFA members. 

Saeran sat up and flicked Saeyoung’s forehead, resulting in the older twin harshly rubbing the affected skin. Saeran giggled at Saeyoung, wrapping him more cozily in his blanket as he still held onto the photo of the two of them in his chest as he told his brother “I am too, I finally feel happy now. Happy birthday Saeyoung, and thank you for everything you do, you really are an idiot but also a great brother.”

Jurgen Klopp and his 20+ sons prt2

emre can aka the greatest human being ever born

  • model??? footballer??? both??? both is good
  • gets stick, comes thru w the best goal uve ever seen
  • invented good hair and looks
  • will fight you
  • one time he scored a overhead bicycle kick and its now been renamed TheEmreCAN
  • benzema tried it, he couldnt 
  • kloppo loves all his sons equally but he loves emre can more, its tru

loris karius aka prince charming

  • goalkeeper, model, he can do it all
  • social media hoe
  • wore socks w slippers one time, i disowned him
  • hes a good man, likes to sing and dance
  • one time he fell off an uberboard…….
  • was bleach blonde for a while
  • parties in ibiza like he owns ibiza 

dejan lovren aka he doesnt have a nickname the fuck (should be called the beeslayer cus ykno winkwink)

  • scored THAT goal v bvb,
  • will forever be a legend for it
  • is a big teddy bear  
  • a jokester, laughs alot
  • the only person to touch emres hair and not die - a miracle 
  • embarrasing dad to marko grujic
  • amazing dad to his real kids

nathaniel clyne, aka my underappreciated fave

  • U N D E R A P P R E C I A T E D 
  • underappreciated
  • underappreciated 
  • needs more love and appreciation
  • did the hip hop battle w studge, lost
  • appreciate hiiiiiimmmmmm!!!!!
  • will play every game, gets no love

simon mignolet aka saint simon

  • got stick, bossed goalkeeping and shut them up
  • angry bean
  • shot stopper
  • his defence lets him down, saves our damn ass
  • a pure 
  • opened a coffe shop in belgium; 
  • prolly to deal w the stress of his defence letting him down
  • hence the reason he needs free coffee all the time, i dont blame him

joel matip, aka he also doesnt have a nickname smh (it should will save lfc’s dumb ass even when they dont deserve it)

  • he was free, 
  • we got our best defender for free, its a dream
  • we’re so lucky to have him
  • made defending his bitch
  • he scored one time it was emotional
  • he got injured one other time, our whole team fell apart and conceded goals like they live for it
  • also a good man

shamal george aka smolkeeper

  • came on as a striker in preseason, it was so great
  • dont be fooled by his nickname hes so tollll, toller than kloppo
  • so in love w his gf, im jealous 
  • posted that ovie meme
  • got injured, i cried 
  • future best goalkeeper in the world, i dont make the rules its tru

ben woodburn aka woody

  • everyones fave child
  • made us all fall in love w him in preseason
  • made his debut and  then scored against leeds, everyone cried
  • mini stevie??? prolly 
  • kloppo will protect him to death, no media hounds are getting near him
  • trents best friend 

Trent Alexander-Arnold aka just trent aka utd are still prolly in his pocket

  • the other child we are all overly emotional over
  • started the utd game 
  • made utd his bitch
  • seriously he was so boss, it was unbelivable 
  • put that tounge away child
  • ben’s best friend, aka stuck to each other level of friendship
  • baby defender bossing defending, cries,

divock origi aka belgium babe

  • also scored v bvb
  • saved us alot in the 15/16 season then he got hurt 
  • scored a wonder goal v bournemoth
  • it was seriously so good, i cant even describe it 
  • did so much weight training he went up a shirt size-hulk is that you??? :DD
  • a child

danny ings, aka could be the best striker we’ve ever had if he didnt get hurt all the damn time 

  • the pic above is an accurate representation of his past two years 
  • got injured once, came back, got injured again
  • spends time w his dog and gf, 
  • social media hoe 2.0
  • scored v everton which makes him a tru red
  • never not injured

marko grujic aka my son

  • a tol smol; toller than kloppo
  • celebrated like stevie in preseason; made us all so freaking emotional
  • dejan’s embarrassed son
  • stays home listening to Chantaje
  • snapchats music all the time
  • lives in a fancy ass apartment but is forever in his car

alberto moreno aka spanish puppy

  • is a defender, is benched for a midfielder
  • grew a ponytail ditched it to go bleach blonde, 
  • member of the brazillian squad
  • also too young to have a child
  • i dont think anyone ever knows what he’s saying they just go w it
  • hyperactive child 

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