it's not the dress that makes you look fat

I think cal would say it really absentmindedly like it wasn’t on purpose or instinct but like, it probably didn’t come out the way he actually meant it so like imagine you were at his place (which wasnt far from yours) and you were excited to go over to chill out before going home from your shopping trip with your best friend and you wanted to show him some of the clothes that you just bought because you think he’d like it sooooo he’d be lying on his bed with one arm behind his head and scrolling through twitter/instagram and you’d put on this dress in front of the full length mirror by his bed and turned to him with a grin, hopeful for a compliment from your boyfriend but instead he said something like, “hmm its nice i guess… But it makes you look kinda… Idk… Fat?” 

Your face immediately dropped in disappointment, hurt and sort of annoyed at his “poor choice of words” and he obviously quickly caught on with your expression and said “nooo wait thats not what i meant”, and you looked away, your eyes started to well up. He knew how insecure you are about things like that and yet, he said it. You were so hurt that you started packing your things, ready to leave while cal chased asking you to stop and saying his sorrys but when you arrived home in floods of tears and walked straight to the couch past your confused brother luke when he opened the front door, cal looked at him with complete guilt as he stepped in. 

“Um what happened?” Luke asked. And you told him between sobs that cal called you fat knowing very well you were insecure about it while cal tried to argue that he didn’t mean it but Luke was already glaring at him with furious eyes, coming over to wipe the tears off your face and pull you into his arms for a tight hug. 

“What the fuck man??? Fuck you calum, what kind of a boyfriend are you? You don’t just tell your girlfriend things like this, especially knowing that it would hurt her. Seriously??” While Luke was angry and irritated, he tried to comfort you and assure you, and Cal just kept silent, sitting across you with his elbows on his knees looking at you intently and really guilty while muttering his sincere I’m sorrys.