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Name: rocky
Nicknames: OK OK rocky is actually my nickname (other nicknames include ‘rock’ and ‘roro’ lmao…)
Height: 5′8″
Orientation: the boy™ lmao
Ethnicity: not white (i could tell you the exact ethnicity but no one ever knows it)
Favourite fruit: lemon holy fuck !! i love lemons so much
Favourite season: def autumn.. its the best
Favourite book: aaaaaaaa wunderkind tbh
Favourite flower: SUNFLOWERS like i love all flowers but sunflowers bring me so much joy
Favourite scent: anything sweet cooking. also potatoes being boiled (dont judge me its such a nice scent…)
Coffee, tea or cocoa?: def cocoa omg
Average sleep hours: ummmm lol???
Cat or dog person?: cats
Favourite fictional character: ok this literally always change but recently ive been 100% obsessed with alexei karamazov
Number of blankets you sleep in: depends… usually three in the winter but sometimes four… DONT JUDGE i get cold so easily it aint even funny
Dream trip: honestly all trips are good… but if we go like dreamy-unrealistic-dream i’d like to do moscow-saint petersburg-vladivostok like in ONE GO
Blog created: first blog was in 2011 or 2012, but i remade twice, so this one was made in march 2015
Number of followers: 480 and ily all

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Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening

you ever think about the fact that purgatory is a place that makes you bare, strips you down to nothing but raw instinct, makes you “pure,” and that in that setting, for a whole year, every single unadulterated instinct dean had was to find cas


hey so all of u should go read @knaccfornerdiness‘ wonderful beautiful fic “something about us” because it’s a really lovely story and it’s definitely worth your time if u love genyatta!! i love it a lot and i just had to draw a thing for it dgfgfh

can u believe there’s an au where tony stark single-handedly raised the next generation of avengers

I had unrestricted access to a cintiq for a few days and this happened

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