it's not the best drawing tho

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Hey uh.. not to bother you by any means.. but can I get a link to those tips for drawing people crying you did once?? I looked through all the tags and couldn't find it myself, sorry..

Oh, it’s no bother! 

But honestly, I’m not actually too happy with those anymore. They’re pretty old. I still sort of hold the same value when I draw them, but here’s some more updated tips, if that’s alright. 

One of the biggest complaints I got with those tips was that just a single tear is good enough. Well yes and no. Tears are just a helpful tool, and of course not everyone cries the same, so yes, a single tear can be just as impactful, as long as your emotion and context carries the message. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s heavy crying. And this can take many forms. Again, the face has to carry the intensity of the emotion; the tears are just there to emphasize it. More intensity, (for some people) does tend to include more liquids and leaking. 

And of course none of it has to be perfect or even. As I love to touch on, crying is messy and ugly. It brings out the most strained emotions. So none of it has to be symmetrical to get the point across- if anything, it gives it more movement. 

I of course draw in a more cartoony fashion, so if you did want to go on the more realistic end of the spectrum, you can focus on the actual physics of tears and how they act and react on the face. More realistically, they come from the inner eye, and are much smaller. They tend to fall in wayward paths, slowly, but  sperraticly, and in droplets or thin streams. You can also add streak marks and flush up the face, depending on the subject. 

I’m glad you liked my old tips, and I hope these new ones help! 


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

They’re saps

So I really like Persona 5 and I especially like the girls on the team.


So it’s 1/1 New Year’s Eve according to the Lunar calendar, and since here at my place it’s kind of a big thing, here’s Sefikura wearing Vietnamese aodai LOL.

Btw, I just saw a post saying it’s the year of the Chocobo (aka year of the Chicken lol) but then you can say that it’s the year of the Cloud ahahaha.

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wait, how are people who like nier pedophiles? also, have you even played the game? cuz if not, then why do you judge it so harshly? Its easily one of the best games of 2017 not just because of tits n ass (tho that is an added bonus) but because of its fucking amazing writing and gameplay. Like, bruh. Seriously, dont go judging a book by its cover because holy fuck. i mean to quote jim sterling, "if history forgets this game, then fuck history"

well the protagonist whose tits and ass you just described as a ‘bonus’ is modeled after a teenaged girl so you know I am forced to draw a conclusion based on that 

If the book’s cover is illustrated by sexualized children I will judge that all I like thanks


art for fic trade with @radiojamming!! ft gabe and jack with his immortal skin, just in time for halloween to end. 


My gorgeous poet son

woah!!!!!! what the heck is this, me posting squid art???

i tried to do a time challenge, just to see how fast i could draw while still making something decent.

so this is pretty messy but it only took me like 30 minutes!!!!! wahoo