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Dating Tom includes...

  • when you first meet 
  • tom thinks you’re fucking beautiful and he can’t stop staring at you
  • but you think it’s kinda creepy, but he’s lucky because of his cute looks
  • then he finally got the courage to talk to you
  • and he didn’t leave empty handed too bc you gave him your number
  • soon enough y’all started dating
  • everyone shipped you for the longest times
  • inStAgRAM CAptions AbOut EaChOtHer 
  • and its indirect af
  • but everyone knows its about you two
  • taking that cliche beach picture of him holding your hand but you’re ahead of him
  • but let’s be honest he just wanted to see you in a bathing suit bc you’re perfect the way you are to him.
  • cuddles™
  • you on his chest sometimes
  • tom between your legs sometimes
  • tom constantly has to be touching you
  • he loves it when you have your hands in his hair
  • and you like touching his curly messy hair
  • its soft af.
  • being accused of being a gold digger
  • but you were oblivious to the fact that tom was famous for like a month or two
  • “tommy, why do you always hide your face when you go outside?”
  • “paparazzi”
  • “haha, no seriously.” 
  • tom feeling like he can’t take you anywhere bc of paparazzi.
  • once you had a panic attack in front of him and he held you for hours afterwards
  • sometimes your depression gets really bad and you stay in bed, but tom joins you.
  • but you’re up against the wall because you don’t wanna talk or be touched and he gives you time
  • then you give in and he cuddles, kisses, and snuggles you all day.
  • holding HANDS UGHH
  • you lucky bitch you
  • spooning
  • tom constantly taking pictures of you
  • you sometimes being mad because you say you look ugly
  • tom then being mad bc you’re not ugly
  • tom calling you cute names that make your heart flutter
  • princess™
  • baBY GIRL™
  • DarLING™
  • getting to hear his morning voice and that shit turns you on
  • speaking of being turned on
  • lots and lots of sex
  • but seriously
  • sometimes there’s the fluffy passionate days
  • sometimes there’s the rough angsty days
  • but overall it’s great
  • “don’t you dare hold your moans in, babygirl.”
  • tom found your sweetspot on your neck one time
  • and you moaned loudly
  • and he continued
  • “i- da- mhmm” 
  • tom pulling away. 
  • “huh, daddy, babygirl?” 
  • let’s just say it was an exciting night and one to not be forgotten of. 
  • going on set with him
  • and tom getting head after a long stressful day on set
  • getting to meet the avengers
  • and you almost collapsing
  • “tommy, i told you i had to pace myself meeting them. i almost died.” 
  • tom sleeping in your lap sometimes
  • “tommy, baby, you have gray hairs.”
  • “wut??!!!”
  • the holland brothers love you
  • mostly bc you’re a pro at roasting your boyfriend
  • quackson claxon™
  • “omg, tom, can we keep her?”
  • “harry, no. she’s mine.”
  • “i don’t recall being an object, stanley.” 
  • him deathglaring you and now you know your in for it tonight.
  • harrison constantly gagging at you pda
  • zenday and laura being your bestfriends
  • catching tom singing on camera
  • using it as blackmail
  • jacob being like the brother you always wanted
  • being the biggest prankster on set
  • “damn, i should be an actress.”
  • one time you two had a fight
  • and tom left and slammed the door
  • and didnt return or talk to you for a fucking week
  • and you were a wreck
  • then when he did come back, you were still in your bed crying over it
  • “i’m so sorry, princess. i’ll never do it again.”
  • makeup sex
  • “daddy’s sorry, princess.” 
  • and you guys being cute af together everyday
  • you end up being on the avengers gc
  • they all adore you
  • especially seb
  • and mackie
  • you all roast tom together
  • silent treatment.
  • “baby, we were just joking.” you would murmur, kissing his neck. 
  • hollywood’s young lovers™ forever. 

March 27th, 2007: Happy 10th Anniversary to the Mortal                             Instruments by @cassandraclare​!

First Dialogues:

City of Bones:  “You’ve got to be kidding me,”

City of Ashes:  “Are you still mad?”

City of Glass:  “Score, I’m kicking butt at Mario Kart”

City of Fallen Angels:  “Just coffee, please.”

City of Lost Souls: “Mom, its me!”

City of Heavenly Fire:  “Picture something calming. The beach in Los Angeles—white sand, crashing blue water, you’re strolling along the tide line …” Jace cracked an eye open. “This sounds very romantic.”

City of Heavenly Fire (last line): “Freely we serve, because we freely love, as in our will, to love or not; in this we stand or fall”

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i re-watched CA"TWS and have some serious Steve/Nat feels, what about something where that experience make them realize their feelings for each other?

Shared life experience.  Natasha thought a lot about that phrase as the road and the silence stretched out in front of them.  

Love is for children.  She thought a lot about that one, too.  She knew Steve’d heard it on the helicarrier through the security feed.  

And now they’d gone their separate ways (for the time being): he to find Bucky, and she to reinvent herself.  And maybe rediscover, too, after everything that’d happened.  

He’d been an experiment.  Had spent his whole life fighting for something that was his.  Had had to find himself again when everything fell away from underneath him.  

Steve had trusted her where Fury had not.  


Steve lay awake staring at the peeling paint on the ceiling of another cheap hotel.  They were no closer to finding Bucky and he was wondering if it wasn’t worth going back to New York.  Bucky would find Steve when he was ready to be found.   

And Natasha was in New York.  Or at least, was checking in occasionally.  He’d been thinking about her more than he wanted to admit.  Who do you want me to be? She’d asked.  A friend, he’d told her.  

He didn’t want that, not really.  Not anymore.  She may have felt untrustworthy; she seemed it enough at Sam’s, when they’d made it out of the bunker alive.  He’d seen how she’d taken interest in the middle distance, when Fury’d told them he wasn’t sure who to trust.  But Steve trusted her.  She was running from a past she couldn’t ever quite escape and finding it there behind her at every turn was exhausting, he could tell.  

Frustrated, Steve sat up and made his way out of bed and then out of the room without disturbing Sam.  He’d never get to sleep lying awake thinking about what’d already happened and things that might never happen.  He needed a distraction and he headed outside.  

He didn’t make it more than two blocks before he was texting her.

One of these days I’m going to visit someplace new without an agenda.

Her response came not two minutes later, his phone ringing and the screen lighting up with her photo (one from the last Halloween party where she’d dressed up as a fluffy sheep with fake wolf’s teeth and making a face, nose scrunched up and chin pulled in towards her chest, eyes crossed).  


“Where’re you thinking?”

“I dunno.  Just. Someplace that won’t remind me of work later.”

She hummed, and his phone buzzed with a text from her, linking him to a page about Croatia.  

“Ever been?”  

“No.  Do you like it?”

He could hear the smile in her voice.  “I’ve never been, either.  I could be convinced, though.”

Steve huffed out a laugh and then steeled himself.  He wasn’t interested in more fitful sleep.  “Come with me.”

“Tony’ll talk.”  She teased (but weakly, to Steve’s sleep-deprived brain.)

“Good.  Come with me, Natasha.”

There were several moments of silence on her end of the line before she spoke again.  “Is that double entendre, Steve?”  He could hear the wicked edge to her tone.   

“You asked me once who I wanted you to be.  I meant what I said but-“

“-Shared life experience.  Yes.  I’ll come with you.  We can practice your kissing.”

Steve laughed and gripped his phone the slightest bit tighter.  “When’re you in New York next?”

“I can arrange to be there anytime I need to be.”  She was smiling, he could hear it.  Steve felt lighter, calmer, excited.

“Two weeks from tomorrow?”

“Sounds like a date to me, Steve.” 


They said their goodnights and Steve didn’t quite remember walking back to the room, but he did remember how quickly he fell asleep.  And in the morning, how much he was looking forward to being back in New York.

Exploring Boston and beyond

Whether you’re into following the Boston baseball scene, genning up on the infamous Salem witch trials or whale watching off Cape Cod; New England offers entertainment, a fascinating history and natural wonders in equal measure. Danny Baggott shared his top ten Massachusetts must-dos.

Whale watching at Stellwagen Bank

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Whale watching is a serious ecotourism industry in eastern Massachusetts, with an estimated one million passengers hitting the ocean for a chance to observe these fantastic creatures. Most visitors head for Stellwagen Bank, an 842-square-mile marine sanctuary located at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay; jump aboard a whale-watching vessel and keep your camera poised for the North Atlantic right, humpback and finback whale, all of which use these waters as a feeding ground.

Laid-back Cape Cod

The peninsula of Cape Cod is summer holiday Nirvana for good reason - stretching from arty Provincetown at the northern tip to the scenic seaside village of Woods Hole, at the extreme southwest corner, there’s something for everyone in the Cape: it oozes historic character, boasts miles of pristine coastline, and there are over 50 golf courses to tee off from. And foodies will love its legendary seafood and superlative ice-cream (lobster flavour, anyone?).

The Boston Red Sox

Photo by tpsdave on Pixelbay

The renowned Fenway Park - home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912 - has hosted the World Series an impressive ten times, making baseball’s oldest ballpark one of the most well-known sporting venues in the world. Grab tickets for a Red Sox game and soak up the atmosphere or, on non-game days, book a behind-the-scenes guided tour and follow in the footsteps of legends like David Ortiz, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth.

The Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum examines the infamous Salem witch trials, a series of hearings between 1692 and 1693, which resulted in 14 women and six men being executed for the supposed crime of witchcraft. Visitors can experience the drama and hysteria that surrounded this slice of American history through life-size stage sets complete with a spine-tingling narration, while the second part of the exhibition examines the changing perceptions of witches today. 

The New England Aquarium

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Boston’s New England Aquarium sets the aquarium bar high: it’s home to thousands of aquatic animals, from the giant Pacific octopus to lionfish, sea dragons and little blue penguins. This underwater paradise also has an impressive array of exhibits including the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-storey Caribbean reef, and the largest shark and ray touch tank on the east coast. Don’t miss the chance to see astonishing footage of sea creatures at the IMAX theatre.

Ramblewild in Lanesborough

Set in ten acres of New England forest, Ramblewild is the ultimate tree-to-tree adventure park. The focal point is a 15-foot central platform, which is the starting point for eight aerial obstacle courses - four of which cross a ravine. The courses range in ability but, whichever you choose, you’ll be faced with high wires, zip lines, balancing logs, rope ladders, cargo nets and suspended bridges. For those who prefer a slower pace, guided hikes are also on offer.

Duxbury Beach

The 7.5-mile long Duxbury Beach - which runs from Marshfield in the north to Gurnet Point and Saquish in the south - is recognisable by its endless stretch of sand dunes and beach roses. In addition to soaking up the sun and myriad watersports, there’s also ample opportunity to enjoy the area’s marine life, native and migratory birds, and indigenous vegetation. Families will love the Kid’s Corner, which offers fun beach activities.

The Norman Rockwell Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum - set in leafy surrounds in Stockbridge - showcases the most significant collection of the American artist’s work in the world. Best known for his depiction of US culture in the early 20th-century, particularly the illustrations he created for The Saturday Evening Post over nearly five decades, the museum houses his studio, too, including personal memorabilia and reference materials.

Martha’s Vineyard

Located south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard covers an area of 100 square miles, making it the third largest island on the east coast. It’s a magical place to while away a summer’s day with its picture-postcard cottages and lighthouses, well-maintained beaches and vibrant cultural scene - little wonder it’s a beloved holiday hotspot for America’s well-heeled (Obama likes to kick back here). Don’t miss the chance to ride the Flying Horses, the country’s oldest working carousel, constructed in 1876.

The Museum of Fine Arts

Photo by McElspeth on Pixabay

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston - founded in 1870 - is the fourth largest of its kind in the US, containing more than 450,000 works of art. From Egyptian artifacts and Japanese pottery to 14th-century triptychs and works by Andy Warhol, some of the finest pieces in the world are on display here, so you’ll need to plan your visit carefully to make sure you don’t miss anything. Do leave time for the shop, though, which has an astonishing collection of books on art.

Plan your Boston holiday now

Words by Danny Baggott

Header photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

Prompto Argentum dating headcanons
aka my favorite chocobro

  • He’s a shy kid at first, he does small gestures like taking your hand when you exit the Regalia and leading you to the campsite
  • But boii, when you two start to get more comfortable around each other he just expresses how energetic and excited about this relationship. 
  • When it’s sunset he takes you out to take pictures, whether its in town, near the beach, or ion the fields. You’re his super hot model and he’ll never get tired of taking pictures of you
  • Again when he gets more comfortable with you he gets really clingy and almost always wants to hold your hand
  • he even kisses you in front of the guys cause he likes to show off
  • “You two are gross“
  • “I think you’re just jealous”
  • Prompto and Noct will always have this little battle after Prompto shows affection to you in front of the guys
  • He only allows you to hold his camera if he needs someone to keep it for a bit, its so important to him
  • He likes to stare into your eyes, well he likes every detail of your face, but your eyes are the one thing Prompto goes crazy for.
  • His perfect date nights are going out to eat at a quiet place and then take night time photos with dim lighting
  • Will actually argue with Noct so he can sit in the back of the Regalia with you
  • He’s the best nurse, whenever you’re sick, he’s always running to get medicine for you and taking care of you 

Sorry if this sucked btw, it’s my first go at Final Fantasy XV headcanons, I’ve been a fan for a long time and just enjoying reading but I decided to give it a shot. Surry if it sounded like I copied anyone ;-; I’ve read quite a bit and I’m probably really influenced by someone’s headcanon or fanfiction.

Grif acts like he doesn’t know how to use any of the functions of his helmet, but he has one sound file he recorded and archived years ago: a drunk Simmons saying, “If we both make it home alive and neither of us can find a wife in, like, five years, I’m gonna move to Hawaii and we can get a puppy or adopt a baby or something, okay?"  And then Grif can hear his younger self laugh, ask Simmons how much he’s had to drink, and then Simmons’s voice again, saying, "No, man, I’m serious, we’ll get some stray – I mean, if it’s a puppy, I’m not calling a baby a stray, but I guess it would have to be a stray too – but yeah, man, it’ll be sweet,” and the end of the clip is hard to hear, but it’s both of their voices this time, just two quiet words: “Pinky swear.”


hiraeth; a welsh word for which there is no direct english translation. it alludes to a deep homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed

pairing: marcus flint & oliver wood
also readable on ao3!
(current word count: 12,786.)

part one

The aimless chatter and tinkling giggles falling from the lips of children that blossomed in the air of the parlour was a sound that made Marcus feel at home. Watching dainty little faces press up to the glass as their chubby fingers pointed desperately towards the flavour of ice cream they desired was a regular sight; Marcus knew his day wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t spend a total of thirty minutes running a cloth over the display case to clear off saliva or fingerprints. He knew that, if he had the time or desire, Marcus could set up a ‘Work Bingo’ where he ticked off events that occurred every day without fail. From young families rushing in, dressed in their shorts and sandals with a waterproof now covering their upper half, to escape the rain to a young child dropping their cone on the floor, there were endless scenarios that Marcus had become all too familiar with during his two years working at the parlour.

From a wizarding world war survivor to a Muggle retail worker, Marcus had found not only comfort but also happiness behind the counter of Pine Cones Ice Cream Parlour. Known locally as Coney’s, the parlour was owned, and previously run single-handedly, by dairy extraordinaire Mr Ernest Pine. Mr Pine had hand crafted all twenty of the original flavours sold in the parlour and prided himself in only using second-hand furniture purchased from the plethora of charity shops tucked in among the bustling high street to fill his shop. There were tables scattered within the parlour for families of all sizes, the most popular area being the strip by the wall of windows looking out to the North Shore and the lengthy promenade outlining the sandy beach. It was only as the parlour became more popular and Mr Pine came near retirement age that he began hiring external workers to help during the summer months.

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