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How about bylers 20?

20. top of head kisses

This probably isn’t exactly what u were looking for, and I wrote it in like 15 minutes so it’s rushed BUT I had fun with it, so I hope u like it aha

It takes a long time for things to return to normal, or something close to it. Even months after everything with the Mind Flayer is over and done with, Will still tosses and turns nightly, waking up with a gasp or a choked sob. The nightmares have been happening since his initial return from the Upside Down, of course, but they’ve been worse recently. Literal possession can do that to you, Will thinks bitterly.

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I Would Understand


Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

Relationships: Aizawa Shouta & Shinsou Hitoshi, strong hints at Aizawa Shouta/Yamada Hizashi

Word count: 14k+

Rating: T

Tags: Dadzawa and Shinson, foster care system, some referenced child neglect and abuse, hurt/comfort, found families, hero worship

Notes: So this was originally prompted, but I strayed a bit from the prompt. It was also supposed to be a lot shorter than this. Any feedback would be appreciated since it’s my first time really writing Shinsou in depth!


Shinsou Hitoshi had a bit of a problem, and that problem was that he’d gotten attached to Aizawa Shouta. And somewhere along the line had started seeing him as a parental figure, a replacement for all the foster home parents who’d passed him along and never quite done their job.

A kid who’s been in foster care his entire life spends a normal, average day after training with the teacher who seems to care a little too much.


“You’re not without some place to go after graduation, but your thinking is rational,” Aizawa gave him a small sigh, and leaned over slightly to look at the applications in the folder Hitoshi had opened. “I personally wouldn’t let the school just leave you alone like that. However, if you’re serious about this, I can help you with these.”

“Really?” Hitoshi’s voice came out a little squeakier than he’d meant it to, and he let out a breath, regathering himself. It was a relief to know that he just wouldn’t be kicked out and left alone. He kind of wondered if Aizawa was somehow implying that he’d stay in contact after graduation, and Hitoshi had to remind himself not to expect anything of anyone, especially the adults in his life.

But goddamn, Aizawa made it hard when he’d never broken a promise to Hitoshi.