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Aliens & Humans: Unexpected Visitors

Like clockwork, each half hour of his waking time, Nik came to check on me. I wasn’t sure if it was due to trust issues or just to make sure I wasn’t dead yet. Except when I was asleep: then, he came every hour. Of course, had I been sleeping I wouldn’t have known, but apparently they weren’t the only ones that had trust issues and each time the door opened so did my eyes, only it was too dark for him to tell either I was actually asleep or not.

Thought his instructions were clear to keep me as uninformed as possible until after we had left Earth, how deductive I was impressed him a lot. For instance, it seemed that Zenks were horrible at keeping their emotions off their faces. It was pretty simple: the more obvious they were the emotion was strong. It was even easier that their facial and physical expressions were very similar to humans. The very creepy part was that they most of the time didn’t seem to have an emotion at all. Nik said it was their way to explain satisfaction. Other than that, I was the one creating the most emotion waves there were. For instance when I made a scene against their nutrition system and how I was having horrible sleep on their hard mats. Everyone present or passing by was shocked and/or terrified by me. Clearly, they weren’t as close to humans as they claimed: rare were the humans that would tolerate they gray tasteless goo or drink water with so much chlorine in it and that was when you didn’t count a so uncomfortable mat. They were more ordered than we were, more disciplined. It had its advantages, of course. But where was all the fun, the thrill, the challenge? If there was such a thing as outcasts Zenks, that’s where I end up for sure unless they accepted my cultural differences. Which consisted in most of who I was considering the distance between us in the universe until a few days ago and the lack of contact even now.

But I had to admit their emettor thingy in the ear was kind of cool. I for myself could only use it for two things: translation and giving information about the human species. Luckily for me, I was one of a kind in getting what I wanted and I had convinced their artificial intelligence of letting have a “notepad”. The principle was very simple: it used the impulses of my brain to communicate with me, talked in my ear and there was even an hologram/screen sort of projector that went before my right eye to give me other kind of information, maps, etc.


I took a deep breath. Then another. Where was he? It was three hours since the sun had risen – that’s how they calculated the time in their 28 hours long days – meaning he had been up since at least two. Still, not one visit yet.

After a bit more procrastination, I painfully got up. If I opened the door, all my sweet heat would be done for. Thought we didn’t keep our temperatures at so different levels – me 23°, while they kept the whole ship around 17° – I was not mentally ready to walk barefoot on the frozen floor just yet. I opened the blind of my room, excepting too bright light, but it was blue and adjusted to my level of “normal”. I didn’t even have time to formulate a question in my head that the answer came to me: these lights were the equivalent to red light lighting up halfway through the ship. Emergency lights.

Though having all the knowledge right away was practical, it also made me absolutely awkward to have no privacy of thought. Yet, it was practical to know exactly what I had dreamed about. For instance, this time I was the Swan Lake Princess, at some details close. But that wasn’t the point.

“What is going on?” I couldn’t but wonder aloud.

You are not cleared for these informations.

They had quite the trust issues these aliens.

“If it were a mechanical break, failure or whatsoever, would you tell me?” There was a moment of silence before once again I had an answer:


Then as exciting as this sounded, the only alternative I could see was space pirates?

“Are deliberately ignoring me or did you take me up on waiting for me to ask direct questions?” I asked, facing more silence.

Second choice.

“Nice. But direct silent questions count. So if it’s nothing mechanical, yet nothing worth of my knowledge, does it mean something happened to –”

I didn’t even notice I stopped talking at the second I saw them it seemed just natural. This time, I was very grateful that the AI gave me all the information. It had to be her, otherwise how I would have I known that these creatures had an unpronounceable name and that I might as well call them goblins, which with their small height, green skin and unappealing features seemed totally fit, that was if you didn’t count their bad attitude and horrible reputation. Apparently, they had a terrible sight, meaning they probably wouldn’t see me with so few light giving in my room. Only, they didn’t need to see me to know I was there: they relied on smell. Especially fear, whatever that smelled like, and as courageous as I tried to be the way they stopped to stare at me through the window made me realize I was probably wreaking of fear. I had to think of something, fast.

I am so sorry I never meant to be so late on something I promised and I feel so horrible right now! But it’s ok because it’s here now right? It’s sketchy, I know, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but next episode some basic psychology (ish, more like me showing how easy you can manipulate one if you know enough). Anyways, this is it! And now, we’ll see :)

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Can you write jaepil where Wonpil with jae because jae keeps on being mean to him/refusing his affection on camera (and maybe also off camera but idk bout that)

dude anon-sshi real talk; jae is more lenient towards wonpil’s affection if compared to sungjin smh i want to punch some sense to sungjin. anw what i’m saying is, jae openly laughs and mocks wonpil’s affection yet

gifs credit 1, 2.

honestly aksfkjaskjdfa. so i gotta twist the prompt a bit, yeah? tell me if you’ve read this then likes then reblogs lmao.

title: have you no idea that you’re in deep?

rating: G / word count: 1.8k / to celebrate jae’s upcoming birthday this one’s set on their upcoming Vlive “mama’s recipe” thingy / enjoy and comment on AO3 lol.

“everyone, right now we’re picking our teammates,” brian says to the camera to fill in the silence, “by drawing lots. it will be two versus three. so far, we have wonpil and jae-hyung picking two ends painted in red, and sungjin-hyung and dowoon with blue ends. now it’s my turn.”

jaehyung watches as brian, with what little variety show sense he has, carelessly picks the last lot with a loud exclaim. his end is painted in blue. sometimes, life just works in ways that jaehyung isn’t a big fan of.

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The sun filters in from behind the curtains, it’s midday and two lovers hold each other into the late hours of the afternoon.

Harley is fascinated by Ivy sleeping, mainly due to the fact that she hardly sleeps. Always busy, always working, her beautiful green gal.

Harley is tucked under her arm, staring up at her with a little wonder in her eyes. Ivy’s plump green lips parted as she snores ever so softly. Her red hair hair drapes over her cheek and Harley reaches out to tuck it behind her ear. She’s freezes as Ivy stirs with her eyes screwing up before gently relaxing again.

Harley hums with relief, tenderly running her thumb along Ivy’s jawline. God she just… she just loves her Ivy. She snuggles further into her skin, trying to cling to that pleasant coolness that Ivy permeates.

She figures it’s to do with her meta-human-plant-dna-thingy, why her skin is always at a cool temperature but she didn’t care about the reasoning much when it was heaven sent during the hot Summer months.

Her cheek presses up against the softness of Ivy’s breasts and honestly, Harley can’t possibly be happier. Tilting her head slightly, she pecks a few kisses on the freckles that dot around them.

“Are you kissing my boobs?”

Of course that wakes her up.

Harley grins, letting out a little puff of air to tickle her. Ivy’s knees curl up in response as she giggles.

“You’ve never complained before.” She quips, burying her face into her cleavage.

“I don’t think I’ll start either.”

Harley can breathe so easy against her, it’s handy that she gives out oxygen from her breath and her skin. The wonders of anatomy and human nature.

“You know, I’m the only one you’ve let get this close.” Harley muses into two mounds of noise blockers.

“I didn’t catch that, you’ll need to find your way out of there.” Ivy pats her head, encouraging her to evacuate.

Harley reluctantly pulls her face away but is no less pleased when she looks up into her green eyes.

“I said that I’m the only one you let get this close to you an’ like, I give off Co2, you give off oxygen.”

Ivy’s eyes glimmer with bemusement.


Harley shakes her head. How can she not get it?

“Well, it’s like we were made for each other! Needin’ each other to breathe an’ all that? Dontcha reckon, Red?”

“Harley, every other human gives off Co2 so that would mean–”


“Fine, fine, we were made for each other, my human darling.”

Ivy turns on her back and brings Harley on top of her, entwining their legs. Harley gleefully nuzzles her face up against hers before they come together in a slow kiss.

“My plant wife.” Harley chimes.

Ivy pokes her nose playfully, making her twitch like a rabbit and begins stroking her hair.

“Every other human gives off Co2, Harl, but you’ve always been the one for me.”

Wonwoo Crossing 🌺

a/n: I’m not sure if you guys can see it, but just imagine Wonwoo playing Animal Crossing (New Leaf)

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Wonwoo x Animal Crossing New Leaf headcanon :))

  • names himself Wonwow; gives himself the “original” character face because he was only answering the starting questions honestly
  • names his town Twilight Town (possible kingdom hearts fan??)
  • the town hall is to the left of his town, and Reese’s recycling shop is to the right
  • the river cuts the town in half horizontally
  • places his house next to the town hall and constantly checks up on Isabelle
  • definitely puts in the “keep town beautiful” ordinance
  • is a massive hoarder !!!
  • the first couple of months, his house is filled with plants and unnecessary furniture (like a storybook, or a giant chess piece)
  • has more furniture than he needs??? the main room has a bunk bed that he doesn’t have the heart to let go….
  • once he gets the second story to the museum, one of the rooms is dedicated to just plants :))
  • he visits the plants everyday and speaks to them one by one
  • the same goes with the flowers around his town; waters all 500 of them every day <3
  • when he shakes the trees for coins or the two special furniture, he lets the bees sting him
  • forgives them immediately after; applies medicine that he always carries around (for emergencies!)
  • another room on the second floor of the museum is filled with cute animals he finds
  • that includes: snails, beetles, an angel fish (yknow the see through one omg), a squid, SEAWEED
  • his character always holds a balloon; alternates between the bunny shaped one and the heart shaped one :’))
  • is still up at like 1 in the morning trying to catch beetles in order to pay off his dEBT
  • always manages to scare the golden stags…
  • sometimes goes on the international server and meets cool people
  • probably writes their names down and hopes he sees them again :D
  • sometimes he sees people talking about seventeen and hits them with:
  • “carat, lucky in my life <3″ (he really puts that heart there too, awww)
  • picks up dandelions and blows them after whispering his wish
  • he looks around his shared room before he makes a wish so the members don’t tease him the next day (awwww)
  • when there’s a meteor shower, he makes wishes too!
  • writes letters to his villagers AT LEAST twice a month
  • always adds a heart at the end (<3)
  • eventually gets rid of the majority of his things
  • his house is nO LONGER CLUTTERED
  • he doesn’t actually get rid of his things though
  • he forces Mingyu and Hoshi to get the game too, and gave them his stuff as “gifts”
  • this boy really can’t let go of anything (like me lol)
  • builds the Roost Cafe as soon as it’s available as a public works project
  • memorizes all of his villager’s coffee orders
  • sells the coffee beans Brewster gives him (he feels reALLY GUILTY THOUGH)
  • one day he receives the cafe uniform and is so touched???
  • he sets his ds down for 10 minutes, his hand clutching his heart
  • changes into that outfit whenever he works at the cafe
  • his dream villagers are characters that he thought were cute or would be a great addition to his town!
  • includes (but not in a specific order): Merengue, Beau, Coco, Kid Cat, Zucker, Lolly, Marshal, Fauna, Ankha, and Genji~
  • (Hoshi fell in love with Genji <3)
  • loves his current villagers all the same though!
  • doesn’t have the heart to let go of moving villagers!!
  • even if he doesn’t like them or they aren’t his dream villagers, he always debates whether he should let them go or not… 
  • after 8 months of playing, he finally has all hIS DREAM VILLAGERS!!
  • he adores them all, but never forgets his past villagers (he really misses Curt and Rolf…. </3)
  • lowkey thinks Coco has a crush on him… (he secretly loves it… <3)
  • never misses a villager’s birthday
  • “Merengue’s birthday is coming up, omg what do I get her???!?”
  • when his villagers invite him over, he always accepts and stays at their house for at least an hour so he doesn’t feel rude (WHAT A SWEET BOY)
  • since his town is now considered perfect, he’s able to build the big flower clock!
  • he places it right in the center of his town :)
  • his score at the Happy Home Academy is always SUPER HIGH
  • strongly believes in the Feng Shui approach
  • probably has half a billion bells in his ABD in 6 months….
  • his goal is to create all of the flower hybrids
  • is SUPER close to getting the gold roses
  • doesn’t want to disable his “keep town beautiful” ordinance so his flowers could wilt though…. ㅠㅠ
  • eventually caves in and NOW HAS GOLD ROSES
  • always participates in the tourneys (bug catching or fishing)
  • always places first….
  • collects mushrooms during mushroom season
  • definitely creates fairy rings (Woozi appreciates it winkwink)
  • refuses to run around his town AT ALL TIMES
  • he doesn’t want to accidentally trample over a flower and destroy it!!!
  • doesn’t like Mingyu and Hoshi visiting anymore
  •  >:((
  • they’re constantly running and just
  • “What was that hyung? Step on your flowers??”
  • Mingyu is just constantly trying Wonwoo smh
  • although~~ he sets up paths in between rows of flowers so he can have natural worn down paths (due to grass wear yknow? ^^)
  • brings his 3ds eveRYWHERE
  • “oh, we’re having a break? time to check on Mary and the gang”
  • Mary is his favorite flower… she’s a golden rose right in front of his house
  • has a lot of respect for the working npc’s like Isabelle, Nook, Reese, etc.
  • posts on the town board (thingy) every week like
  • “have a good week everyone! be safe always and talk to me! also no running!! -from Mayor Wow”
  • yea, his nickname is Mayor Wow lol
  • his house mirrors an actual house
  • the back room is a kitchen, the second floor is a bedroom, the main room is the living room, the side rooms are probably like a game room and a guest room
  • his basement is filled with all his awards from the tourneys smh (I’m jealous)
  • Mingyu LOVES his kitchen
  • it’s so wonderfully laid out omg
  • Mingyu just wants to live with Wonwoo now
  • Mingyu finally gives up knowing he can’t live with Wonwoo
  • but claims the kitchen is his whenever they visit Mayor Wow’s town
  • absolutely HATES Gracie’s Fashion Checks
  • but does them anyway so he could finally upgrade to the T&T Emporium
  • his character wears those circle glasses, a totoro sweater, and like normal jeans and shoes
  • simple yet dashing might I include
  • at first leaves his hair brown (the standard hair color when you start the game)
  • then over time does all sorts of colors like he starts his hair dye experience with black cause thats what his hair color is and then shifts to like red, and then auburn, and even light purple!
  • he’s tried all of the hair colors~~
  • his favorite and current hair color is deep ocean :)
  • absolutely loves seeing the leaves on the trees change colors
  • likes the cherry blossoms the most
  • he also loves the winter <3
  • he always stays up late to see the aurora
  • walks around his town admiring the decorated pine trees~
  • he swears its not an obsession!!
  • but here he is, playing animal crossing at 3 in the morning when his schedule starts at 8
  • eventually convinces all the members to get the game too!
  • every Saturday they have an animal crossing day, and alternates visiting each other’s towns :)
  • Mayor Wonwow brought everyone together :))
  • awwww, imagine playing with him *dreamy sigh*

a/n: This was so looooong, but where are my animal crossing and kpop fans at??!? I can just see Wonwoo rolled up in a blanket playing this ^^ (lowkey his town already sounds better than mine and i’ve been playing for a year OTL) hope you all enjoyed~!