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I swear if Mai Waifu doesn’t get a proper name and a better design and if her boyfriend really is an “Unknown Independent Game Developer who lives overseas”, I’m going to find YandereDev’s house, delete every Yan Sim files, pour Pepsi Max on his computer, and eat everything in his fridge.

Do you think it’s possible Toga has been hiding her real age? Like, she’s actually older than a high school student? Maybe a few years older? In her twenties?

It would explain how her combat abilities are like a pro’s. She’d had years of villainy/training.

There’s another “clue” to this theory too:

  • her skirt is short
  • she wears a sweater

I think she’s outgrowing her school uniform, hence the really short skirt. She wears a sweater to hide her shorter blouse that would show her tummy. She treats the school uniform like a “villain costume” of sorts and that’s why she has always worn it ever since

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Kierark shippers: Kierark is the best ship they’re perfect together I love them!!!!

Mark Blackthorn: “The problem was fights with Kieran usually led to kissing, and that, Mark felt, was not helpful. It probably wasn’t all that healthy either.

Kierark shippers:

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I’m at summer school rn and a very sweaty guy wearing a toga and carrying a toaster just told me Jesus loves me and he’ll die for my memes and if that’s not the true high school experience I don’t know what is

hi im sarah and ive been stanning jeremy shada since season 1 of adventure time and he’s the reason i got into voltron in the first place, im here to bring u the latest news of his career

  • Krystal: *in a whiny voice* Look what you've done to my peonies!
  • Victoria: *angrily* They're marigolds!
  • Amber: My god! I think she's right! They are marigolds!
  • Krystal: I'm might not know my flowers, but *yells in her direction* I know a bitch when I see one!