it's not that hard to upload an icon

Tips for people who have just made a Tumblr: Don’t upload gifs, edits, or posts that aren’t yours! They are somebody elses hard work that you are taking without permission or credit. Just find the source and reblog it from there instead of reuploading it. Don’t reblog stolen gifs, edits, or posts either because that just gives the person who stole them the notes that the rightful creator should’ve gotten.

anonymous asked:

bb! can u do more icon borders? it's so hard to find them and i love your icon borders ;-;

aahhhh thank you so much!! i’ve been making some every now and then so i have plenty more to upload. i’ll put all of them under the read more for you. i got some cute ones, pink ones, plant ones, shit i made christmas ones too!! please feel free to ask for more or even specific ones, enjoy.

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