it's not that good though

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well i think life is like giving me a payback after being an ahole-

Precure sentence starters
  • "No matter how dark the night sky might seem, the stars are shining fantasies."
  • "We do not fight with hatred. We fight with love."
  • "Get your happiness!"
  • "I'll keep fighting, for everyone's hearts!"
  • "I want to fill the world with despair."
  • "I have reached my limit!"
  • "Can't stop my heart's beat!"
  • "Unbelievable!"
  • "I'll do my best."
  • "Don't let those precious eyes get clouded."
  • "Infinite power...infinite love..."
  • "I'm perfect!"
  • "May your white futures be painted in black!"
  • "The world is like a merry-go-round!"
  • "The seeds of our heart, little by little, grow bigger."
  • "I am the sun. The sun that will burn everything up."
  • "Who cares if everyone is depressed and in despair. Everything is fine as long as I'm happy!"
  • "Transform, now!"
  • "Welp, that was a good cry."
  • "The path towards the future may be rugged, but we shall continue on! By over coming the difficult and painful moments, we become stronger!"
  • "A miracle will defiantly occur."
  • "It's time for you to run away crying!"

Oli is me around friends in relationships being all lovey dovey.

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Yuta; "I was kinda hoping that you'd fall in love with me.." ❤️❤️ your blog is so cute! Good luck on your writers block!

the two of you ran in circles throughout the living room in his apartment. he pulled at the back of your shirt, trying to retrieve his phone from you – the one reading aloud the text messages he’s been receiving from a coworker.

“give it back!” he shouted, struggling to keep an austere tone through bits of laughter and slight entertainment.

you ran across his couch, tossing decorative pillows in his direction to slow him down.

“oh my god, this girl is so corny,” you said before reading out another text message: “i can give you the world,” you read with dramatic effect.

as you reached the last of the text messages, all accompanied by minimal responses from your best friend, you tossed his phone back at him. although he sucked at catching the decorative pillows you chucked at him, he caught his phone as if it was nothing.

“why don’t you like her back?” you inquired, letting out a deep breath as you threw yourself onto his couch.

as he fumbled around on his phone, more than likely changing his passcode, he shrugged. you egged him on, teasing that there must have been a reason. and if he had to be honest with himself, he hated how easily you could tell when he was lying.

“i might have other interests,” he mumbled under his exhausted breath.

“like who?” you questioned, and he looked at you a little more differently than usual.

oh my god i literally just realised they’ve used the exact same reaction from john twice during sherlock’s speech

this is his reaction to “actually now i can.”

and this is his reaction to “and quite frankly, it was the usual. john watson.”

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mark; "why is your face so red?" i love your blog btw. will continue supporting you~

“because he has no manners,” donghyuck exclaimed, following behind mark as they entered your house as if it were theirs too. they both dove for the couch, throwing their bodies all over the place with equally long sighs.

“he finally asked out his crush,” donghyuck explained, laying upside down on the couch. “i was trying to give him some pointers for his date since, you know, i’m always what the ladies want. i could snatch you up right now if i really wanted to.”

“i’m flattered,” you replied sarcastically, “but i’ll pass.”

mark rubbed his cheek with a distant look in his eyes, alongside a glint of revenge that was being plotted against donghyuck.

“anyways, i was pretending to be his date, right,” donghyuck continued with a switch of positions, due to the blood rushing to his head. “i went in for a hug and i didn’t know mark was so naughty until today.”

there was a pause.

“so i slapped him.”

with obvious and unrelenting frustration, mark protested; “i didn’t touch your butt!”

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Sophie i think ur great and ur blog brings a smile to my face. also I wanted to ask you what other games do you play? IK mass effect, skyrim, n dragon age but do you ever have a extreme sim-binge (then put the game down for like, 4 months like the rest of us) or stay up playing browser games?

dude I pretty much spent the entirety of my drunk depressed 2014 year playing the sims 3 for HOURS every day like making idealized versions of myself and living idealized lives that didn’t so closely resemble my own hellish reality but also slowly dissolved into me just finding new ways to massacre sims.