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Blue, people are talking about the video where he gets a shirt for Freddie with the 28 on it. Like... He does genuinely look happy. Ngl.

What was he supposed to look like? (p.s. I don’t think he looks that happy, he looks kind of awkward for a moment and then realized he needs to smile because: cameras) 

the actual file name of this pic is “Jon but like George Washington Werewolf”

I don’t really like how this turned out but??? the important thing is that I tried instead of giving up, so go me. Dynamic lighting is hard :( but the only way to get better is practice.

But the most important thing is the pun.
*wipes tear* i’m so proud.

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I've wondered what kind of shady business Kusanagi-San does and why he does it. Did he kind of inherit it from his uncle or something? Does the fact that he does it mean he is less moral cause it seems to contrast with his responsible self

My understanding is he inherited the bar from his uncle, the shady dealings are I think more of a Homra thing. We don’t really know exactly what he does – I know there’s reference to Kusanagi’s ‘shady backroom dealings’ at least once and of course there’s that ridiculous reward Homra offers in S1 for Shiro’s capture, but then you also have Kusanagi worrying in the Shrine Visit story about profits. I assume his dealings probably have to do with various things, like I could see him handling some mild blackmail stuff (like if there’s some rich politician type trying to cause harm to the regular people of the streets Kusanagi uses his connections to make sure that person changes their ways and if Homra gets a little extra cash out of it, well, bonus) or maybe some kind of trafficking in liquor sales on the black market, just like mild white collar style stuff in contrast to Homra’s usually more blunt way if handling things. I could also see Kusanagi running a pretty efficient information network, since Homra has such a wide variety of members and I imagine most of them would be cool in reporting things to him, which puts Kusanagi in a position where he has a lot of information that could be valuable and he just needs to know where and how to apply it. Kusanagi’s pretty shrewd so I think he would be good at finding ways to make that information work in Homra’s favor, like helping Homra track down drug dealers such as the ones they’re dealing with in the MOR cellar chapters, or getting leads on gangs that might be plotting against them. Plus Homra can’t really be everywhere at once so I could see Kusanagi using certain information to keep some hostile groups at bay, like hey don’t mess with us and we won’t reveal this secret of yours and then he doesn’t need to have Mikoto risk himself by beating people up. I don’t think any of this necessarily makes him less moral – Homra is a gang at the end of the day, after all – and I imagine that whatever Kusanagi’s doing it’s probably more on the side of trying to protect good people and harm bad ones, more or less, like I don’t see him working for drug dealers or corrupt people or trying to rip off people who are struggling. For Kusanagi I could see the backroom dealings as his own way of being responsible, again by finding non-violent ways to head off some of Homra’s problems in order to save his own people from possibly being hurt.


‘Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play.’

Throughout the manga Yukine has shown more Hufflepuff-like traits than other houses, with Gryffindor being more about bravery and Ravenclaw being more intellectual.

Not to say that Yukine doesn’t have these traits as well, I can see Yukine being tied between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. But looking at it from the perspective of what the houses actually value, Yukine fits in much more with Hufflepuff than other houses. A Hufflepuff can be brave without having to be a Gryffindor.

ok y’know what? wildly different tangent from the other text post i just made, but i’m so happy that dream daddy is good. it’s so pleasant just to play a non-fetishized mlm dating sim with excellent humor and heartwarming storytelling. i wasn’t expecting it to be so emotional, nor so hilarious. i’m glad that it exists and that so many people are enjoying it. i never would’ve imagined that a game like this would be the best selling game on steam for a day.

EXO’s rival is EXO

Tony Stark equipping Peter Parker with his parachute is the superhero equivalent of packing your kid a sandwhich for school

160708 baekhyunee_exo: KokoBop ! #에리들생년월일#기대해 

KokoBop ! #Aeri’s birth year month day #Look forward to it

(t/n: the car plate in the picture L-1485. It’s the day EXO-L fanclub was born 2014-08-05.) 

Baekhyun’s comment: I want to give spoilers so badly

Baekhyun also commented on weareone.exo post:

Our maknae’s instagram account already has 80,000 followers? Wah… So cool

(t/n: the account currently has 128k followers and still counting)

theyre on a date!!

the thing about shadowhunters including not only aline, who is already a canonical book character, but also ollie and samantha is that they didn’t have to. 

the show has already spoken and shown how they don’t mind parting with the books, so they didn’t need to add in aline. but they did, and they did her well. in the books aline kisses jace to ~discover~ herself. the show not only included her but also demolished that idea, with “sebastian” bringing up carolyn. they not only included one of cc’s ONLY canonical sapphic characters, but they also made her self confident, and knowing of herself. i can’t speak for everyone but i know that i’m personally very tired of the coming out arc that has to involve a man for the lesbian to ~truly discover herself~. 

and then they added in ollie and samantha as well. after alaric’s passing, it made sense to give luke a new partner. it could have been anyone, but they made it a wlw. and, she’s a three dimensional character, that moves the plot along and has her own sub plot at the same time. she’s slowly learning about the shadow world, and hasn’t been killed because of it (i cannot stress that enough). she has a girlfriend, samantha, and they’re both shown to be domestic and sweet and a real couple, not some gross man’s imagined version. and another factor that plays in is that we’ve seen samantha. she’s not mentioned in passing and forgotten, not a character trait for ollie. she’s a character too, and one i hope we’ll see more of.

another point to be made is that out of these three wlw, two are woc. aline is chinese, and samantha is desi. the fact that out of all the confirmed lgbt characters only two are white is something that needs to be noticed. in media the majority of lgbt characters are white, but media still gets praised for their diversity. two out of the three of the canon wlw are woc, and that’s important to recognize. 

these characters are characters, not plot points or something for the audience to drool at. they all three have backgrounds and personalities and move the plot along. i cannot begin to express how utterly delighted i am by these characters as a lesbian. i do love malec with my whole heart, but the amount of excitement and complete joy i feel for finally having sapphic rep in this show is something i never really expected to feel 

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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around