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Hi, I went to a hockey game, and well…. I guess I decided I wanted to play with the hockey au

Staring into the seemingly endless depths of those amethyst eyes, Shiro’s pulse beat to the tune of a well loved rock song.

Boom, boom, clap.

Boom, boom, clap.

In the purple he saw heat lightning, picking up with the ferocity of a southern storm. Keith was dangerous, and exhilarating. He was the kind of decision that made you feel alive. Hands tightening on his stick, palms sweating into the fabric of his gloves, Shiro pulled in a steadying breath.

Time froze as the referee raised the puck over his head, sending both the captains sitting back into their heels with anticipation as they sized each other up.

Boom, boom, clap.

One single word dropped from Shiro’s lips with the same singleminded focus of the molded rubber as it fell down towards the ice.




생일축하해, 넘나 이쁜 애기 혀누야!! 너 항상 웃으면 좋겠다.ㅠㅠ

Happy birthday, very lovely baby Hyunu!! I hope you can always smile. sobs


Tokyo Ghoul || Through the Years「2014-2018」
↳ Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they are bad people. It means they’re human.

Cultural Divide.

My American mother in-law sending me an email: Hey! Let’s do something, I’m going to the garden center soon, want to come?

Me: Oh cool that sounds like fun!

MIL: Yea! I want to finish making my fairy door in the garden this spring :)

Me, Scottish with Irish grandparents, shoving iron into my pockets and throwing salt everywhere: …great.


♪Remember me, though I have to say goodbye. Remember me, don’t let it make you cry. For even if I’m far away I hold you in my heart. I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart. Remember me, though I have to travel far. Remember me, each time you hear a sad guitar, know that I’m with you the only way that I can be, until you’re in my arms again♫

Coco (2017) Dir. Lee Unkrich

Reasons to be happy today:

  • One night after a difficult mission made Bruce even gruffer than usual, his children gathered for a group complaining session that featured sarcastic Bruce-impressions and comments like “it would be nice to get positive feedback every once in awhile”
  • “I get that he loves us and all, but he could stand to show it” “Or say it, even. Never heard him do that”
  • At that point Cass, who had been sitting quietly, confused all of her siblings by replying, “He says that a lot”
  • See, Cass’s understanding of language is different. She reads body language, and it allows her to understand how people feel when they aren’t necessarily communicating it to others. Technically, Cass has never heard Bruce say “I love you.” But she’s certainly seen him say it many, many times
  • And since her siblings found that hard to believe, she set about proving it to them. Through the rest of the mission, every time she saw Bruce say “I love you,” she approached the nearest sibling and whispered “There”
  • [Bruce adjusts Damian’s cape on his way past] “There”
  • [Bruce rolls his eyes as Dick and Tim strike intentionally melodramatic poses on the rooftop] “There”
  • [Bruce hands Duke a granola bar when his stomach starts growling] “There”
  • [Bruce uses excessive force on a villain that came slightly too close to Jason] “There”
  • [Bruce tells off the collective JLA for unprofessional behavior while they openly ignore him and continue said behavior] “There”
  • [Bruce turns away from the truly impressive kick flip Cass used to incapacitate three separate combatants with absolutely no change in expression] “There. See? He’s proud”
  • The others aren’t totally sure they believe her, but if she’s right…. wow. That kind of changes everything
  • And since Bruce had no idea any of that went on, she’s free to continue. Whenever Cass sees that one of her brothers is feeling down, she follows them around to act as Bruce’s translator. Somebody has to do it, she figures

I wonder if a villain has ever tried to kidnap Selina. Her regular person-persona is pretty well known as a Gotham socialite. The only reason no one’s done it is because most rouges know that Selina=Catwoman and that she’s literally one of the greatest escape artists of their time. But imagine some new villain trying to make a name for himself by doing the standard, damsel in distress, kidnapping and ransom sitch. 

I feel like Selina would be so tickled by the idea of getting kidnaped that she’s play into it 110% percent. Initially Bruce isn’t going to go save her because she can save herself, but then someone leaks that high-profile socialite Selina Kyle has been kidnaped and is just so terrified won’t the big bad bat come to her rescue? 

So Bruce shows up, clearly peeved, and Selina is swooning in the background, lying on the floor, making a huge scene. 

“Oh woe is me!”


“I’m so frightened-” 

“Selina please-”

“I have never been in so much danger! Help me!”

“Selina for fuck’s sake.” 

Sometimes she forgets that her hands are supposed to be tied behind her back, and has to slip back into her bonds. Meanwhile the villain is totally unawares that she could easily kick his ass and is honestly? a little pissed that Batman isn’t more into this whole thing? Like he put so much work into kidnaping the perfect damsel in distress and Batman just seems so done with it. 

When Batman finally rescues Selina, she’s so into playing up the grateful victim. 

“Oh my hero … is there any way I can repay you?” She’s batting her eyelashes, trailing her fingers up his chest, the whole nine yards. Bruce just stares back. 

“Yeah, you can returns those diamonds you stole last Tuesday. I know it was you.” 

All of a sudden the zipties on her arms are broken. Bruce tries to make a snide comment about what bullshit this whole endeavor was, but nope. She’s already out the window. 

I would like to bring attention to a great app that I really don’t see that many people talking about. It’s called Refuge and it shows wee all the gender neutral toilets are in your general area. This app was designed for trans people who don’t feel comfortable going in the agab toilet, but feel they don’t pass enough for the other. This app was also designed for nonbinary people to find a toilet. We all know what it feels like to find a gender neutral toilet and that it feels like the holy grail. So what to do on this app is when you find a gender neutral toilet, you click the + button

And when you press it, this screen should come up

Just fill out this information and it’s added!