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[160820] T.O.P - Act Like Nothing’s Wrong @ BIGBANG concert

  • Me, a humble fic farmer, tending her plot of land:neighbor john said there was a shipwar starting just over the hills. what do you think Ma, do you think we'll ever see a shipwar?
  • Ma, clutching her apron to her chest:oh dear, I hope not!
  • Pa, sitting in his rocking chair and smoking his pipe:hmph! there's always been shipwars and there will always be shipwars. you just keep your nose out of it and mind your own business. we ain't got no business messing around in shipwars. now step to it! i want that field of headcanons and plot twists plowed by morning! and keep those plot bunnies from getting at the smut, we can't afford anymore WIPs!

Someone on twitter tonight very kindly informed me that, waaaaay back once upon a time in 2011, @linmanuel posted his dream cast for a West Wing musical on his now-defunct blog. And since the internet never forgets, I share it with you all now.

I support everything about this casting (Patti LuPone as Marion Coatsworth-Hayes! Audra McDonald as Nancy McNally!) and wish to see it become reality as soon as humanly possible.


f*cking…. captivating……..

Thinkin about @thebootydiaries like

Are the mismatched, misplaced emoji and syntax errors really just careless mistakes? Or does she craft her sentences like a greek sculptor shaping a marble bust?? A semicolon here, a comma in the middle of an elipse, the random capitalization of half a word in the middle of a sentence…

She is truly a master of her trade


Happy Birthday to my brightest Sun!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  I hope he keeps on making me happy for the next year as well~


There’s a lot of great photosets of how hilarious Paranatural is, but please also appreciate that it is SUPER COOL and BEAUTIFUL and full of great ladies.  Zack Morrison’s art is always improving and it’s really cool to watch it go from uncolored pencil sketches to beautiful full-color gorgeousness.  

Please read Paranatural. It gives you SUPERPOWERS!

[160507 HYYH on stage: Epilogue] BTS' parents

OP was sitting beside Jungkook’s parents during the concert today.

The reason why she knew she was sitting beside Jungkook’s parents was because infront of her was Jin’s parents and XX parents. Till now, she still doesn’t know whose parents is that but she thinks it’s Jhope’s.

XX parents turned around and greeted them by saying “it’s Jungkook’s parents~ when did you get here?” She got a shock and realised she’s actually sitting beside a prince’s parents??? (t/n: prince = Jungkook ㅋ)

the reason why she knew it was Jin’s parents is because during the VCR, there was this part where Jin said “My father said…” and XX parents looked at them and said “Ahh Jin’s father said that?” jokingly

+++ during the concert, Jungkook’s father kept waving his hands at Jungkook but he didn’t see them and his dad was like “that rascal (kid)…” ㅋㅋ

(OP post via dear_DD_)


“We need to clear up a rumour spread by certain Mr. Noel Gallagher who claims that your first lightsaber fight as Obi Wan Kenobi was actually with him. Can you confirm or deny this rumour?”