it's not so bad being trendy

speaking as a fellow freckled ginger, the whole fake freckles thing gets dex really heated.

like seriously it fucking gets him heated

  • first of all, realistically, hes probably the only ginger in his family, thats usually how it happens
  • probably one of the few gingers in his school and because of this i think its safe to assume he was bullied, he clearly has anger issues
  • i mean come on hes a freckled ginger kid, with big ears, in a small town, and since hes a tall hockey player, he was a gangly long legged mess as a child
  • ‘kick a ginger day’ was his worst nightmare
  • anyways now theres a new trend of people using makeup to give themselves freckles 
  • even going so far to get them tattood like no?
  • anytime its brought up in conversation he goes the fuck awf 
  • hes so sick of seeing that shit because being teased for his freckles and ginger hair all his life and suddenly its all this cool trendy to get fake ass freckles and oh my god 
  • and to make matters worse they dont even look real???? 
  • theyre so fake and bad looking and he cant stand that a thing he was bullied for is now super cool and trendy
  • after nursey says he thinks its “not that bad” and dex almost has an aneurysm, they all fear for their lives
  • the team honestly talks about how they can never bring it up in his presence or anything remotely related to it
  • i feel you dex i really do 

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So, the recent ""trendiness"" of stim toys being used by NT has been really bothering me, but I can't quite articulate why. Can you help explain why it's bad? Thank you!

It is good in the sense that it normalizes stimming. In many cases, stimming becomes socially acceptable.

The problem is that with allistic people stimming often serves as a distraction. Despite what most people think, humans suck at multitasking. We have to interrupt one processes in order to do another. This is especially true of NT people, and is a well studied, well understood aspect of psychology - even when you think you are good at multitasking, you aren’t.

So when an NT does it two bad things happening. First, they are not paying attention and what should have been reducing stigma for autistics and ADHD etc., ends up being treated like a behavioral problem. With NT people, this is fine, because it is.

With us, however, it is a primary coping tool. We need to stim, and when things like fidget cubes get banned, we are the ones that suffer. @autisticeducator has written about this at length, and is a good resource for this nuance.

On a more individual level, it feels gross because, in a way, it is, because the behavior is being normalized. We are teased, bullied, and abused for stimming, and we are considered to have something “wrong” with us. But when an NT person normalizes it, they are not having all these negative things done to them. What is treated as a bad thing in us makes NT people seem trendy and cool.

It is natural to feel grossed out about this because it really just isn’t fair, and once we are stigmatized for doing the same thing, that stigma never goes way.

- Sam

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I am so tired of the "wlw" who get most popular being bisexual/queer women who almost always have boyfriends/almost only date men while talking about how much they find women attractive...It's just really alienating for me and I feel so bad about it and bi friends never understand why it bothers me so much and they can't understand homophobia as a lesbian experiences it without a comfortable way to opt out when it gets too hard or stops being trendy.

I keep trying to explain that they can just date men and still be happy, where I’d rather be alone or dead than in a relationship with one. They respond with they can’t help who they love, but, speaking of my bi friends at least, none of them see women as serious partners and have even said ‘I could never even imagine being married to a woman’ with a laugh and then looked at me like I was insane for being hurt by that when she’s someone who’s always shouting about how hard she has it being bi…

You’re not alone in experiencing homophobia like this from bisexuals. To be honest, WLW = bisexual woman or trans woman attracted to women, because if you’re a lesbian (aka a homosexual woman not attracted to male bodies) you’re told to stay away from WLW spaces, that you’re a bigot, that you should be open to dating and sleeping with males just like bisexuals. And bisexuals just don’t get it. They don’t get why we’re not like them and they think it’s because we’re close-minded or purposefully hateful. Just like straight people, they think there’s something wrong with our innate sexuality.

And I truly do hate how so many bisexual women act performative when it comes to their attraction to women. WLW spaces on tumblr are full of bi women romanticizing f/f relationships, but it’s rare to see that passion from them when it comes to dating irl. On the other hand, lesbians like us are only happy in f/f relationships, but it’s precisely because of that that we’re told we need to change, become accepting of penis, and to stop being terfs (such a meaningless word). I know bisexuals are affected by heterosexism too, but I lose patience for them when they are purposefully homophobic towards us.

Lesbians are being punished for being lesbians both inside and outside of LGBT spaces, and that’s disgusting. Bisexuals need to leave us alone and stop criticizing our sexuality. They also need to stop pushing us out of so-called WLW spaces, which are 100% more accepting of penises than of penis-repulsed women.

-Mod Noel

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So how's being in heat treating you? Hopefully it's not as bad as trendy's poor guy.

“Its… not even close to what hes dealing with…”

regarding the ppg reboot

There’s been a lot of hell raised lately surrounding the topic of the new Powerpuff Girls reboot, and understandably so. A lot of people take is as a personal attack on their childhood. I personally don’t like to think that way because let’s face it. Cartoon Network doesn’t owe anything to me personally. They’re a bigass company that’s allowed to do whatever they want.

But I do have several issues with the reboot. My first was the art style change. I still can’t pin down one specific thing about it that bugs me or formulate it into exact words. I almost prefer the Powerpuff Girls Z anime art style to this. Hell, I definitely prefer the style of the special episode from 2014 over this. The new style is just too… well. Everything about it screams “trying too hard to be new and fresh while still moderately keeping the same ish style as before”. That was something i would have been willing to look past if there weren’t so many other things wrong with it.

My biggest put-off before it aired was the change in the voice acting. It’s not PPG for me without Tara Strong and Elizabeth Daily. And while the new Blossom is a graduate of my university, I can’t stand what she’s done with the character.

But now that it’s aired, now that we’re in the thick of things, my greatest complaint is the writing. Dear Fucking God the writing.  

I did watch the first episode just to get a grasp on things for myself and not go by hearsay. And I hate what they did with the characterization of the girls. Instead of treating them like their own individual persons with complex personalities, they turned the girls into The Nerd, The One With Anger Issues With No Self Control, and The Typical Girlie-Girl One. These sweeping generalizations of their characters just hurt, coming from someone who grew up with these girls and fell in love with each aspect of who they are. Their hopes and dreams, their fears, what makes them tick.

There’s also the fact that they wrote out Miss Bellum. Like, what the actual fuck? I know there was a post going around that goes more in depth about Miss Sara Bellum’s departure, how she had so many vacation hours accumulated that she just….well. Miss Bellum is no longer with us. The show’s execs said something about how she “never rose above being secretary to the mayor” and yadda yadda. This woman was the one who was really in charge of Townsville. The Mayor was and is an imbecile. The man throws a fit like a 5 year old when he wants toast, gets into things he shouldn’t, etc. He’s a dunce, a buffoon. A well-meaning buffoon, but a buffoon nonetheless. Bellum was the one that ran the city. She strong, too. I mean hell, she went head to head with one of the city’s most dangerous villains and fucking took that hoe down.

They turned this wonderful show into a cheap gag. They stripped it of its motivational value to young children who may watch it in favor of being trendy and hip. I feel so bad for Craig McCracken. This show, these girls are his babies. In a lot of ways, I see craig himself in Professor Utonium. I’ve been binging the original series out of pure spite for the reboot and for nostalgia’s sake. And the Professor just…he takes such good care of his girls. They may not be biologically his, and they may have been the result of a lab experiment, but he doesn’t see them as just something he whipped up in the lab. They’re his girls. His babies. Like this show is to Craig McCracken. PPG has long been off the air, and I can appreciate an attempt to revive it so today’s kids can take in the glory that we once did. But Craig isn’t even part of the production anymore, which is something i’ll touch on later.

But there is an episode in which Prof. Utonium’s old college buddy, appropriately named “Dick”, comes to visit and wants to use the girls to make money. He wants to make them his and calls them a “cash cow”. To me, this episode really seems to say something about the way CN is going about the reboot. I put a bit of that rant in a post earlier. But he markets his version of the girls as this great new thing, makes them cheaply without any love or care.

I see so much in that episode that just moves me. The love that Utonium (Craig) has for the girls (the show) is what made them what they are. Everything else was just a poor-quality imitation. And all Dick cared about was making money off of and exploiting the girls.

With the way Cartoon Network is just reducing PPG to cheap gags and memes, trying to be hip and make itself relevant again. It makes me so upset. It has none of the integrity of the original show. It upsets me so much. It breaks my heart to see the show that moved me as a youth, made me laugh and cry and had me totally emotionally invested. It’s like comparing finely aged cheese cubes to a slice of Kraft “cheese”. I feel absolutely nothing for the reboot. It doesn’t draw me in. It doesn’t even have anything endearing or charming about it. It’s phony. It’s goofy. I wish this show was just a big, extended April Fools’ joke and that the real reboot is something much, much better.

I’m so sorry for what they’ve done to your baby, Craig. None of us are pleased with the way things have gone down either.

tumblr social justice in a nutshell
  • cisgendered person: youre only trans because its trendy
  • mean transgendered asshole: fuck you i hope you die, ill come to your house and murder you myself
  • nice trans person: please stop. violence does not solve problems. you're making us look bad. just stop.
  • cisgendered person: that's a good transed person, maybe since you have been so good i will take you to the trans park and let you play with some trans friends. perhaps i will get you a new leash and enter you in a trans show. in case this metaphor is not obvious i think of you as being similar to a pet dog.
  • nice trans person: woof

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not excusing it but it's funny because that post is from March 2015 when all the people who just happen to love Louis now thought it was #trendy to call Louis a rat :/


Plenty of them just started to “love” Louis when he became a dad because that allowed them to keep their precious Narry, Zarry, or het Harry dreams in tact. Too bad if Harry knew any of those people existed, he would fucking hate them for being so utterly vile about his boyfriend and the love of his life. Even if Harry and Louis weren’t together, it’s alarming that these despicable human beings think that HARRY STYLES, the most polite and kind person ever, would think highly of them for saying something so nasty about his bandmate and friend. All of the boys would hate them for saying shit like that - including Zayn. It’s sad and shows what ignorant fucks those people are that they don’t realize that.

"I wanted to ask if there was ever like, a time in your life where you kind of felt like really outcast or like you got left out, and also if you ever have those times now even though, by all of our standards you guys have made it, but, do you ever feel like you haven't?"
  • DT: ALL THE TIME! yeah!
  • BP: Totally. Frequently. In every ascept of life.
  • DT: Yeah!
  • BP: Of course... I mean , being an actor is like...
  • DT: I think that getting into acting is often something people don't feel like they quite fit into.
  • BP: Yeah. And then, throughout they're acting career, if they're forunate enough to have one, it's: "Am I doing well enough? Will I make it to the next level? WHO GOT THAT ROLE? Why didn't I get it??"
  • DT: "Why is everyone else more confident?"
  • BP: "Now I'm really old! Everyone's getting younger! I've only got TEN YEARS LEFT!"
  • DT: "NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN...!" Yeah, I think, absolutely, it's sort of a career you go into because you feel insecure and then spend your entire full career feeling insecure...
  • BP: Yeah and also, I think, if you have any sensitivity, you know, you're gonna experience that at some point in your life - if you're lucky at some point in your life, and if not, you know, pretty permanently on some level.
  • DT: I was never one of the cool kids at school, I was really far away from being one of the cool kids at school. I had a bad haircut and cheap glasses that also had sellotape on them...
  • BP: Of course, now it's really trendy all that stuff...
  • DT: I know, how rude! So, you know, I still feel like that kid much more than I feel like anyone who's sort of, should be regarded as in any way cool or successful. So yeah, all the time.
  • BP: All the time... I think it's more uncool if you're one of those, sort of, I don't know... 'togehter people', who are really perfectly groomed and in check and on point. I generally don't think those people are remotely interesting. That's my opinion. I would never encourage my kids to be that way. I love people's quirks and differences and not being remotely the same as other people. There's zero interest in that.
  • -
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