it's not selfish to not want children

I don't want to have children

“You say that now but wait till you have some!”

“You say that but watch you’ll end up with four!”

“What so you don’t like children?”

“Why do you hate children?”

“So you aren’t giving your parents any grandchildren?”

“Why are you so selfish?”

“Children are a blessing, how can you not see that?”

“Who will take care of you when you’re old?

"Haha, wait you aren’t kidding?”

“But you’d make such a good parent!”

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i'm genuinely loving this 18+/2 tickets per person set up. it sucks for the people who'll be disappointed about that, but i'm really excited about the tone of these events just completely changing. the small venues, no bored parents doing their duty... it's going to be fab!

Although the limit of 2 tickets per transaction is stressing me out in terms of organising groups trying to go, it’s also a good thing.

I don’t care how selfish it is, I don’t want small children and bored chaperones taking up the limited tickets available on this tour. We’re older and closer to death, let us have this one (1) thing.

while i think its important to have a positive outlook on life and shit the culture of thinking positive is privileged and selfish with karmic beliefs– and i do not believe in karma. karma implies that you deserve to be in the circumstances that you are in right now. and since i was a kid i always wondered how karma can be a thing when children are born into poverty and dysfunctional families everyday. no one deserves that shit.

the culture of positive thinking has become a bit capitalistic. goes back to the idea of achieving what you want simply by working for it while shunning any criticism of the system by gaslighting and deeming it as “negativity”– as if everything is under your control, not at all influenced by society or the govt. it lays blame on the individual for their shitty circumstances. sometimes an individual is directly responsible for the negativity in their life, but lets not factor out mental illness and the many social injustices that affect the marginalized.

((however when it comes to this industry specifically, you shouldnt be ranting on your public social media where clients follow you. you have a positive dick loving persona to maintain and that persona is your money maker. separate that shit if you feel the need to complain all the time. find another outlet, such as tumblr or whatever sex work community that is not for clients. outside of work, whatever your professional domain is, you need an outlet or something to keep you grounded. like just get your money and go home and count it. dont do shit that gives you nothing to count at night lol ))

anyways, i get it when someone is not the most upbeat or positive. i never was this person but i see myself slowly growing into that person as i slowly try to gain more control of my emotions. i dont want to be happy but i want to have peace. but i recognize that just the ability to be able to become that person is a privilege. yeah ive had to be self sufficient since a young age but i always say it could have been worse. some people may never find happiness or peace or whatever it is that fulfills them and it wont entirely be their fault. acceptance of status quo is one way of achieving inner peace but can you really blame the people who are negatively and discriminatively affected by the status quo for wanting to criticize and resist? there are problems and issues in this world that you will never experience for yourself. this isnt to say you have to extend your empathy to every single person in the world– because no one has a well of caring *that* deep– but at least have the compassion to refrain from judging or speaking for other people who go thru shit you will or have never personally experienced. just shh and cut that “good vibes only” crap out

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hey there ♡ I usually never pick flowers, I find the act selfish I'm my own personal opinion unless it's in a sustainable and kind way. however, today walking a trail I saw flower heads for these daisies littered on the ground. I suspect these young children had picked them before and left them there. not wanting to waste, I took them with me. do you have any ideas or correspondences to do with daisies? I'd appreciate it so much!

What a considerate flower you are! I have a few ideas for you.🌼

  • Daisies vibe with the planet Venus, the element water, and are feminine in gender.
  • They’re also wonderful to decorate your altar with for Midsummer’s Eve, so you managed to find some at a great time! It’s right around the corner. For Litha you can use them to bring happiness to the home and to obtain the blessings of faeries. Daisies are also worn at Midsummer for luck and blessings. In the old times, young maidens would weave and wear daisy chains in their hair to attract their beloved.
  • Their magical properties are for lust, luck, love, protection, and happiness. It’s also noted in my book of herbs that they’re a suitable offering for Freyja, Ostara, Artemis, and Aphrodite.

Best of wishes with your new daisies! 

Some days working with disabled kids is hard.  -.-  An 11 year old should not be able to make me cry, yet here we are.

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yeah some child is trying to get keaton fired because he's "a ped*phil* apologist!! he told me to stop insulting others for not shipping kl@nce!!1" also the same person ships sh@tt so they're a massive fucking hypocrite but as we all know antis hate women and only want that sweet yaoiz so it's no surprise.

Josh Keaton is one of the nicest voice actors I’ve become aware of, and the fact that he takes almost every job he’s offered shows how much he loves doing what he is doing. The fact that some children are trying to take such a big gig away from him (i’ve been through his imdb, and I can confirm that Voltron is one of his biggest roles he’s done in a while) over such childish, selfish reasons that aren’t even right makes me legitimately angry. They’ve brought his family–his children into this mess before, and that on its own is fucking infuriating.

@ whoever started this: Please try to keep your opinions to yourself and your friends who actually give a shit, because bringing such a threat onto someone could literally ruin their career if blown out of proportion. The fact that this is even happening is beyond me.

Another thing; as someone who has been an avid anime watcher since I was at least 13, I know a certain Funimation voice actor who actually should be kept away from children because of inappropriate touching between him and his fans that has been claimed time and time again. Josh Keaton is a sweet, sweet man who would never do such a thing to anyone, he respects and is grateful for his fans, so I suggest we all treat him with more respect.

Hang in there if your tired of hearing “You’ll change your mind.”

I am 37 years old and female. I have worked all my life, had many successful relationships and currently have been with someone for 12 years. 

I have no children. I never wanted children.  I was told like so many people “you will change your mind” I haven’t.   “Who will take care of you when your older?”  My retirement plan/friends/wonderful people i meet in my life.  “It’s different when its yours.” Maybe, but I won’t ever find out, I do not want children. I have held this belief since I was 5. 

People say “You were a kid”  Yes thank you, that is in fact how being a human works, you start as a baby and it goes from there.  However having been a child at one point makes me no more qualified to have a child than having held a football once, means I should be on the starting line at the superbowl. 

“It’s selfish.”  I don’t understand why anyone thinks that’s an appropriate thing to say, and there for I don’t respond, or if I do I inform them I have “cats to put through college” 

I was raised by my grandparents (yes my mother was not ready to have a child, and my grandparents ended up raising me).  I was fortunate enough to have a parent who told me from the first person who ever said to me (at five) “You’ll change your mind.”  That I didn’t have to. 

So, the reason I’m putting this out there.   No I do not have children, No I do not want them.  I do not even like them.  NO, I don’t hate your children, but I also don’t want to hold them, kiss them, or hear about them any more than you want to hear about my cats/ferrets/airbrush/theories on five nights at freddies (actually you might like that last one).  

I am not rolling in money, I do not delight in the pain of parents with lack of sleep.  Being childfree to me means simply this: 

I have enough respect and understanding of my own abilities, and skills to understand and take in to consideration options and conclude.  I should not be a parent.  Do not invalidate my own choices on my life because I assure you in this world it is not an easy stance to take.  Especially when I was told at 12 “You will have such easy childbirth your hips are just made for it.”   I knew then however I didn’t have the skill to reply with out turning bright red. 

So, all I really want to say is this, if you don’t want to have children. Then don’t. Do not get down if you can over “you’ll change your mind.” “what about your grandparents?” “its different when its yours”  or “Just wait”.  If you do change your mind then good, but don’t do it because its what someone else wants.  

I’m here to tell you.  I haven’t changed my mind. 

jesuslivesstill replied to your link “Spanking does more harm than good | University of Michigan News”

Spanking your children isn’t abuse. Abusing your children is abuse. Disciplining your children because they need direction is essential. Any corrective action taken BECAUSE your angry is abuse. One is selfish and hateful, the other is loving guidance. Its not what you do as much as why you are doing it. I don’t need a bias study to draw lines in the wrong place.

Consider: You don’t have to hit your child ~at all~ to discipline them.

Consider: Teaching a child that hitting them is an expression of your ~love~ may not be the best message for long term mental and emotional health. 

Consider: The culmination of 5 decades of study involving hundreds of thousands of children is not inherently biased because it tells you not to hit children when you really want to. 

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The Chairman and God of death 2 don't really count as evil because they're beautiful and have tragic backstories. I dnt care how many people they've killed or lives they've ruined.

Um you come into my house????? 

Alright humpty dumpty lemme ding dong fuckin educate u a thing or two.

I know this is supposed to be a joke and shitpost blog, but No. Let’s educate a handful of you dunderheads first.

Let’s start with mr good ol chairman. Because oh boy once I get to nidaime…

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Apparently I can’t stop writing on this topic

I keep seeing people saying that the reason Dean is going to take Mary’s leaving so hard is because of his history and his abandonment issues.  He is going to take it personally because he is predisposed to think that everyone leaves him and he isn’t good enough for anyone .  As though Dean is just seeing Mary’s leaving through the lens of past experience and low self-esteem and that’s why it’s wrecking him, not because of anything Mary herself did.

But I think it’s important to acknowledge that Mary actually DID reject him.  She flat-out said that being with him and Sam reminded her of how much she missed/wanted to be with her young children.  She absolutely pitted Dean against his younger self and stated that she found him lacking.  And I don’t say that to bash her or because I hate her, I just say it because it’s true.  Regardless of whether you can or cannot understand what Mary did, whether you like her or not, the bald fact of the matter is, she made a completely selfish choice and handled its execution very badly.  And, yes, that just makes her human, like the rest of the Winchesters, it doesn’t necessarily make her evil or anything, but it was not a shining moment for her.

Idk, it just seems like a lot of folks are suggesting Dean is taking this personally unnecessarily because he can’t see that everything is not about him but…Mary made this choice about him and Sam when she explained why she was leaving.  If she had said “I just need to take some time, this is all so unfamiliar to me, I love you but I personally need some time”, that would be different.  Then it really would be Dean internalizing something he doesn’t have reason to.

But Dean has very solid reasons to feel that Mary has rejected him.  And I’m a bit sick of people saying that he doesn’t and kind of…invalidating him in that way.  Not that his issues don’t/won’t play into how hard he has taken and possibly will take it, but they are not the only reason he’s feeling what he’s feeling. 

Aurora is a badass. Why:

She has fought through multiple rounds of horrible abuse and conditioning, beginning with the childhood one that was so severe it created dissociative identity disorder. She was completely cut off from the real world, growing up, and existed in a tiny bubble of strict, loveless regimentation and constant flagellation (both self and otherwise), that drove her to the point of suicide for the first time. Bonus layer of pain: the judgmental judgy judge-face stone cold Catholicism that tortured her was also her only refuge until she was well out of her adolescence.

Let’s pause to think of all the sympathy that backstory would engender if she was a man. Of course he does ridiculous things and is cruel, clueless, and self-centered, sometimes—he’s just trying to make a life on his own terms for once, but with zero education or experience to inform his choices. He’s so angry and wounded and he can’t help that he has DID! Oh, I want to cuddle him and help him find someone to love him and fix him!

But since it’s a woman, nah, she’s just a crazy selfish whore bitch.

She has been repeatedly kidnapped, tortured, oftentimes because of the difficulty her DID presents when it comes to owning her life (mainly because Marvel loves its whipping girls and is ableist as hell and WHAT IS AGENCY ANYHOW?)—and if that wasn’t the reason, it usually became the focal point after the fact. She’s been made a pawn by everyone from Headlock to the Weapon X program to the Children of the Vault. Which is to say nothing of trauma both inflicted and enabled by certain ex-boyfriends. She has come out swinging and determined to claim her peace of mind every time.

In spite of all this, she has proven to be a real girl with real feelings, capable of forming actual relationships beyond the surface and/or self-destructive romances she clung to for validation in the past. Her brother has picked her up every time she’s fallen, even when she’s just told him to fuck off (usually her fault for being a judgy prick or a self-centered prick, depending on who was writing and how they played her DID, but occasionally his—please let’s not forget that he is also a judgy self-centered prick and nearly as emotionally broken as she) and she has repeatedly refused to give on up on him when he needed her, as well.

Although the world has taught her to be selfish is to survive, she naturally gravitates toward caretaking and helpful roles, when the choice is her own to make—superhero, teacher, healer-counselor, and now (headcanon time: because she is fully capable of recognizing and understanding that her brother has been instrumental in giving her that agency) she helps Jean-Paul run his Empire of Beautiful Sports-Star Narcissism. Not to mention she hooked up him with his husband and was the only one who could tell him the truth on his wedding day without getting punched, in one of their trademark ridiculously awkward love-moments.

Oh, also. Fuck with her and hers, and she will end you.

Also also, I may be a little bit bitter about the way she constantly gets shafted both by Marvel and fandom. MAYBE.

—  romance novelist Katey Hawthorne on Aurora (context)
morning has broken

Derek has always known he could conceive.

Children born of alphas often inherit strange gifts.  Laura had inherited their mother’s gift for shifting into a full wolf.  Cora had the most heightened senses of anyone he had ever known.   

Derek, well, he had inherited this.   “It’s an honor,” his mother had told him, but she was always saying that, going on and on about their blessings, gifts.   

For Derek, it had mostly been an irrelevant fact, as important to his daily life as having a spleen.  He’s gonna be with Paige forever, and then he thought Kate, and then he’d given up on having anyone at all. 

He thinks about it sometimes, and maybe it’s selfish to bring someone into the world just to have something to love, but he can’t help but want it.  He dreams sometimes of clutching a bundle of flailing limbs and angry cries to his chest, of having someone to soothe and care for.    

But it’s not feasible.  He can’t–he’ll never do that. He’ll never inflict his genes, his history, his general lack on someone who doesn’t deserve it. He chooses deliberately to mostly date girls,  occasionally fucks boys but never bottoms.  He can’t risk it. the moon has a habit sometimes, of trying to help its children and he knows, he just knows he would conceive, if he ever, just once–but he won’t. That’s not for him. 

His gift became much more relevant when Stiles fists his hand in Derek’s shirt, drags him in and kisses him, demanding and furious.  Derek closes his eyes and kisses him back, doesn’t think. He lets Stiles burrow himself in close, doesn’t do anything to stop him.    

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do you have any advice on avoiding ddlg/cgl blogs or keeping them from finding you? i want to start a pink blog again because it was my favorite blog ive ever had, but i deleted it because littles kept interacting with me. the ddlg/cgl stuff is extremely triggering to me because its what caused my sexual abuse but all the littles that interact give a "fuck you idc if me interacting makes you want to die ill do what i want :)))))))" type of response when i politely ask them not to

you could password protect it, but that would make it hard to find…this is why i hate dd/1g. Everyone is so inconsiderate, and they only care about themselves. Actual CHILDREN aren’t even that selfish, kids have empathy!

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Fundies often tend to homeschool their kids because they're the same type of dumb fucks that think the Earth is flat and climate change isn't a real thing and don't want their kids to know the facts. I probably just sounded like a smug edgelord but that's literally what happens, they don't want their kids to learn something that they don't agree with, even though it's basic science you learn when you're like 5.

…Good thing homeschooling is kinda not allowed where I come from…Even if I disagree with the government propaganda being taught in Social studies, well, at least the children learn about actual science.

It’s pretty selfish TBH. They don’t want theirr kids to learn properly just so that they can get their kids to agree with them because they can’t handle an opposing viewpoint…How petty is that? Sabotaging their own kids for their own sake…

-Wang Yao

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Do you have an opinion on reproductive coersion? It isn't treated as abuse in parts of the us & is only ever mentioned as the 'crazy lady poking holes in condoms' narrative despite a lot of men sabotaging contraceptives of their (hetero) partners-i can't help but feel like this is the whole men get trapped by children but women always want them even when they say they dont thing? Like its not ~real~ abuse because she'd get something out of it? Ugh what do you think?

I do have an opinion. Probably not a huge surprise, but I would condemn forced reproduction up there with forced labour. It doesn’t matter if that’s poking holes in the condom or swapping her contraceptive pills for tic-tacs. 

Forcing someone against into parenthood against their will is… breathtakingly selfish. If not downright evil.

We know a couple who I strongly suspect are affected by this. She gleefully tells everyone that he wasn’t sure about kids but then the condom must have just slipped or something, and it was God’s way of changing his mind. Now he loves being a dad.

When she’s out of the room, he sings a different tune.

Personally, I think it’s rape. A rape that lasts a minimum of eighteen years, if not longer. No means no.

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You know, your attitude on abortion is not compassionate in the least. I mean, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines "compassion" as "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it." Not only are you not sympathetic to the distress of a woman with an unplanned pregnancy, but if she knows that getting an abortion would alleviate her distress, you don't care, which is entirely uncompassionate of you. So are you okay with the fact that you're uncompassionate?

One could also argue those who promote the slaughter of unborn humans in the womb are not sympathetic or compassionate to the unborn human beings or women.

You see, perhaps an terminating another persons to alleviate another distress isn’t what I consider “compassion”.

You seem to think that the only possible way of being compassionate or sympathetic towards abortion is to support the taking of an underdeveloped human life. What exactly is compassion if it involves the taking of another human life?

Its funny, 3 out of my 4 pregnancies were unplanned. All four of them I expressed severe distress. I was pregnant when I was a 17 year old high schooler living in my car. I was pregnant when I was 19 in an extremely mental, physical and sexually abusive relationship. And I’m pregnant now with with my second D.V.T this pregnancy, responsible for not just my own life and the life inside me, but my 3 other children. Not to mention each and every time I have been pregnant I am hospitalized with D.V.Ts (clots in my legs), P.E.s (clots in my lungs), and two daily injections into the fat of my stomach (which between you and me is getting quite difficult with my 37 week pregnant belly). But the funny part about this is, none of these things caused me as much distress, as the physicians, family, friends, and partners who pressured and pressured each time to abort. None of these things caused me as much distress as hearing that I was a selfish, heartless individual because I wanted to continue these pregnancies even though it risked my life, even if I was homeless, even if I was in an abusive relationship, 17, broke or without support.

Like you, they seemed to think the only thing that would alleviate my distress was to abort my children.

“Well it was your CHOICE! We should get to CHOOSE!”

(this is from my previous post)- Lets talk about choice. As human beings we are ALL given the freedom of choice, its called “free will.” We have the free will to choose all sorts of basic things. What to wear in the morning, whether to eat cake or a bran muffin for breakfast, and whether or not to attend class. Life is full of choices. Some choices are between good and evil. For example, I could choose to steal a candy bar rather then pay for it. I could choose to trip random strangers on the sidewalk, and I could choose to get into a car drunk and drive.

The question is, when should these choices be supported in full by the law. Should the law support that I have the choice to choose whether or not I want to eat cake or a bran muffin for breakfast? Certainly. Should the law support that I have the choice to drink and drive? Absolutely not. If the law does not permit me to drink and drive, is my choice being removed? No. I still have the choice to drink and drive, but now if i choose to drink and drive, I also choose to break the law.

“Your a strong women, some people can’t handle that!”

I wasn’t stronger then any one else, trust me I cried myself to sleep afraid for my life, hearing the words of everyone I know and trusted echoing inside my head “you would really die for this baby and leave your children?!” “You cant afford any more!” “You aren’t ready, you’re just a child!” I wasn’t born stronger then anyone else, able to handle more “suffering” and more “pain”, I became stronger because I overcame.

If a woman came to me in distress because she was currently unexpectedly pregnant, I would not suggest abortion to her. I would let her cry on my shoulder, I would assure her, I would offer to be her ear, offer her advice, ask her what I can do and what she needed help with, but I would never suggest to her that taking the life of an unborn human being would “make her feel better”.

If I am uncompassionate because I care about every single persons life, and I am unable to place another human being under the feet of another human, to deem them “unvaluable” or “non-human” for the purpose of killing that human, then so be it.

I’m sorry if you feel taking the life of another human is worth alleviating distress, but I just simply don’t agree with the dehumanization of human beings for murder for any reason. 

I am just as lost as I was when I first kissed a set of lips. The confusion you cause in my thoughts, I’ve never felt this lost. The intensity in your eyes, another reason to be attached. The caterpillar dying to become butterflies; bursting from the cocoon, life and love has a way to destroy us to create new perceptions. I don’t think I’ll ever understand people like you, the timestamp without the numbers. The heart with the scars, but it doesn’t hurt. The first time we spoke, I felt like I was talking to myself. A similar soul. The same sad smile. The way we can’t lock eyes because you’re not real. We don’t exist on the same plane, you’re in my mind. You’re in my heart. You’re everywhere, but you don’t exist on a level I can grasp. The same way your voice sounds broken at night. How you are a reminder of the one I broke. The way she opened up her mouth to spill out pain that I caused. You said I hurt you. I probably did, everybody I have ever liked at one point must feel the same. I must be cursed to the touch. A rose with too many thorns. A poem with a misunderstood message. You mentioned that nobody likes the sad girl. Nobody wants to be around a suffering shadow. That’s what you said. What about me? The sad poet. They love what they read, but never how they feel. The way my heart dances as you speak, I’ve never admitted defeat. I hate how my body delves into the night and my poetry is written in my fears. I hate everything about myself. To the way I look to the way I think. To the way I write to the way I love. I once told you that we’re the same, you and I. You agreed. You must also feel like an empty shoebox. A song without lyrics. Poetry not meant to be written by you. A tree living under the sun; changing at the whims of the seasons. The stars with a shine not worth noticing. The moon traveling for a kiss it won’t revolve around. A dog chasing the mysterious tire. A rabbit running for its life. A poet who couldn’t get it right. A knife intended for backs and not fruits. I’m sorry if you don’t understand me. I’m sorry that I put pain in your smile. When I said I didn’t like it when you’re sad, I wanted to say I’d much rather be the reason as to why you smile. But I’m as selfish as you. Living in my head. Living in my poems. Under a blanket. Under the stars. We are the sad star children of the universe and the words we write hurt. We are hurting, you and I. Our feelings, the only reasons as to how you found me. How you fell in love with my writing, but not me. Because who loves the poet, right? I’m just a beautiful pair of metaphors you can only read. I’m just someone broken you wanted to fix. I’m just poetry you couldn’t resist and you’re just another why I don’t want to exist. The saddest thing is not being alone at night, no. The saddest thing is knowing you could be with someone, but they’d never feel the same. I’m not vulnerable to the colors you emit. I’m vulnerable to the words you spit out. The way you enter my thoughts and tried to paint where you didn’t belong. A flower lost among the garden. A star trapped in the darkness. A cliff made for suicide. A book dusted in your smile. We’re just a coincidence and an excuse to fall harder. You are and forever will be another reason to why I’d want to get lost in some more eyes. Because before I fell in love with poetry, I always loved eyes and an unforgiving smile. You’re brutal to my heart and I think you can be my art. The way you made me want to heal, to the way you slaughter my emotions. I think I could love you. I think I do, but I know you don’t feel the same. That’s fine. That’s alright. That’s okay. We’re terrific, just where we are. Sad poets writing about fine weather and a constant reminder to not fall in love with a black dove. I hope you’re enjoying your night. You’re lovely and gorgeous if nobody told you today. I’m sorry if I’m too grey, but you still called me a pretty crimson. A beautiful shade of red. The blood in the rose. The red in the sun. I think you’re another reason I should run away.
—  When you said I was vulnerable to the vibrant world, I think that’s when you captivated my attention. // k.c.

So tomorrow is going to be hell. Turns out my recent ex boyfriend who swore he wouldn’t stop being my friend told a loud mouth bitch in my first period, who already despised me being of me being openly pansexual and not religious, some shit that wasn’t her business about Ryan and now she won’t stop fucking blowing up my phone about how he is “worthless” and I’m being selfish for leaving my ex. I’m so fucking sorry that I didn’t want to lead him on and hurt him even more, I’m so fucking sorry I am not your god damn Saint who wants to be married and have children the moment I’m 18 to the preachers son, I’m sorry I don’t fit in to this fucking small town and all of its racist, sexist, and bigoted bullshit, but all you’ve successfully done is secure one thing in my mind, that this town will never be my home and people in it will never welcome me and I’m glad because I never want to hate anyone simply because they have depression and have had a bad past. Everyone makes mistakes, but this small town won’t let us forget them. So congrats you manage to isolate me, but guess what? I’ve found the friends that actually care about me so thank you for weeding out the bullshit and thank you for reminding me of something that I should’ve remembered when this whole mess started and something that I hope the people that follow my blog can remember too when they go through similar situation when the world feels like it has turned against them-

Happiness does not require anyone else’s stamp of approval to validate it but your own.


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Declawing is not 'disgusting', it's not good, vets don't like doing it, however it is necessary sometimes. The owner that has chemo and can't afford to have the cat harm them, the older person with paper thin skin and doesn't want to let the pet go, or those with ill children may get their pet declawed. Working in an animal hospital I can tell you, soft paws do NOT always work, they get chewed off most times, and if a pet needs to be declawed it will be discussed with the vet and then will help.

Then don’t own a cat you selfish walnut. 

If it’s not conducive to your lifestyle, give it a chance to thrive somewhere else. 

Also I really hope you don’t follow me. Go away. Just go away.