it's not really finished but i've had enough


re-watching Strictly Ballroom and since I can’t hear “the federation” without thinking trek, naturally: Strictly Ballroom AU! (i mean…both Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Saldana were dancers so…) Spock just wants to dance his own steps, the absolute rebel. and Idk….a vulcan would be strong enough to do really acrobatic moves with a dance partner. for spock tuesday!

NT Moments - Puzzles
  • ENTJ brought a 3D puzzle he received as a birthday present to INTP's place.
  • ENTJ: Let's do this. Are you good with puzzles?
  • INTP: Yea. I used to do a lot of 1,000 pieces puzzles when I was little. Never done a 3D one, though.
  • ENTJ: Wow. I've never had enough patience for this kind of thing.
  • ----- 10 minutes in
  • INTP: I'm bored. Let's do something else. And I'm distracted. I was in the middle of going through ideas for work before you came over.
  • ENTJ: No! We must do this! I'm committed. I will not get up until this puzzle is complete.
  • INTP: Really...
  • ENTJ: Come on!
  • INTP: Fine.
  • INTP then went into concentration mode and found pieces very quickly and the two finished the puzzle.
  • ENTJ: Finally! It's over!
  • INTP: That was fun! I wanna do more of these. They have other shapes on the box.
  • ENTJ: There's no way I'm doing that again.