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stucky as buzzfeed titles:
  • 16 ways to show bae you love him (hint: shoot him in the leg)
  • captain america himself destroys biphobia while wearing the american flag
  • what it was like to be lgbt in the military while WWII was raging (”I hid, a lot. I did it for him. If they’d found out I wasn’t straight I would’ve been discharged so I kept my mouth shut. the closet can be very lonely”)
  • “stop sending me candy bars” former assassin and cap’s childhood best friend is so done
  • 22 reasons why bucky barnes and steve rogers are relationship goals
  • steve rogers on how he keeps the romance alive after 70 years
  • bucky barnes opens up about peggy carter “I would’ve supported steve if they’d married”

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This is what a TV bromance looks like

In my previous post, I talked a little about the ‘gay’-joke as a TV trope. While the first example (Big Bang Theory) was to demonstrate how writers use the trope as a joke, I also made clear that it’s not a joke in Sherlock. It’s not supposed to be. And today I’ll talk about another TV show while tackling this argument:

‘Well, it’s not a joke – Sherlock and John are friends. Best friends! So of course they are close to each other.’

If there’s anything I love about TV shows, it’s probably well written friendships. Between men, women, between a man and a woman (and hell, we’re lacking this combination in particular), between brothers and sisters – I love them. So for me, one of the best friendships on TV is between Turk and J.D. in Scrubs. Their ‘gayness’ does have a comic effect, so what makes it different from BBT? After all, it’s the same here: everyone around them knows that they are like this but they’d never actually think of them as gay, Turk ends up with Carla quite quickly and J.D. is as unsuccessful with women as ever.

Yeah, the fact that they are pretty gay with each other is true but unlike in BBT, it’s never really absurd or grotesque. To me, one of the reasons why the friendship between J.D. and Turk is so wonderful is that they themselves are completely fine with it. They are open about what they feel for each other (It’s guy love between two guys) and they adhere to it – they are aware of how other people might perceive them but they aren’t afraid to show their affection to each other. They also outright say how important they are to each other. (This is important!) When Howard is confronted with his behaviour towards Raj, he tends to start babbling nonsense, gets nervous or tries to deny it (he tried to avoid the topic of who he went to couple therapy with) – he was embarrassed of how ‘deep’ his relationship with Raj goes.

That never really happens with J.D. and Turk. You can tell they love each other in a platonic way (I hope I’m not hurting any J.D. and Turk shippers here) and aren’t afraid to show it. And it’s really refreshing too, although the show has found its end quite a while ago. It’s an honest friendship, no secrets, no hard feelings. Considering how old this show is, it’s really a surprise that the show’s main character is … not fitting to the idea of masculinity at all. And the fact that J.D. doesn’t fit to that stereotype and is quite ‘feminine’ at times and isn’t written as gay but has a very very intact friendship with Turk is one of the few things that I miss on TV nowadays.

Talking about J.D. and Turk… Just repeating here. This is what a bromance looks like:

Or like this

(look at how happy they are with each other)

Or like this!


Oh my god kill me why did I have to watch these scenes again


The accident knee grab. Mmmh, smooth Dr. Watson 

So my point is: They aren’t happy with each other. Season 3 was the peak of their friendship. And J.D. and Turk have been pretty much on the peak of their friendship since Season 1. And they are so happy with each other, at some point both of them have everything they want.

And so do John and Sherlock, right? John has a wife, Sherlock made a new friend now and that friend even seems to push their relationship! They have finally admitted their platonic feelings to each other, “of course you’re my best friend” - “my best friend John” and Sherlock has vowed to be there for him forever. If Season 1 and 2 were there to only establish their friendship, this is the peak now.

But why the hell would friends look so sad? Why do they look so unhappy, so unsatisfied? Why is there this tension between them? Why are there so many things desperately unspoken between them? “The stuff that you wanted to say, but didn’t say it… say it now.” - “No. Sorry, I can’t.” / “John, there’s something I should say, I meant to say but I never have(…)” 

Yes, Season 3 was the peak of John’s and Sherlock’s friendship. The best thing in a friendship is to recognize the other one as your best friend. But there are so many things left unsaid and they are obviously struggling with it. This doesn’t make sense unless it’s more than friendship. It’s not a bromance. It’s romance. And this tension needs to be resolved in Season 4. 

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