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*** I’m really loving this story line. 💘 No telling how many parts there will be but its gonna be lengthy. Here’s part 3 ***

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“Maybe you could put in applications around town? I’m sure there’s places that will take you Jax. A garage or something.” Jax sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I already work at a garage Tara.” “I know but another one. The club isn’t good for you. You could be doing so much better for yourself. Nothing good happens in this town.” “Then why did you come back?”

Tara stayed quiet and looked at Jax, her face blank. To be honest, Jax didn’t even know. She hated Charming and she hated the club. Jax didn’t want to say it but he was slowly beginning to think that she’d only come back because she knew he’d kill Kohn for her rather than because she loved him. She knew he wouldn’t stand for Kohn stalking her and making her feel unsafe. She was all gung ho to try their relationship again when they’d met for the first time since she’d come back then as soon as her problem was cold and dead, buried over in Chigger Woods, she comes out with the same old ‘maybe I don’t belong here’ shit she always did.

He’d left you 2 weeks ago and there wasn’t a day that passed where he didn’t think about you. Or you with Juice. The thought angered him even more every time he thought about it and by now he was seconds away from exploding. Every Time he saw you, you were right at Juices side or as of 3 days ago, in his lap. The thing that had pissed him off the most though was when he’d seen you drinking one of Juice’s smoothie cleanses. He’d heard Tig asking you about it and you’d said that Juice had gone over to your place and stayed there his whole day off, cooking and making the smoothies with you.

It was simple but the thought of Juice being with you alone all day made Jax see red. What if he started staying there? Did he spent the night? Did you let him sleep in your bed with you? On his side? The realization that it wasn’t his side anymore had Jax growling and standing abruptly, entirely forgetting that he was even talking to Tara before. “Jax?” “I gotta go.” “I’m sorry, I’ll drop it. I just want what’s best for you.” Jax nodded and walked to the door. “Yeah.”


“I’m hungry.” “Wanna go out for lunch?” You nodded and looked at up from the sink to Juice. “Where?” “I don’t know. Seafood? Pizza?” You both thought for a moment before you smiled. “Pizza.” You nodded and your stomach growled in accordance, Juice nodding towards the exit of the clubhouse. “Let’s go. Let me take my girl out.” He smirked and winked while you smiled and blushed. Juice waited for you to dry your hands and walked out of the kitchen with you following behind him.

You walked with him to the exit and tried to will the redness in your cheeks to go down. Somewhere along the way in these 2 weeks of staying around Juice for your vengeance against Jax, you’d found yourself developing feelings for him. You’d been friends for a while and you’d always liked being around him but the recent closeness that the two of you had was beginning to bring out feelings for Juice that you didn’t know you had. You’d always found him to be handsome. He was adorable and rugged, both in perfect balance and a great guy with a big heart.

You’d had a lot of fun hanging out with him and you actually found yourself feeling down whenever you had to separate. He came to your house often and when he didn’t feel like it after a long day, he’d call you to go over to him. In the beginning you’d just sit with him in the clubhouse or on his couch and watch random movies on Netflix, just laughing and eating but slowly the distance between the two of you had gotten smaller and smaller and the last couple times had ended with you dosing off with him on his couch, your head on his shoulder and his arm around you. You had yet to spend the night with each other though and you weren’t sure if that would be a good idea to do so.

Originally, that had been the plan. You’d hang out a little and then start staying with each other over night but it was supposed to just be to piss Jax off. Now you didn’t know. You hadn’t planned to get feelings for him but you did, and fast. The thought worried you and you pushed it to the back of your mind, heading out towards Juice’s bike. You climbed on behind him and secured your helmet, pulling out if the lot and making a left down the street towards the restaurant, just missing Jax as he pulled in from the right seconds later.

Walking up to the clubhouse, he saw Chibs and Tig siting outside by the table and joined them, needing advice. Before he was able to say anything though, Chibs could already tell something was off. “What’s wrong, my boy?” Jax sighed and shook his head, sitting down by his brothers, the two of them looking at him intently, though they both could already guess what the problem was.

“It’s just Y/n man. Girls getting under my skin.” “Because of the whole Juice thing?” Jax looked over with narrowed eyes. “Yes, because of the Juice thing.” Tig shrugged and looked over at Chibs, the Scotsman speaking up. “She’s just trying to find comfort Jackie. She’s hurt. You broke her heart and now she’s seeing that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.” He was trying to keep it polite while still getting his point across that Jax didn’t really have a reason to be angry. Not after what he’d put you through. Either way, he wanted Jax to realize his mistake on his own.

“What if she falls in love with him?” “What if she does? I don’t see your issue here Jax. You left her because you found someone better for you and now she’s with Juice because she found someone better for her.” Jax anger flared up and he stood swiftly. “He’s not better for her than me!” “And Tara’s not better for you than her and yet here we are.”

Jax looked at Chibs, hands folded in front of him and staring at Jax with a less than pleased expression. Jax looked down at the ground, a tugging feeling in his heart and after a moments hesitation, he asked his brothers the question he’d been trying to avoid since the moment he left you. “Do you think it was a mistake? Leaving her for Tara?” Both Tig and Chibs shared a looked, before looking back to Jax. “What do you think?”