it's not only vocalist

RFA+ but its a kpop group

hi, I made that post with 707 posting bts lyrics, messaged the babes about it, and had The Need to write this :’)

rfa but what does it stand for? Really, Freaking Anything™ jk name the kpop group 2k17

also! this is me easing back into writing~ something a little fun before I get to requests ^^

!! maybe v route spoilers, name wise !!


  • vocalist and dancer 
  • also considered the visual 
  • we all know he has a pretty deep voice, but its still amazing
  • hi i imagined zen dancing to rap mon’s part in bts’ ‘blood sweat and tears’ and died, you’re free to join me that part is My Shit
  • he works really hard for the group, helping write songs, getting choreography together
  • shows a bunch of confidence onstage and on camera, but he’s really insecure
  • like he always asks jihyun and jaehee how he’s doing with his moves and voice
  • but he’s living his dream, so he’s just working really hard :’)
  • 25/8 blowing kisses to the cameras 


  • rapper hahahaha fight me
  • everyone was surprised when they found out he could rap, but he’s real good at it
  • writes a lot of the raps, actually. sometimes he thinks he could do better, but he’s great
  • he’s so happy every time he sees the face of people when they first hear him rapping
  • like? this baby??? can Do That?? yes he can
  • also has a good singing voice, though
  • sometimes he has a few singing lines, but he really enjoys what he does
  • all the fans give him little stuffed dogs because it was revealed he wanted to be a vet
  • his parents are really proud of him :’))


  • she’s the leader its the only way they’ll survive tbh
  • does a little of everything - a vocalist and dancer. occasionally raps
  • jaehee works really hard and she’s respected by all the members, of course
  • part of why she’s the leader is because she is super observant of the others and helps them work on what they need to
  • ironically, she doesn’t talk a lot in interviews. jumin and zen do the most
  • so sometimes people forget that she’s the leader
  • but it shows when she gets all of them together
  • always has a coffee mug in her hands and the fans tell her to get more sleep
  • the sweetest in person, oh gosh how does she do it


  • vocalist and a rapper sometimes #DJ Han
  • he talks the most during interviews 
  • and his voice is the deepest but it also has quite the range
  • like sometimes he has the high notes and you’re like? oh my gosh
  • no one ever expects it when he raps, but when he does, its amazing
  • a good songwriter! he writes a few of them
  • fans first thought he was intimidating and didn’t really approach him
  • but over time, they start seeing his silly side and how he roasts the other members
  • though they do kind of wonder why someone like him wanted to be in a kpop group. we’re all thankful though~ and he loves what he does

707 / saeyoung

  • rapper and dancer
  • 707 always looks so happy when he’s rapping
  • the fans know his “real name” to be luciel before he’s comfortable enough
  • raps as fast as he codes
  • he’s a flexible person, so he has really fluid movements
  • it looks like he has The most fun on stage…and he does :’)
  • the amount of videos of his pranks on the other members, oh gosh
  • helps yoosung write the raps and even some of the songs on its own
  • the most fun at fansigns, he love love loves interacting with fans


  • vocalist!
  • he has such? a beautiful voice? im shook
  • i have a personal hc that he can’t dance, but he does his best
  • gets better with time~
  • but ok his voice is so good :’)
  • if he tries, he can make his voice raspy and oooh boy let me tell you
  • a main part in the songwriting process
  • jihyun makes some amazing lyrics
  • plays around with the camerapeople..and fans..and everyone


  • vocalist + dancer
  • let me tell you, when the choi bois dance together Oh Boy
  • the fans go wild. everyone goes wild
  • but anyways, saeran has a higher voice than saeyoung does
  • it doesn’t bother him, but it means he hits them high notes a lot
  • listen, its amazing to listen to
  • camera shy, what a baby
  • his stage name is Ray :’))
  • he’s also shy with fans, but he’ll get used to it. they give him a lot of ice cream related things


  • rapper + dancer
  • stage name: Stark 
  • vanderwood has a real loud rapper voice
  • one that really just gets you Hype
  • helps with the beats more often than lyrics 
  • is really serious and hardworking with the members but they know how ridiculous they really are
  • and they show that ridiculous side to the fans a lot
  • a running cheetah print joke?? all gifts to vandy have something to do with it
  • this is the most saeyoung has seen vandy smile? how iconic

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Chris's death is tragic, and I'm sitting here still still trying to comprehend it, and I'm also just feeling really bad for pearl jam tbh. The biggest grunge bands were arguably nirvana, pj, soundgarden, aic, and stp and, as of today, Eddie is the only surviving vocalist from the group of them. It's like they've been watching their friends slowly drop off over the last 25 years and idk man I just hope they're okay??

Same here. Mike and Stone did a radio interview yesterday and they were laughing and smiling so much, loving life and excited about the band. I hope they can smile again soon and the same for everyone who cared for him. I believe PJ as a band can survive this but if they need to slow down even more to process everything that’s cool. I keep thinking about Matt… how do you go from playing a show and touring with the guy to just… this? This is so rough.

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Reading ur callout post made me realise how unfair bh treated Jin. i stan all 7 boys but jin was & has always been my main. the problem with jin has always saddened me esp when ppl say that jin stans should be happy with what jin's been given bc "he's a sub vocalist, it's only natural". I haven't been a bts fan for too long (maybe a few months?) but even I can see that jin's isn't being treated the way the others are. It just makes me so frustrated idk what to feel anymore

i hate when people say that. we should be appreciating and supporting all seven members and when ppl say things like “he’s okay with his lines” or “it’s only natural they’re treating him like this” they’re basically saying that jin should be okay with being the most unappreciated/overlooked member.