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you’ve met one another, right?

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or the one where everything is still the same: even and isak still do happen. but it’s observed under sana’s watchful inspection. on even.

(or the one where ten times, sana sees even, as even and isak happen.)

canon compliant, but, with a little bit more. this wasn’t meant to turn into a full blown fic but, oh well, no can do.

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Even Bangtan agrees AHL was a whole mess

I mean I know it was all scripted…but the fcking cleaning job JiKook had to do still pisses me off.
That 14 year old kid nagging at jimin & that dude who made jimin put grease on his face….yall are still on my list. Come at me.

(sc & trans via _sunbaejin)

@ashleythejohnson: Mad love and respect to my Dungeons & Dragons crew. This campaign has been going on for two years now and my character (which was a Gnome/Cleric), died last night. BUT out of sheer determination, they were able to fight and bring me back. Tears were shed, bonds were made stronger and anyone who tells me that D & D is lame can suck my big fat Staff of Courage. It’s crazy how much I love you guys and if it ever came down to it, I’d fight ‘til the death for each of you rapscallions. 😘👊💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚@matthewmercervo, @marisha_ray, @orionacaba, @laurabaileyvo, @willingblam, @voiceofobrien (not pictured) @executivegoth @ramsiegel

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You're obviously not a real bangtan stan since you don't ship jikook

w..w…..i’m sorry what???

though i appreciate the aesthetic™ of not putting your name in your bio, i do hope this phase passes, because i find it much easier to just click on the blog to learn their name instead of clicking through 5 different links and seeing all 15 of your sideblogs and what you like to do on tuesday nights (even though i’m sure it’s lovely) before knowing what to address you

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Rules: Spell out your URL using K-Pop songs!

S - Stuck by MONSTA X
W - White Sugar by MONSTA X
E - Ex-girl by MONSTA X
E - Ex-girl on Melon by MONSTA X
T - Trespass by MONSTA X
R - Rush by MONSTA X
A - All in by MONSTA X
M - Miss you by MONSTA X
E - Ex-girl Live Version by MONSTA X
N - Need U by MONSTA X
W - White love by MONSTA X
O - Oi by MONSTA X
N- No Exit by MONSTA X
H - Hero by y'all know what is…MONSTA! MONSTA!!!!!
O - One love by MONSTAAAAAA X

I think I did this right…

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saved urls 💕

an updated list bc i’ve given away as well as deleted a few urls 

hp - accioes / ohpepperup / cokeworths / oiscorpius / flntwood
other - softmythos / pemberlye / pondwatcr / deebussy
network urls - hpmemenet 

first come first serve as always and you must use it on an active acc pls! 

me trying to pronounce my url is so embarrassing tbh


Yep…I did it.I finally changed my url.I freed myself from my full-tryhard yoi phase.I kinda wanted a more neutral url or smtg different but i have none saved urls so yeah that was my only option(its still cute tho).I had the nikiforv url a long time that now that i changed its a lil weird  and i hope I won’t regret it very soon lol…So yeah , it would help me a loot if you guys  like and/or reblog this post. Thank you!

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For any of the anons talking about the URL name. It's a psychological thing; humans usually only read the first and last letter of a word, and let their brain fill in with context. This is how you mis-see (is that even a word? Idk) things on billboards or other media. It's okay, there's no need to get your skirts in a twist, now just leave jess alone. Okay? Okay. Moving on: Jess I hope you have a wonderful day! 💜

ive been on this hell site for so long without having a dany url which is my #1 goal on this site but alas, i will wait here patiently for a canon dany url

in the meantime, i have a not canon url but as close to the one i want, sooooo what do yall think about daenerys-targarven as a new url? or should i keep patchface?