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sorry if this is too late but if its not 22, vernon? thanks x

ok i know ive done so many vernon ones and im not gonna lie im slightly biased (OBVIOUSLY) but all ive been writing is angst all day so i need some positivity in my life rn

vernon/reader + 22. giggly kiss

word count: 556

“Babe,” Vernon mumbled, poking your side for attention. Normally he was the one who would be working on the laptop, struggling to finish before a deadline. But you’d started to occupy it, fingers tapping away at the keys, trying to finish at least two more paragraphs of this essay before you’d knock out and call it a night.

“Take another nap V, I’m still working,” you replied mindlessly, continuing to have your fingers tap away at the keys. He pouted, sitting up in the bed. “It feels like I’ve taken four naps already, can’t you take a break?”

You scoffed, barely having made it to the end of the paragraph. “No.” You heard Vernon sigh one more time, and then felt the covers shift, and he left the room. No skin off your nose, anyway. You really needed to work, and now you might actually be able to finish the entire thing if you tried hard enough.

No less than an hour later, your paper was done and you saved it in multiple places before finally closing all the programs on the laptop and shutting it off. Looking around, you noticed that the apartment had actually been quieter than usual, a rarity, considering how much Vernon enjoyed playing music out loud through the entire apartment.

The boy in question, however, opened the door as soon as you were about to call him, holding a plastic bag and a drink holder. He was wearing a thick jacket and his nose seemed to be a light tint of red, from being outdoors, most likely. “Hey, you’re done,” Vernon grinned.

You quickly ran to help him, first setting down whatever he had in his hands. “You went to the convenience store this late? Are you insane?” He trembled lightly as you removed the jacket from his shoulders. “You’re shivering, V, that’s not good.”

He shook his head, hair flopping down in front as he sat on the foot of the bed. “I’m fine. Promise.” 

“Mm, if you say so. I know how to warm you up, though.” 

He raised an eyebrow. “How?” 

You looked at the floor for a split second before your fingertips were at his sides, and he yelped as you tickled him, laughing and trying to tickle you back, to no avail. This relentless tickling went on for only minutes until Vernon grabbed your wrists, panting and laughing as he did so. “J-jeez, ha. “You-you’re so mean to your boyfriend, using his weakness against him.”

“But you’re not cold anymore, right?” Vernon thought about it and nodded. “I’m still cold, but tickles won’t fix it. Only my biggest weakness will.”

You huffed. “Now, what’s that?!” Vernon chuckled, breaking out into a grin. “I’ll show you.”

He pulled you down into a sloppy embrace, wrapping his arm around your waist. “You are the only thing that can make me weak in the knees. That, and a stomachache.”

You rolled your eyes. “It was cute, until you mentioned that. Idiot.” He laughed. He stared at you for about five seconds until closing the gap between the two of you, locking your lips with his. You felt him smile in the kiss, which caused a chain reaction as the kiss later on became a silly makeout session while enjoying each other’s time together, food that Vernon had brought forgotten.

no more numbers please!

The Power Of Love – Epilogue Part 1

Warnings – none I think

Sorry it took so long guys! I finally got my new laptop!! :D *Insert happy dance here*

So here we go part one of the two-part epilogue :) its only short but I hope you enjoy


A scream torn through the room that could easily have been mistaken for a sound effect on the show as you managed another push.

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Lust or Love? (M Rated) - Optional Bias Scenario

A mature, sexual read. When you and your best friend finally have sex, great sex.

Involves: Adult content, curse words


You had a really oddly comfortable relationship with your best friend. You guys have been living with each other since you both turned 20 and it felt like it was a good idea at the time. You trusted him, he trusted you. And knowing each other for nearly 9 years had its perks. You were completely aware of how he was and same was with him to you. There were absolutely no secrets to hide from each other. Except for one minor detail.

Yah! __________ ___________!

You heard your full name called throughout the hallway as you sat in your room, focused on your laptop and your laptop only.


That time, you didn’t want to ignore it.

What?!” you screamed.

Your door busted open with your best friend and roommate on the other side with his mouth in a slight pout and his eyebrows shifted downward at the sight of you obsessed with your laptop, sitting on top of your bed.

What is it (_________)?

He took a deep breath, “can I use your laptop?

You snorted, “what? What happened with yours?

I lost my charger and now its dead.

Well, what do you need my laptop for?

I wanted to watch something–

You immediately interrupted him, “uh uh. Nope! I’m letting you watch that kind of stuff on my laptop! I don’t any viruses!

Come on __________! Do you honestly think I’m going to?

I don’t think, I know! You have hormones and I’m sure you do this when I’m not around.

That’s not true!

You’re a liar.

Can I just please use your laptop?

You lowered your head and pinched between your eyebrows, “are you going to buy me virus protection?

It’s just for tonight.

Porn can do so much in one night (_________)!

Ahhh~ __________!

I don’t understand what’s the big deal anyway! It’s just people having sex.

Then watch it with me!

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Making Out with Harry

I bet Harry’s really eager, and yet really skilled, when making out.  Just like a simple make out session. 

Like, you’re laying on your bed, scrolling mindlessly through your phone.  And he rolls over, completely bored, throwing his arm around your tummy and pulling you closer into his body while he starts pressing soft, gentle, barely touching kisses to your neck.   And before you can ask what he’s doing, his lips are on yours.  His tongue is already tracing at your bottom lip, and he’s sliding your laptop or your phone out of your hands and off to the side with ease.  He rolls over on top of you, cradling you close while his tongue works it way into your mouth.  You can taste remnants of tonight’s dinner, but its very faint and you don’t mind it as he lets out a long, nasally breath.   You giggle, pressing your forehead against his.  “Hi,” you say, quirking your eyebrows.  He smirks, pressing another kiss to your lips before responding, slowly, “Hi.”

Your lips come together and then part once again, over and over, making soft, wet noises.  You’re both smiling into the kiss.  His tongue feels long and slender and so good in your own mouth.  But he’s eager.  God, he’s so eager and you know where this is going almost instantly.  Because, though his hands don’t move (save for gentle caresses against your side and your cheek) his hips slowly, subconsciously, rut up against you every now and then.  I bet Harry is the type of kisser to use a LOT of tongue.  JUST on the verge of too much, but not enough that you want him to stop.  Because just as you start to question how much tongue is too much, his lips are on your neck once again.  Hotter and harder and wetter this time.  And with purpose.  

Harry takes his time, but he’s not stupid.  He knows the spots that are going to make you putty beneath him.  He knows the spots that are going to make you let out moans so quiet you’ll think he didn’t hear them.  But oh, does he hear them.  Every time.  He thrives off of them, in fact.  Taking note of every sound, ever whimper, every involuntary twitch in response to his lips and his hands on your body.  He delights in figuring you out– body and soul.  Inside and out. 

So he avoids the spot.  The one spot just below your ear that he knows is going to seal the deal for you.  Instead, he presses harsh kisses all down your neck and onto your collar bone.  The type of kisses that leave an impression that you can feel once his lips have traveled to another spot.  His hands caress your sides while his lips work their way up and down your throat and then, finally, he reaches the spot.  He presses his lips to the spot on your neck that he’s learned is both his AND your favorite spot.  He kisses and nicks and sucks there like its his only priority in life, and, just as he predicted, you practically melt beneath him.  

Your hands find their way up to tug at his hair  and scratch down his back.  You let out one long breath and he chuckles– full on chuckles– into the skin of your neck.  He sinks his teeth down into the supple skin just shy of pain, and when the faintest feeling of a pop bubbles up, your know there’s going to be a mark there.  So he presses one last soft kiss to the newly forming bruise, as if to soothe the pain, and brings his lips back up to meet yours once again.

Harry loves making out with you, because the little sap believes its a way to communicate without words.  He knows he’s talented with words.  With music.  With instruments.  But you, he thinks, are the most incredible instrument he’s ever been given.  He gets off on learning the ins and outs of your body.  Knowing which spots to stroke and kiss and rub to elicit the most beautiful sounds from your mouth.  He loves knowing that its him making you feel that way, and he loves feeling you come undone completely beneath him.

That’s why I don’t think Harry is one to take a simple makeout session for granted.  He takes that time to admire you, and let you admire him.  He takes that time to communicate with you beyond words.  Not every time, mind you.  No, Harry is not one to pass up a hot and steamy make out session or a quick fuck here and there.

But every now and then– right now, for example– he’s happy to have this.  This closeness.  The warmth of your body and your mouth and your soft, happy sighs.  In fact, Harry reckons he could stay here forever if you’d let him.  And, if the moans and sighs coming out of your mouth are any indication, he thinks you just might.

I Don’t Want This Night To End - Part 5

Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary: Each New Years Eve is magical but how much can one night change your life?

Word Count: 2836 words

A/N: This is a collaborative fic brought to you from the laptops of @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester and @girl-next-door-writes. It is the fifth part in our mini-series and we have LOVED writing it so we appreciate any feedback and hope you enjoy.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3    Part 4

31st December Present Day

That year had just been bad for them. Losing the baby had its effect on them both but differently. While Dean wanted to be by her side all the time. She wanted space. She would barely talk and every smallest of his touches would have her flinching, so he just stopped. Then there came a time when it was like he was living with a stranger and he had seen it coming but it hurt just as much when she said she couldn’t do it with a bag in her hand. He didn’t even try to stop her because she didn’t want him. Two weeks. That’s how long he spent in the house which wasn’t home anymore, drinking himself till he couldn’t feel shit. That’s how she found him when she stood on the doorstep. Drunk out of his senses and he barely remembered what she said or how she looked all he remembered is falling to his knees with his arms around her waist begging her to come back because without her there was no home and without her there was no him. He needed her and the next thing he remembers is waking up with her in his arms and a bag in the corner of the room and a killing hangover.

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28/08/15 8:43 PM // I saw a post the other day about how that person was having trouble studying at a small desk, so I decided to write a guide!

How To Manage Studying at a Small Desk

1. Place your main information/study resource on the top left corner of the table. A laptop would be best placed here as its position is stable and easily accessible.

2. Place any external resources in front of the main study resource. This includes handouts, worksheets, etc. It’s totally fine if its edges cover a part of your laptop/book or hangs over the edge of the table.

3. Other books should be placed on your lap as the table will be used for note taking. If you need to study from a laptop, your textbook would usually be the one on your lap. Another alternative is to buy a book stand (but idk where to get them here).

4. Your note paper should be placed on the right hand side of the table where your hand will be comfortable when taking notes. This is when I say that I’d recommend loose leafs or spiral notebooks as they take up less space. However, regular notebooks are fine if you don’t mind some parts dangling off the table.

5. The top right corner is where your pencil case should be placed. It’s easily accessible and you can always put your frequently used pens between your pencil case and your notebook.

Any remaining resources could be placed in a tray beneath your table (if you have one), or you could just keep them in your bag if you won’t be using them continuously.

(i) if you are left handed, just mirror the positions of the items
(ii) the diagram was based on my school desk which is about A2 sized
(iii) I have a 15 inch laptop

Opposites Attract

Word count: 1,626 words

Genre: Slight angst(?)/Fluff

Summary: Irreplaceable, undeniable love even in its own unevenness

Your chuckles as you mess around with the filters on snapchat which you are childishly intrigued by are interrupted as you hear a small sigh echo from the other side of the bed. Less than a foot away from you lies your boyfriend Yoongi, his tiny eyes squinting at the laptop screen in front of him which is the only thing besides your handphone illuminating the room. You check the time: 2am. You’ve been spending the past two hours on Candy Crush and sending silly selcas over snapchat to your friends. At this unearthly hour, you should be asleep.

As you fixate your eyes on Yoongi, you critique his features all over again as if it’s the first time you’ve ever met him. Wispy hair with bangs dyed a conspicuous shade of mint, pale skin that always feels smooth under your touch, his droopy eyes strung with heavy eyebags, the effect of him always staying up late to work. You want to tell him to sleep, but he seems far too intent on his work. You’re afraid that if you say something it might interrupt his train of deep thought and he’d be annoyed. You know better than to disturb Yoongi when he’s working.

Then suddenly, in the silence apart from the steady breathing from the two bodies in the room and his fingers tapping away at the keys, a trouble tugs at your heart, slowly and painfully you entertain the thoughts and begin to question yourself; am I good enough for him?

It isn’t the first time these thoughts have consumed you, in all honesty you’ve realized that they occur more often as your relationship with Yoongi progresses.

Yoongi takes pride in his work. Yoongi is diligent and hardworking, pulling all-nighters just to fix that single beat that seems a little off-rhythm, just to rearrange a note that sounds out of place. Whenever he falls asleep in the midst of movie dates, you know it’s only because he dedicated the whole of the night before to writing and rewriting beautiful lyrics for a new song. And he takes things seriously. On a first encounter, anyone might find him gruff and dull due to his no-nonsense attitude. But the fact is, he’s just a really deep thinker. You know that from the underlying meanings of his illustrious song lyrics. The syllables that he raps are all the unsaid emotions within his soul. He’s able to analyze and think through even the simplest things. He’s so devoted, so talented, so passionate.

You on the other hand, are a million miles away from him on the scale, a three-hundred and sixty degree turn when compared to him. You swallow excruciatingly slow as you reflect on your own persona. Bubbly. Loud. Hyperactive. Playful. Happy-go-lucky. Maybe a tad more scatter-brained than you should be, not always motivated to do what you’re supposed to do, procrastinating occasionally a little here and there, constantly amusing yourself with the silliest of things - and the longer you think about this, the more profound the differences are between you both. The contrast is immeasurable, you think, and violent waves of paranoia drown you as you are now conscious of the presumed certainty that two opposites simply cannot advance together hand-in-hand, that you and Yoongi will only blossom in contradiction, like a tempest and a hurricane flouncing at each other, destroying everything in the vicinity before eventually, killing each other out.

The destructive thoughts have been creeping through your mind for quite awhile, and you are so engrossed in your nightmare that you do not, in the slightest, realize Yoongi putting away his laptop and telling you that he’s about to sleep, and why don’t you go to sleep too. It isn’t until a sudden sob escapes your throat in complete and utter unawareness that he grabs you tightly by the shoulders, and you are jolted back to reality when you see his face hovering above yours, eyebrows knitted, mouth down-turned, and ash-brown eyes widened in concern.

“Jagi?” His baritone voice speaks. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

A couple of tears slide down your cheeks and all at once you envelop your slim arms around his back and pull him tightly, closer to you, clutching at the thin, faded cotton of his nightwear with your painted pastel pink fingernails, clinging onto him as if you’re about to lose him.

“Oppa,” your voice is brimming with more than an inkling of fear and insecurity. “I’m… I’m scared.”

Yoongi is more than slightly taken aback by your unexpected behavior. But he loves you so, and even if you tell him that you are frightened to tears of the house spider that appears every now and then, crawling over the kitchen-top, he’ll do anything but dismiss it as an unimportant antic and would rather cradle you in his embrace till you feel safe again.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He whispers, deciding to move you by the waist and hoist the both of you so that he is lying down but still enfolding you in his arms, your petite stature across his lap. “You know you can tell me anything.”

It takes three to four firm but soothing rubs on your lower back from your lover’s hands before your hesitation diminishes and you finally convey to him what’s bothering you.

“I’m scared of losing you, oppa, because we’re so different in countless ways, and we’ll…we’ll only end up hurting each other because opposites will only fight,” you take in a breath before you continue, tears still slipping from your anguished eyes. “But at the same time I think you deserve someone better because I’ll only be a hindrance to you since I’ll never be good enough and up to your standards, you need another girl who behaves like you, who’s serious and hardworking and-”

Shut up, silly girl,” Yoongi’s deep and velvety voice interrupts your worry-laden cries and you feel a faint chuckle of his travel down your spine.

Your head cranes towards his and your eyes gaze at him in wonder, anticipating for what he’s going to say next.

“You must be crazy to be thinking of such things,” he starts with a sigh. “Do you think, (Y/N), that I would have been able to fall in love with someone who didn’t spill her piping hot cappuccino all over my laptop, causing me to lose all the lyrics I had been working on for six months, and then frantically try to wipe off the drink with the only thing she had in her hands, which very cleverly happened to be her chemistry homework?”

You blink and your negative thoughts slowly subside when Yoongi’s words recall the first time you had ever met him.

“Do you think, (Y/N)-ah, that I would have been able to fall in love with someone who didn’t insist and whine on eating at MacDonald’s for our first date just because they had your favorite chili cheese fries; you simply refused to budge from your doorstep when I came to pick you up if I didn’t relent. Hell, you didn’t even let me bring you out on a proper date like I had planned to at a restaurant and I was the one who asked you out.”

You giggle at that, remembering how exasperated Yoongi was on that beautiful and magical summer night.

“You need to understand, baby, that even in such dispositions, opposites attract in the end. I wouldn’t even be here without you and no one can ever, ever replace what we have together. What you are is amazing and irreplaceable and that’s why I love you; you balance me out whenever I get too snappy or grouchy. You cheer me up with the permanent smile that’s on your face, you remind me to eat my meals when I’m too caught up in my work, you are everything I don’t have, so why would I even need someone who’s a carbon copy of me?”

You nod, realizing his point. He looks at your eyes that are puffy from the tears and bends down to kiss your forehead tenderly, the sensation of his warm, moist lips coursing through your veins.

“You shouldn’t ever have to feel insecure about yourself or about our relationship because I can assure you that I will always keep on loving you, even if you do the weirdest things on snapchat, even if you shout at the top of your lungs early in the morning because you’re so hyper when I just want to sleep in, even if we become way more different than we already are, because this is just about you and I and not about anyone or anything else.”

His long, slender fingers are now sliding through your locks of hair, both your chests rising and heaving as your bodies inhale and exhale in unison, as if the both of you are one being. How could you ever feel insecure about the relationship that you have with Yoongi, who never fails to give you reassurance in the sweetest and calmest ways possible, even though he often has trouble expressing his feelings? You feel safe, secure and as if you’re falling in love all over again as his arms grip you strongly. He smells of autumn leaves and leather jackets, and you can’t wish for anything more than this wholly perfect human who is so terribly distinct from you when the love that has been kindled between your two souls is as pure and akin to that of a indestructible, solid, rock.

“Really, Yoongi?” You breathe out, reveling in the current peace and comfort that you have.

“Till death do us part, sweetheart.”

(a/n): This week was a rough one at school and for starting the first day of my dance scholarship; and I had a terrible bout of writer’s block but I managed to get this done today! Hope y’all like it! - Admin Cupcake

and boyfriend!yoongi just messes me up

You’re Beautiful

Pairing: Dean Winchester/ chubbish!reader

Gender: Female

Word Count: 1949

Warnings: Slight self hate, slight voyeurism, masturbation, getting caught, smut

Prompt: Reader is on a hunt with Sam and Dean and was left at the motel to do research but ended up watching porn, then Dean came back early walking in on her. It can be smutty, fluffy or both its up to you, and you dont have to but can the reader be a bit on the chubbier side.

“Ok y/n, uh call us if you find anything on this bastard” Sam said, standing in the door way of the motel room with Dean at his side. You looked away from your book and over to the brothers.

“And you call me if you need back up or an; You said, turning back to your books, jotting down notes. You heard Dean chuckle then the door slam closed, followed by the purr of the Impalas motor. You smiled to yourself and reached for Deans laptop, logging in and goggled searching the monster you were looking for.

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blurb; when they’re having a bad day

okay so dan would totally go into squishy baby boy dan mode. like you would be in bed with your laptop and he would just randomly walk in and curl into your side, letting out a shaky and obviously defeated sigh. without words he would rest his head on your chest and slip his hands under your shirt for warmth, his eyes fluttering closed and his little nose scrunching up. whether its dan getting overwhelmed by a video or letting deep thoughts get the best of him, he would instantly come to you. dan would need a good deal of encouragement and cuddles to get back up on his feet and give whatever he was having issues with another shot, but once he’s out of his slump he would appreciate your support that much more, and be that much stronger.

as we know, phil has a very happy go lucky, optimistic outlook on nearly everything. he really tries not to let things get to him, and when they do, he covers it up with a smile. he never wants people to see him down. thats why i feel like when everything becomes a bit too much, phil would close off and block everything out. he would probably be a lot quieter than usual and eventually avoid you altogether. he wouldn’t want you to see him crumble after putting so much effort into always keeping a cheery outlook and staying on the bright side. so after tracking him down it would likely only take a hug for him to finally open up and let everything pour out as he slips his arms around you, pulling you deep into his chest. he likely wouldn’t want to dwell for too long, instead settling for holding you close and seeking comfort in having you in his arms.

Beauty or a Beast (Part 4)

Dean X Reader 

Warnings: None :)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Dean is sitting at the library table playing on his laptop, most likely not working. I approached Sam, who is standing near the door playing on his phone. He looks up and smiles as he notices me, then his smile turns to a deep frown when he sees my bags.

“What’s up (Y/N)? Why do you have your bags?” Tilting his head to the side like a perplexed dog, he catches Dean’s attention.

“I want to thank you two for everything you did for me; Housing me, feeding me, the whole ten yards. But I think its time for me to move on, and stand on my own two feet.” I don’t look at Dean, but I hear him aggressively stand up, and make his way to us.

“(Y/N) I know things have been kind of rough around here for the last few days, but we want you here. Please stay.” Sam’s face is sad, making me feel worse about this. I really like Sam. He was one of my best friends, but him and Dean are a packaged deal and I can’t live with someone I love, and face them every day knowing they don’t feel the same.

“Its not about the last few days.” I lie. “I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, and it just feels like the time to be independent.” Another lie. I hoist my bag further over my shoulder. Determined to leave. Dean says nothing as I hug Sam goodbye and grab the keys to my shitty car off the table. Without turning back I open the door, and walk away from the only family and friends I have in this world.

I don’t let myself cry as I place my bags in the back seat and start my car. Pulling away from the bunker has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I know this pain will fade and staying there would be constant agony.

Driving for what felt like years, the sleepless nights finally catch up to me. Pulling over I use my fake credit card to check into a motel. After a brisk shower, I put on my pajamas and grab my phone. Plugging it into the outlet next to my pillow, I see I missed a call from Sam. He left a voicemail. I consider deleting it and never looking back, but I know years from know I will want to know what he said. So with a deep breath I push through my fears and apprehensions and hit play.

“What the hell Sammy, why did you let her leave?” That was Dean’s voice. Sam must have butt dialed me.

“ What did you want me to do Dean? Tackle her and tie her to a chair.” Dean’s voice rises.

“Yes, anything! Not just let her walk out of here, away from us!” Sam Scoffs.

“Well you did not do anything to stop her!” Dean is full blown yelling at Sam now.

“Yeah well she loves you, she would have listened to you! If I spoke it would have just made it worse, she hates me!” I can almost hear Deans pacing in the background. Sam is silent for a moment. “She does not hate you Dean. She’s in love with you.” The phone goes silent, and I think the recording is over.

Hitting the phone on the pillow, I try to make it play. I’m about to give up and hit end, when I hear Dean.

“She… She loves me?” The anger is completely gone from his voice.

“Well she did. I don’t know about anymore.” Sam still has a little venom in his voice. “I would you think you wouldn’t care. I mean you just said you don’t like her like that.” I can hear the bitch face Sam is making at Dean right now, making me smile. I hear a long sigh.

“I lied earlier. I have been in love with (Y/N) since the day I saw her behead that vamp. I was just mad, because she wouldn’t talk to me. Then I went to that bar and I got drunk and decided I was done trying. It was killing me, everyday; being so close to her but unable to touch her or tell her I loved her. Now I lost her Sammy.” The voice on the phone told me “End of messages.” And all I can do is sit on the edge of my mattress, staring at my phone.

I was driving faster then I have ever driven in my life. Before I know it was standing back at the bunker door, trying to calm my nerves. Telling myself to be brave, I knock. The door flies open, and Sam stands there looking befuddled at my sudden appearance.

“Hi Sammy.” I try to keep my voice from shaking. Sam says nothing but envelopes me in a giant bear like hug. After a minute I pat him on the back, informing him I cant breath and he drops me, half-heartedly saying he is sorry.

“Let me grab your bags.” Sam walks to my car, opening the door, while I descend the stairs back home.

“Who was there Sammy?” Dean sits right where I left, only with a tumbler of scotch in his hand. Clearing my throat, he looks up, dropping his scotch on the table in shock. Neither of us says anything as he slowly comes over to me. Before I know what’s happening, his hands are buried in my hair hand his soft, but strong lips are on mine. We kissed with such ferocity; I thought our lips might actually start bleeding from the friction.

“I’m just going to take your bags to your room (Y/N), then stay in mine for the rest of my night.” Sam awkwardly walks past us. Dean breaks our kiss to look at his brother.

“Don’t bother putting them in her room Sam, just put them in mine.” He turns back to me and presses his forehead to mine. “I love you. Please don’t leave me again.” His eyes shut as if releasing some painful part of him.

“Never.” Is all I say as I bring my lips up to meet his again. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. With our lips still attached to each other’s, he blindly steers us to his room.

He throws me on his bed, causing me to giggle. Turning off the lights he takes off his shirt and tackles me, so he is caging me on my back, hovering over me. He caresses my cheek, and then plants a very soft kiss on my lips.

“I love you Dean Winchester.” His grin lights up the dark.

“I love you too, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” Warmth fills my chest, feeling beautiful for the first time in my life; wrapped in the arms of the love of my life.

i saw the otp prompt “who’s the aesthetic blogger and who’s the meme lover” and straight away thought oh of course eggsy would be the one into memes but no imagine them sat side by side on the sofa with their laptops, eggsy being into aesthetics of sports wear and urban photography and parkour videos while harry reblogs twenty memes a minute with photoshop open in the background to make his own