it's not new year yet


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Happy new year!!!!!
The first time I drew Jikookiemonster, there were tears, but now, it’s only laughter and happiness.

Haha you’d think I didn’t draw a kookiemonster when I did vhope and yoonmin, and u rite, it’s jikookiemonster.

A brief interlude from gays in space for some classic antique gay. 

 Heronstairs, based on Alan Foster’s The Fall.

Silent Night, Holy Night

I’ll end the year with another Enstars!Yurio. I see him in Ra*Bits and the choir boy outfit is used once again because he looks like a total angel in it. 
See you all in 2017!


Pulp: The Tomorrow People (1996)

Got this in the mail today! Figured I’d do some nice scans, why not. The book came in a slipcover with an aperture on the front and two reversible cards, so you could pick your own cover, just like the Different Class album. Apparently this copy has never been read, and despite it being 20 years old, it’s in ridiculously good condition!

A diary entry for visual reminder of my thoughts of my life to myself ~

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‘Rincewind, all the shops have been smashed open, there was a whole bunch of people across the street helping themselves to musical instruments, can you believe that?’

‘Yeah,’ said Rincewind, picking up a knife and testing its blade thoughtfully.  ‘Luters, I expect.’

—  Terry Pratchett, “The Light Fantastic”
(This was a completely unnecessary pun and that is obviously the best kind.)