it's not nearly as stunning

TITLE: Asunder


AUTHOR: alphabreeomega

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  Imagine the servants’ reaction upon discovering that the entire room is broken after your honeymoon with Loki


NOTES/WARNINGS: argument/breaking things (for anyone who may have issues toward intense arguments and may be bothered by a depiction of people breaking things or yelling during them), sex, nothing else that I can think of. Might be a little long winded, sorry

The fight —and the honeymoon—began with Loki saying something typically…well, Loki-ish. “You would think since I had to endure all the guests at that wedding for you, that you’d have worn something sexy for me tonight.” You raised an eyebrow at him as you smoothed a bit of lotion onto your thighs. There was nothing wrong with the lingerie you’d chosen—not to you, of course. “Frigga helped me pick it,” you said, looking down at yourself. “I can imagine that was the case, it looks as though it were very fashionable in her younger days,” he snickered, lying on the bed completely nude, arrogant but beautiful indeed. You felt yourself growing irritable at your new husband, but you were also determined to keep the night pleasant. You choked down your intended retort, and instead sauntered over to the bed, hair spilling alluringly over one eye, the silky emerald chemise Frigga had given to you fluttering enticingly with your every step. Loki watched you walk over, his gaze never leaving your form as you came to the bed and straddled him.

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