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So obviously Jace and Alec’s relationship is very close, what is it like playing that relationship?

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- We came here to rob them and that’s what we’re gonna do - beat their heads in, gouge their eyes out, slash their throats. Soon as we wash the dishes.

baby!Ustinov tho 

i need jason to meet sally 

sorry to report that the ao3 tag generator is still hilarious to me

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How do you feel about Willow? I think she's the most similar character to Faith. She felt belittled and victimized by her mother and classmates, and really wanted to be loved. She saw magic as her way to have that, and had no one to help her with this power. Than she so was overwhelmed, and started to do bad things, but recovered.

i adore willow and all of her parallels to faith. they’re scarily similar, actually, especially when it comes to their rise-and-fall and redemption arcs… which is kind of funny when you think about how much willow hated faith in season three/four because just a couple years later she was in the exact same out-of-control place faith was. it makes me mourn for their lack of interaction in season seven. i mean. we got a little, but i feel like we deserved more. i bet that car ride from la to sunnydale was filled with fun (and, honestly, probably depressing) faith/willow bonding that we totally missed out on

but yeah. willow’s relationship with magic closely mirrors faith’s relationship with being the slayer because they both assume that’s what makes them important to everyone else. faith doesn’t think for a second buffy or anyone wants her around because she’s worth their time, she always just assumes she’s required for slayer-stuff. same with willow, especially once she’s deep in the witchy stuff and the gang starts relying heavily on her to get with the mojo every time they get in a bind. idk. it sucks because on some level faith and willow were right, that their worth did sort of stem from their abilities, but at the same time it’s clear that buffy (and xander in willow’s case), at the very least, liked both of them for who they were and not what they were… if that makes any sense?  

It's time

To get a new tattoo. Well, more like adding flowers to my wolf. It’s gonna be my first colour tattoo. I just literally thought of this. So I don’t know when it’s going to happen. But I’ve always wanted to add something to my wolf. My dads gonna kill me. He told me no more tattoos. But I have to keep up with my reputation of being the one and only person to disappoint my whole Chinese family.


calum aesthetic

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The drafting pencil lines took me maybe 20 minutes to do, but that single pen eye took me nearly twice as long as the whole initial draft did.