it's not monday anymore

Chronic health problems: am I running a fever because of the chronic condition, or is this something else invading my system trying to kill me. Who the fuck even knows anymore. 

a harmless little compilation of jimin’s recent dope adlibs (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

anonymous asked:

Wait did the bew Steven Universe episodes get leaked? I rhought they were supposed to come out on monday...

honestly at this point its not surprising anymore

Me: *posts an artwork that I spent hours on* I actually really like this drawing (*˘︶˘*)

The internet: hell no

The internet: you can’t be serious

The internet: it’s so ugly…

Me: ok

Art is dead

This week seems fruitful

I’m not sick anymore yeaaahhhs!

I got two ½ days this week and I’m really excited because one teacher of mine is having an art contest with an actualy reward which is money! The theme is social in justice and I can do what ever art medium I want. I’m really thinking of doing a comic with a female person of colour who grew up in a poor family and her struggles to go from day to day and to get into college and make a life for herself that’s respectable. I just wanna show how white people and richer people have things handed to them as well as how it’s harder for women to become respectable I’m really wanting to put a twist on it and make her an artist which is a profession many frown upon too. I’m so hyped for this 1st place is 50$ 2nd is 25$ and 3rd is 10$. Literally, I could get so nice new Maul junk with that cash. I’m in it to win it and to teach all these upper crust white kids I go to school with just how easy there lives are through the power of art! Also, Maultober starts up again and I’m gonna take time to catch up from the days I missed from last week.

*at work, glaring at the photocopier*

I swear to God, if you don’t stop jamming right now, I will tear you apart piece by piece and feed every inch of you to the paper shredder until you start doing as you’re bloody well supposed to. Got it?