it's not me sasha

 Trinity : *throws open the door*

 Trinity : So you two ARE having sex!

 Sasha : *sitting on the bed, reading*

 Sasha : We are? Shea, why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve put down my book.

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HEY, I noticed you use a lot of rupaul's drag race gifs and "slang", do you watch the show?? If so, please tell me who you like!! (sorry I get really excited about this show... u_u)

blame arin for the mess that i’ve become i’ve only seen seasons 5-9, my favorite ones are 6 and 9 and the queens of my heart are Sasha Velour, Valentina, Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, Trinity K. Bonet, Katya, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls <3


Me coming to the abrupt realization that Johnny Seo is the most caring, corniest and loving man out there and therefore the Best Man Alive™ and I can’t BELIEVE I exist on this planet at the same time as him
Whosoever's Is The Storm
A JeanMarco Pacific Rim AU!
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Whosoever’s Is The Storm

Rating: M, descriptions of graphic violence, major character injury, and emotional disturbance

Pairings: JeanMarco, Jean & Marco | background: YumiKuri, Springles, EreJean (Drift pairing make this complicated to tag lol)

Word Count: 57,000 (more or less) (across 4 chapters)

Alright lads! Here’s my entry for the JMGE, as requested by my secret santa, @yoitay, who wanted PacRim! Merry Christmas, friendo! I hope I delivered everything you wanted. This was a blast to write.

Fic Summary: Jean Kirschtein is a Jaeger pilot, just trying his damnedest not to meet a disappointing end. Maybe he had goals once. Maybe there was a part of him that the storm didn’t touch. Not anymore.

Having been kicked from the Mark II Jaeger, Atlas Rogue, on account of the fact no-one Drifts with Eren Jaeger and walks out unscathed, Jean finds himself relegated to the Anchorage Shatterdome, Alaska, the very edge of the world. There’s a new Mark IV about to be launched, and it needs a pilot. Technically - it needs two pilots. It’s a shame he has a chip on his shoulder the size of a Kaiju.

A JMGE PacRim AU for Yoitay, exploring the journey of a Jaeger pilot from the bottom of the barrel, to the cusp of hope, across every up and down in between.