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I believe some of our stars will always be the same.

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When Matt Ryan has to fight for his show even in character

The Year Was 1916……So Many Lives Had Been Destroyed That Night….

The Duchess Amelia Preston (Cahill) has been putting out a reward recently, ten million French Francs to anyone who find the supposedly “dead” Princess Luciana, the girl she grew up with, and return her.

The conman Wyatt Logan had always needed money. He knew the Cahill family more personally then any of the other imposter. What’s to say he couldn’t find a look alike?

The orphan Lucy had only been trying to find her family. An adventure ensued.

“You Think I Could Be Luciana?”

“All I’m Saying Is That I Have Seen Thousands Of Girls All Over The Country and Not One Of Them, Looks As Much Like The Princess As You Do.”

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So.. Sorry for disappearing
I had an accident and injured my right arm+hand (the one I use to draw :c), so I spent the last few weeks trying to rest and not move it a lot, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be
Anyway, I’ll try to be more active now things are starting to get better <3
I really missed you guys and I hope you’re all doing great c:


vs Middlesbrough F.C. // 14.12.2016

Adam Lallana 68′

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME | 1/5 (TV) female characters
⤷ Sarah Braverman - Parenthood

I was getting ready and I looked in the bathroom mirror and you know that sticker I have? “The Year of Sarah” I wrote. When I moved in I put that up, corny as it seems, to remind myself what a big year this is. Finally, living on my own, not at my parent’s house, my kids are doing well, I’m starting a new career. I have a tendency to get distracted…and I put that note up there to remind myself not to get distracted.


Jonathan & Ish-Bosheth + Of Kings & Prophets 1.01 ‘Offerings of Blood’ 

@isagrimorie  replied to your post: Spoilers for the season one finale of Timeless : I…wait, timeless is an eric kripke production and a character of color LIVED? Straight through the season???

Not just a character of color. ALL of the characters of color ALL survived the ENTIRE season. Any character of color who appeared in more than one episode. Any character of color who had an important role in a single episode. They ALL lived.

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t realize who Kripke was until after I’d gotten hooked on the show; I might never have tried it if I’d known. But it was really enjoyable! And the characters of color and the wlw get to live in season one! Go watch!


Hannibal watched Will sleep. Listened to him breathe. The last time he had paid such close attention to another’s breath, he had been listening to Mischa’s lungs failing.

He inhaled deeply of Will’s fevered scent and stroked his hair. How long could he let it go this time?

Even a week ago, it had seemed a simple thing to spin out Will’s illness, unwinding his mind like Penelope at her loom, playing for time and for control. Now, he thought of the consequences of failure. For the first time in many years, doubt came to him on soft feet and pulled at his sleeve with a child’s hand.