it's not me in a santa hat

What went down in Mr. Pigeon
  • Thomas Astruc: hey Jeremy I had an idea
  • Jeremy Zag: uh-oh
  • Thomas Astruc: it's a supervillain but it's just pigeons
  • Jeremy Zag: I don't understand
  • Thomas Astruc: he's a supervillain, you know?
  • Thomas Astruc: but all he does is pigeons
  • Jeremy Zag: I don't think pigeons are a superpower
  • Thomas Astruc: you got dabbing Santa so let me have this
  • Jeremy Zag: fine
  • Mr. Damocles: why don't you all design some hats for Adrien's dad
  • Alya: are you going to teach us how to design hats?
  • Mr. Damocles: no just figure it out
  • Ms. Bustier: these are impeccable teaching methods
  • Alya: how do you not have this under control Marinette
  • Alya: ok that's valid
  • Chloé: hey Sabrina so here's my new evil plan
  • Chloé: we wait for Marinette to come up with some design
  • Chloé: then we take a photo of it
  • Chloé: and I pay somebody to design the EXACT SAME THING
  • Chloé: this is defs my greatest evil plan yet
  • Sabrina: it won't be suspicious when you and Marinette submit the same thing?
  • Chloé: nah I don't see a problem
  • Sabrina: kk so imma take some initiative on this one
  • Sabrina: imma sneak into Marinette's house tonight
  • Sabrina: and imma gonna slit her throat
  • Chloé: whoa! too dark! waaaaaaaay too dark Sabrina!
  • Sabrina: sorry but what if I—
  • Chloé: no murderization, Sabrina
  • Sabrina: fine
  • Xavier: hey pigeons let's have a pigeon party
  • Roger: f**k off pigeons
  • Roger: and f**k off Xavier
  • Hawkmoth: kk so imma execute my best idea yet
  • Marinette: and so am I
  • Tikki: but your best idea is a hat made of a cake
  • Marinette: now imma ride a bus bc buses are fun
  • Bus driver: kk so there are pigeons EVERYWHERE so get out
  • Marinette: isn't that just the usual thing in Paris
  • Bus driver: yeah
  • Ladybug: this is the greatest danger I've ever faced
  • Chat Noir: can I eat them?
  • Ladybug: nah
  • Chat Noir: kk imma cosplay as Roger
  • Pigeons: hey Roger
  • Chat Noir: hey f**kers
  • Ladybug: (wow, this is really convincing!)
  • Pigeons: *take Chat Noir away*
  • Ladybug: this is not how birds work
  • Pigeons: *drop a cage on Ladybug and Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: whoa, role reversal!
  • Mr. Pigeon: HEY GUYS
  • Chat Noir: so what are you going to do
  • Mr. Pigeon: imma throw these pigeons at you
  • Chat Noir: what'll that do
  • Mr. Pigeon: *throws pigeons* merry christmas!
  • Ladybug: oh no he's gonna start dabbing
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *run away!*
  • Mr. Bourgeois: *is milling and billing*
  • Chat Noir: gimme a room and some camembert
  • Mr. Bourgeois: this is not out of the ordinary
  • Chat Noir: kk let's go
  • Mr. Pigeon: I have spies everywhere!
  • Hawkmoth: what are you hoping to accomplish here
  • Mr. Pigeon: imma bring you the Miraculouses!
  • Hawkmoth: yeah but you have your own personal agenda for what you're gonna use your powers for, right?
  • Mr. Pigeon: nah
  • Hawkmoth: you mean you're the first villain to actually focus on the task I set for you?
  • Mr. Pigeon: idk
  • Mr. Pigeon: ooh, my pigeon spies just reported that Ladybug is currently falling on top of me
  • Ladybug: geronimoooooooo!!!!!!!!
  • Mr. Pigeon: *gets squashed*
  • Hawkmoth: I'd be thrilled with your level of focus if it were paired with competence
  • Ladybug: imma beat you with POPCORN
  • Mr. Pigeon: the food or the song?
  • Ladybug: both, kick the tune Chat Noir
  • Chat Noir: time to bust out my sweet dancing Roger cosplay
  • Roger: that is not at all realistic
  • Mr. Pigeon: I surrender!
  • Marinette: anyway I made a hat
  • Chloé: and so did I
  • Gabriel: imma f**kin set you both on fire
  • Chloé: well s**t
Instruments as quotes from my school
  • Clarinets: "Men love nipples, it's okay."
  • Flutes: "Hey! Did you know that it's not nice to throw rocks at people!"
  • Trumpets: "He called me ugly and I know I'm not!"
  • Trombones: "Why does my work look like lasagna?"
  • Tubas: "What month are you in?!" "CANADA!"
  • Baritones: "Put a porn on the internet"
  • Saxes: "Would mexican santa wear a sombrero instead of a santa hat?"
  • Bass Clarinets: "Pretend your parents don't want anything to do with you" "I don't have to pretend."
  • Percussion: "You can play uno without the power-ups, but then you're not ruining any friendships and there's no fun in that."
Guilty || Keith Kogane x Reader

Request: “ 4 and 9 with Keith? I love how you write, please don’t stop 😸😻” & “I was thinking about 22 with Keith. Idk haha 🙈❤”

Prompt No.4: “Aww you’re acting like you actually care!”

Prompt No.9: “I had nothing to do with that mistletoe being there.”

Prompt No.22: “Stop putting mistletoe everywhere!!!”

Being away from Earth was already hard enough but when Pidge quietly said that it was officially Christmas back home, everyone’s mood came crashing down. Coran and Allura could not really understand why but it seems from all of your long faces that they didn’t even want to ask.

Lance was lying on his back on the couch and plainly staring in space, Hunk with his feet up the table, Keith holding his Galra blade in hand, Pidge with a photograph of her and her brother in hand, Shiro pacing the room and you, sitting slouched on the sofa.

After being so tired of moping around, you got up from your place and walked out the room. You could hear Coran in the other room probably struggling with something. Poking your head in, you saw him trying to drag out a rather heavy box. But what caught your eye was a little smaller box lying at Coran’s feet and its contents seemed like…. Christmas decorations?

You slid next to the box. “Coran where did you find all this stuff?”

“Hm?” he distractedly said, still trying to get a proper hold of the giant box. “I saw this at one of the stores at the space malls or whatever they’re calling it nowadays and it was on sale! The shop owner also gave a really good price so I just decided to buy it.”

A grin made its way to your face. “Coran you are amazing!” You grabbed the box and dashed out of the room.

Coran struggled with the weight of the before his knees gave away from beneath him. “Thank you.”

You burst into the gloom room and skidded to a halt right in front of Keith, dumping the box at his feet. He raised his eyebrows up at you and you held up your hands, mistletoe in each of them. “So apparently, Coran has a stash of Christmas decorations.”

And those words were enough to bring everyone running to the box. Their faces shone with excitement as they raided the box, pulling out various Santa hats.

“Hey give me one too!” Keith exclaimed, seeing the layout in front of him.  

“Aww,” Lance said in his most fake voice ever. “You’re acting like you actually care!”

“I do care,” he huffed. “Just as much as everyone else here does.” He started to scan the room for you as you had suddenly vanished out of sight.

There you were, in the corner putting another mistletoe in its place when clearly the trail of mistletoes behind you were not enough.

“Stop putting mistletoe everywhere!!!” Keith said exasperatedly.

“Whaat? I just want a high probability of getting to kiss you.” You grinned.

Keith turned red at that, unable to say a word. He stumbled towards the door and heard Lance clearing his throat behind him, prompting Keith to turn around and look at him. Lance without saying a word just pointed at the top of the door with a smug look on his face from where he sat on the couch. Keith looked at where he pointed where his gaze was welcomed by another mistletoe hanging there.

Keith spun to look at you, with the most ‘done’ expression on his face.

“I had nothing to do with that mistletoe being there.” You defended yourself but your smile giving you away.


A/N: I know this fic sucks but I promise I’ll do better next time.

Dress Codes and What They Actually Mean

Have you ever started a new job and been told that what you’re wearing doesn’t fit with “business casual”? Or have you received an invitation to a party with a dress code like “garden attire” or “creative black tie” and had absolutely no idea what to wear? Dress codes can be really confusing, especially when you’re growing up and suddenly have to deal with a lot more than everyday casual. But worry not, because we’re about to break them down one by one so you’ll be the best (appropriately) dressed at your next party.

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Family Christmas

Requests: “Request anything Elijah 😍” “Request Elijah I love how you write him❤️” “You should do more Eiljah” “Dying for some Elijah” “U should do another elijah one😍😍😍” “ Request Christmas with Elijah” “Request Christmas with Elijah 😁”

Your baby girl laughed and clapped as you tried to dress her in her little red dress for Christmas. “Stop moving, let me get your sleeve fixed.” You laughed and rolled up her sleeve when she decided to stay still for three seconds. 

It wasn’t everyday you had a magical pregnancy with an original vampire. A witch had cursed you without realizing you were married to Elijah, and he impregnated you through the curse. Your baby was the biggest and best blessing in your lives, and her eyes were chocolate brown like Elijah’s. 

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“I’ve had Skyrim since its release, and every year since 2011 during Christmas time I put that festive looking red hat in my followers inventory and make them equip it so it’s like I have my own little Santa following me around and helping me kill stuff. Every. Single. Year. I imagine Marcurio absolutely despises me for doing so.“

- Image credit: [x]

All I Want

A Christmas party on board the Enterprise leads to a late night exchange of rather intimate gifts between Bones and their newest passenger.

Warnings: Smutty goodness darlings. Welcome me back and to a new fandom. Unprotected sex. 


It was at the first annual Christmas aboard the Enterprise’s five year voyage when Admiral Farah learned that Leonard McCoy was a smooth kisser. Behind the layers of sarcasm, metaphors and perpetual scowls waited a man just looking for someone to pour into.

As his lips meshed with hers, the scent of peppermint wafted up from her steaming coco. The mistletoe Sulu brandished much like his saber, brushed her cheek as he declared the kiss satisfactory to the tradition. Chekov let out a long whistle when neither she nor Bones pulled away immediately. Bones’ hands had somehow wound up in her hair, and hers clutching at the back of his shirt. His nose skimmed her cheek, their breaths mixing together while both struggled to separate hormones and Christmas cheer from solid, trustworthy feelings. Farah broke it off first, lips already aching in the absence of the doctor’s.

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Straight White Boy Problem #673

*taking christmas pictures* mom…i am NOT wearing this Santa hat in this picture!! *mom keeps trying to put it on my head, laughs at my pointless anger* it’s going to mess up my hair!!! and its not even a snapback! *mom tells me to stop being such a baby* but mom….you birthed me….i am ur baby :(

Solangelo One Shot - Christmas Spirit


Nico glanced up from his pillow at a very bright Will wearing a Christmas sweater and a Santa hat.

“Wiiiiiillllll,” Nico groaned, burying his face in the bed once more, “Its November 1st. Halloween literally just ended.”

“Exactly, which means it’s time to get some Christmas cheer in this apartment,” Will declared, shoving Nico off the bed.

“Will! That hurt!” Nico rubbed his shoulder.

“Well then let me help you up,” Will extended his hand and Nico grabbed it only to be quickly pulled into a kiss which happened so fast and ended so soon that the only way Nico knew it occurred was the blush that covered his face.

“Are you in the Christmas spirit now?” Will whispered in Nico’s ear.

Nico could only nod meekly as he was led into the living room. A tree was already set up in the corner, surrounded by boxes of decorations.

Nico walked over to the tree and plucked at the fake needles, “Why can’t we get a real tree?” He complained.

“Because the ornaments never stay on and it makes a mess that I end up cleaning,” Will answered, pulling garland out of a package.

Nico decided not to put up a fight and merely nodded. The couple spent most of the morning decorating the tree and untangling lights. Nico had gone into the kitchen for a glass of water when he heard a shout from them other room.


Nico rushed into the room to see Will standing by the window.

“What? What’s wrong?” Nico grabbed Will’s face and looked him all over, “Are you hurt? Did you cut yourself with the wrapping paper again?”

“No dummy, it’s snowing!” Will pointed to the street outside, covered in a white blanket of powder.

“Will!” Nico punched Will’s shoulder, “You scared me!”

“Come on let’s go outside!” Will slipped on his shoes and yanked a sweatshirt over Nico’s head before bursting out the front door and running for the snow drifts. He didn’t get far though before slipping on the side walk and falling on his butt.

Nico burst out laughing, “You should watch where you step Will!” He said, walking towards said boyfriend, “it’s slip-” and then Nico fell too, landing on top of Will.

“Sorry Will,” Nico muffled from where his face was in Will’s jacket.

“It’s okay, it’s not like you aren’t on top of me every night,” Will said with all seriousness.

Nico’s head shot up from Will’s chest with a horrified look on his face, “Will!”

Will laughed and pulled Nico in for another kiss, “It’s okay though cause I like it,” He assured him.

“That does make it okay I guess,” Nico replied, kissing Will one more time as snow began to fall around them.

‘I guess Christmas isn’t so bad after all,’ Nico thought.

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Headcannon of the RFA (+ V and Saeran if u want) not having anyone to spend Christmas with, and MC inviting them to stay with her and if they say no she's like "nope it's decided your spending Christmas with me!"


- he really doesn’t think it’s necessary

- if you want to spend Christmas together so badly why not stay at his place?

- plus Elizabeth 3rd would be left all alone

- “It’s a family holiday, Jumin.”

- since you’re so persistent he agrees

- considered inviting his father, but decided against it to avoid possible girlfriend drama

- did bring Elizabeth 3rd with a little Santa hat

- extremely polite

- like he pulls out all his smooth talking

- knows that you invited him so doesn’t want to be a bother

- even though he brought Elizabeth

- the amount of presents he got you

- he also got some for your family so he didn’t seem rude


- lowkey nervous

- he hasn’t had a family Christmas in so long

- doesn’t want your parents to disapprove of him too

- but okay, you really want him to so he’ll try to show he’s worthy

- and by try, he completely nails it

- he is so sweet to you, your family loves him

- he also knows how to smooth talk

- plus famous actor, can’t go too wrong with that

- they were slightly nervous about him cheating as that’s common with celebrities, but the way he looks at you is so loving they don’t worry about that at all

- he feels bad he doesn’t have a gift for everyone in your family, but since he hasn’t met them before he couldn’t really get them much

- he sings for everyone after Christmas dinner


- you weren’t certain about inviting him to your family Christmas

- he has his own family after all

- but you suggest it anyway and he is so excited

- totally wants to meet your family

- and it’s so sweet for you to invite him to your family holiday?

- and he’s also very scared

- what if your parents don’t like him?

- what if he messes up somehow?

- “Yoosung calm down, they’ll love you.”

- will they?

- they do

- he’s very sweet, even if he’s fidgety

- he’s not rude and genuinely treasures you, how could they not like him?

- he offers to help make Christmas dinner

- at one point, you two start talking about video games and can’t be talked to for another hour


- she was planning on just staying home for Christmas

- making some coffee, watching Zen’s DVDs, going to bed early for once

- she didn’t think you’d want her to come visit your family with you

- she can do all the things she wanted at your parents’ house though

- so, alright

- at first, she’s extremely formal

- this is not a business deal, Jaehee

- she does loosen up pretty quickly

- your family really likes her

- she’s respectful and has her life together

- and you two are just so cute together, they could never disapprove of your happiness

- you both make drinks for everyone


- he’s not super excited, to say the least

- he’s really weird, has bright red hair, and what can he tell your family his job is?

- but you won’t accept no for an answer

- he’s gonna come if you need to drag him by the feet kicking and screaming

- it doesn’t go that far

- but he’s very silent on the car ride

- every now and then he’ll ask questions about your family

- he keeps asking if you really think they’ll like him

- once you get there he puts on his cheerful face and jokes around

- at first it’s one of his masks, but you can see him relax and become comfortable as everyone accepts him quickly

- he’s a big dork and easy to get along with

- everyone loves him

- he fixes your families’ computers as a Christmas gift


- nope

- he doesn’t want to go

- he’s never had a good family holiday experience

- and he looks like a punk and doesn’t talk much

- he doesn’t want to freak your family out

- but dammit he’s going to come

- he tries to sneak away the night before you two leave

- but you suspected something like that might happen so catch him

- you tell him if he really doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t have to

- “… I’ll go.”

- he practically hides behind you

- he tries his best to be polite to your family

- at one point he does say something sarcastic and feels so bad, apologizes immediately

- no one has any idea why he’s apologizing

- immensely happy he went

- he felt so accepted and cared for by everyone there

- very grateful you brought him


- he smiles and says you don’t have to bring him

- he doesn’t want to intrude

- “We’re dating, it’s not an intrusion, everyone wants to meet you.”

- well, if you put it like that, he supposes he can come

- very polite and respectful

- offers to help whenever needed, or when no help is needed

- your parents like him, he’s really gentle with everyone, especially you

- they ask to look at the pictures he’s taken and spend a while going through them all

- you fall asleep against him by the tree and your parents are pretty surprised when he doesn’t move for two hours until you wake up and move to an actual bed

the world is brighter than the sun now that youre here

requested by @stroke-my-glabella-please

a philkas christmas

Growing up, Christmas was always small. His mother’s small amount of funds presented itself in a few bars of candy and a toy, or when he was older, a new shirt or pair of pants.

Still, she managed to make it special. She and Philip would drag out the tiny christmas tree and put it up in the living room, spending hours making ornaments out of things they had around the apartment, listening to old christmas songs.

When there wasn’t enough money for more than a bar of candy, Anne would buy a bar of Hershey’s chocolate and split it up into pieces, carefully wrapping each one.

Those, Philip decided, were his favorite. His mother hid the chocolate pieces around the apartment, and laughed delightedly when he emerged back into the living room having found one. Once it was done, they would move to the couch outside, and Philip would curl up against her. She would smoke a cigarette, and tell him made up stories about all the different lives he could live. One where he was a prince, another where he was a doctor, and another where he was a stay at home dad.

They didn’t have much in the way of money, but Anne was rich in imagination, and she raised Philip on it.

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Christmas Diamonds: George Weasley One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request: Hey there! If you want to, could you make a fluffy George one shot where it’s Christmas? If you do, thank you so much!

Your P.O.V

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” I heard a voice call down from the common room.

“(Y/N)!” I heard again, this time, closer to the door of my dormitory. I groaned and buried my head deeper in my pillow, while taking my blanket and covering it over my face like a tent.

“(Y/N)! You have to come down now!” A different voice said. Knocks erupted on the door.

“Go away! Let me sleep!” I groaned out. I buried my head back into my pillow as I tried blocking out the noise, ever so desperately trying to go back into my blissful slumber.

“Oh well, Fred, looks like we’re gonna have to take on some extreme measures.” The voice said, a chuckle from the other following his sentence. My eyes sprang open as I realized who it was.

“I know just what to do.” The other one said.

“Okay now, what was it? Alohomi? Alohomises? Oh- I know! It’s a Alohotines!” One of the voices said, but almost instantly being interrupted by the other.

“No no no you dumb twit! It’s obviously Alohomines! Didn’t you here McGonagall yesterday blabbering on about it to Lee Jordan the other day? The woman bloody preached about it!” The other one said. I heard a slight slap, indicating that he had might have hit the other on the arm. I chuckled.

“Oi! Granger! What was it again?” The voice asked. I heard a faint grunt of annoyance.

I also heard the shutting of a book, along with a couple of very familiar laughs.

“I’m not telling you bafoons! Just let (Y/N) sleep, you’ve been waking her up for the past two weeks! All the girl needs is her beauty sleep! Don’t you agree, George?” Hermione said.

My heart lept with joy thinking about George. You see, George and I have been dating for about 6 months now. He’s the greatest person I’ve ever met. Despite his mischievous acts, he always finds time to settle down with me and be a romantic. A hopeless romantic at times, but he’s as sweet as chocolate. I listened closely as the conversation outside continued, while taking off the blanket slowly.

“ITS ALOHOMORA!” A low and raspy voice shouted, whom I immediately indicated being Ron. I heard laughs and the sound of a smacking as the twins cheered. I let out a laugh, causing everyone to go quiet down in the common room.

“Listen George, she’s awake!” Fred excitedly exclaimed. I could tell that George was smiling, since Fred started teasing him about the shade of red growing onto his cheeks.

Alohomora.” George carefully whispered.

The lock slowly clicked as it unlocked, revealing the twins pushing the door and walking through.

I was fully awakened by the loudest alarm I’ve ever heard in my life.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! WAKE UP! ITS CHRISTMAS!” Both of them shouted, as they started shaking my bed, causing me to sit up right away.

“ITS CHRISTMAS!” Fred shouted, a fluffy Santa hat on his head, while he blew a little green tube that belted out Christmas bells.

I struggled to sit up, my elbows supporting me as my eyes slowly opened to the sight of the most loudest, yet most lovable twins I’ve ever met.

“GEORGE, WHAT DO THOSE MUGGLES SING AGAIN?” Fred yelled once again, while throwing red and green glitter all over the dormitory. I groaned at the thought of cleaning it up later.

“THAT JINGLE BELL SONG!” George shouted, a huge and great smile plastered onto his face as he looked at me.

JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE ALL THE WAY! OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO RIDE ON AN ONE HORSE OPEN SLEIGH, HEY!” They both sang, while honking small horns at also brought out the sound of Christmas bells, along with a chime here and there.

“Well good morning to you too.” I chuckled, a smile growing onto my face.

“Good morning (Y/N)! Merry Christmas!” Fred happily exclaimed, hugging me tightly as I continue to sit on my bed.

“A big Merry Christmas to you as well, Fred.” I sweetly say back to him, hugging him tighter as he sneaked a kiss on my cheek, winking at George afterwards.

“Come down to the common room quickly, (Y/N)! There’s loads of presents and hot chocolate waiting for you!” Fred shouted as he left the dormitory, leaving George and I alone.

“Well hello.” I said to George, winking at him and smiling afterwards. He squatted beside the bed and looked at me.

“Merry Christmas, beautiful.” George replied. His gaze focused on my lips, as his wand twirled and a green plant appeared above us.

“Look.” He said. My head tilted up as I saw a little green, and somewhat sparkly plant grow above us. It took it’s beautiful shape and appearance just seconds after it was formed.

“It’s beautiful.” I said, chuckling and fixing my gaze onto George’s beautiful brown eyes.

“Do you know what it’s called?” He curiously said.

“I’m sorry, Hermione told me all about these last night and I couldn’t really pay attention. She went on talking about Christmas jingles and things like that, I got mixed up.”

I laughed.

“It’s called a mistletoe.” I told him.

“When two people are under a mistletoe (I looked up again), they kiss.” I winked at him, while biting my lip. His focus went back onto my lips.

“I like the sound of that.” George said, slowly leaning into me.

“Come here, handsome.” I chuckled at him, wrapping my arms around the back of his neck, as I leaned into him.

His sweet lips collided with mine, as we both smiled into the kiss. Our lips were moving in synch. Nothing could be better than this.

His hand went up to cup my cheek, as his other went around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I (kiss) love (kiss) you (kiss).” George said, in between kisses.

We softly put our foreheads together, as grins slowly plastered onto our faces, giggles coming afterwards.

“Merry Christmas, George.” I said, biting my lip. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek in response. I leaned into my ear, and whispered,

“I think it’s time to open your presents.”

His arm snaked under my blanket, around my legs, while his other snaked around my back. He lifted me up into his arms, as I gasped in surprise.

“George Weasley! Put me down this instant!” I squealed, trying to squirm out of his grip.

“No can do love.” He teasingly said as he tightened his grip around my back, making sure I was secure in his arms. I rolled my eyes and gave me a kiss on the cheek, as I left the blanket on my bed.

He carried me bridal style out of the dormitory, and down the stairs into the common room. My feet did hit a couple walls along the way, but everything was fine.

George set me down on the couch in front of the fireplace, which was brightly lit, allowing a great warmth to spread around the room.

As I sat down, I was greeted by a massive group hug from Harry, Ron and Hermione.

“Merry Christmas (Y/N)!” Harry and Ron chimed, as they both wrapped their arms around me.

“Merry Christmas to you as well.” I sweetly said, hugging the little buggers back as a smile grew onto our faces.

“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.” Hermione said, both of us laughing afterwards. She pulled me into a hug, the feel of our friendship coming upon us.

She sat down next to me as George wrapped his arm around me, protectively, as the commencement of the present opening was beginning.

“The first one goes too, may I have a drum roll everyone?” Fred said, clutching a red box in his hand.

We all started drumming on our laps, grins awaiting the announcement of the name.

“Mr. Harry Potter!” Fred exclaimed, handing the red box to the green eyed wonder.

“It’s from Hermione!” Harry cried out, his fluffy hair getting into the way of his eyes. Hermione chuckled as he opened the box, his jaw immediately dropping.

“You couldn’t have!” Harry surprisingly said, his hands digging into the box.

“What’d she get you, mate?” Ron said, leaning towards Harry but getting pushed away by an eager Fred.

“YOU GOT HIM A SIGNED PICTURE OF THE CHUDLY CANNONS?!” Fred yelled, the same face of astonishment on his face similar to Harry’s. Ron’s reaction soon came in afterwards.

“NO WAY! THAT MUST’VE COST A FORTUNE!” Ron shouted as Harry carefully pulled the picture out of the box, grinning like crazy and his eyes almost glistening.

“Hermione, how did you-”

“No questions. Just, Merry Christmas.” She simply said.

“Alright then… erm … next one goes too….”

Throughout the hours of handing out gifts we all laughed and gasped in surprise. Ronald had received yet another maroon sweatshirt from his mother, along with George and Fred receiving green ones. Hermione had gotten a book about the History of Transfiguration, and the development of the Remembrall from Ron, which she seemed to love. Harry had gotten a little necklace with the golden snitch on it for me, with the fair scent of roses on it, those were my favorite.

Fred had gotten an all expense wizarding prank set from Hermione, which he immediately chatted away with George about, while poking and playing with the materials inside. We all sipped away our hot chocolate, as we approached the final gift under the enchanted Christmas tree.

“And the last one goes too, drum roll everybody?” Fred said, with his Santa hat a little lop sided.

The drumming noise had started against our thighs, but stopped as Fred was reading the name.


It was a quite small box, it was black. It seemed as if it held some kind of jewelry in it, but I didn’t get my hopes up.

It had a little ribbon on it, which contracted the message,

To (Y/N), From George.” Incursive.

I smiled at him as I bit my lip and carefully opened the box, making sure nothing spilled out.

My eyes met with the most beautiful piece I’ve ever seen in a while.

Within the thin black case, was a glistening necklace. It was bright white, and was incrusted with diamonds. It’s complex shape only made it more beautiful, and stunning to my eyes. I noticed something on the collar of it, and I saw a couple words written on it.

Taken by surprise, I took a closer look.

I’m so sorry I spilled pumpkin juice on you!” ,was written in small letters on the collar. These were the first words George had ever said to me. About 4 years ago, while I was speaking with Hermione about the Potions midterm, George had accidentally spilled some pumpkin juice on me, while chatting away with his friend, Seamus Finnigan. That was the first time our eyes had met one another, giving away the love we would be brewing up later on.

“Oh shouldn’t have…” I said, my eyes watering as I looked up at him. His arm wrapped around my even tighter, as his forehead pressed up against mine.

“I love you so much (Y/N).” He whispered to me. His lips softly pressed against my forehead as he pulled me into a hug.

I closed the case and looked at it closer.

“Swarovski? How did you get this? It’s a muggle brand-”

“Hermione helped me.” He said, flashing a great smile.

“She sent a letter to her parents explaining everything about what I wanted to give you, and they mailed it back.” He continued on. Hermione hugged me from behind, while I hugged her back.

“You truly are one of a kind, Granger.” I said to her, laughing afterwards.

“Put it on!” She happily squealed out.

I pulled my hair back as she wrapped the necklace around my neck, the soft click of the both ends indicating that it was successfully on.

“It looks brilliant, (Y/N).” Ron said. He leaned in closer as his fingers crept onto the necklace, studying the jewels as George smacked his hand away.

“I love you so much, Weasley.” I smiled at George.

“I love you too.” He tilted my chin upwards and planted a sweet kiss on my lips, both of us smiling into the kiss like before.

“Now, who’s up for chocolate tarts in the Great Hall?”

  • You know how Matthews favorite holiday is Christmas?
  • Matthew: *throws fake snow on Sam*
  • Matthew: *puts Santa hat on James*
  • Matthew: *bakes cookies*
Katya (Trixya) pt 1/? - Skyline

AN: Hellooo World! I’m back back back back back again with a new Fic! Sorry I haven’t been around, went on a Holiday in New York to see Christmas Queens and it was magical. Came back and was a bit busy. Just recently watched the movie Carol and was completely inspired to write a Trixya fic about it, so here we are! Just so no one is confused the first few paragraphs are kind of a flash-forward which is how the movie begins but I will put it in italics so it’s easier to decipher. There is gonna be a little bit of change regarding color of clothes and maybe personality but if you haven’t watched the film you won’t really notice. This ones probably gonna be a slow burn cause the movie definitely takes a while to get goin’. Also going to be a lot of parts considering this first chapter is only the first 15 minutes of the movie lol so expect at least 7? maybe more. Hope Ya’ll enoy, Gonna try super hard to make this one good. Feedback would be lovely <3 - Skyline

Summary: Lesbian Trixya AU based off the incredible movie Carol, set in New York during the 50’s. Katya, a mother struggling through a messy divorce meets young, inexperienced Trixie at a department store and they hit it off.

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Title: Decorating for Christmas (Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: Steve has a great idea for him and the Reader’s first date; buying a tree and decorating for Christmas.

Warnings: fluffy fluff!

Word Count: 1384

A/N: I LOVE STEVE SO MUCH IM CRYING! This was so cute ah. Happy day 3, omg! I hope you enjoy!

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The bar was nearly empty and Will was thankful that finally he could hear himself think. He had taken the Christmas shift again this year since all the lonely drinkers seemed to come out wanting a sympathetic ear and always had very generous wallets.

There was an hour left before close and nearing two a.m. when he walked in, a Santa hat askew on his head and a confident swagger in his step.

“A glass of red burgundy, please.”

Will blinked. The bottle had been a running joke since he’d worked here. No one would ever order it but it had been here since its opening or so he’d been told.

“Um…we only sell that by the bottle.”

The man smiled and said, “Then give me the bottle.”

Will frowned. “It’s $15,000.”

The man took out his wallet and handed Will a credit card. He looked at the name: Hannibal Lecter. He put it through and it instantly was approved. He uncorked the bottle and poured it into a wine glass. “Kind of an expensive Christmas present to yourself, Hannibal.”

Hannibal laughed, taking the glass and sipping it slowly. “I have no one else to buy for, “he eyed Will’s name tag,“Will.”

“No girlfriend? Boyfriend? Family?”

Hannibal shook his head. “It is just myself and no one else.”

He sipped the Burgundy slowly for the next half hour, saying nothing and watching Will like a hawk the entire time he cleaned up the bar.

There was one other patron sitting in the far back that came up to pay his tab, tipping his hat to Will and leaving him with no tip. He sighed, knowing that it happened more often than not but tonight nearly everyone had.

Hannibal asked suddenly, “Is something the matter?”

Will shrugged. “Got stiffed for a tip. It happens, but tonight this is the first one.”

“I will be tipping you, Will, do not worry.”

Will laughed, “You paid fifteen grand for that bottle. What you’re gonna tip me three thousand dollars?”

“I will tip you as I see fit. As I’ve said, there is no one but myself to spend my money on. To enjoy your  company and view your beautiful countenance for this past half hour  has been worth every penny.”

Will blushed, wiping the counter. “I haven’t really been the best company, you’re not like the others. They usually want to talk, you haven’t said a word.”

“Sometime of the time just another person in the room is company enough for me.”

Will nodded, “I…yeah I get that.”

“Do you have a significant other in your life or family to spend Christmas with?”

Will shook his head. “I have dogs.”

Hannibal smiled. “They are very significant in your life.”

Will nodded, “There’s seven of them so it takes up a lot of my time.”

Hannibal’s eyes widened slightly as he laughed, “Seven?” before he took out a pack of cigarettes, stopping himself. “Do you mind?”

Will frowned, looking outside. The snow was coming down hard and the bar didn’t generally allow smoking inside after the ban. But just one wouldn’t hurt.

“Just one.”

Hannibal lit his cigarette and inhaled, closing his eyes before letting it out.

“It has been nearly two years since I’ve had one and it still feels like I never stopped.”

Will frowned. “Why start again?”

He smiled. “It is the anniversary of my family’s deaths. I smoke one each year for each of them. This one is for my sister.”

Will swallowed. “I’m sorry.”

“It has been a very long time but I still feel the loss like it was yesterday. There is no need for you to apologize, but thank you for the sentiment.”

Will put a hand on Hannibal’s where it sat on the bar. “Still, I’m sorry. It’s hard to lose anyone but to lose everyone? I can’t even imagine.”

Hannibal turned his palm up and intertwined his fingers with Will’s own. “I was quite young when it occurred, but the significance to my life was staggering.”

Will ran his thumb over Hannibal’s finger and said, “My father died when I was in high school, but it wasn’t…how did they die?”

Hannibal sighed, squeezing Will’s hand as he confessed, “They were murdered by men that broke into our home. I woke up when I heard the screams.”

Will leaned in closer. “Oh god, Hannibal I’m so sorry.”

Hannibal said, “So am I. My life would’ve been different if I’d only woken up sooner.”

“No you can’t think that, you were young there was nothing you could’ve done.”

He smiled at Will, bringing Will’s hand to his lips. “I am very lucky that you were here this late night, Will.”

Will smiled. “Yeah, I’m starting to think I am too.”

When they kissed it was so soft that Will hungered for more as Hannibal pulled away. “Perfection.”

Will laughed, shaking his head. “Can I ask you something?”


“Why the hat?”

Hannibal smirked. “I took it off the person I killed before coming here.”

Will laughed, “Yeah, sure. No really.”

Hannibal laughed. “What makes you not believe I could be a killer?”

Will shook his head still smiling. “You’re not a killer, most killers keep their confessions to themselves. At least the smart ones do.”

Hannibal squeezed his fingers again, bringing Will’s hand to his lips once more. “I am quite a smart killer. No one would ever suspect me.”

Will laughed. “And why is that?”

“No one ever suspects the killer with the sad past, the young good looking one who is very social but always alone.”

Will said, still smiling, “That should be the one they suspect most of all.”

Hannibal nodded, “Clever boy,” he praised, running his fingers over Will’s hand, “Do you still not believe me?

Will’s smile fell. “Hannibal this isn’t funny.”

Hannibal was no longer smiling either. “I am not laughing, Will. Do I look like I am laughing?”

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Decorating the Christmas Tree with Chanyeol and him carrying you in his arms while you’re hinging the big and shining star at the top of the three