it's not me i was worried about

me: *is feelin fine*

me: *is hit by a sudden wave of anxiety about the likelihood that mike will be targeted by the mind flayer in s3 bc it knows that he’s v important to both will and el, thinks about how mike is always the one who helps and takes care of other people and how i literally won’t be able to stand watching him suffer, descends into a thought spiral about all the possible hell the duffers have the power to put mike through and the very real possibility that they’ll actually kill him off*

me: :)))))))))))))))

Selfie Sunday from Friday when I felt all festive and the sun gave my basement apartment studio lighting ❤️🎅❤️

Blog’s not dead, in case anyone was worried since I haven’t posted in awhile! It’s the holidays yknow, in addition to me being a writer who abhores actually sitting down and writing I’ve been getting in the spirit, shopping, all that jazz.

Anyway I’ll be back probably closer to New Years when I force myself to actually write proper for the first time in like a month and a half lol. Hope you all enjoy the holidays! Be kind and generous and I’m sending you all good vibes for 2018


Hey everyone, I think its been a while since ive posted so im gonna give a huge update to my life. I got a job at an independant living community’s 5 star dining restaurant as a waitress. Its actually a really nice job but Ive dealt with some serious problems that come up because Im trans. My entire workplace was told before i started working. My legal name is listed in public settings where it can become very obvious that it is me. This is truly the biggoest problem i have there though. Worrying about wethere i pass or not can become a time sink. Its not worth the effort. So if the residents find out about it, ill just say its a part of my medical history. More on that in the coming months though. This last 6 months have been a spiraling rollercoaster. I broke up with my girlfriend and moved out of a stable situation. It was messy, but afterwards I couch surfed at a friends place for a month and got a new place with mentioned friend, whose place was remarkable small and very difficult for 2 people to live in.

As most of you know, my winter depression aint nothing to inhale. But this year seems different. Holidays are normally rough for me but December is half over and I have been able to stay happy for the most part. It could be because I got a kitten!! I haven’t settled on a name yet, I was thinking kirby, what do you guys think?

End of Extermination 8.7

Hooooo boy. That was one hell of a ride.

Time for bullet points, I think.

  • Tattletale’s back, bitchesss! I was completely wrong before - it didn’t feel like a cop-out at all. Possibly because I was too busy being really relieved at the non-death of my favorite character and amazed at her brilliance in the rest of the chapter to care… But honestly, if anything, this might just make her “death” even better in retrospect. It’s difficult to make the audience believe that a major protagonist like this is dead, and Wildbow pulled it off so well that he got me, a usually relatively optimistic person, to be far more pessimistic about her chances of returning than Taylor. This in turn allowed me to empathize more with Taylor’s worry over her friend. Fantastic writing.
  • Her brilliance was already mentioned, but it deserves a point of its own. After turning up alive, Tattle proceeded to dominate the situation beautifully, and I loved it.
  • The mysterious conversation was, as I predicted, meant to be about Taylor possibly joining the Wards on a probation like Sophia, but it turned out so much more interesting thanks to Taylor discovering Sophia’s identity, not to mention Tattletale’s intervention. I know this is the third bullet point mentioning Tattletale’s brilliance in this chapter, but can you really blame me?
  • Armmaster… what the hell, man. Well, say hi to Bakuda and/or Lung from me if one of them’s still alive.
  • And then there’s the final development. The cat’s out of the bag and the mouse is running away. What do you do now, Taylor?

I suppose that last thing is what we’ll have to begin dealing with next time. It might be time to look for Danny, and/or check whether his house is still intact, too.

So yeah, I love this chapter. See you next time! :D

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You know, this Hanzo discourse opens up a new question: Why did the devs listen to the people ranting and raving over something as stupid as the Hanzo skin but ignore the vast majority of Mercy players bringing up valid points about issues with Mercy's new kit?

See? To me that’s a much more important thing to work on than some grey fucking hair and undercut and saggy pants. They’re only pushovers when it comes to certain things and its pretty annoying. Think I should start bitching about Reaper’s white ass arms again???? 😂😂😂

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Hi, sorry for making your inbox worse. :D I would like to ask you about Alcocoden. I read that its protection stops after some time, but that doesn't mean someone's life ends. Could you tell me more about this because when I read when my Alcocoden's protection stops, I was scared. So, how does Alcocoden's protection work and should I be worried? Thank you, I hope it's nothing too serious. ;)

Guys, I’ll talk about death here so feel free to skip it if you’re not into reading about that~

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i have a question cause sometimes i disagree and want to say something just as to talk about things not to be mean and i saw you say that people are free disagree on your post about which healthy relationships. I follow you for a while and you said before that its ok to disagree? but then when that other person disagreed you blocked them? They didn't say anything bad just worried right? so now i'm afraid to speak up now cause i don't want to be labeled as causing drama if I just want to talk

Alright, I’m going to set this straight, and then I don’t wanna talk about that drama again okay? It’s sorted now.

I did not block the op because they disagreed with me. I’ve stated several times that people may do so, my opinion is NOT right or the correct one. It’s an opinion. The reason I blocked op for a day (I have since unblocked them) is because they also sent me a lengthy message detailing abusive relationships and their concern that I was sending a ‘love heals all abusers’ message. The reason I took umbrage with this is because of several things. One being that we had a miscommunication (easy to do online) and I felt like I was being policed in some way on what not to write, and what to write, if that makes sense?

I blocked them because after their post I was second guessing if everything I’ve written has accidentally promoted this line of thinking, and I felt sick at the thought of making another post and that it might be taken the wrong way again. Op kept asking questions about the post I made, and I just did not have the energy to answer. Was it mature to leap to conclusions and block them? Well, probably not since it painted me as a super sensitive snowflake who can’t take criticism, when in actuality, I was exhausted from outside influences (which I don’t share on here)

At the end of the day, op and I made up. I am only human guys, I will probably do something to this affect again. But it’s done. Just gonna move on now. 

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I am happy to see everyone enjoy the little wips and snippets! Maybe I should do more of them as I have so much on my plate xD

I would love to really write more Noctis but that prat is hard to write! *shakes my fist amused at him* But no worries, I have more stuff planned. 


While the new housemate and I were getting groceries a few days ago, I heard my phone and instinctively let it ring out. The voicemail was from WB - who must have gotten my number from CC, and that means CC had tried and failed because he’d been blocked months ago - telling me that if I could turn off my wifi at the old house so they could activate their own, “they’d really appreciate it”, in a tone that was failing to hold back all its bile. As if i’d done something on purpose to make their day a little harder.

I started rushing in the middle of the store to find the number for my telcom and remember my account number before I stopped in my tracks and thought, “Hang on. I’ve already done that. My involvement is over. I don’t have to worry about juggling everything to avoid conflict with them anymore. All their stuff is no longer part of my identity.” The new approach was to wait until i’d finished what I was doing and got home, send him a message letting him know that any connection existing in the house was not my problem, turn off my phone, and install the new SIM i’d bought while I was out so I could change my number.

It’s not just a process of moving away from their own behaviour but of changing my own.

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What’s the sentence? I’m sorta good at doing the word thing? (Also too anxious to message you cause I don’t know if that’s okay so I’m sorry)

You guys are always okay to message me, don’t ever worry about that!! 

Also thank you for helping me! 

Background info wise, this is a reincarnation/soulmate au. Throughout it I’m writing different time periods in which they meet, example: the first section starts in 264 BC and the next one, which I’m currently writing is in Pompeii 79 CE. 

Basically, whenever they meet it’s for a short period before something happens and they’re torn apart, where they don’t meet again until the next time frame. 

Currently, in this paragraph I’m writing, Ohm has just gotten to Pompeii and he’s super excited as he’s always wanted to go. Here’s what I have so far: 

Ryan’s a bit lost, in this new city. He’s shoved continuously as people hurry past him, loud chatter rings loud and clear, blocking out any sort of coherent thought, and though it’s hectic, chaotic, he can’t help but stop in the street, take in his surroundings and fall in love.

Pompeii is beautiful, and he sends his wishes to whoever is watching over him, for allowing him to achieve his dream of one day visiting the small city.

He’s wandering around aimlessly, having no real purpose for where he’s going, but there’s not a part of him bothered by this, instead he basks in the sun which warms his skin, and the gentle wind that cards through his hair, whispers a welcome he’s desperately been wishing to hear.

It’s during this distraction and free mind that he forgets to notice those near; the collide is fast and quick, leaves him on the ground in confusion. He looks up, hand rising to block the light that threatens to blind him,

And that’s where I stop because I can’t think of anything. I’m trying to get across the sudden and quick emotions that go through him when he sees who he’s collided with, because when you look at it in a soulmate’s pov, it has to mean something, right? It can’t just be, “oh wow he’s hot” or “it felt like i knew him”, it has to mean more than that because they’re meant to be together and they’ve finally found each other after so long, ya know? But my brain can’t think of anything and I need help!! 


Another pregnant zhanna doodles

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

Season’s Greetings from your local Pointy Girls


Adoption is measured in losses and gains

Hey, to all my American followers and mutuals:

Do not worry, the world hasn’t ended yet. The FCC still has to go through congress. 83% of Americans were against the repeal of Net Neutrality. You’ve all done so well! Do not give up yet! you can still contact your officials. Call them, do not spam them with bots and email templates. Write the email from scratch, tell them why the FCC’s proposal shouldn’t go through. If you live abroad (like me), don’t worry about not being able to help, there are plentiful of petitions you can sign to get your voice heard. I signed this one and it’s as simple as it can get.

We are all supporting you, keep fighting, let your voice be heard. We are proud of you all. 💕


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