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Miraculous Ladybug - Final Showdown

Adrien Agreste has always worked to keep a schedule. Even when he is late, it’s planned, he has a reason, he is prepared. 

Just once, Adrien Agreste was nearly too late. Just once, Chat Noir was completely unprepared.

Running, leaping, falling, and praying, Chat Noir flips over a building turret, hoping, needing to not be too late. The people of Paris see a black blur streaking towards the Notre Dame, or they would have were they not fleeing in fear, away from the vaunted cathedral. 

He’s opposite the Notre Dame, the only thing in his way the glittering Seine. Most days, he would be fascinated with its beauty. Today, all he can focus on is the whirl of reds and blacks and purples, clashing in a horrible dance atop one of Paris’ most coveted tourist spots. 

Just for a moment, the dance slows. Just for a moment, Adrien sees his ethereal Ladybug. 

Bruises of every color litter her skin, her flashy crimson suit worse for the wear. There’s blood flowing from her left ear and Adrien feels a fury rise in him, realizing how close Hawkmoth was to stealing the Ladybug Paris treasured. With the fury comes a crushing sense of guilt. Here a villain with aspirations of world domination, a man who craved nothing but the downfall of the admired teen superheroes, a monster, had been planning his great finale. 

And, where was Adrien?

In Spain, on vacation, enjoying Nathalie’s lilted Spanish and the cacophonous streets of Madrid. 

He had been taking a jovial stroll in the Plaza Mayor while Ladybug, sweet Ladybug, was calling out to him, asking for help from her other half, trusting him to be there. 

Adrien remembered, seeing her face plastered across an LED screen, “Una tragedia en Francia.” A tragedy in France.   

He had run. Ran and leaped and fallen and prayed.

Please. Please let me not be too late.

Now, Chat Noir zeroes in on his partner, using his baton to leap the Seine and skirting up the side of the Notre Dame with ease, landing a flying kick to Hawk Moth’s chest as the corrupt Miraculous holder gets a little too close to Ladybug for his liking. 

With the villain busy reeling, he whips towards his beloved where she’s frozen, startled. Then she’s moving, but not in a good way. Up close, he can see it’s much worse than he’s thought originally. She’s bruised, bloody, and beaten, and she’s tired. He can see in those beautiful blues how exhausted she is, having to transform and release over and over and over again. Over and over with no one to help her. Because he wasn’t there

She moves, and Adrien watches as Paris’ femme fatal collapses on herself, fatigued muscles finally giving out. No doubt, she’d been running on adrenaline for quite some time now, and he was her relief. The energy she had been forced to maintain drained out of her and then she was falling, but this time, he was there to catch her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeats it like a mantra into her hair as he holds her to him as gently as possible, “I wasn’t even here, wasn’t here to support you, to fight with you, to protect you when you needed it most, I’m-”

“Shh, kitty, don’t apologize.”

The world around them is burning but she is calm and collected. She is a hero.

“But I have to. I wasn’t here, Ladybug, and now look at you, you’re hurt, you’re-”

She cuts him off a second time, and this time she’s smiling. Her lip is split and there’s a scratch across her cheek but she’s smiling.

“Listen to me,” her hands come up to cup his face, “This is not your fault. Okay? It’s not. There is no way you could have known, Chat Noir. I was just lucky enough to be around.”

She laughs then, rusty and mingled with a cough, but there’s love and trust and happiness in it and Adrien kind of really wants to cry. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and there’s a final showdown taking place on the Notre Dame. Just a few miles away, civilians are enjoying the Louvre without much cause for distress. But to Chat Noir and Ladybug, their whole world is this ancient Gothic cathedral. Everything ends here. The big boss battle, as Nino would call it. Except this is real life and they don’t respawn if they die. 

“It’s going to be okay, kitty. I know what’s going to happen, what you have to do, she told me, Tikki told me. It won’t be easy, but you’re going to do it Chat Noir. Paris needs you to. I need you to. I believe in you.”

It’s fond and confusing, but then Ladybug is closing her eyes and Adrien feels the panic rising in his throat. No, no, no, not her, not her

There’s a soft glow at her feet, and Adrien watches, unable to move, as Ladybug becomes Marinette Dupain-Cheng. A small part of him is glad, glad its her, he had begun to see the signs and hoped against all hope it was her. Wonderful, clumsy, kind-hearted Marinette, with a penchant for sass, though only around his alter ego. There had been something so Ladybug about her, and as he had become closer to her as both Adrien and Chat Noir, he had become almost certain. 

Now, Chat Noir wishes it wasn’t her. Wishes it wasn’t Marinette’s body he was holding in his arms. The panic consumes him until his ear flutters, and he hears the telltale thump of her heartbeat, and relief slackens his body. His attention is taken by a weak squeaking by his ear, and he turns to see a wide-eyed, beat up looking, crimson Plagg. Marinette’s kwami. Before he can speak, she’s cutting him off. In a different situation he’d laugh at how alike both kwami and holder were. 

“There isn’t time to explain, but Marinette most likely told you something. Her body can’t take another transformation, but I have just enough energy left for one more. You need to let me into your Miraculous. I know it sounds crazy, but this is what Chat Noir and Ladybug were meant for. This is the power of the two most powerful Miraculouses.” 

It’s a lot to take in and Adrien honestly doesn’t understand, but he nods, setting his shoulders. He will avenge Marinette, and he will beat Hawk Moth. For the both of them. For the world.

He holds his ring hand out to the tired kwami, who takes a deep breath before diving head on, into his ring. For a moment, she simply disappears. Then Adrien feels it, the soft tingling and a buildup of, of something, a feeling. His suit begins to change, ebony fading to a pretty violet, golden whorls interspersed evenly. He feels his claws grow sharper, metallic gold, and gauntlets rise to encase his forearms. His baton alters as well, the ends tapering off to a point. At his hip, rests a yo-yo, similar to the one his partner is famous for. 

As the transformation completes, Adrien recognizes the emotion welling within him. Protectiveness. Ladybug is creation, Chat Noir is destruction. Together, they are protection from all evils that threaten the people they love.

Light glints off the tip of his gauntlet as Adrien Agreste storms towards the moth who flew too close to the light, eyes blazing gold.

author’s note - so while i do think it’s probably going to be mari who does the whole chat noir/ladybug combination jazz and i love that, i think it would work really well for adrien too? we’ve seen the lengths he has gone to to protect ladybug(he died for goodness’ sake) and i thought it would be interesting to write! thanks for reading :)

ficlet: aggression

dealanexmachina said: 

“trini has a very aggressive way of fighting” - Talk to me about Trini being tiny, being Latina, being a woman, being a not straight child of her traditionalist parents, and just *different* - and how that manifests in her fighting style. Tell me about how she pours all of her feelings into her fights, and because that’s what happens when someone like Trini suddenly becomes strong enough to crush a boulder with her tiny fist. Then tell me how it compares to Kimberly’s fight style, how it's lifts and assists and support like cheerleading would have taught her, but also bending and dodging because that’s how she’s learned to navigate the pressures of her parents and being one of the popular kids in school. How Kimberly’s sense of self is rooted in fear of one’s power and her journey to realize just how much power she wields and how much damage she can inflict or support and protection she can give is paralleled in both sides of her life. Talk to me about how as Rangers, Trini is all aggression, and Kimberly is all feints and dodges, but as teenagers, in the halls of high school, it’s flipped. Because Trini is the one who blends in the shadows while Kimberly engages in public shows and confrontation. Talk to me about what happened to that cut scene with Trini in front of the locker that had hateful language written all over it, and what they do now. Talk to me about how their fighting styles end up complimenting each other because for the first time, they’re depending on each other. How dodges and parries work in tandem with forceful attacks and blunt force that doesn’t back down. Talk to me about their fight styles start to bleed into each other as they learn from each other, inside of training and outside as they learn to stand up for each other and themselves. Talk to me about all the fighting metaphors and styles for Trini and Kimberly, please.

They shouldn’t match up. Anger vs. fear. Punch vs. dodge. Running at the problem vs. running full-tilt away. They shouldn’t make a solid pair.

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‘cause when you walked into the room just then

theatre au collab with @alrightpotter. here’s her part.

a/n: lucie, my love!!! happy birthday!!! i’d want to know you if you reached peak gay or became buffy summers dog or could only eat car tires. i love you badly. id probably give up weetbix for you. have the best day in the world.

Godric’s Post                                                                              8th February 2009

Film: The Wind In the Whomping Willows
Director: Bathilda Bagshot
Plot Summary: 4 friends go for a picnic. Boredom ensues.

I’ve never liked Bathilda Bagshot, and yes this may have been because of an incident at one of my parents’ house parties where she literally hissed at me when I reached for another baked potato, but the point still stands. She continues rely on prolonged dialogue scenes that don’t move the plot along and stretch to the point of absurdity, until the viewer is begging for a change in scene, shot, anything, only to presented with (unbelievably) yet more boredom.  

So put aside whatever resentment you’re harbouring that I just name dropped Bathilda Bagshot and that she used to come to my house, and wallow in how wasted my Friday night was watching this garbage. My personal highlight was the closing credits, because it meant I could at last be free from this endless hell of four people sitting in a wood, talking about sandwiches and grass for two hours straight.

Naturally I imagine some people enjoyed the film, (Bagshot does know her way around a camera, I’ll give her that, the cinematography was flawless.) however dear, cherished, hopefully-subscribed-and-not-reading-this-on-the-free-trial-reader, I must ask: who doesn’t like a little during movie commentary? Before Friday I would have said no one, but after Friday I would have to say no one, with the exception of uptight, haughty gingers.

Rather like Penelope Clearwater’s unfortunate character in The Wind in the Whomping Boredom, I too found myself being falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. In Clearwater’s case (she shines in the film, despite Bagshot’s insistence she be holding a mirror in every scene) it was of stealing the picnic sandwiches. Mine was the slightly more serious charge of ‘injuring’ a fellow reviewer.

I want it stated for the record that no such injury occurred, and that as far as I am aware popcorn is rarely classified as an assault weapon, but I am willing to hear argument on the matter. However I could be wrong because the reviewer in question seemed to genuinely enjoy the Wind In the Whomping Waste of Time, so maybe it wasn’t her eye that should be examined, but her brain.

In summary: this film has done the impossible and been even more tedious than Bagshot’s last effort, A History of the Snake Inside Me, which I didn’t think possible. My nine-year-old criticisms rarely stand up to scrutiny but I think my judgement of Ms Bagshot being The Worst has proven correct. Furthermore, I want it noted for no particular reason at all that if at any point I am contacted by a lawyer about paying medical bills for a non-existent injury, I will do something else ‘ridiculous’ and ‘childlike’ like toilet papering a Certain Reviwers house or broadcasting my witty and hilarious movie commentary over a loudspeaker during each and every film I will ever attend from this point on.

(the editor Remus J. Lupin wishes to clarify for legal reasons that comments above are aimed at no particular individual, all wishes views presented are the writer and the writers views alone, and to please not sue the paper)

Godric’s Post                                                                                  3rd March 2009

Film: 101 Fantastic Beasts
Director: Newt Scamander
Plot Summary: CGI animals have a good time. Audience have a good time.

Scamander has always had a talent for animation, even his questionable films like Beasts Which Are Fantastic If Only We Knew Where To Find Them (nonsensical, long-winded title) and The Porpentina Goldstein Story (thought it was going to be about hedgehogs. It was not.) should be seen purely for their onscreen beauty alone.

Thankfully, 101 Fantastic Beats wasn’t a repeat of the Hedgehog Incident but rather exactly what it says on the tin, 101 Fantastic Beasts romping around the city and having a jolly good time, until one of them dies and the entire world becomes a bleak hell-scape that you are desperate to escape because you can’t stop crying.

Unfortunately my screening experience of this charming film was somewhat hindered by the near constant stream of insults and accusations of ‘eye assault’ from a Certain Reviewer which culminated in said reviewer tipping popcorn that Was Not Hers across The Innocent Victims Lap.

The reviewers in question needn’t have ever spoken again but because a Certain Reviewer had slandered another Wholly Blameless Reviewer in her paper, which the Wholly Blameless Reviewer’s Mother reads, some things had to be sorted out. And those things were trying to get the Certain Reviewer to print a retraction so the Wholly Blameless Reviewers Mother would stop bloody going on about it.  

On top of this Wholly Blameless was mocked mercilessly for showing emotion during what ranks as one of the most heart-breaking scenes of all time, next to such movie moments as the ending of Dead Poets Society and the shooting of Bambi’s mother in Bambi. Obviously a Certain Reviewer needs to borrow a heart so she doesn’t have to poke fun at others for having what she does not: feelings. Wholly Blameless would be happy to lend her some of his, as he’s just good like that and not at all the ‘slice of expired a*shole’ he’d previously been accused of being.

101 Beasts has heart (unlike Certain Reviewer’s) and is appropriate for the whole family excluding twelve year olds, because obviously they’re terrible and you’d never want to take them anywhere anyway, so it’s a win-win.

(The editor wishes to clarify that the writers list of saddest movie moments is flawed because it has left off the Jack death scene from Titanic because the writer thinks ‘Cameron clearly emotionally manipulated the audience’ and ‘there was plenty of room for both of them on that door’ because the writer is an imbecile. The editor cannot believe he is the film critic.)

Godric’s Post                                                                                  11th April 2009

Film: The Cupboard Under The Stairs
Director: Gilderoy Lockhart
Summary: You really don’t want to know.

Gilderoy Lockhart has won two Oscars, and yet every time I watch one of his films I have to forcefully remind myself that it wasn’t shot by a nine-year old with a camcorder who uses their dog as a sound assistant. The dullness of the film will stun and bewilder all who see it, as it defies reason why such a thing should be made.

True Hairy Chins Shouldn’t Be Seen By The Public was wildly funny (despite meaning to be a serious documentary), but aside from that I can’t think of a Lockhart film I’ve ever enjoyed aside from classics like Gadding With Ghouls and Travels With Trolls which hardly look like Lockhart films at all, despite him having directed them.

Cupboard Under The Stairs is so mind-blowing ridiculous, from the wooden dialogue to the extended shots of director and star Lockhart doing mind-numbingly boring tasks while smiling garishly, that when I found myself sitting next to a Certain Reviewer I didn’t even bother to move but rather stayed if only to have something to do. A slight physical fight broke out, and by fight I mean a Certain Reviewer hit me for a comment I made about the twenty second long director credit, so obviously I pinched her, and then before I knew what was happening we had been thrown out.

I don’t want you to think, dear reader who has clicked on this review and therefore pays my rent, that I might have acted unprofessionally by getting thrown out a movie twenty minutes in. I want to clarify: I absolutely acted unprofessionally. There is no ‘might’ about it. But my point still stands: the film was garbage, and that fact that I could tell this from only the first twenty minutes is further evidence of its garbagery.

Now I know at this point you’re all clambering to hear more about the two hours I spent alone with a Certain Reviewer, as for some bizarre reason, you’re all incredibly interested in our relationship built off pure loathing and irritation. Well, prepare yourselves readers, because a Certain Reviewer’s favorite filmmaker is not only Wes Anderson (!! There should be a limit to the amount of pastel on a screen at one point). But she also hasn’t read the best novel of all time, The Great Gatsby, and then told me that that ‘wasn’t that weird’ and asked me to ‘close my mouth’ because ‘its been two minutes’ and its ‘getting weird’.

However she did earn points back by liking Star Wars (if she hadn’t, I may have committed a crime worse than Cupboard Under the Stairs’ acting) and she also noted that Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet was her sexual awakening, and I to felt a deep attraction to DiCaprio and still do despite his insistence on growing a beard every few years. She laughed at this, but I think it was a laugh of agreement, so therefore it wasn’t bad.

Cupboard Under the Stairs was one of the worst atrocities committed to film, but a Certain Reviewer agreed that Han shooting first was an important part of his character, so all is not wrong with the world.

Text from James Potter to Sirius Black: do u think i look like leonardo dicaprio

Sirius Black: no

Sirius Black: is this bc evans said she liked him

James Potter: absolutely not

Text from James Potter to Remus Lupin: do i look like leo dicaprio

Remus Lupin: firstly, dont call him leo

Remus Lupin: and secondly, obvsly not

Remus Lupin: no two people have ever looked more different

James Potter: fuck u

Text from James Potter to Peter Pettigrew: do i look like leo dicaprio

Peter Pettigrew: no u look like u have a thing for evans

Peter Pettigrew: sirius told me to say that

Peter Pettigrew: whos evans

James Potter: do u not even read my fuckin column pete

Peter Pettigrew: it costs four pounds a week to subscribe to ur shitty paper i don’t have that kind of money

Godric’s Post                                                                                     3rd May 2009


The Godric’s own Sirius Black, gossip columnist extraordinaire, was sent to the Red Carpet premiere of A Streetcar Named the Knightbus and reported back to us on all the hot gossip and glamour of the night.

In what may have been my favorite red-carpet to date, not in the least because Rita Skeeter was thrown out for badgering guests only ten minutes in, but because the greatest thing in the world happened. It was so great in fact, that I managed to look past the colossal injustice of me not being invited to walk the carpet myself, which was clearly a mistake (the editor Remus J Lupin would like to clarify it was not) and have a roaring good night.

May I just clarify that by roaring good night I mean I got absolutely plastered (The editor wishes to state that The Godric does not promote drinking) so the night comes back to me in bits, and from what I can remember everyone looked great. I can’t remember what the film was about, or even if they let me in (editor: they did not.) but even if it wasn’t I’m sure the film was good too. (editor: it was average)

But as I mentioned above, the best thing in the world happened, and that was that The Godric’s very own film critic James Potter got to walk the red carpet. He will tell you this is because his insightful and poignant columns are finally getting the attention they deserve. Any sane person would then loudly talk over him and say the real reason is because he’s become rapidly more popular with the introduction of a Miss Lily Evans, also a film critic, into his weekly reviews. Or, as James calls her, A Certain Reviewer. (editor: for legal reasons the editor must assert that A Certain Reviewer could be any individual and to please not sue the paper for defamation.)

Turns out Miss Evans had a popularity boost as well, because she was also on the red carpet, looking ravishing in a backless teal ballgown, and honestly, readers, it was a sight to see Evans in that dress. Potter obviously thought so to, as he spent the entire night staring. And not subtle staring. Obvious, in-awe, I-can’t-believe-a-person-can-look this-good, staring.

Now, once I’d gotten over the fact that not once in our ten-year friendship had James ever given me that look, I was absolutely thrilled. I had a thirty pound bet going that they’d be together by May and I’d just won, if that look was any indication. (the editor: it was twenty pounds.)

Furthermore, Evans and Potter spent the entire night talking, not even noticing how the cameras had utterly latched on to them despite having no idea who they were, purely based on the looks they were giving each other. It was a sight to behold, seeing two utterly oblivious people in formalwear hold a conversation probably about the merits of dressing gowns (they talk about weird stuff like that) while what felt like the entire world took photos.

Now I’m aware I’m meant to be discussing the gossip and glamour from the whole night and not just two D-list celebrities who happen to both be my friends. But consider this: I do not care. These photos are modern art. Both so clearly have a crush on each other it’s embarrassing. Even Moony would have to agree (the editor: I do.). Anyway, in summary of the night: I bet everyone reading this that they’ll be screwing in a month. Mark my words.

[image: a man in a suit and a woman in a dress, against a while backdrop with A Street Car Named the Knightbus film logo printed across it. Her head is turned towards him, laughing, holding a delicate purse. He is looking at her, mouth parted, like she is the first girl he has ever seen. Something to be looked at just to make sure she didn’t disappear, blown by the wind, like in a dream. A dream girl- except not. A real girl, in a real dress, in a real place. He can’t quite believe it. A hundred camera flashes go in the background.]

Text from Sirius Black to James Potter: so whens the wedding

James Potter: i fuckin hate u

Sirius Black renamed the group james’ got the hots for evans

James Potter: this is cyber bullying

James Potter: im calling netsafe

Remus Lupin renamed the group netsafe cant help the fact that ur in love with evans

James Potter renamed the group stop now

Sirius Black renamed the group not a chance mate

Sirius Black created the Facebook Page Lily Evans and James Potter should get it on

This page received 17,798 likes.

Text from Lily Evans to Sirius Black: im going to fucking maim u. take it down.

Sirius Black: sent a link

Lily Evans: if that’s a link to the fucking page i will cut your balls off

Sirius Black: its not

Sirius Black: on an unrelated note do not click on that link it is a virus I just remembered

Remus Lupin created the Facebook Page Lily Evans and James Potter should get it on part two because lily made us delete the last one

This page received: 21,104 likes.

(don’t forget to check out ellie’s part here)

anonymous asked:


You know, that’s a really weird murderer. Anyway, THIS IS FUN! Honestly, i’d be dead already, because i don’t really care about convincing anyone when it comes to shipping. Before i start, i’m gonna state that ANYTHING I’LL SAY HERE IS BECAUSE I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL, GUYS. These will be pretty much the reasons why i ship them. The first part is a bunch of “objective” reasons (well as objective as it can get, because shipping can’t be a totally objective thing) and the other one is personal, so is up to you when to stop reading this. I apologize in advance for my English.

1)      Levi and Hanji are both really interesting and complex characters. He isn’t just a typical shonen badass guy and she’s not a typical crazy scientist. Levi is actually , from my pov, the most caring and selfless character of all SnK, he literally sacrifices himself over and over for the sake of others. Hanji isn’t just this sweet cheerful character, she has a mesmerizing willpower, nothing can stop her.

2)      They complement each other amazingly. They are both strong and smart, but in different ways. Any virtue that Levi doesn’t have, Hanji has it. Every flaw that Hanji has, Levi doesn’t. And they share two really important virtues, which are the foundation of any healthy relationship: they are both so loyal and passionate. They are literally willing to give up their lives for the people they love.

3)      THEIR INTERACTIONS ARE SO FUN TO READ/WATCH. You just know that, whenever they are together, something great is going to happen. There’s something refreshing about them, about their bickering, about the way they work together, about the way they care about each other so deeply.

4)      I think nobody can understand them more than each other. They have experienced similar things as soldiers, they have lost people they love countless times. I bet they could be sharing each other stories all night long, reminiscing all of those good times with Moblit, Erwin and their old squads.

5)      Okay, i won’t force my ship to anyone, but since i’m fighting for my life here, i’ll say i think there are actual canon hints for Levihan. Like the “Levi bathes Hanji” thing, the “we tell each other everything” thing (don’t u dare telling me Hanji clearly said they’re just friends, cuz isn’t that what every Levihan shipper has as a headcanon? The idea of them not admitting their true feelings and say “we’re just friends” ‘cause they’re both awkward dorks), their interaction in ACWNR, their interaction in Shingeki! Chuugakkou, and the “Levihan is similar to Eremika” thing. It’s up to you, random killer, to decide if that means romance or not.

6)      I hate to fangirl here, but HAVE U SEEN THEM? They are both beautiful and would have babies as beautiful and brilliant as them. What a blessing. I love drawing them so much because their character design is gorgeous. Levi with his cold colors and Hanji with the warm colors, they even complement each other in that aspect.

7)      The Levihan fandom is amazing. Besides the fact that there’s no drama and everyone is so kind, I’m pretty sure this is the ship with the funniest fan art. Even the most serious person would smirk even a little bit while scrolling through the Levihan tag. I mean, we’re all about the laughs. All of the other ships usually focus on the classic romantic stuff (i say “classic” , because from my pov there’s nothing more romantic than the OTP having fun ❤). With Levihan, you’ll get from the most intense fan art to the most ridiculous headcanon, it’s so much fun. Some Levihan artists are pretty well known among non Levihan shippers because of that same reason, like @alemanriq, @trash-god or @drinkyourfuckingmilk . I mean, really, if you’re feeling down and need to cheer up a bit, they’re the way to go.

One of the main arguments people have against Levihan is that they’re too different, so it wouldn’t work. They even go as far as saying that Levi doesn’t really care that much about Hanji. My first response is that both Hanji and Levi are highly misunderstood characters. We don’t have to let our personal experience makes us decide what is love and what isn’t. We all show our love in very different ways.

Now heres my second argument to that idea and this is gonna get personal. If you don’t wanna read about my life, skip this.

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anonymous asked:

This is not a prompt and I know you usually don't do asks... but! just in case: the finale is really messing up with my mind. The idea that she talks to him every day and he probably doesn't know she is alive is too much for me. What worries me the most is the idea of Bellamy getting romantic with somebody in the ark, given where the storyline is going do you think it's a possibility? How do you see things panning out?

In general, you’re right, I don’t do much speculation of this type, and I’m afraid I’m not going to start now. But here are some things that I consider to be important and good:

  • That was not a finale you write unless you care very, very deeply, about the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke. 
  • Clarke doesn’t really have a non-Bellamy love interest other than Niylah, and Niylah hasn’t ever really been treated like a love interest so much as a FWB. Obviously it’s possible they could leave her single or give her a new love interest from a number of places, but I think the lack of an extant obvious person is probably a good thing, in terms of Bellarke.
  • I also think their being separated makes it much more likely that the show is, if nothing else, considering making Bellarke canon. If they were together, they’d have to deal with their relationship in the Ark, with the following possible outcomes:
    • They get together during the time jump (unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together during the time jump and their relationship is at its current level for six years, and then they get together once they get back to Earth (bizarre and probably also unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they are not interested in a romantic relationship and enter S5 as Firmly Just Friends (ugh)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they have a Huge Falling Out and have to learn to be friends again on Earth (probably the most interesting of these but also like wtf why)
  • So being separated basically allows the writers to delay making a decision about whether or not they will be canon, whereas I think that leaving them together would have necessitated making that choice, and necessitated it in ways that would not be promising for the ship. I like the time jump, and as much as the sadness both of them are doubtless feeling during their separation hurts me, I much prefer it to the alternative, from both a story and shipping perspective.
  • Our cliffhanger was literally Clarke calling Bellamy EVERY DAY because she misses him so much and Bellamy being in actual mourning, so there is every reason to believe we are getting a fucking EPIC reunion.

On a broader note, I come from the old way of fandom, and from the old way of slash fandom, especially, where we never really expected our ships to become canon, and just sort of assumed every important conversation involving our OTP would end with some variation on “no homo,” so I get that my perspective on this is probably different from some people’s. Will I be frustrated if Bellamy and Clarke don’t mash their mouths together at some point? Yes, I totally will. I desperately want them to mash their mouths together, and I do think it’s pretty possible that they will. But my shipping of things has never really taken becoming canon as a very important factor in how much I enjoy them, so I am much more likely to think of all the reasons it might not happen to keep my expectations low than try to reassure myself that canonization is coming. So I’m not a good resource for that kind of reassurance.

But that also means what I mostly think about is all the things that will make me happy aside from actual face-mashing, and that finale was basically non-stop Bellamy and Clarke love each other so much, holy shit, with every indication that S5 will continue with that. And that is 900% what I’m about.


Happy Stoniversary

by Loyalty2WayStreet

Summary:  Every year, Harvey and Mike indulge in a little tradition. Each year they skirt closer and closer to that invisible line. What happens when they finally cross it?  (Explicit)

Find it on AO3 here.

                                                      5+1 Things

1.  2012

Three things happen when Harvey Specter gets stoned; he loses his inhibitions, becomes very touchy feely and lastly, he gets super horny.  As a rule, he doesn’t get stoned.  But Harvey trusts Mike, and the kids Grammy just died, so he lights the damn joint and smokes up, in a show of support.

Mike has a colourful history with weed, so when he gets stoned, he still gets high, still gets horny and giggles his ass off and maybe gets a little clumsy, but because of his eidetic memory, he can mostly still function as an average human.

It’s Harvey that brings up pissing in somebody’s office, and Mike is delighted.  Stoned Harvey is life, and Mike can’t get enough of him, he thinks this might have been what Harvey was like back in college because he looks and acts so boyishly, a broad grin lighting up his face.  They come up with a plan of attack on Hardman, and Mike volunteers to down the Gatorade.

On their way to the firm, Harvey pulls and pushes Mike around like he’s a toddler, he even reaches across in the cab and fastens his seatbelt.  Mike thinks it’s weird and it must show on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Harvey asks, eyebrows drawn together in confusion.

“Nothing really, you’re just super tactile and very DIY when you’re stoned,” he answered, watching Harvey closely.

Harvey started laughing, and those four perfect creases at the corner of each eye that Mike loves, appear.

“You’re right, that’s pretty much my M.O. when I’m high,” he replied, as he reached over and ruffled Mike’s hair.

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anonymous asked:

Fanon Allen: angel. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Canon Allen: get out of my fucking way I'm gonna win this poker game and get all the money, strip everyone naked and leave them in the train with no clothes. No mercy. Innocent who?!

It’s amazing because people get distracted by his angel face and round big eyes and polite speech which is exactly what happens in canon too right before he shows his true colors always - actual Allen will talk shit about random women he’s just met, will hold Bak’s “secret” crush on Lena over his head and threaten him through it, will scare the living shit out of a small child the moment he realizes he’s a small child making him believe he’s been stabbed with a huge ass sword, has and will again yell at the most powerful bad on the whole planet while standing on his back??? - has stripped people naked for money and started stripping himself naked while talking about added prices for it, got in a shouting match with two enemies over who had it worse with their debts (related, had absolutely no qualms telling said enemies that his master was the devil incarnated while they were trying to make him defensive over him and I don’t blame him at all) also anything he’s ever done with Kanda ever, like, that’s a whole category on its own

I mean, Allen’s definitely super sweet and caring and protective of his ideals and the people he loves, but it’s part of his actual plot that somewhere inside him there’s still Red and that a mixture between Allen and Red is his true self and I’ll never stop being amused at how the fandom likes to forget about that tbh

Anon said: Different anon here; you said your creativity was influenced by how much material you get on the subject. Once these characters weeks end, would you be interested in getting some fics written for you? I like your art so it feels like a good way to thank you while also helping you get inspiration for more bokuro, I feel it’d be a win/win situation :) Good luck with all the work you have to do by the way!

I’m always a slut for words my friend !!! Tho I can’t promise whatever you write for me will make me want to draw, I could never and I will never say no to words about my otps haha

Anon said: do you mind other people copying certain aspects of your style? like not exactly the same but for example the way you kinda put the blush colour across the knees and elbows and such? bc i know some artists are kinda picky about that sort of thing

I don’t mind at all, go for it! Most of what I do with my style is a patchwork of things I liked in other people’s styles anyway, it would be really hypocritical of me if I told you I don’t want you to experiment with what you like too - let your creativity be free my friend!

And anyway as long as the hand drawing it is different and you don’t purposefully try to exactly copy something, even things taken from other people’s styles won’t look the same - that’s how art works, after all~

Anon said: hi!! so i was scrolling through your art the other day and it’s really cool to see how much you’ve changed *^^* i love your art so much and i think it’s really inspirational to see obvious improvement i guess? thanks ily good bye

OH MY GOD thank you so much!!!!!! *O* I’m!!!!! really glad you can see my stuff getting better???? AHHHHHH!!!!! what a good ask to get, I’m really happy right now hahaha

Anon said: Kirishima has a bad habit of chewing his pencils when he’s trying to focus and because he has those killer teeth his pencils get fricking destroyed and it stresses everyone out except him so his classmates give him a lot of pencils and he’s bamboozled as to why.

It’s good tho because Kiri doesn’t really realize he needs the pencils himself so he keeps on using his chewed-through ones and hoards the pencils he’s given by the others so when Bakugou’s temper ends up making his pencils explode or Kaminari’s stress fries his into uselessness or Mina inadvertently destroys hers with her acid he can just give them new ones and he feels really good about it

everyone else has no clue how to point out that that’s not why he was given the pencils to begin with because Kiri looks so happy about it too - one day Momo will just make a Crimson Riot pencil with an indestructible material and Kiri will love it so much and they’ll solve the problem once for all haha

Anon said: I seriously can’t get over your chibi style. It’s so cute!

AWWW THANK YOU!!!!! It’s super fun to draw too, so I’m happy you like it!!!!

Anon said: The way you are dodging angst is a true art tbh

Oh my god anon I got bad news for you seems like in the bakushima week I gave in to the soft-sads (note to self: never sketch out prompts when you’re feeling emo for other reasons)

Anon said: does bokuto peel the cheese stick or does he just eat it whole?

Anon as an Italian I have absolutely no clue what a cheese stick is. What is that. What are you feeding your kids anon. I’m concern.

Gruvia and how to fix it


Okay, as you all should know, Gruvia is my former OTP die hard ship. In recent months, I’ve realized that it’s not that great after all. I realized that the gruvia I love is not the one in Fairy Tail, but rather the one depicted in fanfics and fanart. I realized that the ship in canon is extremely one sided, damages ½ of the characters involved and is very forced.  A part of me will probably take this ship to the grave since I still can’t keep a straight face whenever they have a moment.

See, about 80% of Juvia’s current character is developed to gruvia or Gray in general which is not good for such a major character. Levy can get by with being attached to Gajeel because she’s not a major character, but not Juvia. AND practically all of the ship seems to favor her and only her in story. There isn’t any indication that Gray is getting anything from their close companionship besides discomfort in story for a long while. All of that equals a forced ship.

Before you read further, keep in mind that I’m not trying to bash gruvia or its supporters. I’m bashing Mashima’s writing and stating what I think would have made the progression of this ship smoother. In no way is this trying to disregard what happened in canon, I already know its too late to change anything. 

Now about how to improve it.

  • Give Juvia back her personality, relationships and character from Fantasia and Tower of Heaven arc. Have her function without Gray being in the equation somewhere. Show her having close relationships besides Gray, so that her crush on him is more of a character quirk rather than most of her character. (I would say that she has Meredy, but they get so little screen time together I don’t even know what their relationship is. ESPECIALLY Meredy because Mashima dedicated like 150 pages to jerza but couldn’t have more than 2 panels of Meredy and Juvia interacting??? Ditto for Gajeel. This is an element of Mashima’s poor writing style, unfortunately. It’s like how Lucy and Levy are supposedly best friends but almost never talk.) In turn, this will scale back the creep factor that’s ever present in this ship and will balance it out with character weight. You know when she was all shy and embarrassed to give him that lunch she made for him? That was the perfect balance. 
  • Scale down the obsessiveness and have it develop more like a relationship upgrade rather than Gray just giving up and settling because Juvia won’t leave him alone. If it’s supposed to be that Gray is slowly warming up to Juvia, then show it. Have him go from a blunt “no thanks, not interested” to a more tsundere attitude. Him bluntly telling her no then her persisting anyway is just her not having enough respect to listen to his opinions despite being in love which makes her affection seem a whole lot more shallow and ,surprise, one sided.
  • Go into detail about the relationship. Have them reflect on how the other person has helped them. Here, I’ll even give an example on the fly; Juvia loves and appreciates Gray for being her prince charming for taking her rain away because it made her depressed and isolated for the rest of her life. Gray appreciates Juvia because he knows she’s one of the people he can fall back on, she can lighten his mood when his thoughts get too morbid or he’s going through a tough time and generally makes him more cheerful/quirky. Seeing as Mashima has put so much effort into the ball of sexual tension and angst that is Jerza, he’s clearly capable of developing these things for relationships. He just…doesn’t for his other pairings.
  • Just let them talk. Have Juvia chill out for like 5 minutes and genuinely listen to what Gray thinks of her and her tendencies. And have Juvia explain exactly why she’s so devoted to Gray and how much it means to her. Because he has no idea what her thought process is and to him she’s just been this creepy stalker who won’t leave him alone and “loves” him. If she would do this, then that would explain why he could grow more receptive towards her affection.
  • When she starts getting close to him (say, Tenrou), have Juvia calm down with her obsession. Seriously. Tone it down from “obsessive and unable to function without him in her life” to “clingy” .
  • Honestly, Juvia’s character is like 75% of the problem with this ship. She’s like Sakura Haruno gone horribly wrong. Yes, Sakura chased Sasuke to the ends of the Earth despite him literally trying to kill her, but at least she 1) grew out of the puppy love stage and eventually genuinely wanted to save him from himself like Naruto and it showed 2) Had her own personality and relationships and was able to function without him there 3) Made an effort to search for him when he went missing //cough cough did it ever occur to her to go to sabertooth and ask for help? or to look for any of her former FT guildmates at all to help her?? like, a group manhunt is the next logical step up from looking by yourself, cmon-
  • I mean, she’s not even a yandere. At least yanderes are known for the badass and crazy lengths they go to for their love. At least yanderes has psychological layers and depth that many authors explore. Yet she’s not the love sick puppy character either. I wish she was one or the other instead of being stuck in this barely thicker than cardboard state.
  • Gruvia just seems to be an unfortunate victim of bad writing of all things. I’m not sure if there are major ft ships that are safe from this tho. 

EDIT: OK, so it seems that my passiveness for Levy has been taken the wrong way. And yikes this post has blown up. 

If you must know, no I don’t support the way Levy’s character has gone because of Gajevy. As opposed to Juvia who’s character seemed to become more revolved around her ship, Levy just kinda…slowly merges her existence with her ship. This problem is just a product of Mashima’s bad writing more than anything else tbh. It’s like…she keeps her personality and all that but now all of her major appearances come with Gajeel like they’re a pair set? I also noticed the strange, unintentional implication that she seems to be actively rejecting her own team in favor of Gajeel? (Why didn’t she go with them during the one year timeskip? They just had 7 years apart too?? And how much screentime does she spent with them vs with Gajeel?) The whole thing is really weird, especially since all the ship tease for gajevy came way before the fact that their first meeting was Gajeel kicking her ass and pinning her to a tree(?) was addressed. I like that it was addressed, but it really should have been so WAY earlier. That said, I don’t have many fucks to give about Levy, so other than those obvious faults, I don’t really care. 

Also, I don’t think this is anti gruvia…? I’m not hating on it or anything? It’s more like constructive criticism which DOES NOT equal hate.
To bring Joy - Pikuna - Mass Effect: Andromeda [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I have been working more than a month on this. xD
This is not the first Jaal x Ryder fic I started writing, just the first to finish. And it took me so much longer than I wanted, mostly because of writers block and getting more ideas so that it has become three times from it’s original length. But that is normal. |D
Anyhow, first try on a Rydaal fic. I think I stayed pretty much in-character with Jaal. For Ryder I use my costum one, Ayden, and I’m still figuring out how to write her.
Really hope you guys enjoy this. x3

>>Mr. Ama Darav. The Pathfinder asks for you presence in the Tech Lab,<< buzzed the voice from SAM through Liam’s room. 

The Human and Angara had been in the middle of one of their ‘diplomatic exchanges’ - meaning Liam explained several idioms to Jaal and in return Jaal taught him how to avoid offending an Angara.

They had raised their heads when the AI had spoken and now Liam was looking at his friend with a smirk.

“Oh oh, did Ryder found something in your room that shouldn’t be there?”

Jaal huffed a laugh at this playful accusation. “There is hardly anything to find what I haven’t informed her about. She probably just wants to ask some questions.”

While he stood up from his seat, Liam leant back on his couch. 

“She does pepper you with her questions quite a bit lately, huh?” He already saw the puzzled look on Jaal’s face, so he raised his hand and quickly explained. “Idiom. Simply means she asks a lot.”

“Well, the Pathfinder is a really curious person. I don’t mind to help her out with it,” the Angara said with a shrug. 

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anonymous asked:

Which YOI fic of yours is your favourite and what is your favourite part in it?

I think that would have to be Melodies Unheard but Felt All the Same. For now.

When I thought of writing a fic with Yuuri being Deaf, the first thing that came to mind was how it would end, and I came up with the ending first. My fav part.

Victor, who proves to be different compared to a lot of the people Yuuri has either tried romantic/friendly relationships with, should do something touching. Something that would turn Yuuri into mush.

My first thought afterward was of Victor speaking to reporters after Yuuri’s wins gold(this was started before YOI finished). How he would be asked how long he knew of Yuuri’s Deafness and what his plans for the future were. And I imagined him having a desire to open a skating school of his own(because in my fic, competing lost its luster). And in homage to his fiance, make it a school for only D/deaf and HoH people. Because there are thousands of skating schools that cater to Hearing people only, but are there any for non-Hearing folks?

Basically, writing the story was just me pushing to get to that point, and once I established that as my desired ending, I started thinking of all the points in the plot that would have to change because Yuuri has been unable to hear anything since he was 2 weeks old. I made a loose Outline and began studying.

It was interesting project and I did a lot of research, consulting various people and blogs and articles. Posing random questions on Google and finding interesting information. I added whatever I found to the chapters so others who were curious, could read for themselves.

I was most proud of the reception. There is always a chance for flames and trolling no matter what, but for a character with something that is considered a disability, it’s even worse. 

There were, as expected, people who didn’t like it. I wasn’t offended. My writing isn’t for everyone.

There were people who hated it though and felt personally attacked that I would write that Yuuri had been stood up by a date once it was made known that he was Deaf. Or that a Hearing person told him he ‘didn’t sound retarded like other Deaf people’. They felt I was lying and trying to attack the Abled, ignoring the fact that I pointed out the links to the #HearingPrivelege tag from Twitter, where the very examples I used, had come from.

Some thought I was ‘too preachy’ because why did I need to write about Cochlear Implants and the fact that there are many forms of Sign Language? In essence, they wanted to know why the story about a Deaf character, always came back to issues the D/deaf face? You might understand my frustration over those types of questions.

Finally, I got those few ignorant people who think that because the character/person is Deaf, they cannot dance, model, act, skate etc… ‘because they can’t hear the music and therefore can’t bring the right emotions forth’. Which pisses me off so much. There are Deaf dancers. A Deaf model won ANTM s:22 and DWTS s:22. There are Deaf figure skaters and one even made it to the Olympics and won several golds during his time as a skater. Being Hearing does not mean you can dance or model or act or skate. Otherwise I’d be good at all of it.

But overall, the reception was great! And I had many D/deaf and HoH readers/readers with D/deaf and HoH family, inform me that they loved it and that it was realistic. That they/their family member could connect with Yuuri on an easier level than with canon-Yuuri. Some offered more links to add to the story and pointed me in the direction of more info to use if I revise. And it’s great!

My fic, which doesn’t follow what mainstream media would want, managed to make it to 4.5K+ Kudos. That 81K+ people read it. That 1K+ people commented. The readers overall were very respectful and some showed real interest in learning more. And many expressed an interest in taking up Sign classes that are available in their region, wherever they are.

And that’s good! Sign isn’t offered in most public educational facilities. Some schools don’t consider it an official language even. And having people show and interest in it and more wanting to press for it to become a required element at school, could affect the perception others have of it. And who knows what this will do for the future?

MUbFAtS was a great fic and one of the ones I’m most proud of! ^-^

Relationship Challenge - E/C

From what canon?
Eh, most of them in one way or another. A special love for the ones in which Erik is not a psycho.

What kind of relationship? (otp, brotp, family bond, rivalry/enemies, etc)
Otp and brotp, “linked souls”.

What I like in it:
So. Soooo. Like many people here, I shipped them a lot when watching the 2004 movie for the first time as a kid, then revisited the story as an adult and realized they are not really a fairytale cute couple.
Well, when it comes to the original story and most adaptations, shipping them as a romantic couple feels just very wrong to me, if we are following the canon. It’s still a very fascinating relationship. Christine fears Erik but does not hate him, she wants to escape from him but at the same time she does not want to leave him to suffer alone. Erik seems to project all his ideals of love, that are not much based on reality as he never experienced it himself, on her and makes all these plans, all these fantasies, but at first he is also content in only spending some time with her once in a while, certainly not considering himself deserving of her. Their relationship brought something good for both for a while, but it was based on lies and deceit from the start. Then come the threats, the kidnapping, the emotional blackmail, the actual blackmail, and all the stuff. But Christine does forgive Erik in the end, and well I don’t really need to say how beautiful and meaningful the ending is as we all know it very well.
ALW shows this relationship in a much less creepy way, which makes it much more attractive for me, while still keeping the core of it. It still includes threats and blackmail, it is still based on lies, but Christine is more torn between her choices. And the power Erik has over Christine seems to be much less based on pity too. It is still not healthy in any way but it’s fascinating anyway.
Then there’s Y/K, in which this is my actual otp and I don’t even care. Their relationship is much more healthy, and not based on lies (only a few secrets) and Christine actually sings a whole song about loving Erik and. I am still mad about the ending, okay.
The same applies to 1990, but in there Christine’s feelings for Erik are purely platonic, and the kind of love he was looking for could also not necessarily be romantic, and once again, I am mad.
On the opposite end, we have 1989 and Erik’s unhealthy obsession with Christine. While it’s much simpler than the original, I also find this interesting in its own way. The whole “linked souls” things is special is one of my favorite concepts.
1943 is also fascinating, starting as a harmless crush of an older man for a younger woman, escalating to an obsession as he loses everything and goes to insanity. Not something I would ever ship in a romantic way, but interesting.
Nothing in 1962 and 1983 caught much my attention, and LND and Kay also don’t add anything interesting to this.
Then we had the what-ifs. What if Erik was a better person, what if Christine loved him back, what if they met in a different way. A lot of fanfiction explores these in a lot of interesting ways. I must admit that I like this pairing more in fanworks than in canon.
And in AU territory, I really like imagining many different possibilities of relationships for these two. I would like to read more about them as friends, in special.
In general, I think they have the potential to bring out the best in each other, and though this happens very rarely in canon, I still enjoy imagining it.


- Canon compliant

  • (ALW) Christine always wonders what would have happen if she had stayed. She never finds out what happened to Erik, but she knows he wasn’t captured what gives her the biggest relief.
  • (Y/K) If there’s one regret Christine has in life, it’s her reaction to seeing Erik’s face. She never forgives herself for it.
  • (2004) Erik kept watching over Christine from afar, never daring to approach her or her family again. Well, he may have interfered one or twice for her children, but never revealing himself.
  • (1943) Whenever she hears someone refering to Erique as a killer or a madman, Christine interferes and tell them they should remember him as the kind man and talented violinist he once was.

- Domestic

  • Christine is very messy and disorganized with her things, which makes Erik very annoyed.
  • They adopt cats. A lot of them.
  • Erik has never been one to remember dates well, but he always remember every single one that has to do with Christine and gives her the biggest surprises every year.

- AU(s)

  • Platonic soulmates. They are platonic soulmates.

assorted headcanons x x x x x

a tag for them

Fics I wrote about it:

For Now - E/C ending AU

Por Enquanto - For Now in Portuguese

I’ll give you a massage - fluff

Forever - 1989 post ending (not romantic)

Gymnophoria - Pre unmasking

In sleep he sang to me… - April Fools’ spin off to New Life

Deepest Urges - Seduction scene of Don Juan Triumphant

Would you like some tea? - Platonic 

tag Prologue Chapter One

Fics I recommend about it:


Devil’s Little Face - Family fic. Ongoing.

The Angel of Persia - A what-if type. Completed.

Seeing is Believing - A what-if type. Completed.

A Gypsy Caravan - A what-if type. Completed.


Creatures of Quirks - Married fic.

Twice Blessed, Pearl Anniversary, Peace in the Night - Family fic 

An Icy Grip - Hurt/comfort

A Touch of Comfort - Hurt/comfort

A Strange Bliss - Hurt/comfort

The Branded Heart - Modern AU hurt/comfort

Backstage - High school AU

His Other Half - Hurt/comfort

Vanity - Humourous fluff

Safeguard to Paradise - Hurt/comfort

Burn - Alternate ending type AU

The Talking Teacup - Fluff

among the stones - Post canon

Of Angels and Of Love - Fluff

A Walk in the Bois - Fluff

The Paint on his Skin - Fluff

Gifts and Wrappings - Actually a 4-shot. Fluff.


The Hidden Man


There are many other good ones but I am sleepy and too lazy to search for all

goodbye to our empty ruins

klaus x caroline (werewolf mate au inspired by this gifset series by @howeverlongs)

“Eight ball, corner left pocket.”

Caroline let out a defeated groan as Bonnie sunk the last ball without a hitch, winning another round. Elena just giggled from the other side of the pool table, as she saw the prediction she’d made earlier (that Caroline had protested hotly) coming to fruition.

“I’m gonna beat you one day, Bennett, and when I do…”

A skeptical laugh told Caroline exactly what she thought of the idea as she started gathering the balls to rack again. “Well maybe if you spent half as much time contemplating the angles of your shots than the ones that make your ass catch Tyler’s eye more, you’d have a chance.” The teasing rebuke had Elena snickering along then, too, and Caroline would’ve thrown her stick at one of them if it weren’t so impossible to choose which one deserved it more. Yeah, she might have been sneaking furtive glances at him all night, but it was for completely opposite reasons.

“Ugh, you guys are seriously the worst.”

Although she hid it underneath a playful whine, the desire to avoid the whole Tyler issue was starting to come from a very real place of uncertainty. She couldn’t imagine anyone understanding her sudden hesitance to what she’d always said she wanted. Least of all, her father who was already questioning why they weren’t busy planning their June wedding as a white house with a tidy little picket fence was built for them somewhere nearby town. A neat little package of domestic bliss wrapped up in enough square footage to remind them to fill it up with pups.

It was the nice, quiet and secure future she’d always pictured for herself. One she would’ve never second-guessed had it not been for the tugging deep in her gut, lately. Ever since Tyler had hinted that he was finally ready to make those commitments to her, and to their pack, an urging in a voice very unlike her own had whispered to her at every turn.

Wait, wait, wait.

Shaking off the troubling thoughts, she focused on helping Bonnie empty the pockets. She and Elena had now started a debate on which angle her ass did look best, and Caroline let out an irritated grumble. ”Can we please talk about something else? Anything else?”

Bonnie flashed her an evil grin as if she had no intention of dropping anything when Elena brightened at the sudden opening.

“Ooh, what about your dad’s mysterious visitor, huh? I got a look at him earlier when Stefan was showing him around, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t kick that out in the morning.”

As grateful as Caroline was for the change of topic, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

“Aren’t your hands full enough as it is?“

The implied dig about her situation with the Salvatore brothers didn’t go unnoticed, and the gathering frown on the other girl’s face made it clear she wasn’t going to let it go.

“Oh, so it’s a crime to have eyes, now?” she muttered defensively, her voice rising steadily as she went on. “I’m not allowed to even look at another guy just because—“

Sensing the impending argument, Bonnie quickly interrupted whatever Elena was leading up to, no doubt staving off another argument about a subject that had been rehashed over and over for years without any kind of resolve.

“Well, you gotta admit,” she began teasingly, “it’s gotten you into some scrapes, babe. Remember that fiasco at the founder’s parade when we were freshmen?” The memory of that day had them reluctantly smiling, and before they knew what was happening, they were engulfed in laughter as if nothing untoward had happened.

Just then, a small commotion at the entrance caught their attention and all three of them gave each other a confused look before craning their necks to get a better look.

Caroline’s view was completely blocked from her position, but Elena’s surprised gasp of “He’s actually here!” made it clear what the fuss was all about.

The excitement and curiosity of the pack since it was announced they were expecting some kind of important visitor had become a familiar refrain to Caroline over the past couple of weeks. At some point or another they had all come to her in search of any scraps of information or tidbits on who it might be, but in truth, she knew little more than the rest of them. She might’ve been the daughter of the current alpha, but her father had been as tight lipped with her like everyone else.

The only insight she could offer were the extent of the preparations for his arrival, all of which had automatically fallen to her, of course. Admittedly, she’d enjoyed the excuse to implement some long overdue improvements, but the fact that it was only for the sake of some unnamed guest rankled her a bit.

Okay, it had bothered her a lot, and to the point where she was already determined to hate him. Clearly, Mystic Falls wasn’t good enough for the likes of him, in which case she wouldn’t mind showing him the door and letting it slam his ass on the way out.

As if fate wanted to prove how fickle she was, the crowd dispersed enough for Caroline to finally get a good look at him. And the ass she’d just vowed to shove out as soon as possible.

She immediately cursed Elena’s knack for understatement as she gave him a thorough once-over. And then another. Not wanting to kick him out in the morning was hardly an accurate description. She felt her wolf stir beneath her skin with growing interest as she eyed his lean outline, noting with satisfaction that the hint of curls were just long enough for her to rake her fingers through and pull. Even though he didn’t seem like her usual type at all, the confidence of his easy movements in a place crawling with wolves unknown to him spoke to an intriguing level of confidence she and her wolf wanted to dig into with claws and teeth.  

The blatantly possessive thought surprised her enough to bring her out of her daze, but not enough to stop her from following the lines of his chest and shoulders where his shirt clung a little tighter. She barely caught herself before licking her lips.

“Oh my god,” Bonnie whispered lowly from somewhere beside her, “that’s Klaus Mikaelson.”

The name sounded vaguely familiar, but other than her friend’s hushed horror and the aura of danger she could sense herself, nothing concrete materialized to curb her increasing attraction.

Shifting uncomfortably, she sat back onto the edge of the table and leaned against her stick for better support, her damnable knees very close to actually wobbling. This sudden hunger that permeated throughout her entire body was as unwelcome as it was all-consuming. She wanted to blame it on the considerable dry spell she’d been in for the past few months since she’d put the brakes on with Tyler, but she had the creeping sensation that it was something… more.

Even during their best, she’d never felt the urges of her wolf push at her this hard.

She watched with undisguised curiosity as they settled in at the bar, Stefan pointing out various people to him and making a few introductions to those brave enough to actually approach. When their attention shifted over to the pool table she and her friends were occupying, Caroline’s heart lodged itself fully in her throat. Its almost painful pounding getting even worse as she saw him start to make his way over to them with purposeful strides.

And just as swiftly as it rose, so did it sink to the pit of her stomach when she noticed what had caught his interest.

Elena was beautiful, of course, but the automatic draw she had over every single person they’d ever met had some deeply buried insecurities rushing back in to the forefront of her mind and her wolf gnashing its fangs furiously.

He was halfway across the room when something strange happened.

The offhand glance he gave her brought him to an unnaturally abrupt halt as their eyes finally met.

Caroline didn’t understand the shockingly immediate response of her body, but the flood of want she suddenly found herself drowning in kept her rooted to the spot, unable to escape the intensity of his direct gaze. She was afraid he could see her desire to bite down on those lips written plainly across her face, but the startling blue eyes locked with hers darkened with something far more feral. It was clear that whatever was raging through him in that moment dwarfed even her filthiest, most secret cravings.

When she saw that he was similarly struck immobile, an instinctive panic rose within her even as a deeper, more powerful need to have him closer vibrated throughout every nerve.

His steps seemed faster, but less sure when he finally resumed his path towards them. A predator made clumsy with the scent of new and more enticing prey.

Although the entire room had stopped pretending to be discreet and looked on with obvious astonishment, Caroline couldn’t see any of them past the quickly approaching figure that was pinning her in place with only the force of his gaze.

He came to stand less than a few inches in front of her, and somewhere in the back of her mind the fact that his eyes were flickering gold and black should have alarmed her.

“And just who might you be?”

Caroline didn’t respond immediately, the unexpected accent throwing her even more off balance. Since the few beers she’d had earlier could hardly be blamed for this dizzying lightheadedness, she was forced to admit it was purely an effect of his proximity.

Ever the self-appointed white knight, Stefan was quick to step forward. “This is— ”

Klaus held up his hand swiftly to silence him, not even bothering to break their eye contact to address him. “I didn’t ask you, old friend, I asked her.” The dangerous edge to his voice should have made her shake in her boots, but apparently tonight had somehow rewired her synapses, because it made her toes curl instead.

“Caroline,” she finally managed to say, her forced calm in direct contrast to the riot of emotions beneath her skin. “Caroline Forbes.” There was a flicker of something in his eyes at that, but it quickly dissipated as he stepped even further into her personal space, taking the pool stick from her grasp and setting it aside before insinuating himself between her legs.

The press of his body against her own had her biting down hard on the inside of her cheek to hold back a moan.

“Caroline,” he repeated softly, drawing out the vowels as if to test and savor the sound of it on his tongue. “What an interesting turn of events, this is.”

Before she could puzzle out his meaning, he leaned forward and dragged his lips along her jaw, the shocking force of her wolf’s pleasure drowning out any other rational thought.

It had taken Caroline years to leash the more basic urges of her animal, and with one brush of his cheek against hers, it was instantly severed. He let his hands roam freely along her body, and instead of pushing him away, her wolf begged for more.

It was only when he grabbed a fistful of hair at the base of her skull that she stiffened in his hold and dug her nails deep into the back of his arms. As a warning, or an entreaty— she wasn’t quite sure.

Either way, it seemed to please him, and he hummed deep in the back of his throat. Tugging on his grip just short of rough, he tilted her face up to meet his.

A twisting sense of both alarm and excitement coursed through her at the strange sight of both hardening veins and his glowing yellow eyes. The instinct buried deep in the back of her mind rang clear with the recognition that he was more than just a wolf, but the longer he held her stare, the less important it seemed.

“I think you’re mine, little Caroline Forbes.” Any half-hearted protests or objections were cut short when he bared his fangs, and finally, just as she was about to lean over and give him the length of her throat, she registered the looks of varying horror and disbelief among the onlooking crowd.

He licked over the throbbing pulse at the base of her neck with a self-satisfied chuckle, and a sudden burst of indignation exploded inside of her with the realization he was going to claim her right then and there.

It was the single most significant thing that would ever happen in her life and it was about to happen in a crowded bar, by a man she didn’t even know, with whom she’d shared less than a handful of words.

Fuck. No.

The edge of his teeth were cool where it pressed against her heated skin, and spurred her on to reach out to her sides for something, anything

Her fingers settled on a discarded beer bottle and without hesitation she brought it up to crash right against the side of his head.

Later, she might savor the look of utter shock on his face, but in that moment all she could think was that he was lucky she hadn’t gotten ahold of the pool stick.

Unpopular pairing: Junkrat x D.Va Headcanons


  1. If you dislike male x female pairings, please ignore this post.
  2. If you only plan to respond to this post with “but my ship is better than your ship because xyz” please ignore this post.
  3. This post is not meant to disprove other ships or to compare this ship with other ships. All ships are valid.

If you’ve got an open mind, please read on!

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anonymous asked:

Part 1. Don't you think it would be a big mistake not to put anything explicit between bellarke this season? By explicit I mean a confession and/or a kiss. They're always moving forward. It's like the nature of their relationship changed every season, enemies, co-leaders, friends, best friends, friends with romantic feelings. If they don't take the next step they could stagnate. I'm not being a shipper, I'm talking as a viewer of shows.

Part 2. The slow burn ships reach a point where they have to happen, not because shippers want but because it’s transparent where they’re going, it’s on the scripts they’re writing and the “will they or won’t they” doesn’t work anymore. Casual viewers can get bored and shippers can start to lose interest. They have to give the viewers something solid. I really hope writers to be smart and not to get afraid of feedbacks.

Part 3. I’m expecting them to be reunited at the end of 4x09, then in the next episodes to get more obvious than ever and something huge in the episode 12 since it has been written by Aaron and I feel it’s gonna be an “intimate” episode with few characters (bc everyone will be in the bunker I guess)

Honestly? Yes, I think it would be a mistake not to have anything more explicit than we have gotten between Bellarke in Season 4.

I don’t think that the timing has been quite right earlier in the season. Bellamy and Clarke needed to separate to flesh out their individual journeys more, which is why I loved 4x07 and 4x08. But now they’re coming back together in either 4x09 or 4x10 I’m assuming and there are six days left to survive and the nature of Bellamy and Clarke’s journeys conveniently push them together. 

Clarke is now learning to let loose a little bit and take a moment for herself (the 4x07 bedroom scene) and she’s moving on from L.exa. Bellamy’s journey is in part about saving himself, and part of that could make him open to a relationship with Clarke, something I doubt he would have allowed himself before.

I don’t think that Bellarke has stagnated, I think the writers have been saving the romantic stuff for the back end of the season (as they should - lets be honest with ourselves - 4A would have been too soon for a romance between Bellarke if they don’t want us to mistaken Bellamy as a rebound, which he definitely isn’t). The stakes are higher now, the clock is ticking. Our characters have a clear direction in their character arcs now and they’re finally ready to join each other again to work towards a final solution. Emotions will be running high. Aaron has an episode coming up. 

Honestly? Things are looking good for Bellarke. It would make sense for something to happen in the next few episodes (I think if any episodes this season, it will be 4x12). 

However, I don’t think that we necessarily need a kiss or even an “I love you” for their feelings to become explicit. I think an almost kiss could do the trick, because it basically confirms that the romantic feelings are there, and offers a promise of a future. It squashes any idea of Bellarke being platonic, essentially, which I think is what Season 4 needs to accomplish.

There are other ways besides an actual confession or a kiss to show that Bellarke is romantic, so I’d be willing to accept anything else that is explicit if we don’t get either of those things. I still think a kiss is pretty likely though. :)

The only reason that I think its possible they might hold off on a kiss is because I’ve read the finale spoilers and, contrary to what some people are saying, I have reason to believe that they are still real. And because of what is in them, I can envision pretty clearly a really angsty Bellarke storyline the writers might be planning that would result in canon Bellarke within the first half of Season 5. 

But EVEN if they go that route, we still could get other forms of “confirmation” - more or less - that Bellarke is not Platonic. 

I think people are getting antsy because it’s been almost a month and half we’ve waited without any new Bellarke, because of this hiatus. The energy I’m seeing on my dash is pretty similar to the energy between episodes 3x06 and 3x10 last year, where we waited two months with no Bellarke (except even worse then). I know it may feel like there hasn’t been any true Bellarke development but I think the reason for that is as you already stated: Bellarke is ready to happen. They’ve developed enough that its difficult to develop their relationship anymore without making them romantic. The writers have just been holding the romance for 4B, so we should start seeing some development from here on forth.

Also, just wanted to add that we don’t actually know that Aaron and Wade are writing 4x12. We know they’re writing 4x10. I think that, if any writers are writing two episodes this season (besides JR), its most likely him (since he’s a co-executive producer) so *fingers crossed*. It does add up that they would write that episode since they have always written the episode prior to the finale ever since Season 2 (when they joined the writers team) so I’m hopeful about it.

Thoughts on current(ish) dramas

Blow Breeze (Korea): Checked it out because the premise sounded intriguing, dumped it two episodes in. Despite the premise, it seems like a typical weekend family drama, where I have problems keeping who is who straight. I also had zero interest or investment in these people. Combine with the fact that I am not a fangirl for anyone in the show, and you get DROPPED.

Cinderella and Four Knights (Korea): I wanted to like it, I did. The heroine was spunky and I am a big fan of Jung Il Woo (less a fan of his ability to pick up projects. The only drama of his I unabashedly loved was his debut Return of Iljimae.) But it’s too slapsticky and cheaply filmed, not to mentioned old-fashioned. It feels like it could have come out a decade ago and, while I love decade-old dramas, I only like them when they were made back then! So DROPPED.

Fantastic (Korea): Fan of the leads (Park Si Yeon needs more recognition. Joo Sang Wook stole my heart forever in Giant.) But the fact that the vibe didn’t click with me (a little too goofy) and the fact that I tend to avoid terminal illness dramas like the plague (pun intended) resulted in this one being DROPPED.

Ice Fantasy (China): High fantasy is where it’s at, baby! I am obsessively in love with this one, almost as much as I would have been if it came out when I was 14 (the reams of bad fanfic I would have written!) Sure, it has plot holes and is a bit too much in love with CGI, but it has a cool plot, pretty visuals, a ton of awesome ladies, a great sibling relationship, an OTP to die for, and a hero that makes my biggest Legolas dreams come true. Definitely a KEEPER. 

Love 020 (China): cute and I like the leads, but ultimately I have yet to find a contemporary cdrama to hook me. I am watching this, but in a desultory fashion. Ultimately, I prefer angst to fluff so this continues a MAYBE.

Moon Covered by Clouds (Korea): started out as fluffiest fluff and I thought I’d drop it, but it suddenly ratcheted in intensity - keeping the comic beats while discovering heart and conflict and making me get so very obsessed and becoming a KEEPER.

Moon Lovers (Korea): after episode 1, it was, at most a maybe. Now, after ep 3, it’s an obsession. Ostensibly remake of the Chinese smash hit Bu Bu Jing Xin, it’s pretty clearly its own thing that has veered off deliciously. I am there for the pretty and the future romance…oh, hell, who am I kidding? I am in it for gorgeous Lee Jun Ki, long hair blowing in the wind, bloodily angsting and longing for love. Pretty much a Yuu Watase manga come to life (TAMAHOOOOOOME!!! :P) So yes,a  KEEPER.

Novoland: Castle in the Sky (China): OK, I know it technically already ended, but I am still catching up. Speaking of manga come to life - this has it all, a special heroine, a tortured smirky hottie who is devoted to her, lots of tasty angst, wings! This is pretty much perfect and a KEEPER.

Our Gab Soon (Korea): OK, I admit I am sort of hate watching it because I don’t want Gab Soon to stick with her loser boyfriend and I am watching a 50 ep weekend drama (!!!!) in hopes of an event that will clearly won’t happen. BUT! I adore Gab Soon (and her actress, Kim So Eun, I will pretty watch in anything). Her loser boyfriend is hot, despite the loseriness, I like observing dysfunctional relationships, and I hope he will grow up and it will be painful. And rage at him is quite entertaining. So surprising even myself, this one is a KEEPER.

Uncontrollably Fond (Korea): despite the terminal illness, I was on board (cautiously.) But then the writer separated the couple for the bulk of the drama and heaped misery upon misery on them for no discernible reason. Only a masochist would have stayed the course of contstant misery, zero OTP times and a guaranteed tragic ending, and I don’t qualify. Sorry,  Kim Woo Bin, I adore you, but your drama finally got DROPPED.

W Two Worlds (Korea): My drug, my tasty drug! Has Lee Jung Suk ever made a drama I didn’t love (nope - loved, I Hear Your Voice, School 2013, Doctor Stranger, and Pinocchio). This one hurts my brain and makes me ship and claw at my chair. ILY show and you are  a KEEPER.

I needed to write about my relationship with women on vikings and especially with Aslaug for weeks.

Firstly, I’ve seen many posts here talking about how Hirst kills female characters on this show, and the thing I have to say to this is : hell yes, y'all right. I used to love Vikings to the bones for its female characters, Lagertha(s1-2), Helga, Siggy senior, Porunn, Aslaug and Kwentrith, for example. Not mentioning all the loss of potential with all these characters and more. Cough cough- Yidu.

The only proper, and proper is a huge word, death a woman had in this show is actually Siggy senior, dying as she lived, bravely.

We never had the chance to see what Gyda, Thyri and Siggy Bjornsdottir could become. We actually never had the chance to see any female characters growing up in the viking world surrounded by men. Let us be honest, the women are the heart of this show. Fearless, fierce, brave women. Beginning with Aslaug, yeah, well, that’s the all point of this post.

Like everyone else who started watching Vikings without any knowledge of the norsemen culture, I disliked her when she showed up. And I think that if you’re not that interested in understanding the characters of this show, you’ll stay stuck thinking Aslaug is a homewrecker.

The main point I like about Queen Aslaug is Alyssa Sutherland. The amount of hate she gets on social networks for protraying this character is disgusting. Yet, she stays polite and kind-hearted, and she is very protective of Aslaug. I honestly think that we couldn’t have dream for a better actress to play the queen Aslaug is.

I recently watched a 40min long interview of her speaking of Aslaug. And you should all listen to it very carefully. Stop pretending Lagertha is a usurped victim. In the first EVER episode of Vikings, Lagertha says to Ragnar not to sleep with too many women in Kattegat. That says a lot about their relationship. Lagertha DECIDED to leave her husband because he humiliated her. And for that, I looked at her with a large amount of respect. Lagertha has been through many shit, so did Aslaug. Ragnar only was to blame for this. HE decided to sleep with another woman, who could bare him sons. What asshole could leave his wife cause she can’t give him sons?(Henry VIII, and I think Hirst has a lot of Henry VIII issues to deal with).

Like Alyssa pointed out in this interview, Aslaug grew up alone, as an orphan. She is a volva(not a witch as catholic meant it), she « sees things other cannot ». She knew when she met him that she bound to give Ragnar his sons. And I don’t mean she isn’t cunning, of course she is. And clever enough to become queen. When she realize that she is pregnant with Ragnar’s child, her only concern is for her son not to grow up without knowing his famous father, like she did. Imo, this was not out of ambition, but mainly for her child to be born. Alyssa also said that Aslaug is scared of Lagertha, and that she keeps her in high respect. In series two, Aslaug actually says that she would like to be more like Lagertha. She knows Lagertha is a fierce shield-maiden, with a HUGE pride. And that’s why she also left Ragnar to go make her own fame and history. Again, like Katheryn said in an interview to promote season two, « If there is anyone to blame, it should be Ragnar. I don’t think Lagertha blames Aslaug for this. »

So what is this 4B bullshit again ? Fanservice.

When Hirst wants us to look for strong women on this show, he makes them shieldmaidens. What about Helga, what about Siggy senior ? What about Kwentrith, Aslaug, Judith, making their own way without being in a shieldwall ?

I mean it like I say it, Aslaug never murdered Ragnar in his sleep for her children. He raped her, yes Ivar is born of a rape, sorry. He beaten her(If s1-2 Lagertha had known this, she would have murdered Ragnar herself, being a victim of an abusive husband too). She had all the reasons to kill him, and imo she never did for her sons. So, thanks to shitty writing, she wasn’t the best mother but in the other hand, she cared for her children. She took care of them, raised them when Ragnar felt like he didn’t want to be king anymore. Wow, daddy of the year. She rose Kattegat to the title of major trading center, and kept it secure. Of what we saw, the « look what mess she made of my home » was not canon at all. This storyline bares many contradictions it makes me angry. Both for Aslaug and Lagertha.

Hirst tried his best to make her a villain. The saddest part of this is that the one scene when Ragnar comes to apologise to his wife was Travis’s idea. Hirst gave so much zero fucks that he didn’t have this idea. Cause Ragnar and Lagertha forever. Even I, wouldn’t do that with my one true otp.

What of « women should stick together more, and we should rule » ? Lagertha forgave Aslaug, in season two it was water clear. And suddenly, she became power hungry for a place she left willingly twenty years ago ? I rolled my eyes so much I saw my brain. And on what purpose ? It almost looks like she was taking Kattegat back to rule with Ragnar again. Yo, Lagertha deserves better than this shit. That was stupid and out of character.

In one of the latest episodes, Sigurd says « What is a warrior without his honor ? » Well, apparently queen. Since murdering someone with an arrow in his back in acting with honor.

Now back to Aslaug and how she deserved better than to be pregnant 1,5/3 season she was alive. She is the daughter of a dragon slayer and the most famous shieldmaiden to ever live, for Odin sake. We never had a chance to see how she ruled when Ragnar was raiding or being selfish in exile. Everyone just assumed that she ruled badly. Ragnar is allowed to sleep around but not her ? Even if at this point of season three, imo she didn’t give anymore fuck about Ragnar. She asks him to come home for his sons, only for them. Bjorn is allowed to give up on his daughter and everyone assumed that Aslaug was responsible for her life and well-being ? It’s more easy to blame her than one of the mighty sons of Ragnar, isn’t it ? Don’t forget that, at this point, Aslaug was completely alone with five children to look after, neglected by her husband who was everything but kind and gentle to her. And that she felt betrayed by a man she cared about, once again.

I don’t mean men to be role model fathers but come on, Rollo leaving Gisla on her own in Normandy, not knowing if his nephew would kill him ? Ragnar leaving for almost ten years ? Bjorn not minding his own daughter death ?

Aslaug freed Porunn so she could become what she wanted, a shieldmaiden and be with Bjorn. Aslaug freed Yidu so she could leave if she wanted to. Aslaug took risks to keep Ivar alive, risk even to have her own people hating her, fearing to be cursed by Ivar illness.

I would’ve liked to see more of Helga/Siggy/Aslaug friendship. But women on this show are only worthy of attention if they can fight in battle, apparently. Proof is that Helga is going mad, Aslaug is dead, Siggy too, Kwentrith too. Judith and Gisla character development ? Destroyed to enlight men’s storylines. Honestly, Ubbe saying that he and Hvitserk aren’t jealouse cause they are « vikings » ? Rolled my eyes once more. Margrethe deserves better than being a Ragnarssons sex toy. Astrid deserves better than watching her lover lamenting herself over her one true lost love. 

Aslaug not teaching her sons to be respectful of women is what made me even more angry with this season. Being neglected herself by their father, whom she loved truly once upon a time, I don’t think she would EVER allow them to treat women like things. Even Torvi’s development is reduced to ashes now. And I was honestly rooting for her at the end of 4A. She should remind Bjorn that she still have this crossbow she killed her second husband with, sometimes.

I admired Lagertha in the first seasons, but now I can’t recognize her anymore. It’s hard not to be resentful toward her since 4B started even if it’s all the writer’s fault. Even Katheryn is lost with all this, she doesn’t know on which foot to dance on interviews. Season four actually destroyed more characters than I could mention.

Writing strong female characters isn’t writing them acting in a manly way. Female characters are diverse, powerful and brave in many ways, not only in a shieldwall. Stop killing off women Hirst, please. And give Lagertha her mind she seem to have lost.

Bleach 686

Guys, this is the last time I’m ever gonna address anything regarding bleach. I hope everyone respects that, especially the people who are gonna go anon and bash me for posting this after everything.


 The last chapters of bleach were pure disappointment not because my two main ships didn’t work out the way I wanted it to but I couldn’t really make any sense of it. I’m sorry as a manga, bleach really lost its pace. I spent 10 years with this manga and I was here to see till the end. I invested a lot of time and energy into this fandom and everything. I really expected better from Kubo.


 I’m really happy for princess. She finally has a loving family and a child. I’m glad that she’s with Ichigo. If IchiHime was meant to be from the start then why so much emphasis on IchiRuki. He could have given  Orihime so much character development. So much more but no he made it seem as if she only existed for Ichigo. I actually believed that Kubo was one of those writers that would actually make IshiHime canon.


  • IshiHime was a ship that could have portrayed the fact that, you don’t always find love in the places you look for but sometimes you find it in the most unexpected places, from a person that loved you from the start even though you never loved them back.  This is coming from my personal experiance entirely I’ve liked this guy for 5 years and IshiHime really gave me hope that one day I will find someone that will love me as much as I love them.

Orihime was a very decent and humble character. I loved her and enjoyed her warm and caring nature but she could have been such a badass as an individual. She was never mean or a bitch to anyone ever and neither was Rukia (please do note that) I dont understand why would he put Ichigo and Rukia together panel after panel with all his shippy gear on. Orihime had more better interactions with Chad and Uryu than she ever had with Ichigo. If Kubo had sold her and Ichigo as black sun and white sun from the start, man I would have shipped the shit out of it.

Third: I hated how Kubo made Chad and Uryuu something that they never wanted to be.

Uryu hated his dad most his life. He never wanted to follow his dads footsteps, which is why the song numb by linkin park reminded me of him so much. He had been misunderstood by most of his friends and even the readers in the first chapters but that cunty, snooty boy came to understand that friendship is one of the most strongest bond to exist. This arc should have  been about him and Ichigo abd their past and origins. Ichigo, who kept getting his bankai broken over and over again. Why couldn’t they just tag team the two of them for the last time?
Uryu didn’t have a mother, his father treated him as a low life runt. Even Isshin tried. He did try to understand Ichigo not with the best method to do so but he still tried where as Uryu’s father didn’t. I think Orihime and Uryu really deserved each other. In an alternate ending I could have imagined him to be a world class designer and Orihime by his side doing whatever makes her happy perhaps a very nice cafe with interesting serving, where the customers only came to eat and would be disappointed by the food but melt and forget the bad taste the food left on their mouth as soon as Orihime would flash her beautiful smile at them (Sigh).

Chad promised he’d never hurt anyone with his fists but help others lol. Really? a boxer? I hated this THE MOST. Chad really deserved better, even though he looked hot as fuck in the panels where he was shown. I think he should have owned a record store or made good mexican music or he could have been the doctor or worked at Kurosaki clinic or something, anything other than being a boxer would have suited him more.

Fourth: Why didn’t Kubo show or complete the states that the other characters were in. I really hoped they would show some Jinta/Yuzu or something regarding Urahara and Yoruichi who helped Ichigo achieve bankai and trained him so he could be strong and protect his friends.
Is Isshin Kurosaki dead? because that would just be sad. I could imagine him to be a great grandparent to Kazui. Kubo really should have at least mentioned this much but he didn’t. I could go on and on about how bad the chapter was but I’m gonna stop now and start pouring my shipper heart out.

Last and the most important topic I wanted to address is my otp, IchiRuki.

I’m sorry to all the IchiRuki shippers that got their hearts and hoped shattered into a million pieces after 686. I feel betrayed and angry as well but let’s not be pricks and be the bigger person. I’m gonna make a request to all IchiHime shippers.
Firstly, congrats guys, princess finally ended up with the man of her dreams as an IchiRuki shipper I never hated on her or said anything mean about her. I’m glad that she’s happy even though it’s not boy I wanted her to end up with but despite everything, I am genuinely happy for her.

Second, I would be really happy if some of you weren’t not so hostile to IchiRuki shippers, please understand that a lot of people found peace in this ship and now they are a mess. Be humble comfort us, Orihime would never been like “yeah bitch I got the dude” instead she would tried and comfort us IchiRuki shippers, she would’ve started crying for an hour, binged on so much ice cream that she would get a tummy ache and fall asleep.

The picture above is the picture of the last IchiRuki coloured page I had made. I was so proud of this and now every time I open my notebook. I feel sad, beyond words. Ichigo and Rukia were the definition of soulmates. I wanted them to be together so bad. I can’t really express it in words about how I feel. I don’t remember a single day where I did not visit the IchiRuki tag. I’m disappointed a lot. So much build up for nothing. Kubo seemed like he threw the idea of IR down the window so suddenly, that I can’t even cope with it. I’d rather have dead characters than an ass pull ending like this. It’s so shitty and rushed. I feel like crying. I invested so much I don’t know what to do with all these beautiful colored pages I had made for this amazing ship. I’m devastated. Laugh at me all you want but I am so depressed with the ending. From the beginning I could see the chemistry and the electricity that Rukia and Ichigo gave off when they interacted. The SS arc, which is my most favorite arc was the biggest pillar that IchiRuki has something more than friendship. A bond of love and trust and what not lol I guess I’m a little delusional. Let’s take  moment to honor this beautiful ship one more time and move on. Thank you every good anon, some great blogs like @peachtiger, @icchiruki, @50shadesofichigo, @daethberry, @ishihime-4-ever and so many more. Thank you, I respect and love each one of you. Stay strong, this bond will always be unbreakable but still life goes on and we all have to move on.

Kubo really fucked up and the worst part is they plan to make a live action movie which I doubt will sell shit. I would never pay a dime to just watch actors waste their time by portraying incomplete roles lol.

Anyways I’m done. Thank you everyone, the Bleach, Ginran, IshiHime and Ichiruki fandom I love each and every one of you. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and heartache and its time to move on. I’ll still follow all the blogs that I followed for IchiRuki and IshiHime. Have a nice life bleach fandom for as you lost one hardcore dedicated reader.

Thank you and Au Revoir.  💙 💙

Side note: I am extremely addled at the moment as I write this post. So sorry in advance if I managed to piss any of you off.

Oh and dont you dare and try to steal that great art. Thanks in advance. Much love. xoxo 💙 💙

My take on Gunheechul - sorry, it's long

With Gunhee’s recent instagram post featuring a naked Heechul, discussions about their relationship have flared up.  I have been following Heechul since his very beginning as a celebrity (he was actually the person who lured me in to Korean entertainment), and so I have a lot of affection for him and am I’m very interested in how he is perceived.  Many assume Gunhee is his boyfriend while others insist he likes women and Gunhee is just a friend.  While none of us can really know, we can take cues from Heechul and draw some conclusions.  I believe this speculation is natural and acceptable as long as we realize and understand our conclusions may not be truth.  Here is how I view the Gunheechul situation:

There are only two options:

1.  Gunhee and Heechul are dating.

2.  Gunhee and Heechul are not dating but want us to assume they are.

Option one is fairly clear-cut.  To those who argue against it, saying he likes women, what do you base that on?  That he denies liking boys, or says he likes women on tv/radio broadcasts?  What do you expect him to say?  If he’s gay and dating a boy, do you think it’s wise of him to announce it?  Don’t you think he knows what will happen if he does?  Even if he doesn’t care what people think about him personally, he surely cares how his admission would affect the other Super Junior members, or his family.  He may give us tons of unofficial clues, but as long as he can say Gunhee is just a friend, he can get away with it.

Option two is more complicated.  If they aren’t dating, they surely are trying to make it look like they are.  Fans are not viewing them as a couple because they share a few affectionate moments, as is the case with so many other idol OTPs.  In Gunheechul’s case, they very blatantly set out to do “couple” things.  For example, taking a trip to Singapore together and going out publicly with couple clothes, posting pics of themselves in bed together, and posting pics of their matching bracelets, and even matching cold sores–ugh.  In addition, Heechul referred to Gunhee as the person he loved in an instagram post.  One could even argue that he indirectly insinuated that Gunhee was his lover in another post.  Gunhee has traveled around with Heechul to many different countries and even kissed Heechul on We Got Married. They have both posted many couple-type pictures and videos, including the most recent one where Heechul was naked next to Gunhee.  These types of actions are not the same as the typical OTP fan-service we see and then have fantasies over.  These are real “we are a couple” statements.  So if they are not dating, they are making the conscious effort to make it appear so.

Why would they do this, I wonder?  Possibly to boost Gunhee’s visibility and popularity to help with the success of his business ventures?  Could be, but I think Heechul could do that by just hanging out with him as a friend.  We all know how popular the Chocoball group was when Heechul was promoting them.  Another reason might be to throw fans off track so he can more easily date women secretly.  It is certainly a possibility, but whenever I start to tell myself that I might be wrong about him I think back to the episode of Happy Together in which he admitted to kissing a boy back in school.  Well, back in school he wasn’t a celebrity, so there was no audience to do fan-service for.  In addition, there was an old classmate on that show who talked about how he and Heechul were close and how Heechul requested a ring from him for his birthday.  Of course, they were young, so it wasn’t anything serious, but if you watched the show and heard the guy talk, it seemed as if they had a history of being more than just friends.  In fact, I got the impression that the guy kind of acted like he felt wronged by Heechul.  Even the host asked Heechul if they two boys were dating back then.  My point is that his attraction to boys goes back to his younger school days and at that time it had nothing to do with hiding a secret girlfriend or doing fan-service.

With that said, it is my opinion that Heechul probably likes guys.  Might he also like women?  Sure.  Might I be completely wrong?  Sure.  I think there’s a good chance that Heechul and Gunhee are a couple, and I talk to my friends as if they are, but I don’t consider it a fact.

One of my pet peeves, when it comes to idols and their sexuality, is when fans leave comments like “He’s not gay!” or “They’re just friends!”—because we just don’t know.  It goes the same for those of us that think certain idols are gay.  If we want to have fun referring to them as gay or thinking our OTP is dating, that’s fine as long as we don’t present it as fact in the face of others who believe differently.  We all have our views on things, and since neither side can be sure they are right, we need to be tolerant of each other and open to the possibility that our idols might not be what they seem.

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Its ok to ask more beruani?

Um, yes? You can ALWAYS ask for more Beruani!

  1. Annie gets cold very easily, and absolutely hates winter. Bertholdt is always quick to offer up one of his sweatshirts or his jacket, even before she complains about the temperature. He knows her well enough to know when she’s bothered by it, and the fact that he knows makes her heart melt a little bit.
  2. They are each other’s lifeline, rock, support system, whatever you want to call it. Even when they were kids, Bertholdt was the first person Annie would run to when she was upset or confused or lonely, and vice versa. They just get each other, and both need that constant presence in their life, someone to count on who will love you unconditionally. 
  3. They love dancing. They take any opportunity to dance together, be that late-night jam sessions in the kitchen or owning the dance floor at a cousin’s wedding. They’re just really, really good dancers. (And their first dance at their wedding brought 90% of the guests to tears cause they were just so good and looked so perfect.)
  4. The squad has made an instagram account to celebrate the aesthetic beauty of Annie and Bertholdt. They love to capture the height difference, the pale blonde with the olive brunette, the boy in sweaters and the girl in sweatshirts. They just snap photos of the two of them being cute together, and post it online cause it’s a really cute aesthetic. Both Bertholdt and Annie have found the account, but they haven’t said anything cause they think it’s kinda cool.
  5. Their most common arguments center around chores, (dishes that have been sitting in the sink for a few days, it was your turn to do laundry, no one’s vacuumed in a while, etc.) and usually aren’t that serious. Their worst fight happened at 2:30am, the morning after marriage was brought up for the first time. Christa had, without meaning to, mentioned it during a squad meet up that night, and the tension began to escalate until it boiled over at 2:30, and Bertholdt didn’t want to get married NOW and Annie didn’t want to get married AT ALL, and it wasn’t pretty for a few days, but then it all worked itself out. 
  6. Annie and Bertholdt will have study dates where they completely ignore each other for hours, but enjoy each other’s silent presence while they work. 
  7. They have movie nights at least two to three times a month. They’ll cuddle together on the couch with homemade snacks, (that they usually make together before watching the movie,) and then appreciate the film together. There is no talking during movie nights until after the film, and it’s a tradition they both sincerely enjoy. 
  8. Rainy days are such a struggle, because the height difference makes it so hard for them to huddle under one umbrella. They had one too many dates where one of them ended up soaked. So, as a joke, Bertholdt got Annie and raincoat that looked like a duck for Christmas to solve the problem. Annie responded by giving him a frog raincoat for his birthday five days later. They try to remember the raincoats whenever they have a date on a rainy day.
  9. Bertholdt is the only person Annie will let herself be vulnerable around. She’ll stop putting up a front with him, and let him know just how much injuries hurt or how awful she feels. And Bertholdt does all he can to help her feel better, from hugs to tea to talks that last until 3am. She feels safe with him, and him with her. 
  10. Before they were dating, Bertholdt would write Annie love letters. Some of them were cheesy, and meant to be sort of a joke, but a lot of them were really heartfelt and charming, and although Annie will never admit it, those letters helped solidify her feelings for him into something real. It had always been there, so when he started to show interest back, she fell fast. 
  11. They’re both big tea drinkers, and could talk over tea for hours. 
  12. They love to dress up and go out every now and then, make a date night a little classier and more fun by adding in the style factor. They also look damn good when dressed up. 
  13. Annie sneaks notes into Bertholdt’s backpack/work bag/lunchbox every few days. They’re just fun little notes, wishing him a good day and the like. He keeps every single one. 
  14. They have two kids, and both are brunette, and Annie thinks that’s unfair. 

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Helga x Arnold


When I call these two my One True Pairing, I really mean they are my One True Pairing. I’ve shipped a lot of shit in my life, but none have stood the test of time as much as these two. Where other pairings lose my interest after weeks or months, these two have never failed to make me grin, and it’s not just because they look cute together. It’s not because Helga loves Arnold and I love Helga so obviously she HAS TO GET WITH THE GUY SHE LIKES. It’s not because I’m into any of the cliche ship slots they fit into - devil/angel, villain/hero, sweetheart/asshole, etc.. And it’s not because they’re the most popular pairing in the show, or even the most blatantly canon. There are a lot of reasons these two are popular, but the biggest one is simply this: chemistry.

I’ve tried shipping these two with other characters before, but none of the ships I’ve been able to think up or find fics for mesh as well as Arnold and Helga do with each other. One of the reasons HA! slapped me in the face as hard as it did and still holds my attention is because of my love of psychology and well-crafted characterization, and it’s honestly a little scary just how perfectly these two click in every way it’s possible to click. Heck, it’s even a running gag in the show that they’re soulmates - they run into each other (literally) on a regular basis, Arnold can actually hear Helga screaming for him even if it’s halfway across town (Downtown as Fruits, Arnold’s Halloween), and he gets this gnawing sense that something is wrong when Helga isn’t present (Buses, Bikes and Subways). I could literally write novels on all the reasons these two work so well together, but I’m gonna see if I can sum it up as best I can in a few paragraphs. 

As much as everyone always likes to go on about how these two are an Opposites Attract type of pairing, they actually have a lot of things in common, and I’m not just saying that they have similar interests (though this is true, and is one of the reasons they’re so great together). At their core, these two are actually almost the same person. Don’t get me wrong here, I do think it’s important for couples to have different viewpoints and personalities because otherwise they’d get bored with each other pretty quick (especially Arnold and Helga, because both of them have shown signs of NEEDING someone to challenge them–Arnold even once said that he loves a challenge), but it’s also important to have common ground and kinda be on each other’s level. These two are equals in every sense of the word, and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. 

Like, they both come from kinda crackpot families that drive them both nuts, and as a result have been forced to where they HAD to mature in order to get by. They have to solve their own problems, because they know no one else is going to. They love their families, but they can’t rely on them. Really, they act a lot more like teenagers or adults than nine-year-olds sometimes. They even get similar looks of “oh God I’m surrounded” on their faces whenever something stupid or crazy goes down. Like, to the point I think if they ever had a real, honest conversation with each other about junk, they’d agree on a lot of points. Arnold would obviously try to be nicer about it, but it’s pretty undeniable that he thinks a lot of the stuff Helga says. He laughs just as hard at Helga’s mean jokes as everybody else. I’m not saying he likes that Helga’s cruel, but I do think it’s on some level relieving to him that he’s not the only one who notices these things and gets exasperated by them. On kinda the opposite spectrum of this, though, they’re both bleeding hearts. I mean, Arnold’s obviously a lot more open about it, but we all know how soft Helga is underneath all her spikes. She cares just as much about stuff as Arnold does; she just doesn’t want to because a) it’s too painful for her, b) she just doesn’t think it’s smart, and c) she has a reputation she feels she has to uphold. As well, they’re both intelligent, stubborn, competitive, crazy artistic, leaders, daydreamers, romantics–I could go on and on about all the things these two have in common, but this paragraph’s gotten too long, blegh.

Basically, they are like the same person in a lot of ways and react similarly to things - they’ve just chosen to deal with those things differently. Buuuut it is true, nobody can deny, yes, they are in a lot of ways an Opposites Attract pairing. I think something a lot of people don’t quite get, however, is that some Opposites don’t mesh well at all. They just bounce off each other. It’s not as simple as two people who oppose each other equaling solemats5ever. These two are fine-tuned to be opposite in every way they need to be in order to be amazing together, which is really impressive and one of the things that make them so gosh-darned OTP to people. For example: Arnold is rigid and steady. Helga is childish and impulsive. Arnold is optimistic and moral. Helga is realistic and immoral. Arnold is selfless and kind. Helga is selfish and vicious. Arnold’s peaceful, Helga’s a warmonger. Arnold is quiet, Helga is loud. Arnold’s cool, Helga’s hot. Arnold’s rational, Helga’s paranoid. They really balance each other out, but at their core they’re still the same. They’re a perfect example of ying and yang to point to when you want to show just how well the concept works.

I mean, I’ve been shipping these two for almost six years, and my fascination with them hasn’t dwindled once. If there was a grade higher than an A+ that I could give them, I’d be complaining that there still needs to be a higher grade.