it's not like this has been sitting in my drafts for two weeks or anything

Diary of a Bodyguard: Client Safety and ‘Care’

Fandom: BTS (K-pop)

Characters: Park Jimin, Reader/Insert

Warnings: smut, sub!Jimin, fem!dom

Rating: NSFW

Word count: 9k +

Summary: Being a bodyguard, and a female one at that, was never going to be the easiest career path of choice. But when hired to ensure the protection and security of a touring k-pop boy band, it all seems worth it for one peculiar and unforgettable encounter.

A/N: It’s my BTS debut! Despite initial mixed feelings about this one-shot, I’ve overcome my personal conflict and decided to share this. Tbh I’m not 100% satisfied with the final draft; too many reasons to list, but there ARE elements I’m proud of. If I’ve learned anything from this drawn out process, it would be to STORYBOARD! I’ve since discovered the talented jeonjagiya and her ‘tips’ for aspiring writers - check her out! I really hope you guys enjoy this <3

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is written for entertainment purposes and is not a report of true events or an attempt to libel the persons represented.

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Title: No CCTV

Group: Ikon
Member: Bobby x you
Type: Smut
Warnings: Unprotected sex (don’t do it kids, always use condom / other contraceptive)
Song recommendations: “All We Need feat. Shy Girls” by ODESZA, “Wild (XXYYXX Remix)” by Troye Sivan and “Adorn” by Miguel [spotify playlist] [youtube playlist]

- - -

‘Will this work day ever end?’ you thought gazing into the ceiling of your office, leaning way back on your chair. 

Only the ticking of a clock and faint buzz of a computer were audible in the wide open-space office. Once again you had been staying working over time and every single one of your colleagues had already gone leaving you behind to go through one more presentation.

You let your thoughts wander and tried to get rid of the nagging neck pain that had been working its magic on your muscles the last half an hour. It was time to book another massage time. Only if you’d find time or energy to go there. Just when you straightened your back to check the layout one more time your heard a distant knocking on the far away edge of the office.

“Hey, anyone here anymore?”

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Latte Art

PAIRING: Taekwoon x OFC


WARNINGS: The usual AU/sex/foul language/cheesy romance y’all know the drill at this point…


NOTES: Y’all know my usual excuses: life is cray, I work hard, blah blah blah…However this has been sitting in my drafts for a while nearly finished so I decided to buckle down and write the finishing touches on this today. Please note that I’m complete trash for even writing a coffeeshop AU in the first place like who even does this anymore…TRASH I TELL YOU!!!! I hope that those of you who can stomach my cheesy AF writing will enjoy. Big hugs to y’all xoxo


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For @dragonbradbury

If Dean had to choose, getting caught making out with Cas in the janitor’s closet by Jody Mills was probably the best he could hope for.

Nobody else would’ve been as chill—Ms. Rosen probably would’ve told the whole damn school, what with her big mouth, Henriksen would have straight up given them detention—and Crowley would’ve probably kicked their asses right then and there. So, considering, Dean guesses he’s pretty lucky.

“Alright,” she says, jerking a thumb over her shoulder. “Out.”

Cas throws Dean a sheepish look, then quickly disentangles himself from Dean’s arms, both of them clambering out of the cramped closet and spilling out into the hall in an altogether ungraceful way. Dean clears his throat, wiping his mouth with one hand, trying to comb his hair back into place with the other. Mrs. Mills crosses her arms.

“You boys’re supposed to be in class, am I correct?”

Cas twists his fingers together, looking down at his scuffed sneakers.

“Yes,” he says meekly. Despite the complete awkwardness of the situation, Dean scoffs and rolls his eyes. Since when is Cas such a blushing rule-follower—

He gets an elbow to the side, and Dean hunches over, letting out a soft oof.

He looks up. Both Castiel and Mills are staring at him, her with an eyebrow raised, Cas with a pointed look. Dean nods hastily.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah.”

He throws Cas a sharp glare.

“We got—”

He swallows.

“Distracted,” he finishes lamely.

Jody looks between the two of them.

“I can see that.”

Dean feels Cas shift his weight, knocking him slightly with his shoulder, and Dean can’t help a little grin. Yes, okay, Jody is a teacher—but she’s a friggin’ substitute—and her power over the two of them is basically next to nothing. They’ll get a slap on the wrist, a scolding probably, a warning not to do it again; and then everything will go back to normal. And inevitably, next week Dean and Cas will be in the janitor’s closet again, yanking at each other’s clothes and trying to shush any groan that gets too loud.

“We’ll just be on our way,” Cas says calmly, grabbing Dean’s arm. He smirks at him as they turn their back to her, heading off back to class.

“Hold it!”

Dean pauses. Beside him, he sees Cas freeze too.

Hm. This is unexpected.

He turns, putting on his most charming smile.

“What’s up, teach?”

Mrs. Mills shakes her head.

“Uh uh. Don’t think you’re getting away with this little stunt. You’re going to the principal’s office.”

Dean’s grin slides off his face.

“Oh, no,” he whispers. “Please no.”

There’s no way. She couldn’t send them to the principal’s office—Dean would take literally any other punishment.

“Mrs. Mills—”

“C’mon,” she says. “Let’s move it.”

She puts a hand on Cas’s shoulder and steers him down the hall, and Dean has no choice but to follow. Seriously, she can’t know how absolutely terrible of an idea this is—but there’s an irritatingly smug look on Mrs. Mills’ face that tells Dean she knows exactly what’s she’s doing. Dean considers running.

Then he remembers Mills is also a retired sheriff, and she’d probably chase him down and tackle him before he even gets around the corner. Dean swallows.

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How to make an efficient study schedule for exams:

Hello, guys! Well, well, here we have my first official studyblr post after turning Studylikeadoctor into this new blog: thestudyingapollo. And I bring you a new edition of one of my most successful posts: how to make an efficient study schedule to study for exams. I’d like you to take in mind that this is the method that works for me, and so I don’t do this with the intention of telling you guys that this is what you should do. But I’ve been inspired by other studyblr posts to try new ways of organizing myself and studying, and some of them have been very helpful, so if I help just one of you, I’ll be pleased with myself for a year. So, let’s get down to business:

1. Know what you need to study: I have 4 subjects this semester, so I looked at the official syllabus and made one for myself, comparing it to the actual chapters that we saw in class. This way, I can make this “chapter guide” (that you can see on the colored paper of the photographs above) as reliable as possible. This also works as a “work score”: you can check each chapter as you study it so you can see your own progress. This helps me a lot when revision time comes because it makes it easy to see my understanding of each chapter. 

2. Know the days you won’t be able to work: when busy seasons such as Christmas approach, I tend to mark down all the days I won’t be working because I either have a party, a family dinner, or some other kind of event that is unavoidable. Usually, I work in the mornings during these days because I don’t need to be ready until late afternoon, but nevertheless, I don’t schedule anything, because if I end up not working, I don’t feel guilty for not keeping up with my schedule. When I have minor events, I write them down and highlight them in a coral tone, so I know I don’t have to schedule as much work in those days.  

3. Know yourself: okay, here comes the best tip I can give you: you’re not superhuman. That’s it. You have limits. Embrace them. Breathe them in and make your peaces with them. Cuddle them. Ok? Good. If you know you can study 4 chapters in a day, schedule four chapters. If you belong to that incredible part of the human race that have a super fast brain, schedule 10 chapters in a day. If you need to take your time to grasp the meaning of what you’re reading, schedule two chapters. That’s it, that’s what you need to know. If you set higher goals and don’t achieve them, you’ll feel like you’re failing every day, and that will increase your anxiety. You need to feel at ease in order to study properly and do well, so if you need to start 5 weeks before exams instead of just one week before, do it. But don’t overestimate yourself in that aspect. I’m a slow student and I’ve always needed more time than my peers, but that is not a shame, it’s just how my brain works. We get along, my brain and I. He’s a good fella. 

4. Color code!: I usually assign one color to each subject, so I can easily see at a glance what I have to do on a certain day. You can clearly see that on the pictures of the hand-made calendar (you can use a printable one, there are lots out there!). For example, psychiatry is pink, pathology is blue, dermatology is purple and otorhinolaryngology is green. That way, I can easily assess what I need to get done that day, and I can prepare my things the day before so that I only have to sit and study without worrying about what comes next. I also paint the day of the exam with its corresponding color. That way everything comes into place. 

5. Plan, plan, plan!: okay so, this calendar is just a rough draft, in which I count the number of chapters I have to study for a subject and, depending on how many days I have available before an exam, I distribute those chapters according to my needs and limits. After that, each night before going to bed, I take out my planner, see if I have accomplished my tasks for the day, and meticulously write down all the things I need to get done for the next day. I usually break down my task in smaller ones. Say, if I have to revise three chapters of dermatology, I usually write down said chapters and all the things that will help me with revision. This can end up looking like: Revise chapter 4 of dermatology (read the chapter, write down your doubts, make a diagram and answer quizzes about said chapter). If I only wrote “revise chapter 4″ I could forget one of those things that really help me with understanding the concepts I need to know, and is much easier for me to follow small steps than just a big one. However, you can have all this plan in your head, but I’m a really messy person if I don’t plan out everything I need to study. 

6. REST: Yes guys, your brain needs to rest. Your body needs to rest. Your soul needs to rest. Spending twelve hours straight studying is exhausting for anyone, so schedule resting times if you need it. Take your time while having breakfast, go out for lunch, go to bed early and bask in the delightful feeling of your sheets warming your body… I don’t know, do whatever you need to do to not think about studying once you’ve accomplished your goals. If you don’t feel calm and at ease with yourself, studying is a much more hateful task.

7. Don’t. Beat. Yourself. Up: we’re all human. We fail. And when we fail, we try again. If the day ends and you’ve not checked all the things in your to-do list, that’s okay. Get up from your chair, go have a bit of fun or quiet time with your favorite person, and wake up the next day with energy to keep going. If you fail, I’ll allow you to cry for one day, but not for more. Not everything is in our power, and sometimes things turn out different than we thought they would, and it may feel like all your hard work has been for nothing, or that you’re not doing enough, but you’ll en up finding your own pace, that point at which you feel comfortable with your performances. Just keep working and taking care of yourself. You’re all that matters. 

So, I hope this helped! If you have any questions or want to know about a certain step or technique for studying, just ask me, I’m more than willing to help!

Let me in (Namjoon)

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Look at me, being productive and writing instead of watching Miraculous Ladybug (yes, I’ve fallen into that trashcan). So here’s something that has been in my drafts for quite long. It’s for the lovely @purpleheartstudent, to make your last days before freedom more bearable and because there was a lack of this man on the blog, hope ya’ll like it!

Rap Monster, aka Namjoon (BTS)  ||  Wordcount: 4413  ||  Vampire!AU  || Rated for a little bit of blood.

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too much | part one

part two

michael + reader

word count: 889

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you overhear michael complaining about how clingy you are and you try to change


I wasn’t meant to hear any of that. I wasn’t even meant to be there.

I walked into the apartment I shared with my boyfriend, Michael, two hours early after my lecture was cancelled at the last-minute.

I shut the door behind me and was about to call out to him and tell him I was home when I heard him talking to someone.

A little confused since he hadn’t said anything about company, I was going to see who he was talking to after I hung my coat back in the closet.

From the hallway, I could hear what he was saying. 

“Look at this! Look at the time for each one! She texts me almost every hour!” He sounded very annoyed.

I was thinking about what he’d said and hadn’t realised I hadn’t hung my coat up in the closet yet.

I made another attempt to do so, but his next words shocked me. “(Y/N)’s so fucking clingy, she even sends me good night and good morning texts every morning when we’re not together. It’s like I’m all she thinks about, its getting a little weird. It’s like she’s obsessed with me. She’s like one of our fans tweeting me or dm-ing me.”

“And don’t even get me started on the texts before shows and soundcheck..”

That was when I decided to make known that I was home.

Opening the door and shutting it again, much louder this time, I acted as if I’d just gotten home.

Making my way around the corner, I spotted Michael and Calum sitting on our couch.

They looked terrified, exchanging looks as if asking if the other knew if I’d heard anything.

“I didn’t know Cal was coming over.” I said, walking over to Michael to give him a peck on the lips - my usual greeting when I got home.

I watched them exchange weird looks once again. “Something wrong?” I played dumb.

“Uh, no! Of course not! Why are you back so early?” Michael was the first to break the weird thing they had going on.

“Oh, our lecturer cancelled the lesson last-minute.” I explained, watching Calum rub his hands together nervously. He was looking everywhere but at me, no doubt afraid I would be able to see right through him and dig out whatever they were hiding.

“Cal, you staying for dinner?” I asked, deciding to see how he would react.

I looked in Calum’s direction as his eyes snapped up to me, looking like a deer caught in headlights. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Michael nodding his head vigorously.

Calum’s eyes darted from Michael to me, to the furniture. “Nah, I’m fine, thank you. I’ve uh.. I’ve got plans.” He flashed a “I’m sorry” look to Michael, who acted natural when I turned to look at him for a second.

“Oh well, that’s too bad.” I told him, before turning to Michael once again. “What do you want for dinner, Mikey?”

“Huh?” He stopped silently cursing Calum with his eyes and turned to face me.

I faked a laugh. “You’re a little off today, aren’t you?” 

He let out an uncomfortable laugh. “Yeah, I’m just a little tired, that’s all.” He even stretched his arms out and yawned for extra effect. “I think I’m gunna turn in early. Calum has to go too, it’s getting late.” He said, getting up from the couch. Calum followed suit.

Glancing at the clock on the wall behind him, I tried my hardest not to point out that it was only 5pm. “Alright then, check your bags before you sleep, will you? Make sure you have everything you need for tour?”

The boys went back on their tour the next day. I was grateful for that. It gave me a little more time to process what Michael had said.

Nodding quickly, he placed a kiss hastily on my cheek before rushing Calum out the door and retreating into our bedroom. 

Once the door was close, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Leaning my back against the wall, I let my head fall back and shut my eyes. Countless thoughts were swimming around in my head that I could not grasp.

Why didn’t Michael tell me he felt this way?

The next morning, I woke up to an empty bed. Michael had left for tour without waking me up to say goodbye. 

Normally, I would have texted him to be safe and have a great tour, but his words repeated themselves in my head, over and over and over. 

(Y/N)’s so fucking clingy.. It’s like she’s obsessed with me..

I willed myself to get those thoughts out of my head, and put my phone back down. I decided that I was only going to text or call him if he texted or called me. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t.

An entire week went by - no texts, no calls, nothing. 

I sat by my phone, just waiting for him to just text me so I could text him back and ask him about the shows he’d played and the cities he’d been to, but he didn’t.

It wasn’t even like his phone was broken, he was still as active on social media. 

I was starting to think he wanted this. He wanted no contact with me.


a/n: i have three imagines in my drafts - sorry I haven’t been writing much or posting much lately, I’m in the middle of my exams right now. Only 2 more papers to go and I’m set! Holidays for 7 weeks! 
i hope you guys like where this imagine is going, the next part will be a little different from what I usually write - it’ll be in MICHAEL’S POINT OF VIEW !!!
Let me know if you want part two!

Drabble: Yuu’s Favorite
Characters: Hinata Shouyou/Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!!)
–> Aprox. 4,000 words (it’s long!)

–> AU: Roaring Twenties (1920s)
   Paperboy Nishinoya hears someone play the piano, a redheaded and lively someone. Every day he sneaks by to catch a glimpse of his dream pianist. One day he’s invited to join.

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Beauty and the Beast: Kylo Ren imagine

The cell wasn’t big, only 5 by 5 at most. It was dark, no windows or anything. Her heart was pounding as the dark consumed her. She held her knee close to her chest shaking from the cold draft. Her large flow like teal dress was torn at the ends and dirt and blood specks on the beautiful fabric.

(Y/n) was the princess of a large wealthy planet. The council on the planet and her agreed not to support the First Order which resulted in her getting captured.

It’s been a day or two since her captures locked her away. She couldn’t stand seeing these same 4 walls. It slowly drove her mad as she only wanted to get out.

“Princess.” A voice called before the door opened and she was pulled to her feet by 2 storm troopers.

She was placed in a dark dining room with an amazing view of space. She frowned feeling out of place.

Just then a tall dark figure walked in sitting opposite of her at the table. She knew who he was, the night of Ren, the misted feared man of the galaxies. The brutal man most saw as some evil creature, a beast per say.

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Summary: Dan doesn’t handle solitude very well, so when Phil leaves for a five-day family reunion, he’s got a tough week ahead of him. Good thing his boyfriend is super creative with his office supplies. 

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG-13 bc of my godawful attempts at hinting at smut that i can’t write jfc it’s so bad

Word Count: 4225

A/N: my brain’s melted out of my ears and i’ve had at least three nervous breakdowns in the past three weeks, but my IB exams are finally over! thank you guys so much for being patient as I struggled through them - it means a lot to me that so many of you were excited for my fics to be updated! as promised, here’s a quick oneshot i wrote to show my appreciation that you all stuck around. thanks for being wonderful :)

beta-d by my memechild constipatedhowell (who may or may not be writing the smut part of this fic later hmmm)

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stretchedoutonthegrass  asked:


7) “I dreamt about you last night.” 

As you sat working on your homework, your phone started vibrating. You glance down and your heart skips a beat. It’s your most recent ex, Calum Hood. 

You two had broken up almost two months ago, and you were quite surprised to see his name pop back up on your phone. After the break up, he never seemed to show any interest in anything dealing with you. He never acted sad on stage and when interviewers asked about the breakup, he would casually just shrug his shoulders and tell them that things happen sometimes. Generally, the other boys would quickly change the topic and keep on the interview. 

So seeing his name lighting up your phone screen was a surprise. 

After debating what to do, you finally pick up your phone and hit the answer button, hoping that you wouldn’t regret this. 

“Hello?” you question, waiting for a response. 

“(Y/N)?” Calum responds quietly, “is that you?” 

“Yeah. What do you want Calum? Are you drunk?” yes as him, fearing this may have been a drunken call. 

“Nope; I wish. I’m completely sober.” Calum chuckles awkwardly into the other end of the phone. Sighing, he quietly whispers into your ear, “I just needed to hear your voice again.” 

“What?” you question, confused by his sudden want of you, “Calum I –“ 

I dreamt about you last night,” he mumbles out. “I just keep dreaming about you all the damn time. I knew this was going to be tough but I never could have planned for the relentless dreams of us together.” You sat confused, wondering what your ex was going about. He broke up with you. He was the one who broke your heart, not the other way around. 

“Calum, I’m so confused. You were the one who wanted us to stop, remember?” you ask, playing with the ends of your hair. As much as you hadn’t wanted him to walk out of your life, you weren’t sure if you truly wanted him back in it. 

“I know. I’m so sorry. I was just so scared, you know? You were so far away from me and I just got so insecure about everything. I just stopped calling you and checking up on you and I figured you didn’t even care anymore, so I got scared and ran away and I’m so, so sorry. I never wanted to leave,” he sobbed into his phone. 

“Then how come you never looked sad? Why did you never say anything in interviews or to fans or anything?” you question, trying to process everything he said. 

“Ba – (y/n), you know how they are, remember? I didn’t want them to try to turn it into a story or anything. I didn’t want people to think something terrible went on, or for people to make shit up. They always do that.” 

Sitting on your bed, you try to process everything that just happened. Calum wasn’t mad at you or anything; he was just scared and didn’t know how to deal with his feelings. You knew he was never the best sometimes at trying to show his feelings, so you understood why he did what he did. 

“Babe,” he whispers, breaking the silence, “we have a break starting next week. Can I come over? Can I try to fix things? I sill love you so much and this has been so bad. I never should have left. I should have just talked to you in the first place…” Noticing one of Calum’s nervous habits, you smile softly to yourself. While Calum seemed like a tough guy on the outside, he was never afraid to show you his soft and caring inside, which is something you always loved about the boy. 

“Cal,” you interject, casing him to stop in the middle of his sentence. You hear his breath catch at the sound of his nickname. “Yes. Please. Come over when your break starts. I want to figure things out. I want you.”

Gajeel vs Acnologia (Genes Edition)

/tries to make ~fancy title~ because i’m a loser 


I’m mostly just gonna sum stuff up below: Acnologia and Gajeel look related – they could be the generic Father/Son, siblings, cousins, etc. Who really cares? It’s theory time! Let’s throw Rogue in there too since there’s also a strong resemblance in appearance with him and those two (thus ending any mention of Rogue in this whoop)

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new grooves (carve ‘em into your skin)

When a genetically modified dinosaur single-handedly presses pause on her life, Claire:

Confronts some truths;
Finds a hobby;
Strikes up a new (sort of) friendship;
Becomes a dog owner; and
Gets a second kiss.

In that order.

Or how the Indominus rex was actually a blessing in disguise.

Dear ___________:

I wish to formally notify you that I am resigning from my position as Senior Assets Manager of Jurassic World. My last day of employment will be ___________ as per my obligations under the terms of my employment contract.

I appreciate all of the opportunities and professional support given to me during my tenure at Masrani Global Corporation. It has truly been a remarkable and enjoyable ___________ years, and I wish you and the company all the success in the future.

If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I would be more than happy to lend my services wherever they are needed.

Yours sincerely,

Claire Elizabeth Dearing

She remembers drafting that letter, has a surprisingly vivid recollection of sitting hunched over her laptop at two in the morning (twelve hours after Simon had called to offer his hearty congratulations, his enthusiastic “You’re hired!” still ringing in her ears), clacking away at the keyboard as some inane infomercial played in the background, a mug of chamomile tea growing cold at her elbow.

It hadn’t been hubris or an inflated ego that had compelled Claire to write the letter when she had. As far as she knew, lucrative offers weren’t skulking in the shadows somewhere, waiting to jump her when she least expected it, seducing her with six-figure salaries and too-good-to-be-true benefits. Simon had already been taking a gamble by hiring her.

No, it had simply been part of a contingency plan (because preparing for worst-case scenarios is what Claire does best) should Simon’s vision for Jurassic World turn out to be a complete nonstarter. Not that she’d lacked faith in the venture.

(Okay, she’d had her doubts. But given the lousy track record of its predecessor, who wouldn’t?)

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mens-frights-activist  asked:

Okay, so here's a new headcanon for you since the last one got eaten and you're so beautiful and wonderful and you deserve it: When Bucky first comes home, he ends up living with Steve in Sam's place. It's better for them to look after Bucky in shifts, so Steve can fall apart in the bathroom if he needs to without leaving Bucky alone. Bucky is completely blank, so blank that it scares Steve badly, and nothing they try can get Bucky to have much of a reaction, or even talk to them. (1/9)

Bucky says maybe two words to them in the few weeks after he comes home (both of them are “Steve”), instead just nodding or shaking his head. They learn to only ask him yes or no questions. He seems to always be sitting around waiting for orders, and even though Steve needs to give him orders to get him to sleep and eat (he won’t do anything unless he’s firmly told), it makes Steve want to vomit every time. (2/9)

One day, though, Steve gets up in the morning to find Bucky in the living room, sitting on the couch with Sam’s iPad in his lap. Steve had been using it to read books and things, and Bucky had watched him do it sometimes, so Steve thinks maybe Bucky is mimicking that. But when he comes closer, he sees Bucky is playing some sort of game, which looks like a puzzle of some kind, and there’s candy involved, and lots of little noises that come whenever Bucky makes a move. (3/9)

Steve sits and watches him, awe-struck, for almost an hour before Sam comes out to make coffee. When Sam sees Bucky and hears the noises, he starts to laugh behind his hand. “What is this?” Steve asks. Sam answers: “It’s called Candy Crush. It’s sort of a puzzle game.” Steve just watches, not exactly sure how the game is supposed to work, until Sam comes back with coffee for him, and snorts a little. “He just obliterated my high score,” Sam laughs. Bucky just stares at the tablet, intent. (4/9)

“He’s really good,” Sam says after a couple more hours of him and Steve just watching Bucky play and pretending to read the paper. “Bucky’s always been smart,” Steve says, and it’s impossibly fond. “He was at the top of our class. Could have gone to college and avoided the draft if I hadn’t gotten sick the year we graduated.” Sam frowns a little. “He still could have gone to college,” Sam says. “I’d bet he chose not to.” (5/9)

After another couple of hours, Bucky has advanced past where Sam had even played, and was beating even the harder levels with one try. “He hasn’t even run out of lives yet,” Sam says, stunned, and smiling. Just then, Bucky huffs and makes a little moaning sound, pouting at the screen. It’s the most they’ve seen him emote in weeks. He looks up at Steve, almost looking guilty for making noise, and then gestures to the screen. “I’m stuck,” he explains, and Steve just grins. (6/9)

They take Bucky for his weekly bout of tests (Dr. Banner had been kind enough to agree to keep track of Bucky’s progress, give them a medical run-down to at least see if they had options for getting Bucky better.) Banner seems more pleased than usual. “His brain is healing faster than it was,” he says. “I couldn’t be sure how plastic his brain was after all the long-term damage he sustained, but it seems like he’s regrowing cells faster than we thought possible.” (7/9)

“Whatever you’re having him do,” Banner concludes, “I would keep doing it. Add on different kinds of games, to have him stretch his different ‘brain muscles,’ so to speak. Memory games, especially, should help.” It’s been a week with Bucky sitting on the couch playing games, but always coming back to certain ones he likes; Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, Flappy Bird, something called Disco Zoo. Soon the litany of little beeps and pings coming from the living room is like a lullaby for Steve. (8/9)

Sam comes into the living room one day, and sees Steve, tucked in next to Bucky on the couch, watching Bucky play his games with his head resting on Bucky’s shoulder. “Aren’t the noises driving you crazy?” Sam asks, chuckling. Steve looks up at him and smiles. “He could be banging pots and pans together,” Steve admits, “and as long as it was making him better… I’d listen to it all day and all night.” (9/9)


I was so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity this past year to meet my favorite author twice. I was incredibly floored that he remembered me by name and that he remembered my blog and everything and I just… wow. The Maze Runner series means so much to me and with the movie coming out and everything it was just amazing to be able to meet him again. I was initially worried about getting everything signed and I was getting a little anxiety about the event but it all worked great and was one of the best times of my life.

If you’d like to hear about it in detail (seriously in detail), UNDER THE CUT

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imusuallyobsessed  asked:

Omg I seriously love the blind flower stall girl AU. Like, there's something there. If I can't have a full-length fic, I must request as many one-shots as possible. Maybe one about her stumbling headfirst into danger like he said she tends to do??? Please...?

set in this ‘verse. also you sent this to me sooooo long ago i’m literally the worst.


Even with all her fire and ferocious strength, she’s terrifyingly vulnerable. It scares him, how easy it would be to hurt her. It’s a part of his brain he can’t turn off. The part trained to seek out the ways in, the points of weakness. And he knows he’s not the only one who thinks that way.

He sees her vulnerability, and while he aches to protect her, to preserve her in all her colors, he knows that there are many who will have darker intentions.

It keeps him up at night. Thinking of all the ways someone could steal her from him.

Her dog, Dig, is a fighter, but even a German Shepherd can be taken down with some simple forethought. And then there’s just Felicity. And God knows she’s stronger than him. Her mind and her soul and her heart are a force to be reckoned with. But it’s her body that scares him. Because physically, she’s so fucking fragile.

And she can’t run from danger like any other girl can. She can’t see an attack coming, can’t see the darkening in a man’s eyes, can’t see any of it until it’s too late.

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Milk and One Sugar, Bernie/Serena, Rating: PG

My birthday gift to @delightfullyambiguous, who is a goddamned delight and who hopefully forgives me for being a day late. Stupid work.

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Bernie isn’t fussy, in the grand scheme of things.

The wine can be red or white. Pasta doesn’t have to be perfectly al dente. She’ll buy whatever shampoo happens to be nearest to hand when dashing into Boots. And when she’s dead on her feet an overpriced Costa coffee will do the trick just as well as the vending machine cappuccino with the saddest suggestion of foam, the one that calls to mind a cup where the Fairy liquid wasn’t rinsed out properly.

In theatre, yes, she’s more demanding. After so many years of battling sand and missing equipment, here in Holby she likes her surgical trays to be complete and the scalpels to be as immaculate as they are sharp. She irons her scrubs though half of the staff don’t bother, settling for however they come back from the cleaners, but Bernie is trained in sharp creases and pressing a bunch of cotton trousers at the end of a long week has become an outlet for the stresses of bureaucracy and playing nice.

Sharing an office with Serena has been an exercise in compromise. The initial competition that working life forces all women into, the peaceful détente of working together, it’s all been punctuated by Serena’s merry insistence on providing tea at regular intervals, as though they’re in a public school dormitory surviving on tea, toast, and copies of classics that never quite get read. 

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