it's not like they're entirely gone


Million dollar idea: the entire Animorphs series is completely rewritten as an AU where morphing always stops exactly halfway and the entire course of the storyline is impacted as severely as you would expect

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Okay so Ronan obviously has a thing for Adam's hands, but it's my headcanon that Adam has the same type of thing for Ronan's tattoo. So like, whenever they're shirtless together, whether they're cuddling or making out or something else entirely, Adam just kinda subconsciously ends up tracing his fingers along the lines of Ronan's tattoo and Ronan's gone on it because Adam's /hands/. Then at some point Adam makes it his mission to kiss every inch of ink covered skin and they're so in love.

That goddamn tattoo…. This is wonderful. Especially because I feel like at first Adam would have found it irritating. How typical of Ronan Lynch with money for days to get his entire back tattooed. But he secretly admires it and starts thinking about touching it all the time. Would Ronan’s back be cold or warm? Would the skin around the ink go white if he pressed his thumb there? Eventually he accepts he’s kind of obsessed with it and makes it his mission to get his hands on it. Getting his lips on it comes next and it’s a physical struggle not to bite

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I used to be part of the phantom for a while but then I got disconnected for like half a year,, and I realized so many things in the phandom are really fucked up?? Like the whole concept of shipping is so !!!? it's like your pretending their in a relationship so you can fetishize it and it's just so gross to me idk. They're actually real people and they know the reason a lot of underage kids are obsessed with them is because they just have huge gay kinks ,, lol sorry if this comes off as rude

it’s sort of wild you have just gone ahead and generalized an entire group of diverse people because you’ve had a bad experience with it. lmao i don’t know who the fuck you talked to but like. fetishizing their relationship does not equal wanting them to get a dog and be happy. and on the concept of “shipping” it’s like weird that most of the phandom is chill with them not being together. but newsflash! they literally act like a couple. i would get off your high horse and stop insulting a large group of people that have learned from past people’s mistakes and treat dan and phil respectfully. and not only that? but majority of the phandom isn’t straight. but sure we all have huge gay kinks and care nothing for dan and phil as content creators or people. yeah. totally.