it's not like they broke up i mean. they'll be fine

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: i have all these breadsticks stuffed in my purse and im not really sure what to do with them. i could eat them all but then that would be unhealthy plus i would have a stomach ache to deal with. maybe i should throw a breadstick party but then id have to set it up and clean it up afterwards but that would take too much effort so nah. should i just donate all these breadsticks to the homeless shelters? but theyre perishable. maybe i should just take these to the beach and feed them to the birds. i bet they would like that after just trying to steal food from people all day. maybe they'll allow me into their bird clique. i wonder how long it would be before i sprout feathers and a beak and break free from all the weight of these failed dates. oh well at least i got breadsticks