it's not like the video makes sense anyway

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To be fair though - if you click on one IG story on the 'things you might like' page, once one user's story ends it automatically starts playing the next user's story on the list, if that makes sense. So if that's how he found that one it's possible that's what happened. I'm not being a Debbie downer and ultimately it doesn't matter anyway but I'm just throwing it out there.

i dont care he watched a video about harry this is the best 2 days ever

my brain whenever i let myself think about how i have actual human beings following my blog and judging what i post: *long drawn out siren noise from beyonce’s hit song Ring The Alarm (2006)*

Regarding the removal of DARE

There’s literally no possibility that the rumor is correct. I track the gorillaz tag and I have yet to encounter anyone who has allegedly complained about the DARE video. The only people I see discussing the incident are those claiming that ‘tumblr’ was responsible for its removal.

However, I believe it’s likely that the rumor was derived from leftover noodle discourse. Y'know, when a small segment of the fandom complained about Noodle’s newfound “sexualization” in Jamie’s recent art. In the drawing she’s depicted dancing, complete with a panty shot. The music video for DARE also featured Noodle dancing. While it’s debatable whether the content was “sexual” in nature, (it really isn’t) their similarities might be the root of the confusion. It’s not a stretch to assume that the timing of both incidents likely led people to associate the recent discourse with the DARE video being taken down.

I get that tumblr has a reputation regarding questionable identity politics and social justice. It still doesn’t make sense that even the most militant sjws would target such an old video. It doesn’t make sense that there wasn’t a previous backlash to begin with. Let’s not forget that the gorillaz tumblr fandom isn’t exactly large enough to enact much change anyways.

If that particular reason for its removal WAS true, then why wasn’t it be a bigger deal? Why didn’t it remain removed? Why did it resurface so quickly? Where is the evidence? It just doesn’t make add up.

I hope this made sense, feel free to add on to this in case I missed anything! ^~^

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you mentioned ages ago in one of your posts that there was a video on more lifelike poses and I was wondering if you knew where I could find it or maybe who made it? Thank you :)

Hey anon!! So I can’t remember where I saw the vid on making more lifelike poses however I do recommend this series - ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I never watched it myself but I’ve heard that its really good at teaching the basics. I’d offer to make a video tutorial but I have like… no self esteem so I doubt i’d even be able to talk during that xD and I ramble wayyyy to much to make sense. ANYWAY, I hope that is at least near what you’re looking for :3 Sorry that I can’t be of more help.

playing sun in the sky at the end of v route doesn’t make much sense to me unless chrtz really wants to pull That Mess™ but anyway there’s only two songs with lyrics in mysme aka the opening and the closing and v route is getting two songs with lyrics so…..that’s interesting




I had to draw this without ice cream kitty in da way, I love her but shes denying me of Apriltello. I shall hiss lol. Anyways, above is theirs and mine is on the bottom. :)

Its pretty similar, didnt want it to be to similar, if that makes sense ;)


Do you know how much we wanted a musical episode and just seeing these two…Like I dont care if this is like a 3 minute video Ill play that shit up!!!


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I'd say your art trademark is how you draw lines and shapes and figures, if that makes sense? Just, the way you draw, loose but focused, not concerned too much with details but with expression.

ooooh, interesting!!

im just. really glad and happy that you consider my art expressive!! ^^” its loose and undetailed partly because im impatient, though…


Whoa there Ghirafi stuff. kind of. This is supposed to be Ghirafi but like??? Idk man I’m too tired does this comic even make any sense???? Sure let’s pretend it does

anyway there wasn’t any drawing stuff for like the past 2 days or something cause I had VERY important stuff to do: video games.

god im watching one of those “top 10 video game things” videos and its abt game myths which is a rly cool and interesting topic imo!!!! but then he talks abt things like the squall is dead THEORY, the fact that glados looks like a tied up woman which makes sense if you know her backstory and the rumor that there was a cheatcode to see lara croft naked like………. first of all the first two arent even myths and the third one is just males being creepy like

Sooooo I have like 85 projects in the works. I wanted to give the bamily a little preview of something one of the many things I’m working on. I’m not really sure what direction this one is going in but I kind of like it so far? Idk… what to do you all think?

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I don't know if anyone's said this yet, but coming from someone who actually does cam work (& we're talking about this within the sex worker tumblr community) there is an extremely slim chance (pretty much near nowhere) that Alex was making that much money off of cam work without even promoting it anywhere online. Its damn near impossible to make money from camming without a ton of promotion on the web & her prices are completely unrealistic. I think she just took screenshots of some donations.

We agree. We have many messages like this and have seen many posts in the zubat tag from people who do cam work about how the numbers make no sense and there’s no evidence it’s not regular donations anyway. If they had posted messages from people requesting videos with identifying info blacked out it would maybe be believable but it’s clearly another lie.


NEW VIDEO: “Bow Down & Pray To Me - okay the thumbnail & title will make sense if you watch it… so… watch it. Reblog if you want me to stalk your blog! :]

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So that makes sense then...while the entire world is online trying to figure out what the fuck happened to one direction tonight when they see the show was cancelled, they'll come across the video. Obviously it was planned well in advance to happen like this, since (i dont think) it was ever officially announced that the video was dropping tonight, it was just pushed by update accounts, so they had to make sure everyone was online anyways. I just hope this is it and its not the theme of the week

Yeah, as the evening goes on this is looking more and more like a manufactured stunt. And in true 1DHQ fashion, it’s poorly executed too.

Anonymous said:

Are they really trying to distract us from the Liam thing now? Like all the attention that WAS on Liam is being diverted to perfect. Which is really strange because if he wasn’t feeling well why not wait a little before releasing the music video. Like maybe when your band mate is okay. U less he’s not illl the show wasn’t meant to happen from the beginning and the boys just wanna end the tour and everything sooner.

Looks like there may be multiple things on the agenda here. But overall, it seems 1DHQ wants your attention very badly. Why? I guess we’ll see over the rest of the week. And as of now, I don’t think Liam is really sick.

Anonymous said:

I am so pissed off at 1dhq right now… I mean I’ve been upset with them since forever but seriously!!! They drop perfect now??? When Liam is reported to be in the hospital… Seriously!! Plus tomorrow’s a Wednesday… Those are never good…

Liam isn’t in the hospital per 1DHQ’s bottom bitch.

But he is playing it up…

Medical problems are also believed to have seen him pull out of attending the Attitude Awards in London last week, despite being named the world’s sexiest man.

…which means 1DHQ may use it for even more stuntin’.

And of course, there’s the negative spin too.

But one person unimpressed was This Morning host EAMONN HOLMES, who said: “I don’t care who was sick in #OneDirection. Rest of them should have had the decency & maturity to appear on stage and explain.”

Eamonn Holmes hosts This Morning on…you guessed it…ITV. *side-eye*

Yes, I think after announcing an alleged illness and cancelling a concert it’s kinda tacky to drop the video a couple of hours later. They could’ve waited until Friday, which is when people were actually expecting it. I suppose regardless of what’s going on, they would need to make an announcement tomorrow to let everyone know the status of the canceled concert and the next concert. But with 1DHQ, you really have to be prepared for something much stuntier.

ficlet: the one where mercedes jones saves the galaxy

One-shot silliness. Samcedes, a little klaine. AU.

“Hello. My name is Sam Evans. It’s August 1st, 2014. And if I don’t kiss you in the next four minutes, Mercedes Jones, the world just might end,”

Well, she thought he was cute, at least until he opened his mouth and proved that he was crazy. Why was it always the cute ones who were the craziest?

“And normally, I ask permission before I kiss pretty girls, but, well, it’s the end of the world, so you’ll have to forgive me just this once.”

And then he kissed her, and she thought that she could feel the stars align up in the sky above, at least until her senses caught with her, and she pushed him off of her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing you—“

“Well, would you look at that?” Sam smirked, looking up towards the sky. “Galaxy saved. The planet Earth thanks you, Miss Jones.”

She shoved him away from her and started to walk away. “You’re a crazy person. Get away from me.”

Crazy? Me? Absolutely not. I’m a time traveler, Miss Jones. They don’t let crazy people travel around and mess with the time stream. Bad for business.”

That stopped her in her tracks. “Time travel? Really? That’s the excuse you’re going to use?”

“Hey! It’s not an excuse!” He laughed, walking up next to her. “We really do have a time machine. My friend Blaine and I, we travel around, saving planets and rescuing people. Our friend Brittany built the machine. Hey,” he smiled at her, stopping her movement. “You want to see it?”

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How Life on Earth Began

Today’s pick is an animated overview of the latest thinking on the biggest mystery in science. With paper cutouts. I love how this video wraps one concrete scientific question around a deeper, simpler, but more philosophical one: What is life, anyway? The notion that life on earth didn’t have a special “start” but probably cross-faded into existence as bags of inanimate reactive chemicals randomly mixed into more “life-like” combinations is deeply strange and fascinating. I’ve never seen it visualized so succinctly. This video isn’t flashy, but it does its job very well: it makes me want to know more.

This week’s picker is John Pavlus — a designer on the inside and a writer/filmmaker on the outside. He makes things that make things make sense for places like NPR, HHMI, Scientific American, Fast Company, Nautilus, and others.