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Something just occurred to me.

You know how rogers bitches about tony “not following orders” all the time?

Looking at Tony’s past, there’s probably a real reason other than “lol he’s just a dick who wants to make things harder for everyone”

Think about Iron Man 1. 

Stane told Tony to do stuff all the time. Tony didn’t always listen, but you kinda get the feeling that Tony’s just been doing whatever Stane tells him to in regards to the company, and has been doing so for years.

Now think of how that movie ended.

Turns out Stane has been selling weapons to terrorists under the table and has been actively trying to kill Tony the whole movie.

Most people talk about how this probably gave him more trust issues, lead to his dislike of being handed things, etc. Trust issues doesn’t really need explanation, and I’ve seen people explain him being handed papers to sign off weapons deals and developments, and Afghanistan showed him what he was doing. Logically, he knows that the act of being handed things isn’t what caused it, and i doubt he signs anything without himself or Pepper reading the whole thing anymore, but that’s what his brain latched on to. That’s all well and good (Not really, but you get my point)

Now think about the act of giving and following orders. 

Its one person telling another person what to do and expecting them to follow without question.

Can you imagine how many red flags that would set off in Tony’s mind?

Rationally, he probably knows that Rogers isn’t going to have him kidnapped and tortured with the end goal of murder, but PTSD doesn’t care what’s rational.

He probably can’t even make himself do it some days, the need to think for himself and make sure there are no holes in any logic too overwhelming to ignore. The need to over analyze every order he’s ever given to make sure it won’t cause harm to others or himself (It’s Tony, you know he comes last) isn’t avoidable. He trusts Rogers (or at least he did pre civil war, I personally can’t see Tony trusting Rogers with much of anything after Siberia), but no matter how hard he tries he just can’t do it, he can’t be another solider in the crowd, doing that almost got him killed more than once.

And yeah, maybe he’s trying to push Rogers’ buttons a little.

But Tony isn’t like any other avenger except maybe Natasha and Bruce.

Steve is driven by the need to do the right thing. Thor swore to protect Midgard. Clint seems like a thrill seeker to me. He was an assassin who killed without remorse, at this point I think he’s more addicted to the thrill if being Hawkeye than anything else, saving lives is just a bonus. 

Natasha wants to get the red out of her ledger, but it seems to be secondary to her own safety and livelihood. Bruce is probably closest to Tony, but he always seemed more focused on keeping the hulk out of the world than helping people. Which, to be fair, keeping the hulk away is preventing a rampage, but that seems more like a preventative measure than active heroism to me.



Pure, unadulterated guilt. In his mind, he has a lot of sins smearing his name, and he won’t rest until he believes they’ve been wiped clean. (which, with the downward spiral he seems to be in, will be never) He puts it before everything: His company, his image, even his own health. Yeah, the other avengers may be willing to make the sacrifice play in the field, but none of them destroy themselves off of it the way Tony does. None of them give up food and sleep, drive themselves into the ground with little to no reprieve 24/7 the way Tony does. He works as a consultant of SHIELD to help the world, he works on new inventions for his company because every single person who works for Stark industries relies on him to be successful or they risk loosing their jobs. He gives up his own home to the Avengers of his own free will so they can react faster in case of emergency, and when that fails he builds another place that will fit the bill. None of the other Avengers have given up nearly as much as Tony has for the greater good, at least knowing what they were doing. Yes, Steve ended up 70 years in the future, but he thought he would just die. Tony has spent millions on the Avengers,  making sure they have everything they want or need, and they don’t so much as send him a thank you. 

But he still does it, he still gives everything to the people that lied to him, and, far worse in Tony’s case, betrayed him (like Stane, Like Tobias Stone, Like Natashalie, Like everyone), because he’s a man with a debt who won’t stop until it’s paid, even though the interest just keeps mounting higher with every year.

Does that sound like a man who would purposefully put people in danger if he could help it?


If Tony could genuinely believe that Rogers would always make the right call to save the day, I doubt he would do anything besides make a few jokes to keep up the charade. But he can’t, because he believed that of someone else and they stabbed him in the back so he can never hand someone else a knife again. He isn’t capable in putting him entire trust in people, because everyone betrays him until they don’t, but those few are the exception and not the rule, and the scientist in his screams that those aren’t reliable enough odds to bet on. He doesn’t follow orders because he can’t, because no matter how hard he tries he cannot trust anyone else to make the right call, so he has  to analyze everything first. 

Whelp, that was a tangent that I didn’t expect to go on. I should probably write something for this…

Headcanon(s): Genderfluid Bucky Barnes

Things I need: Recovering genderfluid Bucky who wears whatever the fuck he wants to wear like really loose sundresses when spring rolls around simply because he loves the freedom they give his body + the fabric is soft as shit + no pants = no problem. (+ he looks and feels hella cute and is comfortable as fuck with it)

When he starts rehabilitation, the team doesn’t bother teaching him about any of the ‘gendernorm’ stuff such as, “thats for girls/for boys” because as Tony puts it, “Genders are way overrated and for the simple minded” and Natasha will put any man or woman through the wringer that says she ‘cant’ simply because of her genitalia.

This gives Bucky true freedom to do what feels best for himself. And Bucky doesn’t cut his hair and lets it grow past his shoulders because he likes it. And because he doesn’t feel like the old James Barnes anymore. He still identifies with he/him/his pronouns… and doesn’t feel weird or wrong when someone uses them even when he’s wearing a dress.

Some days he wakes up and feels a little more masculine and some days he wakes up and feels a little more feminine and it’s 100% okay, because HYDRA’s messed with his brain so bad that this is him trying to find out who he is now and realizing that he’s all of these things and none of the Avengers say shit because they all know what its like to be denied happiness.

Clint brings Lucky to the Tower whenever he gets the chance and the dog absolutely adores Bucky. Clint tells him about his days in the circus and about all the weird shit he’s seen and says, “Barnes, there are photos of me in full on drag- heels bigger than the ones Natasha wears, and riding a white horse… completely shitfaced on a golf course. There is next to nothing that you can wear/identify with that will make me look at you differently.”

Natasha speaks to him in Russian, Romanian, English, and German, sometimes switching through all four languages before they finish a conversation. Bucky’s hesitant in asking for anything so she takes Clint for company and one of Tony’s charge cards and goes to town, buying literally everything from nail polish, sun hats, dresses, scarves, boots, heels, hell even lingerie, and they work out Bucky’s likes and dislikes together. She tells Bucky how proud she is of him and constantly reassures him that, “No, it’s okay. That ‘for girls’ stuff” that he sees in magazines and in stores and online, “is complete bullshit. You can do whatever you want, котенок.” She never fails to defend him during board meetings, spitting, “Yes he is wearing a dress, will this be a problem?” with determined fire in her eyes at whatever ignorant agent/politician that gives Bucky a questioning glare. When his hair reaches past his shoulders she sits behind him and puts it into braids during Avengers movie night. She teaches him how to curl it into soft waves, and how to tie it up and shove it all under a baseball cap for days when he doesn’t want long hair at all.

Tony pulls up article upon article about genderfluidity one night and reads all of them. He even prints some out to give to Bruce, Pepper, Rhodey, and anyone else he can find because suddenly he’s interested. He’s the one who first asks Bucky what his preferred pronouns are because, yes he may be an asshole, but he isn’t that kind of asshole. Sleepless caffeine nights turn into a week long shebang where he runs around the tower making heartfelt and manic speeches about the, “Utter shit that are genderroles. Why not be both? Why the fuck not?” Because Tony of all people knows what it’s like to grow up under such standards. After all, he spent most of his childhood comparing himself to his father’s greatest creation, golden-boy Steve Rogers. Back then, all Tony knew about the soldier was that he seemed to be the epitome of what it means to be a ‘man… and a hero.’  He programs JARVIS to monitor and tag the things that may be harmful to Bucky and his development on news feeds and around the tower, just like he has done for each and every one of the Avengers induvidual triggers.

Sam helps Bucky make sense of it all. He’s the only Avenger who isn’t just saying, “Yo, do whatever the fuck makes you happy,” Because sometimes Bucky doesn’t know what makes him happy. Sam will sit with him and help him figure out the ‘why’ it makes him happy and the ‘why’ he deserves to be happy. Sam is the only one who really, really doesn’t treat Bucky any differently. Never even bat an eyelash the first time Bucky showed up to a meeting with his hair in a long braid with a couple of small lillie flowers sticking out of it. “You let me know if I ever say something that you don’t like, okay? I may not know much about genderfluidity, but I’m willing to learn and I won’t be offended if you teach me a lesson or two… or five-hundred.” Sam is solid

Thor is just as confused as Bucky is at the self-discovery, but for entirely differen’t reasons. It’s the first spring day that has reached over 40 degrees and Bucky walks into the foyer of the Tower wearing a lose charcoal knit cardigan, a gray tank-top dress that ends mid-thigh, skin tight black leather leggings, tall socks, and combat boots. His brown hair is tied in a bun. No one notices Steve drooling in the corner in favor for Thor’s loud exclimation, “This Midgard attire of yours, son of Barnes. It is very nice! I have seen Darcy Lewis wear similar. Is it customary to cloth oneself in such wears here on Earth? If it be okay, I would like to know where you obtained this,” Thor runs a ringer down the edge of Bucky’s oversized cardigan and smiles, “it is very soft!” He frowns at the dress and Bucky is about to protest when Thor continues, “Though I think wearing something like this would not go over well for me. It looks comfortable, but you see, I fear that there is nothing but air to hold my nether regions-,”

“That’s what underwear is for, Thor.” Natasha rolls her eyes.

Tony loudly interjects a whole spiel of education about genderroles to Thor who just looks more confused by the second.

“This…” Thor points to how Bucky is dressed, “Is not consitered… the ‘norm?’” His frown deepens, “But… why not? I do not understand why this would be frowned upon? On Asgard it is normal for warriors and people to dress however they please, whether it be in hard armor like Lady Sif, or in robes of lose silk like my brother finds comfort in. Like how on Asgard… it is also normal for a warrior to lie with another of the same gender as them. The ways of Midgard baffle me sometimes. Are your people so little minded?” He finishes with a shake of his head.

Bruce doesn’t say much, but he is gentle and kind and thats more than Bucky could ask for. He reads the articles that Tony gives him and even looks up some on his own. Every once in a while he will give a small smile to Bucky and say offhandedly, “That color looks good on you.” or, “Your hair looks really nice like this, did Natasha teach you how to do it?” and then they will go back to doing whatever they were doing.  He also understands what it’s like to be afraid of yourself. Part of the reason why he is gentle, and withdrawn, is for the fear that one day he will hurt someone that he’s grown close too. He lets Bucky stay in the lab with him sometimes, and they just talk through their problems together while Bruce tinkers. Not really comparing expierences, but understanding the fear in eachother that no one else really gets. Bruce tells Bucky about how he copes and about how the fear will never really go away, but he’s learning. And what he has learned is that maybe, just maybe, if he builds bridges that are built on trust, love, and respect, those bridges will be strong enough to tell The Other Guy, no, these are your friends; these you protect. When Bucky’s boyfriend of 8 months breaks up with him because he’s done waiting for Bucky to put out sexually, each of The Avengers don’t have time to be pissed off because they’re too preoccupied with containing a very very angry Bruce from Hulking out and ripping the guy to shreds.

Steve can’t even, because Bucky is just… sinfully beautiful to Steve no matter what gender he’s dressing as or wants to be. He quietly declares ‘Take Me to Church’ as the soundtrack of his wrecked life. At first, he silently supports Bucky in his decisions to go on a few dates with various people both male and female. He along with Natasha were in favor of letting Bruce have have his way with Bucky’s selfish ex. But it was hard watching people who were supposed to love Bucky, look at him like they would rather not have a partner that is mixed gender, or watching him have a partner that silently tries to push him to one gender. And one day he tells Bucky this and Bucky confesses that he’s just not good enough for Steve. He says that Steve deserves someone who knows exactly who they are and what they want, not someone who’s fucked up and only has one arm and isn’t comfortable enough to have sex. Steve tells Bucky that if he’s fucked up then Steve is fucked up too because he wants nothing more than to love him unconditionally. He loves Bucky Barnes new and old and all the ‘fucked up’ things that come with him.

Ice, time, death, aliens, bigots, fuckin nazis, and homophobia can’t even keep him away, so Bucky better get used to it, “Jerk, cause I want this… with you. I want you.”

Now adays 80% of their relationship is spent on the couch communicating feelings, memories, likes, dislikes, and just talking about nothing specific. Steve thinks that this is more than okay. They aren’t ripping eachother’s clothes off 24/7 like everyone else seems to think they do. If anything, they haven’t gotten that far in the sexual department because of Bucky’s trauma. Steve has read anything and everything there is about PTSD, brain injury, sexual/emotional/physical/mental abuse, to know that these things take a huge amount of time. And if their relationship never gets to that point, Steve has made it perfectly clear that he is 10987657890% okay with that. He thinks that seeing/being the cause of Bucky full belly laughing, throwing his head back and everything, is probably just as good as seeing him naked. If it would make Bucky happy, Steve would follow him to the ends of the Earth; sex or no sex.

Natasha tells him that this is love. He tells her that he knows.

He can’t really help the fact that his boyfriend is sexy as hell and sometimes just looking at him is enough to get Steve’s mind in the gutter, but he would never tocuh without permission. Hell, he rarely even looks without permission, used to blush maddly everytime Bucky caught him staring until one day Bucky told him that he likes when Steve stares, because it makes him feel wanted in a good way.

Of course Steve has his own PTSD from fighting in the war, watching his best friend die, drowning and freezing, and aliens to take into account. And Bucky is just as patient and understanding with Steve as Steve is with him. And they rely on their friends a lot for support and that’s okay.

On the nights that Natasha is gone, Steve will help Bucky with his hair, sometimes he’ll brush it out after Bucky showers. On one particular hot summer day while the team is out enjoying a picnic, Steve will pick some wildflowers and sit behind his boyfriend and gently weave them into Bucky’s braid without having been asked too. Bucky will smile at this and so will every one else. Steve will shyly compliment, “You look really pretty today… but you always look good so…” and Bucky will smirk and chuckle at him.  will let Bucky paint his nails and vice versa and doesn’t give a single shit about what any reporter says because, “I am a man who wears nail polish. Got a problem?”

dear god i have to stop because this is turning into a fanfiction and not a simple headcanon and omg someone stop me or i’ll literally rewrite this entire thing and turn it into a fanfiction i am sorry. It turned into my headcanons for the entire fuckin avengers team, not just one for bucky.

Dog-tags and Microphones(Former Marine/Current Bodyguard!Jensen AU)

Requested by @dancingalone21 “Reader is a popular singer who gets recognized constantly, especially with a huge bodyguard that stands out. The reader is stubborn and doesn’t want security at all. Her manager decides to hire an ex-special forces marine to act like a bf/friend/personal trainer (whichever one you want to pick). So he appears to be someone in her life instead of security. They don’t hit it off at first. Bickering and annoying each other. Eventually they start to fall for each other.

Words: 3955(…… I got carried away)
Warnings: Sassiness, sarcasm, cursing, a hater, burns, PTSD, a bit of death, brief description of said death and a war situation
Pairing: AU!Jensen x Reader
Tags: @growningupgeek
A/N: This image kills me, I swear to God… And I got hella carried away with this oneshot. I’m a bit obsessed with military and whatnot, so I had to explore that. Also, I apologize if I made any mistakes anywhere, whether on my writing or on the war situation or anything at all. Also, requests are OPEN, ask away! (I do MCU, Supernatural and a few other fandoms) Also, I might do a second part, let me know if you guys want it.

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I decided to see if I could actually phrase to myself what I meant the other day when I said that I don’t see killing as Will’s natural state — so I guess this is the (big huge) whole post of its own that was lying in wait god I should have known

First up though, groundwork. Hannibal is a pretty dang subjective show. That’s part of what makes it so terrific. It reminds me of a poem a lot, in the ~imagery~ and ~themes~ and whatever else, but also in its openness to interpretation. You can say objectively that there are some things a poem is about and some things it is not, but ultimately, its power is in what meaning you find in it. Similarly, when we watch Hannibal, it seems that people get different mileage out of different stuff, and really that’s what makes it good art.

I know there are plenty of things that I find super impactful that other people hadn’t/don’t, just as there are things that others have been knocked on their butt by that haven’t hit me quite as hard. And when it comes to the dark!Will issue, I honestly think it’s about as much to do with subjective interpretation as any. I know the show has taken pains to show Will’s distress over killing, but I also know that it has taken pains to paint him as a blossoming killer. I have buddies here on Tumblr dot com who take a much more murderous view of Will than I do, and I think they are brilliant people and I love reading their thoughts. There’s a lot to be gotten out of this show, and it’s all interesting.

Anyhow, I just want to make sure I’m getting across this important preamble: I am not saying that my views are Right, they’re simply Mine.

So! That being said, here are those views which are Mine, finally clarified mostly for myself honestly (thanks me!), and anyone else who might want them:

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anonymous asked:

So you seen this thing with hydra captain America

yup. it’s obviously Some Bullshit, will be dealt with by the end of the arc and steve’ll be back to being steve and it’ll have been mind control/reality warping/an alternate reality steve, and of course tom brevoort and co are lying in every interview about this stuff, because that’s what they do. steve wacker swore up and down that otto as spidey was forever, and he was, of course, lying. it’s the weirdest thing too, because we all know they’re lying, but there seems to be this weird tension where they have to commit to the lie, instead of like, “yeah, steve’ll be back to his regular self, but we’ve got an interesting story until then”. like, rarely are they ever not lying. logan is still currently dead, so they’ve got that going for them on this count, but that also can’t last for too much longer.

one of the things that gets me about all of it is the stonewalling to criticism, and i’ve been thinking about it today. print comics folks - a lot of creative folks, but i’m thinking right now comics folks, superhero or indie, editor or creator, just almost totally across the board - almost none of them really recognize or respect any kind of criticism, do they? i can like list off the amount i think who’d actually listen to concerns and critical thoughts from readers and critics on maybe two hands? talking just about marvel right now: brevoort obviously listens to no criticism whatsoever, alonso bends around any and all criticism, tries to redirect, or acts like there has Never Been Any Problems At Marvel Ever. slott? oh, oh god, his history with how he handles criticism is documented. from CBR to twitter. he doesn’t handle it well. any of it. for what its worth, he does occasionally apologize for going overboard with his ways (like his constant namesearching), he 1. still keeps doing that shit and 2. i can’t think of a single time he took a critique on his books actually seriously. bendis? well.

and i’d say nick spencer joins those ranks. this is hardly all of them, of course. just listing off examples. it goes across in a lot of DC as well, and in indie. a lot of comics creators and editorial types, especially those long in the game or getting in there, just don’t accept criticism, like, at all. you saw it in rick remender when he took flack for his Uncanny Avengers issues and his attempts to get salient with modern politics.

it’s this thing i was thinking about today, where i don’t think any of these creators would envision themselves generally as “perfect” or “the best”? the sort of general “oh, yeah, i like my writing and i have fun” kind of attitude. but once you launch any sort of criticism at them about their work? suddenly they’re flawless, and everybody else, ever, is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. about everything.

to some degree i get it, with comics companies having to wade through their share of nonsense complaints and angry letters about nonsense matters, but they don’t listen to or accept criticism from… anybody. about anything. delivered in any format, with any tone. it feels like this weird kind of collective thing in comics where everybody is Doing Great and nobody will ever say anything to the contrary. you see it in a lot of CBR interviews where they throw out nothing but softball questions and just ask writers and editors about How Great They Are. a bizarre bubble. they’ll never say they’re perfect, until you launch a criticism, then suddenly, There’s Nothing Wrong With Comics And You’re All Fools.

there’s this weird ego here, combined with the nature of the serial format - “i have the whole story and you don’t so you’re all mad for nothing” - that just keeps coming up, and coming up, and coming up. no writer in the biz seems to consider that there could be flaws in their works and that readers and fans with negative responses aren’t all cranks. nobody wants to listen, and certainly nobody wants to apologize. absolutely none of them ever want to seriously consider “perhaps this was in poor taste” or “maybe i was wrong”.

it’s a lot like what i’ve seen in standup comedy culture, too? often there gets to be this sort of expectation i’ve seen in comedians, in all kinds of creatives, where there gets to be this idea that you get to trash and insult and deride whatever you want, because you’re the Content Producer, but god forbid anybody take any criticism to your content.

they’ll never say “i’m always right”, but they’ll never say “i was wrong”, either. this modest brand of arrogance.

it’s also of course all shock bullshit, part of the general soap opera plot twist stuff that has been in superhero comics veins taken to the nth degree, and not even the first time this kind of thing has happened with cap (as i’ve seen people pointing out on twitter with panels), though probably the first time its been done this obviously farmed for publicity. they’ve done all kinds of shit like this, so that, in a sense, i’m somewhat inured to, the “aren’t you so mad you want to find out what happens”, it’s like, no, dude, i can see the wires. i want a solid character story, not The Biggest Twist You Could Cook Up.

and the funny thing is, for all the publicity they’ve farmed, it still won’t help sales. cap might get a brief bump, but as it is, the comics market is still too fucking expensive for single issue floppies for all those new readers they clamor for to jump into, and also, those new readers are - as has been demonstrated - not particularly fucking interested in this story. they’re angry, but also, they’re not gonna buy the fucking comic. a lot of them weren’t in the first place. why bother? 6-12 issue stories, 22 pages a month, 3.99 a month, for shit calculated to get you mad instead of telling a solid, contained story that grows on? that shit’s not appealing to the larger market, much of whom have been living on manga and webcomics which feed their needs much closer.

so i think about the ignorance, the derision, the hatred of criticism. the balking at criticism, the balking at genuine frustration, and the constant smirking artiste as it were about all of it, so “don’t you all look so foolish. i’m the writer, and you’re not. you don’t know what happens”, as well as if they can’t be displeased with the issue as it is. a serial format is responded to both as a serial, and as a whole. a lot of this requires benefit of the doubt, and the question is, “does this writer deserve the benefit of the doubt?” does this company? and… no, not really. they jerk you back and forth and tell you to wait and see and when you’re still displeased they act like you’re not there.

so i think and think about that reaction to criticism. not just in marvel, this is just the latest blowup. i think about the constant way writers and editors respond to all of it, and always, always act like “There is no problem here, there have never been problems here, and while we’re not perfect, you just all coincidentally happen to always be wrong.”

there’s a bubble in comics, especially among those longer in the game, and i dislike it. there’s a lack of editors to do more than basic plot checking and word checking and go “don’t you think this is in bad taste?” - but of course there is, because not only is the biz insulated, but they also live on those angry reactions. brevoort prefers angry fans, pretty much any way he can get ‘em. and they don’t care for people from the outside voicing concerns - any kind of concerns, from “the pacing here is bad” to “don’t you think this is in poor taste?”, and, y’know, with the people who have demonstrated, repeatedly, that they have no interest in actually listening, growing, considering they ever might could have been wrong? there’s no point in engaging with ‘em. someone might be able to get through to them, but it won’t be you, because they’re never really listening. they might be polite about it, they might let you state your concerns, but they’ll never really take them into account seriously.

like i said, there’s a very few amount who i think would react to criticism of any kind with anything but dismissal, be it polite dismissal, or furious dismissal.

people have already weighed in on this from a ton of angles, so this is the one i’ve decided to focus on.

this got long. comics are frustrating. spend your money on better creations, better creators.



-Part 3-

Pairing: Pietro X Reader

Prompt: The men of the Avengers all know Pietro has a pronounced crush on you without even asking. You are completely unmindful of the fact whereas you do not even realize. Although you have an infatuation with Pietro as well your not very good at hiding it.

Warning: None, besides a little language but this is my first time writing so bear with me.

You wake up to your alarm blaring, reading 7:10 am. You groan and fall back in bed. You hear a soft knock which grabs your attention. You look at the door and see Pietro standing there in his training gear. “Hey, Cap told me to come get you up for training.” He says nervously looking from the floor and back to you. “Uh..” Silence. Few moments later, “Yeah, of course tell him I’ll be right down.” you snuggle further into your blankets. Pietro looks at you with a tilt of his head. “Right down as in?” You open your eyes to look at him. Basically a stare off is taking place before you groan, “Just give me a few minutes.” as you plop back into your comfortable bed. Pietro has a side smile on his face. “I’ll be back to get you up in a “few minutes.” He walks out the door to God knows where. Y/N can’t help but get butterflies everytime she hears his laugh, its like a drug.

You slowly get up from bed and get your training gear on. You walk out of your room into the hall to find any sign of Pietro but nothing. You shrug your shoulders and head to the training center. As you make your way in you see Nat and Clint fighting, Thor punching a dummy, and Steve jumping over shit. Wanda is learning to levitate, even herself. Vision does not seem to need much training but whatever. Pietro is running at ridiculous fast speeds in the next room, I guess practicing on controlling his powers a little more. Since I haven’t mentioned before, I have elemental manipulation. The ability to control air, earth, water, and fire. There is a lot more than just controlling them. I can teleport, transform, manipulate surfaces, create barriers, manipulate the water etc… Crazy stuff. I

I just so happen to have my own little area of all elements available to me to practice.

I start with making unbelievably strong winds that even pick up boulders. I then slam my fists onto the ground and make a giant crack through the floor.  Followed by inflaming the entire area with blue flames ahead of you.  I look up to see all the Avengers watching me train. I look back down at my hands that happen to still be in flames. I look up at the water storage and soak the entire room to rid of the wild fire. I run over to the door and meet the Avengers on the other side. Thor looks at me nodding his head, while the others look ecstatic. Clint throws his hands up in the air. “Y/N!! WTF!” You furrow your eyebrows. “Why didn’t you tell us?” Clint says with a grin on his face. “I don’t know, I just kind of did it.” you say with shrug of your shoulders. Pietro looks up from the room he practices in to see the team all across the room. He quickly brings himself to the group. “What’s going on guys?” “Well, Y/N just..” Nat goes to say before Clint interrupts her. “WE’VE JUST SEEN ANOTHER SIDE OF Y/N’S POWERS. IT WAS SICK!” Pietro looks over at you making you divert your attention to him. He stares at you looking you up and down. “How so?” You go to say something but someone cuts you off. “She DESTROYED the place, she created an earthquake with fire!!!!” Clint says waving his hands in the air. Pietro looks back at you from Clint with a big smile on his face.

Pietro, as he looks at you with admiration. “Really? Well looks like our team just got a little more interesting.” He winks at you. Your eyes widen and your mouth opens slightly in a bit of shock cause that’s the first time he even MILDLY flirted with you.  You almost speed walk out of the training center. Pietro watches as you leave and then takes his leave with a smile at the others. Clint wears an humorous, annoyed grin on his face as he faces the others. Wanda looks at Clint and mouths “Its almost time.” The others look at each other before making their separate ways leaving Wanda behind.  Wanda turns toward her brother as he exits the room and runs after him. Pietro spots you before you walk in your room and smiles before putting his handle on his own door. “Pietro!” He hears his sister say behind him. He turns around. “Are you ok?” Wanda drops her shoulders from running and huffs. “Yes, I am fine. I just wanted to talk to you.” She gestures him to follow her. They head out to the hall opposite their rooms where the glass windows are.

Wanda leans against the railing. “So the team and I came up with an idea.” Pietro furrows his eyebrows. “An idea? For what?” he says. She looks up at him. “We want to throw Y/N a surprise 21st birthday party!”  Pietro’s eyes light up in mention of you. He only nods his head with a smile on his face. Wanda squints her eyes and gives out a chuckle. “Alright brother, thats all I wanted to tell you.” As she begins to walk away.  Pietro in deep thought snaps out of it as he hears his sister start to walk away. “Wanda…wait.” He says running up to her. “Are we doing presents or anything?” Wanda looks at her brother for a moment before standing up straight and smile beaming. “Of course.” She says in a sinister way. Pietro smiles and runs to his room. Wanda thinks to herself that this is not how she had seen this going but hell yeah! She bites her lip and mumbles a quick “yes.”


Ok how was it? I felt a bit iffy about it. I feel like its boring. OH WELL but tell me what you think and if you liked it! thank you!! 

A Murder Most Fowl

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Warnings: Language, Ridiculousness
Rating: T
( @goodluckdetective ) Hero Time: Tucker has to save Wash from a supervillian. Wash is almost positive he’s done for when Tucker breaks down the door.

A/N: I am so happy Hero Time is a thing that exists. And that I have an excuse to write dumb stuff like this and be proud of it. 

Junior has been making this joke for the past two or three years that Wash refuses to support, the one about how once his gray hairs outnumber his blonde hairs, he has to officially retire.

Wash literally cannot imagine what gives a teenager the right to say such things. 

And yet here he is, upside down over a shark tank thinking hey, it could be a giant blender. 

The moment someone actually pulls out a giant blender on him, Wash will get worried because that could, in fact, be a perfect bookend to what has been a truly strange and endearing adventure in Blood Gulch. 

“Do you have any last words?” the villain hackles.

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