it's not like he doesnt know english

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Ney is an idiot! What he's doing with Bruna (again) is getting really pathetic. He knows damn well what kinds reaction comments like "my wife" will bring and does it on purpose. Clearly he feeds of it,it pumps his ego and I think he's in love with the fact that she's beautiful and famous and they're this famous couple everyone talks about. It's lame and sad cuz I really thought he's smarter, more real and honest than that. And not so vain. Really disappointed at him cuz I judged him wrong :((

ANON1: Neymar commented “my wife” on bruna’s photo on Instagram…lol I’m going to die laughing if they break up for the third time😂

ANON2: Wow i See brumar haters going off saying they couldnt even date 2 years now hes calling her wife? Lol i bet he dont even know what wife means he probably thought its like yes thats my girl 🙄

ANON3: Ney is so extra we all know he doesnt speak english 😂 Eventho i dont like bruna seeing him totally in love makes me happy i really missed him beeing that😍


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Okay so guys i finally found out why you cant really identify who’s face this painting is actually representing.
So if you read the book Demian (which will help a lot, go read it, its short af), you probably know already, but maybe not so, well here it is:

When Sinclair fell in love (Or you could say obsession) for the first time he wanted to paint her. But when he painted her it didnt really look like her anymore (we all know the struggle lol). He described the face he drew, with features he would describe his friend Demian with. But he doesnt realize. I quote (translated into english so i dunno if its accurate): “And it had similar traits with someone, but i didnt know who”.
Sinclair puts the picture on his wall and it follows him in his mind. He has dreams about it, good and bad. And one day he realizes that it looks like Demians face.
But when he looks at it throught the sun, he realizes that the painting neither looks like his loveinterest nor Demian. It looks like himself. I quote (translated again):
“It doesnt actually look like me. But it was the thing that formed my life. It was my inner self, my destiny or my demon. Thats how my friend would look, if i ever found one. Thats how my Love (girlfriend) would look, if i ever got one. Thats how my life and how my death would be, that was the sound and rythm of my destiny”

So thats why you cant really define whos face it is, on this painting.

Yo welcum.

my boss is so adorable? he doesnt know polish at all, only some basic phrases that he had learned living here, but he always uses them, even when he talks to people who dont know polish either? i often hear him having an online meeting with some english speaker and he just says things like “tak” “dobra” and its just so endearing? i love my boss he is great