it's not like anyone really sees them

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me

Does anyone else remember when they first got in to the Beatles, and you thought they all looked the same and that you’d never be able to tell them apart? Now we see a picture of a leg hair and it’s like: yep, definitely John, probably taken around August of 1965 on a Tuesday at approximately 8:15 am.

The thing with celebrities is. They aren’t normal people. Frank’s bill cosby joke would be vaguely uncomfortable perhaps if it was your uncle telling it at thanksgiving dinner, but you would let it slide for the sake of being polite because real life is not tumblr and it doesn’t really directly effect anyone present. But frank is famous and that makes it different because everything he does reaches an immensely bigger audience and its pretty much guaranteed that some of that audience will be directly affected by the things he says. He’s acting like he’s the uncle at thanksgiving by saying that people are going overboard by calling him out. But he’s not the uncle. He’s a celebrity and I believe anyway that he has a moral obligation to consider his entire audience and how his actions affect them. I just hope he can eventually see that

One thing i really like about all the Mario rpgs is they kinda paint Mario as a character who really doesn’t care what your up to as long as its not directly hurting anyone / getting in his way of saving people.

Like there have been more times than i can count where he has come across really shady or morally poor characters, but he just kinda shrugs and goes along with their request or even buys items off them.  

I think its good characterisation; Mario isn’t some really morally uppity person that feels the need to out every criminal act he sees (heck, he’s probably broken some laws in those games too, breaking and entering and property damage comes to mind), he’s just a guy who wants to protect people, plain and simple. 

Hey would any artists around be down to help me with inspiration? I’ve hit a wall and havent written in months. I want to continue The Monster in the Room, but i just get so down and out every time i try, its really frustrating. But i feel like making momentum by continuing to write even if it isnt an original work will maybe help me keep working. Art really helps me and was like the only reason i managed to finish the weight of jade. So if I made a short list of prompts, if anyone found them interesting and had read the monster in the room and wanted to help i’d really appreciate it, genuinely! 

-I’d love to see werewolf!nino trying voluntary shapeshifting for the first time with Carter, and how you think Nino would react to being of present mind while in wolf form. 

-Nino and Marinette sitting down at her home, having a normal pleasant conversation where she is mostly just reassuring him that real, normal friendships can still exist and his life isnt completely ruined by this thing

-Nino randomly chatting with some dog behind a fence and his friends are staring at him like “Woah wth werewolves can actually talk to dogs thats crazy rad”

-’normal’ class and how Nino is wildly thinking to himself “wtf none of this is normal god damn potion making wtf”

-Nino staring at weird ass magic something in like a potions class thinking “I never thought i would rather be in physics class”

-actual full moon wolf Nino that is the size of a grizzly bear

im just really stuck and i hate not writing. if anyone had the time and wanted to help me out of a slump i’d really appreciate it! 

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No matter how many panels of genji and mercy kissing or how many voice lines they have together because of chu it will never feel real or make sense. It can't erase the fact that mercy and pharah were basically made to work perfectly together. Making gen////cey feel so forced that I don't think anyone will really ever feel like its truly great writing

I just…can’t see any kind of chemistry?
like neither in the fanarts or fanfics or comics they have that have crossed my dash. There was 0 chemistry between them

also yeah Pharah and Mercy were made to be together


okay so as of recent, i’ve been seeing SO MANY ants. now this would be normal bc i live in georgia and ants are normal here, if i wasnt the ONLY PERSON SEEING THEM.
my family just looks at me like im crazy whenever i mention how many ants I’ve been seeing bc apparently NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN ANY. WHAT. at this point im pretty convinced that its supposed to mean something or maybe something is trying to get my attention thru ants but like ,,, really? of all things, ants? in my good christian suburbs? 

if anyone knows anything about the significance of ants/different kinds of spirits that associate with ants or bugs in general, please let me know so i can convince my family that im not just seeing things. thanks lol


The things you need to know about Charlene.

So I’ve seen a lot of people comparing beta designs to canon drv3 ones which I rlly like, I’m glad some are being reused but I havnt seen anyone really point this one out yet !!  Shinguuji Yoshikiyo/Korekiyo has a very close resemblence to Nekomaru nNidais beta design! 

Though, you could also compare Korekiyo to beta Gundam (which im rlly sad hasnt been used v~v), however its not at strong as here & we’d have to see more of korekiyo to compare them I think


nearly witches // panic! at the disco

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//Headcanon: Giorno has fangs like his padre, even though he is not a vamp. They show up when he is really scared/in deathly danger.

abbacchio sees them when they fight illuso, and its another reason not to trust him. he doesn’t say anything about it to anyone, but it’s burned into his mind. he wonders if buccellati knows. he wonders if giorno knows. he doesn’t want to talk about it.

giorno doesn’t know, for a long time. he figures it out after he bites through his lip while fighting diavolo. he shouldn’t be able to make that clean of a cut. he tries to lick the blood away and he feels them there.

he finds out why he has them sometime after he becomes don. polnareff tells him about dio. tells him everything about dio. he doesn’t know how he feels about it. he doesn’t tell anyone. mista doesn’t even know. fugo has seen it, but doesn’t trust his eyes, thinks it was a trick of the light or too much adrenaline.

Vox Machina Fusions

I started thinking about Vox Machina fusions when I first started the serious, but now I can’t stop.  Really tho can you imagine VM Fusions? They’d be so unstoppable.

Putting my ideas and thoughts about specific fusions all under the cut, but I’d also love to hear other people’s thoughts… And if anyone knows of any already existing VM fusion art… I must know, I must see it….

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Yoosung Headcannons ~

this is a result of me pulling an all-nighter but needing a break from languages for a little bit. so heres what I think Yoosung from Mystic Messenger would be like IRL the loml

tagging @hongsjisoo @kihyunspinkhair bc they love yoosung as much as i do and thats a beautiful thing ~

  • his passcode for his phone is something like “1111″ because if it wasnt he would forget it in like .2 seconds
  • refuses to take his hoodie off even when its hot, which makes his cheeks all red and his hands really warm
  • is always the first one to suggest pulling an all-nighter
  • and the first to regret it
  • has a vigorous skincare routine
  • owns bunny slippers… really loves them.. but doesnt want anyone to know he has them bc hes a manly!! man
  • but one day Seven is over for ~some~ reason probably for LOLOL and he accidentally sees them under Yoosungs bed
  • and of course Seven loved them and went out and bought a matching pair
  • so now yoosung and seven have matching bunny slippers and its adorable. wow
  • probably is on his way to a date when he realizes he didnt bring flowers and hes suddenly so stressed!!
  • breaks into someones flower garden on the way and picks a bunch of flowers (gets yelled at and runs away)
  • hands them over all embarrassed and his face is red
  • nervously puts one in your hair and gets so flustered by how cute you look he has to take a break from talking for like 5 straight minutes
  • has cheesy inspirational quotes in his notes on his phone and looks at them after he looses a LOLOL match..
  • smol hands… warm hands..
  • always wants skinship… and who would complain
  • once fell asleep on Jumins shoulder during a meeting or something and even ~cool guy cold soul~ Jumin didnt want to move.. tbh sat there for way longer than needed so the kid could sleep.
  • his phone background is some girl group pic ~
  • he goes to girl group fan signs and is fuckING CUTE AS HELL.. loves Red Velvet
  • sensitive about his height… hates when zen uses his head as an arm rest..
  • zen only does it to see yoosungs cute mad face ~
  • curls into a little ball when he’s sleeping
  • wants his hair played with. always. will never ask.
  • unless its seven
  • in that case, you bet seven plays with his hair and watches movies until they are both asleep…
  • jumps up and down when excited
  • strawberry ice cream is his fave
  • lowkey can sing very well and will comply if you ask him to sing you to sleep.
  • matching everything. like not just outfits like down to the phone charger or matching rice bowls like…. everything
  • tries really hard to give good gifts but isnt very well at it but he tries so no one minds ~
  • calls his mom on the way home from uni everyday and doesnt care if people think its lame
  • eats food off the floor….
  • tries to prank Seven back sometimes… it never goes very well
  • if he doesn’t like a food he just says he allergic to it so he can avoid it at all costs
  • blushes when curse words come on songs.., like c’mon you precious baby boy
  • LOVES variety shows and laughs out loud at him. Running Man is his fave and he wants to be strong and cool like Jongkook one day
  • in conclusion i love this boy and I want to protect him… pls….

As the world becomes more and more fabricated with the illusions it places on people inside of the school system, TV’s, and many pointless jobs that the system creates for its own economical theory it becomes apparent that people are becoming trapped inside of the matrix. A lot of people don’t even know whats going on in the world anymore, and one certainly cannot rely on the media to tell the truth. If you want the truth you must go out and search for it yourself. 

If you are afraid of some country, travel there and see what life is really like there. If you are afraid of some group of people, talk to them and see what they are really like. Don’t believe what anyone else says, find the truth with your own abilities. 

oh my god Fuck?? fuck. i feel like crying?? but im scared to say why on here fjdjdjdj

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gwourtney? I know its a popular ship but I also totally understand why anyone wouldn't like it

( rate the character/ship. )

Alright, this one’s special, so I’ve gotta diverge on my usual scoring methods a bit:

As they are in canon: 6.
As they are post-canon/in general: 8.

I wanted to see the two of them interact a lot more than what we actually get. The sad thing is, the set-up for a series-spanning dynamic is right there! World Tour up until Duncan they’re slowly finding their feet with each other, having not really been friendly the previous seasons but brought together by the circumstances of Team Amazon’s dynamic and a mutual distrust of Heather, as well as, well, giving a shit about Duncan. Post-Kiss in London, their little mini-arc does kind of intrude upon a lot of the plot, but I can forgive it somewhat because it sets up things for All-Stars.

But, ooooh geez. All-Stars.

For as many cute moments as they have– and they are one of my favorite parts about that season!– god, are they not given the proper time to both reconcile and breathe and just talk without either Courtney getting hurt or Gwen getting lauded for hurting her. And, of course, there’s the turnaround and “betrayal” but honestly that wasn’t much of a shock (to me) mostly because I felt the entire thing was too good to be true. TD can’t not milk the love triangle drama for all it’s worth. And, honestly, while I find parts of it insufferable and for the longest time it did sour my opinion of all three characters, lately I’ve become pretty sweet on all three of ‘em and so I just end up mad that All-Stars wasn’t a little longer because, even if the rotten parts were there, the time to actually fix those parts would’ve been there, too.

So, yeah. I really like the idea of Gwourtney. I like how different they are, but not so different connecting is impossible. I think their temperaments actually compliment one another. I love it when they get along in canon. But, as they exist within the canon, I do think their arc in All-Stars is just, rushed and a little off.

Love the concept. Actually it’s my favorite ship for the both of them, I think! But I don’t think their interactions were written the best. Good thing we’ve got fanworks and a multitude of cute art and I want to believe in all my heart post-AS they can finally reach an understanding because, god damn it, they deserve a little happiness.

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Im afab agender. It feels like im dying. Im going to be worse. I really need help. I did selfharm . - Mar

I’m sorry that you are struggling, there is no shame in needing help. If you are self harming its time to reach out to someone and tell them what’s going on. I don’t think you need to go to a hospital but it would be best to go talk to someone and see if you two can work together on getting you heathier and happier.

I would reach out to the trevor project if you don’t have anyone you can talk to, the offer advice through text or call.

Please don’t cut yourself anymore, it isn’t going to fix anything. You are stronger then that.


Each Type’s Dimension

INTJ/INFJ: Others can enter this dimension, but they soon find themselves trapped in a massive psychological experiment orchestrated by the devious creators of this dangerous realm.

ENFP/ENTP/INTP: No one quite knows what this dimension is really like. It changes every day on the whims of its chaotic creators. It probably makes sense from their point of view, but in the meantime no outsider has any idea what’s going on.

ENFJ/ESFJ: This dimension exists to please its guests. Anyone who enters sees what would make them the most at home. No one knows how it appears to the creator, who seems aware of every guests variation.

ESTJ/ENTJ: A copy of the real world…but perfect in every way. everything is organized and optimized for maximum efficiency. 

ISFJ/ISTJ: A multi layered time capsule of past events where any point in the world’s history can be experienced in safety and comfort.   

ISFP/INFP: This dimension is fluid and malleable. The thoughts and emotions of the creators change the color and atmosphere of the world.

ESTP/ESFP/ISTP: A world were you can do anything without consequences. Feel free to try out any crazy experiment you can think of.