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I cut the name because I don’t want people visiting the blog, and I already alerted mincoco

I can’t believe it. I thought it was just the one person, but this is actually becoming a thing. People are actually BLACKMAILING Studio Mir and Dreamworks to make their STUPID HEADCANONS REAL?

I have nothing against people who headcanon Pidge as trans or ship Klance. That’s what they like and that’s fine. What’s NOT fine is pulling childish bullshit like this! This won’t accomplish anything! It’s just going to piss the higher-ups off, and even if it doesn’t, they’re not going to succumb to the demands of a disrespectful jackass who clearly doesn’t respect the show or its creators!

Said jackass doesn’t even have an ask box, because they KNOW the amount of backlash they’d get for pulling a stunt like this.

Plus, that’s copyrighted material. Studio Mir/Dreamworks could literally sue them. Is facing legal action worth getting their ship? Hard to enjoy that kind of thing when they’re paying LAWSUIT DEBTS.

But fine! Pull this ridiculous plan. Not only will it not work, but now they’re giving the rest of the nice people who ship their ship a bad name! I’ve read their other, non-illegal posts- they’re rude, they’re judgmental, they act like their opinion is the only one that’s right, and it’s people like them who ruin this fandom for everyone else!

My faith in humanity has diminished. 


  • Him and his s/o have to figure out something to say
  • They settle on just recon for Overwatch. Choosing to leave out all the stuff about blackwatch and all the times he has had to…end a life or two
  • He goes in as little armor as possible. But of course that leads to the kids asking why his face is covered in scars 
  • He has a story for each one. 
  • But of course his dragon steals the show at the end


  • Saying he was the heir to the Shimada was probably not a good idea
  • He just says world traveler and leaves it at that 
  • Tells as many stories he can about his travels to Numbani, Oasis, Egypt. You name it
  • The teacher had to be the rude one to say that aint a career 
  • how rude


  • He is a cowboy. Simple as that
  • He doesn’t even mention overwatch.
  • A couple kids even ask him if he can ride a horse
  • Hell yea he can
  • He just thinks its unnecessary to talk about overwatch 


  • He legally cant mention his line of work. Blackwatch is supposed to not really exist 
  • So he settles on just simple member of overwatch 
  • He tells so many stories about when he was in the strike team 
  • He makes himself sound like such a hero
  • Although everything he tells the class is true

Buttlights HQ is moving!

Dear readers,

I’ll be moving to a new home this month (literally, not in some figurative internet sense), so if I go a little quiet over the coming weeks, it’s because I’m busy packing, cleaning, and navigating the financial/legal nightmare that attends breaking a lease and buying a place. Once I have this rude but necessary intrusion of real life neatly stuffed into its corner again, I’ll be back.

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I recently started working at this retailer and getting acclimated with the its layout I think it’s also pertinent to mention I’m legally blind most ppl can’t tell till we’ve ben talking for a bit KK so 1 day this lady asked for something v specific. I kindly just told her I wasn’t sure and asked a coworker if she knew where it was, which she did. After giving her the product, the customer just came close to me harshly and told me how rude it was that I wasn’t looking her straight in the eyes.

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How does it feel knowing that kid is 0% related to you and your girlfriend has all the rights if she chooses to fuck off one day?also it's real dad could one day take you both court for visitation if not custody.youre both fucking idiots :)

Some fun facts for you! 

A) My name will be on the birth certificate…therefore he is legally my child.
B) Dorian, my husband, will never choose to fuck off one day.
C) You’re a misgendering piece of shit that really needs to get a life and a hobby that isn’t just being rude to strangers on the internet.

:) :) :)

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i know that anon had good intentions & you're so sweet nico, but like @anyone in the future: please don't say stuff like "you're half-blind/color blind/legally blind/etc!? but you draw so good!" it's well intentioned, but pls don't say it. it makes ppl feel like they're doing something against all odds. it actually feels a little belittling even if it's meant to be nice, and you can just say "you draw so good!"

YA….. it’s like…. i’ve had people who would do shit like cry when they find out abt my disability and it sort of rly puts us on the spot? b/c we can’t rly say “well actually…” without some people immediately hopping onto us for being mean/rude/etc. thank you for bringing this up john 💖

as a general rule it’s considered pretty rude to a lot of ppl w/disabilities to cite their disability as making their achievements all the more impressive, esp since you hear so many like. feel good news headlines abt “x disabled person Defies All Odds” and in completely disregards things like… hey, maybe if things were easier for disabled ppl this wouldn’t be so impressive, maybe that injured employee shouldn’t be working when they should be resting instead of “””beating the odds”””, etc etc. 

ANYWAY yeah. anon i know you meant well and i’m not upset or anything but do keep this in mind for the future ok? <3

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Hey I just wanted to say that it's legal in the UK to have sex at 16. Har*line was disgusting cause she was wayyyy older than him. Ik some people don't like it so why don't you just not read it? I really hope his doesn't come across as rude that's not my intention x

The legality isn’t the issue. The issue is that people way older than 16 are the ones writing and reading this stuff. Some people the same age as Caroline and more. They’re getting off on it. That’s the point. All these older people sexualizing Harry at 16 the way the media did, but it’s okay when it’s with another man? Nah, fuck that, it’s gross. I’m annoyed.

westallen's marriage is illegal
  • first things first yes i do not ship westallen (i do still ship eddie & iris forever), but this has NOTHING to do with me not shipping them.
  • second I'm not hating on your ship or on you or being mean or rude so no attacks.
  • third I'm completely objective here so again it's NOT an attack on your ship.
  • now a lot of fans ship westallen and don't feel like they have a sibling's relationship and that's fine you view your ship however you want, but FACT is legally barry is her brother legally speaking, because Jo adpoted Barry legally thus making him his son legally, true barry might have and still use his father's name (Allen) but legally speaking Jo is his father legally,and you can't say Jo might have not adpoted him because Jo wouldn't have been able to rise him if he didn't legally adpot him, and it's a illegal to marry your sister (even if it's an adpoated sister)
  • you might say they're adults now and thus this doesn't hold but legally it still does just because barry is an adult doesn''t make him less of Jo legally adpoted son.
  • so techinally their marriage is illegal
  • Barry to speed force Jo: " so you're saying I'm talking to the source of my power who just so happens to look like my ADOPTIVE DAD?" - 2x21
  • Jo to Barry: "you're asking YOUR ADOPTIVE FATHER for advice about being in love with HIS DAUGHTER" - 1x15
season one of house, a summary:
  • house: *does something morally, ethically, or legally wrong. probably all three*
  • patient: *lies and almost dies*
  • house: *storms into cuddy's office*
  • cuddy: what now??
  • wilson, at some point: i'm not cheating on my wife!! this tie is for me!!
  • cameron: *heart eyes at house*
  • chase: pls validate me, house.
  • foreman: ...white people, i swear...
  • dying patient: i don't want any treatment.
  • house: *rude, yet vaguely inspirational speech*
  • volger: lmao, guess who's here to fuck things up?? hint: it's me.
  • foreman, chase, and cameron: *break into patient's house*
  • cuddy: you can't do that!
  • house: watch me! *limps away, using cane in wrong hand*
  • patient, again: i'm dying, aren't i? i looked up this disease on the internet-
  • cuddy: *has an argument with house*
  • house: *sex joke, inappropriate comment*
  • clinic patient: okay, so i accidentally ate an mp3 player, right? it's's been weeks. like, three weeks.
  • house: just how dumb are you?
  • clinic patient: what?
  • house: how do you accidentally swallow an mp3 player, you moron?
  • clinic patient: i didn't mean to!
  • house: you're even dumber than i thought.
  • clinic patient: uh...what are you doing?
  • house: they're tic-tacs.
  • wilson, again: i. am. not. cheating. on. my. seventh. wife.
  • patient: *gets treated with the wrong meds, lies again*
  • cuddy: HOUSE!! (ง'̀-'́)ง
  • clinic patient: *returns* okay, so about that mp3 player...
  • house: i hate everyone, you lying pieces of shit. *leaves to watch general hospital*
  • episode: *ends, mcjagger song starts playing*

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WOW. Who would've thunk you are actually a rude human being calling sheith artists disgusting :))) don't be an asshole to others for what they ship. They're both legal and even better, FICTIONAL.

and since keith was recently said to be 18, its still a very stark difference. keith is a goddamn teen, shiro is a goddamn adult. i dont think anyone young enough to be in high school and anyone old enough to be a trained pilot should be in a relationship – there’s a clear power imbalance, and an unhealthy difference in experience. this would be a different matter entirely if 1. they didnt defend the ship regardless of whether or not keith was “legal” 2. they didnt completely rebuff any criticism on it with shallow “well i like it so fuck you” 3. they didnt constantly have waves and waves of “uwu ship what you want! dont let the haters get to you!” support when that kind of mindset is exactly what puts children in extreme danger irl (”oh man even if others dont support your relationship if it makes you happy!!!! you do you!!!”) and 4. it wasnt on the tumblr fucking radar making me look at this bullshit

eat shit and die

Okay boys and girls, now that it is competition season let's review some rules about competitions.

I know this is the moment you have all been waiting for, and you are all so excited to see this wonderful game in action. Unfortunately, this excitement turns into rudeness sometimes so here are some helpful tips be mindful of.

1. Please be graciously professional! Sadly, its not hard to find rude people at competitions. Please refrain from making rude comments about other teams while in public. It makes you and your team look bad. If you are feeling stressed out, vent to a friend in private.

2. Do not hit on girls at competitions!!! *This goes for guys mostly*. As a girl I have been hit on many times at competitions. It doesn’t make us feel good, it makes us feel like crap. We know we are pretty, cute, interesting, etc. We don’t need anyone to remind us. Instead of hitting on girls, maybe you could make valuable friends that you can hangout with. Friends are great.

3. If you ask someone out, and they deny your offer, stop asking immediately!!! Another thing I have experienced is boys following me around, and begging for me to go out with them. WHEN A PERSON SAYS NO THEY MEAN NO!!! Please respect people and don’t be a total creep. Its honestly scary, and immature. This goes for unwanted touching too. Respect peoples limits, or you could have legal consequences!

4. Tell one of your adult leaders where you are going if you go off site. This ends so much confusion!

5. Don’t get in the way of scouts and spectators. Instead, wait until them match is over to walk around.

Please remember this and have a great time!

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That plot twist tho... i can imagine all hanging out before (or after) a meeting, and Maria comes with her tablet and frowning (like checking their records for something maybe) asking when she got married and everyone goes pale and their jaws fall to the floor hahaha that wont be easy to explain to the rest! THEY ALL WANT ANSWERS! -Z

Totally not canon for the recruit, but it’s kind of fun to think about…

It was in the middle of a meeting when it happened. The next phase of raids on HYDRA bases was about to be initiated and it would be crucial to get things right; the more bases that were taken out meant there were less hiding places for HYDRA loyalists.

Maria was in the middle of her presentation, gesturing to the holographic 3D map. “I don’t think it’s feasible to-”

And then Helen Cho stormed in looking pale and everything but her usual calm and poised self. “You!” Her voice broke as her finger was pointed directly at you. “Y-you know you can’t lie about your marital status! You’re married!

There was a click as Maria dropped her pen. Everyone stared at Helen before their gazes slowly turned to you.

Married?! You weren’t married. Shaking your head you frowned. “I didn’t lie, Helen. I’m not married-”

“But you are. Look at this, you have a legal spouse. Its Logan Howlett!” Helen slammed the sheet onto the table. “Out of all the husbands you could have chosen, why did you have to pick one that is brutish, rude and has no sense of self decorum at all? I thought better of you!”

You had a feeling that Logan’s lack of self decorum wasn’t actually an issue. Everyone was still speechless and wasn’t sure how to take the news that you were married. You didn’t seem to be worried at the news at all, just a little bit confused.

Lifting the sheet you scanned over the information while the room was silent. “It says I got married in Vegas. That’s weird, the last time I was there-” And then it hit you. Everyone watched as you froze and all colour drained from your face. You gasped and put a hand to your chest. “He said nothing happened while we were in Vegas!” Your pitch increased with every word.

“Why were you even in Vegas with Wolverine in the first place?” Sam sounded exasperated. How did these things always happen to you? “It can’t have happened recently.”

“I-it didn’t. It was a long time ago. Like, before I joined S.H.I.E.L.D.” You stood up and took out your phone. You needed to make a couple of calls. You needed to chew the hell out of your newly found husband and then you needed to call a couple of clever lawyers to execute the quickest divorce possible.

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actually iirc cute fox videos like that w red foxes can be ok!! in certain states, you can get a license to own a fox!! granted again if its someone outside those states, definitely a bad idea to endorse it, but its also likely the person has a license to own and care for that fox!! its def good to be concerned and make sure the owner has the proper qualifications tho!! [i dont mean for this to be rude or anything also, im sorry if it comes across tht way, im bad with tone over text!! yr rad!!]

I know it’s legal. I’m still against it. Foxes are wild animals, not pets.

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im really sorry if this comes off as rude, but are you blind? like with your eyes? (im not sure how to ask a question like that so im very sorry if this is not okay to ask)

dbsjdvsidvdis its ok thats a silly wording but yea dw its not rude yea im legally blind meaning there are things i can see but its very limited and i (finally) use a cane and stuff

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Could I please have a chanyeol spam??



bless his smile

ahh seriously this smile

i think I already said how much I love grey/silver/white hair so.. *^*

moar smile, moar cute glasses

like…he is.. soo..? cuuutee..?

dem ears uhm 

this. is. legendary, write that down. LEGEN -wait for it - DARY

but well we all know, he is cutie, he is handsome, he is tall.. but can we talk about how sexy (daddy af) he can be? Like…

don’t look at me like that okay?? rUDE

(s)excuse me is it even LEGAL?

even he knows


photos and gifs are not mine!

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it's really rude of you to call out people for hitting on an 18 year old. it's legal so theres nothing wrong with it. everyone has the right to sexual liberation and you're honestly being a bitch

okay there are so many things wrong with this that i can’t help myself from responding

you are equating morality with legality and there are a lot of REALLY SERIOUS issues with that, the most obvious of which is that the law isn’t always right. in the united states, it used to be legal for a man to beat his wife with a switch, as long as the switch wasn’t bigger than the size of his thumb. hell, women weren’t even allowed to vote until 1920 and IT WAS LEGAL TO OWN HUMANS up until about 150 years ago. not to mention that jim crowe wasn’t abolished until 1965. if you’re looking for more recent examples, check the ferguson tag. think of tamir rice and trayvon martin. think of how it’s completely legal to pay someone a salary that puts them below the poverty line. there are endless examples of people acting within the bounds of the law and yet still doing truly reprehensible things. 

there’s lots of really simple examples of this, too. it’s completely legal to betray a secret someone confided in you, say mean things to someone for no reason, cheat on a partner, or have an affair with your best friend’s husband. the point of all this is that you have to see the law and morality as two distinct (but often overlapping) things.

so just because it is legal for a middle-aged person to have sex with an 18-year-old does not mean that it’s morally acceptable. another really serious problem with that line of reasoning is that you would STILL think it’s okay if the age of consent were lower. if it changed to 14, would that still be okay? how about if it was 10? at what age would you finally decide that just because it’s legal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s okay? the only reason you think of an 18-year-old as a sexually mature adult is because you have been conditioned to. 

“everyone has the right to sexual liberation”
okay but what exactly are these 50-year-old men who want to have sex with teenagers liberating themselves from? human decency? self-control?

besides, what you’re saying is incorrect. and that’s not just my opinion, it’s a fact. we put tons of limits on people’s sexual freedom:  it’s not legal to rape. it’s not legal to molest children. it’s not legal to be naked or masturbate or flash people in public. hell, it’s perfectly legal to stop a teenage girl from wearing a pair of shorts to school. so i’m not sure where your idea that everyone has the right to sexual liberation came from: it’s not true from a legal perspective, and it’s not true from a moral perspective either. keeping young girls safe is more important than anyone’s “sexual liberation”.

calling me a bitch didn’t exactly add anything to your argument, but it’s kind of true so whatever

Larry Harvey, 71, thought he was doing everything right growing medical marijuana for his personal use. His home state of Washington legalized medical cannabis in 1998, and Harvey says his cultivation of plants with his wife, other family members and a close friend complied with the law. But in 2012, state and federal law enforcers raided the Harvey home and shut down their operation. Harvey; his wife, Rhonda; their son, Rolland Gregg; Gregg’s wife, Michelle Gregg; and family friend Jason Zucker all face federal marijuana charges that could land them in prison for 10 years. But Harvey may not live long enough to see prison, let alone serve out his sentence. In recent months Harvey has developed cancer of the pancreas that has begun to spread to his liver. The average life expectancy for a patient with metastatic pancreatic cancer is three months to six months. In the coming days, a federal judge will rule on a motion Harvey filed to dismiss his casebecause it conflicts with new medical marijuana protections in the recently enacted $1.1 trillion federal spending bill that says the Department of Justice shouldn’t interfere with state medical marijuana laws. The judge may also drop charges against Harveywhen he shows proof of his deteriorating health. Federal law classifies marijuana a Schedule I substance "with no currently accepted medical use.“The judge has told the group they may not invoke their status as state-legal medical marijuana patients as a defense. This is Larry Harvey’s story: I live about nine miles north of Colville, Washington. We have about 34 acres on the side of a mountain over there. My wife Rhonda grows a big vegetable garden and she cans and freezes everything out of that garden. We have wild game on the property here – turkeys, grouse, we eat a lot of venison. We’re both hunters. We try to live off the land all we can. I’ve got a real banged up knee – the meniscus is gone in my left knee and if I walk a quarter-mile, I’m crippled the rest of the day. I got it mostly from about 4 million miles from shoving a clutch, as well as some foolish things when I was younger. But about four years ago, a friend of mine gave me a marijuana cookie. I was sitting in my chair, my knee throbbing. I ate that little cookie and in about five minutes the pain was completely gone. It’s kind of like having a toothache. Every time your heart beats it kind of boings. It’s such a relief. I didn’t feel “stoned” or whatever at all. The cookie I had was small and all it did was relieve the pain. So I felt like we needed to grow some of this stuff. There were five of us – my wife and I, her son Rolland and his wife Michelle, and then another family friend Jason. We all pooled together and we grew some pot. Everything was going good until the cavalry showed up. The Civil Air Patrol was flying in the area. They spotted our grow and they called the Forest Service. The Forest Service, of course, is a federal outfit, so they got a hold of the DEA and sheriff and all that and they flew over. But they didn’t say a thing about the white flag with a green cross I was flying above the grow. In fact, they are editing that green cross flag evidence out of my trial because they don’t want the jury in a federal court to know it was a medical marijuana grow. It’s federal court, and we’re not to mention that we are legal medical marijuana patients in the state of Washington. I was in Alaska when both raids happened, but my wife was at the home. The first time, the state authorities went up to the grow and pulled out enough plants to get our grow down to 45 plants. We had less than 75 and we’re legal to have up to that many, but they thought we were growing as a collective, instead of growing individually. After they pulled out the plants, they went away. That was it. About a week or so later, the feds came back with another warrant. They came up and beat on the door and showed their search warrant and started to tear the house apart. They took every weapon I have in the house. They took our car, 2007 Saturn Vue. They took both our motorcycles. They took our ATV. Rhonda had several hundred dollars saved up in her dresser drawer for a trip to Mexico. They took that. They took $200 from a cabinet – that was our house money that we use for buying groceries. Numerous other things, and of course, all the plants and every bit of marijuana we had in the house. That was in August. They never arrested Rhonda, never gave her a ticket. I came home from Alaska and was expecting the long arm of the law at any time to come up and grab me. But nothing happened. Winter comes and goes. All of a sudden it’s March. Rhonda is up visiting her family in Alaska at this time. Then, one morning, around 8 a.m.. here come five carloads of cops, two cops in each car. They circled my house, jumped out with their rifles. And the U.S. Marshal shouts that I’m under arrest, handcuff me and stick me in the back of a car and take me to the a lockup facility at the Spokane federal building and a judge throws me in jail. I spent 17 long days in that jailhouse and now they’re trying to throw back in there again. I could spend at least 10 years in federal prison for medical marijuana. For me, 10 years would be a death sentence. They might as well take me out and execute me. Why put me through all the misery? I might as well jump off a bridge. I can’t shoot myself because I don’t have a gun. I’ve got stage four pancreatic cancer and I’ve got a spot of cancer on my liver. When they first discovered it, around my birthday, they gave me two months to six years to live. I beat the two months already, so now I’m going for the six years. I just hope I can beat this cancer and live a little longer. I’m 71, I’ve got a few good years in me after I get rid of this crap. I’ve got a nice place, I just wanted to enjoy my retirement, but they’re not letting me. They’re treating me like a criminal. It’s just bizarre. This country still thinks that marijuana is a nasty word. And until about 10 years ago, I did too, until I tried that cookie. The stuff we use is real low in THC. There’s all kinds, but the government doesn’t recognize that. I refuse to take any pain pills. I take blood pressure medicine, my heart or my gout, but as far as any pain meds, forget it. I’m not taking those damn things. Medical marijuana was a huge relief for my knee. They say they might let me off because of my health, but even if they do, they’re still going to prosecute my wife. I need her. She’s my caregiver. Without her I’m going to need assisted living or something. I need help. I’m getting beat up. This whole thing is taking its toll on everyone. We’re all getting worn down from it. It’s out of our hands now. I want people to know what I’m going through, what the government is doing here. We were not prepared for this kind of response. We thought what we were doing was legal. I never would have grown medical marijuana if I thought it was illegal. If we had an indoor grow we probably would have been fine, but we weren’t trying to hide anything. We got a rude awakening. We’re innocent and we’re going to prove it. These laws have to change.

Since I know how tumblr hates sexism, here’s a fun bit of information I found out yesterday

Just as a disclaimer, I don’t know if this is STILL the law or if it would have been changed since, and I don’t know if its for the whole of the UK, just Northern Ireland, or whatever, but..

My mum studied law in university. If a man has sex with another man anally (assuming its all consensual and both parties are of age) its completely legal and I believe classed as “buggery”.

But, if a man has sex with a woman anally, not only is it illegal, its classed as BESTIALITY. Excuse me!? Like hey its not my thing but a) if people wanna do that then why the fuck shouldn’t they and b) fucking bestiality? Rude. LOL

And just to clarify the tone of this, I’m not like “grrr I’m so angry about this we must fight to change this law”, if people wanna do it up the butt they’re gonna. 

Its just one of those hilariously stupid frickin laws that leave you like “What prudish sexist old tools came up with this shit?XD”

This conversation was spurred on however, by the far more enraging article I read that stated all women who have genital piercings will now be classed as having been a victim of female genital mutilation. For anyone who actually knows what FGM is, I’m sure you’ll understand how fucked up that is.

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(Well, lets see where does this trainwreck lead us) "Uhh... Hello? I dont want to be rude but its not legal to hide in peoples basements... Are you alright? Your skin is unusually lime..." Tom said

“Oh? Is that what you….‘Steven’s’ call these underground fortresses? Anyways I am not familiar with earth laws and cultures so you shouldn’t question me lower life form.”