it's not knowing what to queue


When you’re a kid, you think that you’ll always be… protected, and cared for. Then, one day, you realize that’s not true. If you open your eyes, you will see what we’re going through. ‘Cause when you’re alone as a kid, the monsters see you as weaker. You don’t even know they’re getting closer. Until it’s too late.

Why is it against the law for a child to have sex, and yet anti-choicers want to force children to carry pregnancies? 

If children are not ready for sex (which they sure as hell are not) then they are most definitely not ready to carry a pregnancy. 

When it really comes to it, forced-birthers view not only grown pwu (people with uteruses) as incubators, but minor children as well. It’s dangerous and disgusting. 

Little tips for when you feel bad and don’t know why.

-Ask yourself the last time you drank some water. Drink a few sips even if it wasn’t long ago. Coffee doesn’t count (neither does soda unless it’s the only option) 

-When was the last time you ate? Get a small snack if able.

-Are ANY of your clothes too tight or uncomfortable? This includes socks, headbands, hats, and shoes.

-Stretch! Pop those shoulders, arch that back, straighten those legs. It Helps.

-If you happen to stim, do it! Do whatever feels right!

-Look for sounds, smells, etc. That are bothering you.

-Get your headphones and put on whatever music makes you feel happy/good/energetic.

-Loosen your shoulders, take some deep breaths. Drop your head and loosely roll your head. Try to relax as many muscles as you can.

-Close your eyes for a second.

-Did you take your meds (if you have them)? Do you need to take a Tylenol, ibuprofen Etc.?

-Are there allergens in the vicinity, are there any allergy medications you need to take?

-Breath deep.

I am by no means a professional and I don’t know what could be causing it but I know that these are kind of helpful. I’m not you and you aren’t me so these might not work. If the feeling bad is medical attention worthy, these might not help.

However, I hope that this does help someone.


—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)

stop pretending that sirius black isn’t a food snob and that it Kills him that lily puts ketchup on practically everything

  • Harry: You know what I could do to him...
  • Ron: Drug him? Because that's where this sounds like it's going.
  • Harry: No, I'm going to tell Draco that I'm having a little welcome to the ministry party for him but there is no party and then when he shows up I'll laugh and say 'oh it's the wrong night' and then he'll laugh and say 'one glass couldn't hurt' and then I'll put my mouth on his mouth.
  • Ron:
  • Ron: ... no, mate, do not do this

“You were the one time I let love weaken me, and I want you around as a constant reminder to never make that mistake again.”

“Remember how you accused me of being a slave to my emotions? No more. I’ve banished those feelings. And look how I have risen… But at what cost?”

My daughter
                       wouldn’t hurt a spider
That had nested
Between her bicycle handles
For two weeks
She waited
Until it left of its own accord

If you tear down the web I said
It will simply know
This isn’t a place to call home
And you’d get to go biking

She said that’s how others
Become refugees isn’t it?

—  Fady Joudah, ‘Mimesis’