it's not just the main actors who make a movie

Can everyone PLEASE go see Power Rangers!? Its so good & its so important. So much diversity….main characters with various ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ representation, and one character has a diagnoses of autism. We NEED movies like this especially for teenagers who are developing their identity its so important they see themselves represented. Plus, the acting from all the young actors is great (all of them are give top notch performances- they’re all going to make it big), it deals with various teenage issues beautifully, and its just plain fun. The last 45 minutes of the movie gave me so many nostalgic feels from my childhood. 

People are already complaining about “The Book of Life” and saying its cultural appropiation, for goodness sake, the movie isn’t out yet. We can’t judge the film so harshly just yet. 

But also:

The Producer is Mexican, the director is Mexican too. Several VAs are Latinos. 

In the cast there’s literally two white actors, everyone else is Latin@ with the exception of the main character’s father VA, who is Spanish.

So basically, the complainers think my own people can’t make a film that treats our OWN culture with dignity, why do I say this? because that’s what it sounds like to me.

You know what? now that’s racist, IF you don’t trust POCs can make films about their cultures then you are being RACIST