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The Earth is overrun with small children who want to bother Peridot

(btw it’s transparent so Dipper can chase Peridot all around your dash)

John walking in on Sherlock dancing to his favorite band (ABBA, obviously). Sherlock wearing only black briefs and the unbuttoned purple shirt. Sherlock using a bottle of hair product as a microphone and shaking his arse against John’s chair.

just-a-tea-for-me Cat I like these headcanons :))))


Sherlock series 3 quotes:
J: “I don’t mind.”
S: “Any time.”


Can Vanessa get Ethan to confide in her over their shared darkness? (x)

I’ve had this saved in a tab as a gyazo screenshot for like three months. i guess i was rereading and thought it was funny that john picked up a frog just because. 

its just cute

So the note from Hannibal...

Contains verses from the below poem.

by John Donne (x)

O ! DO not die, for I shall hate
   All women so, when thou art gone,
That thee I shall not celebrate,
   When I remember thou wast one.

But yet thou canst not die, I know ;
   To leave this world behind, is death ;
But when thou from this world wilt go,
   The whole world vapours with thy breath.

Or if, when thou, the world’s soul, go'st,
   It stay, ‘tis but thy carcase then ;
The fairest woman, but thy ghost,
   But corrupt worms, the worthiest men.

O wrangling schools, that search what fire
   Shall burn this world, had none the wit
Unto this knowledge to aspire,
   That this her feaver might be it?

And yet she cannot waste by this,
   Nor long bear this torturing wrong,
For more corruption needful is,
   To fuel such a fever long.

These burning fits but meteors be,
   Whose matter in thee is soon spent ;
Thy beauty, and all parts, which are thee,
   Are unchangeable firmament.

Yet 'twas of my mind, seizing thee,
   Though it in thee cannot perséver ;
For I had rather owner be
   Of thee one hour, than all else ever.

I can’t help but think that apart from it being a note of condolence to Jack, it could also be a subtle message to Will. We know Hannibal wounded Will in a manner that he wouldn’t die; he wanted him alive. And may be it is also an invitation… a world without you is devoid of meaning. Or may be I am reading too much into the verses:

But when thou from this world wilt go,
   The whole world vapours with thy breath.

Never mind me, I’m just here with all the feels & unnecessary thoughts.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the fact that shit like “Don’t make me compete with Sherlock Holmes!” is an actual, legit line from the show absolutely not taken out of context
Like, it’s not a joke
No misunderstanding
No one is laughing
A woman is legitimately saying John’s attitude towards Sherlock is that of a boyfriend with his significant other


abcfamily if you ever need an adult version of Jude/a male family member please cast John Francis Daley because they look unnervingly alike

also he’s beautiful and i love him

Sherlock's Little Friend

Just a little Johnlock fluff that I just had to write. This is the first piece of Johnlock I’ve ever written as well as the first fanfic I’ve finished in a long while. I love to get feedback so tell me what you think! :3


John Watson does not like being forced to leave his warm, comforting bed before his alarm goes off at 6 o’clock, the designated time that allows John to dress himself and get to his work at the practice no later than 7:15.

So imagine his displeasure when a few, hesitant knocks vibrate against the walls of his flat at 2:30 in the morning.

With a tired groan, John shuffles out of his more-than-inviting bed and towards the front door so that he can tell whoever it is that dare interrupt his sleep to screw themselves.

But when John opens the door of his flat to see his-angelic, beautiful, etc.-neighbor in his dark blue robe, curls tussled and just begging to be touched, John’s irritation seems to melt onto the floor.

“Excuse me, Sherlock, but might I ask why you are knocking on my door at three in the morning?”

Sherlock is, for the first time in his life, speechless as he takes in the delicious sight of John Watson tired, gruff and naked except for his bright, red pants which leave nothing for the imagination. Not until John clears his throat (in a manner which makes Sherlock thankful that his robe is long enough to hide the most essential areas of his “transport”,) does Sherlock’s wits return to him and he’s able to string together a full sentence without a stutter.

“Sorry to bother you, John, but my tarantula has escaped from his terrarium and is, at the moment, somewhere inside of this flat so do you mind if I take a look around?” Before waiting for an affirmative from one John Watson, Sherlock brushes past John and starts to search the vents then the furniture for his missing arachnid.

Not sure what to do or even as to what’s going on, John decides to take a seat on his favorite recliner, a soft, red chair with delicate designs that have since faded since John first bought the chair.

John is about to doze off again, despite the fact that his strange, though cute, neighbor was still ransacking his home, when he feels a light touch on his leg. Assuming it’s just Sherlock’s hair brushing his skin as the young detective-in-training searches under his feet, John ignores it and, without thinking about it, moves his leg closer to the bundle of curls.

But when his foot touches nothing but the shag carpet beneath him, John knows that it isn’t Sherlock who is touching him.

With a jolt, John is up and off his beloved chair and shaking his leg as if his life depended on it (and, knowing Sherlock and his obsession with all things deadly, his life might very well hang in the balance).

“John! Stop shaking before you kill the thing!” John stops his shaking and watches as Sherlock grabs the hair-covered thing without a bit of hesitation and holds it in his hand like a mother holding her child.

“Billy is a part of an experiment which I’ve been conducting for the last few weeks and I would be more than livid if he were to die and ruin all of my progress.”

John can do nothing but watch in awe and slight discomfort as Sherlock cuddles the bug to his chest. But still, even when he’s cuddling with a weird - no doubt genetically-modified - spider, John still finds the man to be beyond attractive and even more intriguing than before.

Sherlock looks back at John, catching his gaze and gives him a small smile as he walks towards the door so that he can take his leave and let John Watson go back to bed. But before he so much as takes a single step out of the small flat, a firm hand is wrapped around his thin forearm.

“Um, Sherlock…just make sure that his cage is more secure next time, yeah?” John utters in an awkward rush before removing his hand from Sherlock’s arm, his cheeks a little blushed as he scratches the back of his neck in one of the most adorable things Sherlock has ever had the privilege of observing.

With a smirk on his face and a slight, un-detectable spring in his step, Sherlock returns to his flat, his tarantula in hand as he collapses onto his a-little-too-short couch.

“Good job. Next time, let’s make sure that we catch John in the shower.”

Ok, they probably won’t go from enemies to lovers in the next movie, but I can still dream…
(Photoshop ftw.)

Coming Soon!

For those of you wondering what I’m going to write next, now that Enterprise is coming to an end, here it is: 

A Deal Of Attraction - T rated multi-chapter - DA era - AU -Romance/Family/Drama

Side By Side - K rated (short) multi-chapter - Modern - Romance/Friendship

Devil’s Resting Place - T rated multi-chapter - 1800s  - Romance/Angst